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					                               SGA ALLOCATION REQUEST
                                               Entrepreneurship Club

                                         Minority Entrepreneurship Conference
                                                   October 9, 2010
                                                 Springfield, Missouri

The Entrepreneurship Club is respectfully requesting a grant in the amount of $2,000.00 to sponsor students to
attend the Minority Entrepreneurship Conference on October 9, 2010 in Springfield, Missouri.

Benefits of funding students attendance at the Minority Entrepreneurship Conference

      With the cost of the conference underwritten, Drury students would be able to attend at no cost. There is a
       $50.00 conference fee.

      This conference is a wonderful opportunity for students wishing to start their own business to develop skills and
       acquire resources that could potentially increase their opportunity for success. Because this conference is being
       held locally, Drury University students can attend this conference without the added cost of travel and lodging.

      This conference helps to further Drury’s commitment to diversity. It creates an opportunity for all students,
       especially minority students.

      The conference will include the following sessions:

           o   Entrepreneur Panel
           o   Using Social Media to Promote Your Business
           o   Business Plan Basics
           o   Keynote Speaker
           o   Understanding and Using Financial Statements to Run Your Business
           o   Legal Aspects of Your Business
           o   Social Entrepreneurship Through Non-Profits
           o   Going After Funding to Start or Expand Your Business

      Entrepreneurship Club members will have the opportunity for professional development and networking through
       this conference.

   Best Regards,

   Amber Perdue                                                                   Sara Cochran                                                    
   Entrepreneurship Club President                                                Entrepreneurship Club Advisor
Minority Entrepreneurship Conference
Sponsored by The Entrepreneurship Club

Speaker Fees                                 2,000
Marketing                                      500
Meals for participants                       1,000
Conference Logistics                            500
Total Expenses                               $4,000

SGA Funding                                  2,000
Conference fee from regional professionals   2,000
Total Revenue                                $4,000

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