Spiritual Warfare

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					Spiritual Warfare
Norm Sennema
May 2, 2009

Eastern Canada Leadership Development Network
Spiritual Warfare

Common Misconceptions About Bondage
1. Demons were active when Christ was on
   earth, but their activity has subsided.
2. What the early church called demonic
   activity we now understand to be mental
3. Some problems are psychological and
   some are spiritual.
Spiritual Warfare

Common Misconceptions About Bondage
4. Christians cannot be affected by demons.
5. Demonic influence is only evident in
   extreme or violent behaviour and gross
6. Freedom from spiritual bondage is the
   result of a power encounter with demonic
Spiritual Warfare

 running the gauntlet of evil

 1. Who am I?   2. What am I called to do? 3. Where am I to do it?   4. How am I to
                                                                         do it?
Spiritual Warfare

The Devil’s Schemes
1.   Deception
2.   Temptation/Distraction
3.   Fear/Discouragement
4.   Accusation
5.   Bondage/Control
Spiritual Warfare

Things to remember in spiritual warfare
1.   The victory of Jesus!!!
2.   The defeat of the devil!!!
3.   Our victorious position in Christ!!!
4.   A truth encounter, not a power encounter
5.   A battle for the mind
6.   Don’t give in to fear tactics – stay calm
7.   Keep Jesus, not demons, the focus
Spiritual Warfare

Things to remember in spiritual warfare
8.    Speak out loud
9.    Deal with whatever God brings to mind
9.    Renounce sin inflicted on you
10.   Repent of sin committed by you
Spiritual Warfare

Steps To Freedom in Christ
1.   Counterfeit vs. real
2.   Deception vs. truth
3.   Bitterness vs. forgiveness
4.   Rebellion vs. submission
5.   Pride vs. humility
6.   Bondage vs. freedom
7.   Curses vs. blessings

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