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ADVISOR                       COMMUNITY                      EXECUTIVE BOARD MEMBER
NCC                           NRHH CHAPTER                   RESIDENTIAL ASSISTANT               X
SPOTLIGHT                     STUDENT

NOMINEE'S SCHOOL: UNIVERSITY OF IDAHO                               REGION:        IACURH
NOMINEE:         JILLIAN MALLOY                     NOMINATOR:           HALEY BUCHANAN
ADDRESS:                                            ADDRESS:             MSC 217
                                                                         1028 W. 6TH
                                                                         MOSCOW, ID 83843
PHONE:          ( 208)885 6088                      PHONE:               ( 208)885 6883
E-MAIL:                                             E-MAIL:              HALEY_B14@HOTMAIL.COM
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As the semester draws to an end, it is typical to see people stressed out over work, finals,
and the typical end of the year stuff. This is especially true for those people lucky
enough to call themselves RA’s. However, there is one member of our staff who seems
to shine in moments of chaos and stress. This special person is Jill Malloy, RA for the
4th floor of the tower.

Jill has been very active throughout the residence halls as well as on campus during
April. Jill served applied and was chosen to be a house coordinator for the residence
hall’s annual community service program, Paint the Palouse. This program is where
residents volunteer and meet at 7:00 am to go paint houses of the elderly or less fortunate
people of the community. As a house leader, Jill was responsible for organizing her
volunteers, and making sure things ran smoothly. This also included attending many
extra meetings above and beyond the already hectic schedule maintained by Jill. Jill has
a class load of 16 credits, is a member of the Dean of Students Advisory Board, and
works as an aid in the housing office.

In the programming department, Jill worked with the humane society to arrange a time
for the girls of her hall to go and walk the dogs so that they would receive a little extra
fresh air and exercise. Unfortunately, the weather did not cooperate, and the dog walking
program was postponed until May. Jill also helped create the “French Kisses” program
where residents are rewarded for attending hall meetings, classes, and activities around
campus. The residents then collect and turn in their kisses for prizes and an end of the
year party. Jill also spent four hours cooking authentic Tortilla Espanolas for the cultural
potluck which was held for all of the halls to attend.

Not only is Jill active and involved around campus and in her hall, she is a caring and
supportive RA. It is not uncommon to find four or five residents in Jill’s room at any
time. Her residents truly do depend on her for advice and support. She is always there
for them. Jill initiated a running joke on the hall to whistle at the girls when they walked
by her room, or to call them sexy. It is not uncommon to hear the ladies of Jill’s hall
come up to her whistle quietly, or scream “hey sexy” across the cafeteria. Jill also wrote
each resident a letter telling them some of her favorite memories about them during the
year, and wished them the best of luck for finals week and next year. This is just one
other way that Jill goes above and beyond for her residents.

Jill is also the emotional backbone of our tower staff. She always provides a positive
outlook on every situation that occurs in the building and is supportive of her fellow staff.
She is the first person to recognize when a co worker is having a bad day and will do just
about anything to make it better. It is typical of Jill to be making tea for a fellow RA, or
giving back massages during meetings.

Finally, Jill was recognized at Golden Joes, the residence hall awards ceremony, for her
outstanding service to the residence halls for the past two years with a two year service

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