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                                         A publication of Idea Quest Academy                                   September 2, 2011

     IDEA 55                                 (956) 287-1003             QA Lead Team
  “Congratulate a                                 Fax:
classmate, and clap
                                              Rosy Chapa,
                                            (956) 287-2737 Principal Bonnie Vangsnes, Asst. Principal
                               Alban Benavidez, Asst. Principal of Operations Yesenia Coronado, Academic Counselor
 like you mean it.”
   Borrowing            Student Portraits Are September 9, 2011
1. Get the person's     School pictures are scheduled for Friday, Sept.
attention               9, 2011. Students will be required to wear
2. Tell what you
want to borrow and      standard uniform instead of college uniform,
how long you will       as these pictures will be in the 2012 edition of
need it                 Quest's yearbook, The Stampede. Mark your
3. Agree together on    calendars and look for more information in the
how and when you        coming weeks!
will return it
4. If the person lets   Fotos seran el 9 de septiembre del 2011
you borrow it say
"Thank you" and         Fotos de la escuela están programadas para el viernes,     Changes Early Release
return it when you                                                                 Please schedule all doctor appointments before
                        9 de septiembre 2011. Los estudiantes deberán usar el
agreed. If the person                                                              or after-school so your child can get the most out
says NO, say " thank    uniforme estándar en lugar del uniforme de la univer-      of his day in school. If an appointment is sched-
you for considering     sidad, ya que estas fotos estarán en la edición 2012 del   uled during school hours, please make sure to
my request."                                                                       pick up your child before 3:00 P.M. Remember
                        anuario de Quest, La Estampida. Marquen sus
    Important                                                                      to plan accordingly for appointments since it can
                        calendarios y buscar más información la próxima
      Dates                                                                        take a few minutes to take your child out of the
  9/5 – Monday          semana!
                                                                                   classroom. Be sure to bring a picture identifica-
   No Classes
   Labor Day
                                                                                   tion with you. If you are sending someone else to
                        Transportation Changes                                     pick up your child, be sure to add them to your
9/9 – Picture Day
                        Parents, please call the school before 2:00                emergency contacts. No child will be release
   *****************    P.M. for any transportation changes in your                without written consent from a parent. We ap-
   9/30 – Early         child’s schedule to ensure that we have plenty             preciate your understanding with this important
  Release 12 p.m.       of time to deliver the message to your child.              child safety procedure!
    Uniforms            We appreciate your cooperation!
 INXS Embroidery                                                                   Cambios de Salida antes del Horario Esco-
821 North 10th Strret   Cambios de Transporte
 McAllen, TX 78501      Padres de familia, por favor llame a la escuela antes de   lar
 Ph:(956)618-4386       2:00 P.M. para cualquier cambio de transporte de su        Padres de familia, por favor haga el intento de programar
   Quest Day            hijo/a para asegurarmos de tener suficiente tiempo         todas las citas con el médico antes o después de la escuela.
   Schedule             para entregar el mensaje a su hijo/a. Le agradecemos       Nuestro objetivo es que su hijo/a pueda sacar el máximo
Monday—no classes       su colaboración !                                          provecho de su tiempo en la escuela. Si la cita está
 Tuesday—A day                                                                     programada durante el horario escolar, por favor asegúrese
Wednesday—B day                                                                    de recoger a su hijo/a antes de 3:00 P.M. Tome en
 Thursday—C day                                                                    cuenta que se toma algunos minutos para recoger a los
  Friday— A day
                                                                                   estudiantes de la clase. Asegúrese de traer una
  IDEA Quest                                                                       identificación con foto. Si va a enviar a alguna persona a
   Academy                                                                         recoger a su hijo/a, asegúrese de agregarlos a sus contactos
14001 N. Rooth Rd                                                                  de emergencia. Ningún estudiante será entregado/a sin el
  Edinburg, TX                                                                     consentimiento escrito de sus padres. Agradecemos su
     Phone:                                                                        comprensión con este procedimiento de seguridad !
Fax: (956) 287-
                                                                      School Uniforms
                                                                      Uniforms for the 2011-2012 school year can be pur-
                                                                      chased at INXS Embroidery. They are located at 821 N
                                                                      10th Street in McAllen (956-618-4386.) Jackets worn must
                                                                      be purchased from this vendor.

                                                                      Objective, Do Now, Assign Yourself, Planner
                                                                      These are posted in every classroom. Students enter the
                                                                      classroom quietly with their planner in hand. They are to
                                                                      complete their ASSIGN YOURSELF using their plan-
                                                                      ners immediately upon entering the class and before
                                                                      completing DO NOW. Parents are encouraged to check
                                                                      their child’s planner daily.

                                                                      West Wing
                                                                      Any student who does not complete their homework is
                                                                      required to go to West Wing at the end of the school day.
                                                                      The student will be expected to complete his/her missed
                                                                      assignment and that night’s assignment. West Wing
                                                                      comes to an end at 6PM.

Core values
Closing the achievement gap and ensuring college success is
the best way to help our students succeed in life, contribute to
their communities, and overcome the obstacles they face. At
IDEA Public Schools, we believe in the following core values
to ensure college for all children:
Closing the achievement gap and ensuring college success is
the best way to help our students succeed in life, contribute to
their communities, and overcome the obstacles they face.
Achieving this requires the following beliefs and behaviors:
No Excuses: We control our destiny. What we do during the
day matters more than poverty, parent education level, or other
external factors. When the adults in the system get it right, our
students are successful. Conversely, when our students fail, we
don’t blame unsupportive parents, parent education level, or
other external factors: we look in the mirror and take responsi-
Whatever it Takes: Through continuous improvement we
achieve ambitious results. Those most successful at IDEA seek
feedback, pour over the data, identify root causes, and imple-
ment solutions.
100% Everyday: Our mission and goals apply to 100% of our
students, 100% of the time. Creating opportunities that didn’t
exist isn’t easy, and it requires that people give their best every
Sweating the Small Stuff: The difference between excellence
and mediocrity lies in paying attention and caring about the
countless details that go into effective execution.
Team and Family: As the source of strength for our organi-
zation, we are committed to attracting and developing high
caliber people.

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