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									Medical Insurance Form Invoice Template

                        Medical Insurance Form Invoice

Insurance Company Name: _____________ [State the official name of the
insurance company]
Phone no.:_____________
Website:_____________________ [if any]
Invoice no.__________
Date of Invoice:___________ [dd/mm/yy]
Customer Information: [Provide the necessary contact information and insurance
policy details opted by the customer]
Medical Insurance Policy No.:
Name of Medical Insurance Policy:
Date of Application:_______ [dd/mm/yy]
                         Medical Insurance Form Details:
            [State the essential details of the medical insurance policy]
Coverage        Medicaid     Premium          Employee            Amount
Date            Id no.       Insured          Premium Insured     Reimbursed

                                Billing Information:

Amount payable:                              Preferred Payment Options:
Insurance Agent Fee:                         Bank Account
Service Tax:                                 No.____________
Grand Amount:                                Bank
To be paid within:________ to __________     Name:________________
[State the period within which all payments  Mode of
must be cleared by the customer]             Payment:_____________
Signature of Customer:___________________
Signature of Insurance Agent:_______________
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