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Media Kit 2011 - Jill Bennett by panniuniu


									Jill Bennett
      Media Kit 2011
Actress Jill Bennett has had series regular roles on Dante's Cove,
the award winning 3Way, and We Have To Stop Now, now in its
 second season and which she also co-executive produced and

 In addition, Jill has fostered a successful online presence with
three highly successful video blogs: We’re Getting Nowhere on, whose success led to a development deal with
   Logo, The Violet Underground on and The
             Gloves Are Off on
Press Coverage
                 Selected Press- click
                   below for article

                   Univers-L Magazine

                   The Sheena Metal

                     The Advocate

                    Blog Talk Radio




                     Curve Online

                 Autostraddle November

                   Australia’s Joy 94.9

                 Jane and Jane Magazine
                        Online Presence and Awards

                             Cause You're Hot
                       Most Guiltiest Pleasure
                         TV Show - 3Way                        FIND HER

  Celesbian of
     the Year                                                   Fan Page

 Women of the
                          2010 Curvey Awards
                            -Web Series: We Have To Stop Now
                          -Film Newcomer: And Then Came Lola    Channel
                                -Web Series Pioneer: 3Way
   “It Girl” - Jill
                                  Finalist: Jill Bennett
      Bennett                   -Film Actress Newcomer
                                 -TV Actress Newcomer
Best Web Series - We             -Lesbian Power Couple
                                     -Web Actress                Profile
 Have To Stop Now
                          Jill Bennett Online
so, Miss Jill -
                                                            Fan Engagement
mostly, what i wanted you to know that what you              As one of only a handful of
do is appreciated. the first time that i tentatively         out actors, Jill engages with
browsed afterellen the Getting Nowhere vlog was               her fan base online and in
the first thing i stumbled across. and you know              person at film festivals and
what? it made me feel pretty great. you guys were              community events. Her
laughing and having a great time, and it just made            base of support comes not
me feel a whole lot better about my situation to              only fans of her work, but
see a bunch of well rounded women who were                    from those appreciative of
completely comfortable with their sexuality.                    lesbian visibility in the
seeing you ladies is an amazing comfort to me.
whether you know it or not, you help me to                   Hey Jil
remember that whatever my situation may be now,                      l!..
                                                            .I just w
it's only temporary. that eventually it'll all work                   anted t
                                                           say TH             o write
out. i know that it's something that i can count on                  ANK Y            to you
                                                          You ar             OU SO           to
to give me a smile at least once a week. and                       e an in            MUCH
                                                         girls li          spiratio          !
really, how cool is that?                                          ke me f          n to yo
                                                         proud.            or bein          ung
                                                                                   g out a
in short, thank you for everything you've done. i                                          nd
know it means a lot to me.
                                                         I live in
                                                        like the             a
                                                                  re are n la and it seem
                                                       I wante             oL                 s
                                                                 d to sen GBT people h
Ashlee from Ohio
                                                      messag              d you a           ere.
                                                                 e to say           private
                                                      becaus               thank
                                                               e you h             you
                                                     much y             ave no
                                                                ou bein         idea ho
                                                    helped               g so op        w
 My name is Elizabeth and I am                                me                 en, has
 simply writing to you to tell you                  being a overcome the "
                                                               lesbian            fear" of
 what a positive influence you have
 been in my life. I know we have                -Gaby
 never met, but there are just people
 in this world who change your life
 in some way, and I feel like you are
 one of those people for me.                 something I wish I had. I wish I
       And this was the summer that I        could have that confidence that you
 learned who you were. I read                so brilliantly convey. And not only
 articles and watched interviews,            do I respect you for the human
 you have this powerful voice and            being you are, but also as an
 your not afraid to share what you           actress. I think I have seen every
 think. You are honest and stand up          episode of 3Way and We Have To
 for what is right, and that is              Stop Now, which is brilliant! 
                  The Producer

Tired of bemoaning the lack of quality
roles for women Jill became a
founding member of DynaKit
Productions in December 2008.

After a successful launch of Season 1,
We Have To Stop Now has been
acquired by Wolfe Video in North
America and Peccadillo Pictures in
the UK and Ireland, and became
available on DVD in the summer of
2010. It is also enjoying a successful
run in the world wide LGBT film
festival circuit.

Utilizing both traditional and new
methods of distribution, Season 2 is
currently available online via
subscription, and is making the
festival run this summer.

Noreen Savides

Interviews and Appearances


            Investment and Co-Production

                             110 S. Fairfax Ave
                             #A11 - 198
                             Los Angeles, CA 90036
                             (713) 396-2548

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