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					The Dreams                          Measurement of                 Timeline    Person(s)           2016 Target
                                    Success                                    Responsible
Overall Revenue/Enrollment          Increase total FTE            Fall 2011    Academic            2,400 total
(see key indicators at end of       enrollment                    117 FTE/yr   Affairs             enrollment
chapter)                                                          6.4%                             32% increase
RGCC Tuition                        Increase tuition revenue by   Fall 2011    Academic            Increase tuition
                                    3%                                         Affairs/RGCC        revenue by 15.9%
URG Tuition                         Increase revenue annually      Fall 2011   Academic Affairs/   Increase
                                    by 6.7%                                    Accounting          revenue by 33.5%
Institutional                       Increase revenue by 10%        Fall 2011   Institutional       Launch Capital
Advancement/Fundraising             Annually                                   Advancement         Campaign 50%

                                    Increase grant revenue by      Fall 2011   Academic Affairs    Increase in
                                    10%                                                            unrestricted giving
                                                                                                   Increase grant
                                                                                                   revenue by 47.8%
Balanced Budget                     Achieve positive               FY          Administration/     Increase
                                    Unrestricted Net Assets        2011-12     Accounting          UNA by 4%
Tuition Flexibility and             Develop competitive tuition    Fall 2011   Academic Affairs/   20% increase
Competitive Structure               pricing for Undergraduate &                Accounting          enrollment in non-
(i.e., special programs, military   Graduate Programs                                              traditional
options, etc.)                      Develop competitive fees for                                   programs
                                    completion programs

The Dreams          Measurement of                         Timeline                    Person(s)          2016 Target
                    Success                                                            Responsible
Scope of Programs   Market needs assessment to assure      Beginning fall 2012         Dean of            See program
                    Rio is offering the most relevant      based on program            Enrollment         review section
                    programs                               review and needs                               under Student
                                                           assessment                                     Success
Adult Learners      Increase number of adult learners      5% yearly                   Dean of            25% increase
                                                                                       and Provost
Offsite location    Create certificate and degree          Fall 2013 and increased     Director and       2 full degree
                    programs at Meigs                      yearly based on market      Provost            programs at
                                                           needs                                          Meigs
                    Establish partnerships for Bachelors
                    Programs at area Community                                                            3 certificate
                    Colleges                                                                              programs at

                                                                                                          Others based on
                                                                                                          market research
Scheduling          Revamp scheduling to provide more      Beginning fall 2012,        Provost            25% scheduling
                    night and weekend courses, plan to     increase in night classes   Deans              shifts on market
                    offer complete degree program at       Yearly growth of 5%.                           needed
Online and Hybrid   Increase number of online/hybrid       Annually                    Provost            25% increase
Programs            courses by 10% annually                                            Deans
Shortened Time to
Diversity           Increase diversity on campus           Immediate and               President,         Increase number
                    through programs and specialized       ongoing.                    Provost, Dean of   of multicultural
                    recruitment channels for students                                  Students and VP    students by 10%
                    and employees.                                                     Human
                                                           Same                        Resources          Increase
                    Enhance our multi-cultural affairs                                                    employee
                    office with additional programming                                                    diversity by 5%
                    for our diverse student population.

The Dreams      Measurement of                          Timeline                Person(s)          2016 Target
                Success                                                         Responsible

                                              Access Continued

Accessibility   Enhance Accessibility Office by         Fall 2011               Dean of            Continue
Services and    adding a part time position to assist                           Students
Facilities      with case load.
International   Increase number of international        Fall 2013 and ongoing   Provost, Dean of   Increase
                students by creation of cooperative                             Enrollment         international
                agreements with institutions abroad                             Management         students by 10%

The Dreams                Measurement of                              Timeline      Person(s)        2016 Target
                          Success                                                   Responsible
Cultural Center of the    Increase of at least two public events      Fall 2012     Provost,         10 new events
Region (Destination       (speakers, theatre, music) per year                       Deans
Multi-Cultural Students   Create at least one new multi-cultural      Fall 2012     Dean of          5 new events
                          event per year                                            Students

                          Produce one event per year for faculty,     Annually                       Continue
                          staff development re., multiculturalism                   Provost

Globalization             Development of articulation                 Fall 2012     Provost          continue
                          agreement with Trinity of Wales and
                          other institutions for additional
                          exchanges, cooperative degree
                          programs, etc
                                                                      Fall 2012     Provost
                          Increase number of student exchanges
                          by 5%
Fine and Performing       With events described above, become a                     Dean and         Develop a
Arts Focus                strengthened institution for Fine and                     Department       Chautauqua-like
                          Performing Arts.                                          Chair, Faculty   setting in Rio Grande,
                                                                                                     with the above
                          Work closely with Bob Evans Farms, Inc.     Beginning                      events and covered
                          – in particular, create partnerships to     spring 2012                    in state and national
                          utilize the facilities of each, including   and ongoing                    press (radio,
                          the $3-million renovations of the Farm                                     television, print
                          beginning fall 2011.                                                       publications and on
                                                                                                     the web).

The Dreams               Measurement of                 Timeline      Person(s)                2016 Target
                         Success                                      Responsible
Community                Create Advisory Council for    Fall 2011     President/VP RGCC        Develop and
Engagement               off-site locations that meet                                          implement
                         at a minimum twice a year.                                            recommendations
                         Host town hall meetings                                               from the community
                         once a year in all             2011-2012     President/VP RGCC        councils and meetings
                         community college district
Business and Industry    Explore one new program        Fall 2013     Provost                  Two new programs
                         every two years to meet                                               developed and
                         local job market demands                                              implemented
Other Higher             Stark State CC –               Fall 2013     Provost                  To have these
Education Institutions   Entrepreneurship Program                                              partnerships on- going
                         Ohio University –                                                     and productive
                         Entrepreneurship seminar       Fall 2011     Workforce Solutions
                         For middle/high school                       Coordinator
K-12 and Career          Meigs County High Schools,     Fall 2011     Provost/Meigs Director   On-going
Schools                  dual credit

                         Vinton County High School,     Fall 2011     Provost                  On-going
                         dual credit

                         Gallia and Jackson County      Fall 2012     Provost                  On-going
                         High Schools, dual credit
Workforce                Create two new business        Fall 2011     Workforce Solutions      Ten business
Development and          partnerships each year                       Coordinator              partnerships on-going
                         Provide at least three new                                            Fifteen new or
                         or renewed training            Beginning     Workforce Solutions      renewed training
                         sessions to local businesses   spring 2012   Coordinator
                         each year

The Dreams               Measurement of            Timeline               Person(s)              2016 Target
                         Success                                          Responsible
Academic Advising        All students will meet    Fall 2011              Provost, Deans         ongoing
                         with advisor before
Academic Programs        Program Review            5-6 annually           Provost, Deans         ongoing

                         Student Outcome           Yearly with feedback   Provost, Assessment
                         Learning Assessment       to budgets and         Director
Technology               Improve the campus        Beginning fall 2011    Technology Leaders,    Competitive
                         through upgraded          and yearly             Provost and Chief      classrooms, labs,
                         technology                (separate technology   Operating Officer(s)   wireless buildings,
                                                   plan and master plan                          instructional &
                                                   will be developed by                          administrative
                                                   August 2011)                                  upgrades ($1,000,000
                                                                                                 will be raised to
                         Integrate technology                                                    support these
                         into courses and                                                        initiatives)
                         programs across the
Developmental            Integrated referral       Fall 2012              Provost                ongoing
Education                between ABLE,
                         Education and College-
                         Level Classes
                                                                          Provost                15% increase
                         5% increase in            Fall 2012
                         students completing
                         dev ed and enrolling in
                         college courses
Certificate and Degree   Meet or exceed the        Yearly measurement     Provost, Deans         Continue
Completion               standards of the OBR      for SSI by OBR
                         Student Success           Fall 2012

The Dreams              Measurement of              Timeline                 Person(s)              2016 Target
                        Success                                              Responsible

                                                Student Success Continued

Career Counseling and   Creation of                 Fall 1012                Provost                continue
Job Placement           comprehensive
                        “center” for student        NOTE: funding has
                        needs in entering the       been requested
                        workplace                   through the DOL grant,
                                                    if not successful,
                        All graduating students     funding source would
                        will be given the           need to be identified
                        opportunity for
                        resume building and
                        interviewing skills
                                                    Fall 2012

Student Scholarship     Create and implement        Fall 2012                Provost                Continue
                        new Honors Program

                        Increase number of          Fall 2012                Provost                15% increase
                        students engaging in
                        research or artistic
                        activity by 5%
Student Life            Enhance campus              Fall 2011                COO/Dean of Students   5% annual increase in
                        facilities to attract and                                                   residential students
                        retain students.

                        Enhance our on              Fall 2011                Dean of Students       10% increase in
                        campus programming                                                          student involvement
                        for all students                                                            in extracurricular
                        (residential and                                                            activities
                        commuter) through
                        various activities,
                        events, instructions
                        and other forms of


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