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									                                          CSA Council Meeting
                                          Friday, March 4 , 2011
                                              Alumni Room

Present: Gina Peak, Kim Wermers, Laura Osborn, Patti Weber, Darlene Thompson, Dana Hoff, Jill
Corbin, Shelly Nelson, Shelly Rawstern, Amber Alfson, Ben Gearhart, Shannon Vostad

March Meeting
March 30 10:00 am
Underground ??
Rich Myrvik of Kung Fu USA. Jill and Amber will work on the details and $250 fee with Jennifer Aranda of
Diversity Services for a self-defense class with Rich for Women’s Awareness Month.
Treats: Lowry Hall

The survey is finished and the link is ready to be sent out. Jill will send an email and a reminder for the
Association to complete the survey 3/7-3/18. Completed and printed surveys can enter for a chance to
win one of 3 $10 Bookstore gift certificates.

BOR Academic Calendar
Jesse Wise sent an email to Council asking for feedback concerning changes, the following is what was
     Typically the fall semester has started near/after Labor Day for a number of reasons including the
       tourism industry. Do we need to continue this tradition?
       Staff feels that move in should never fall over the Labor Day holiday since it is a Federal holiday.
     The most recent set of calendars used by the system included 74-78 instructional days per
       semester with 74/75 being most common. Should we set 75 days as the “target” number?
       Faculty would be able to offer more insight with number of days they would like to teach. One
       suggestion is to change the number of days in each semester to accommodate Monday start
       dates as opposed to late in the week.
     The fall calendars have not included a “fall break”. Is this acceptable or should a multi-day break
       be scheduled?
       Staff feels that with a Monday holiday almost every month until the Christmas break there would
       be no need to offer an additional break. One suggestion was to add a few days off to the
       Thanksgiving holiday and start the Spring semester on the Monday before Martin Luther King, Jr.
     The spring calendars have included a week-long “spring break” and, in addition, Good Friday and
       the Monday after Easter are also no class days. Should this continue?
     Many institutions close the week between Christmas and New Year’s Day and they commonly
       use “banked” federal holidays to cover this time, i.e., campuses are open for business and
       classes are held on Labor Day and other federal holidays. Do we want to consider this option?
       As an incentive for no pay raises the suggestion was brought up to use Administrative Leave for
       this time. Even though Admin leave is hard for all State employees the possibility of BOR allowing
       campuses to use this option would be beneficial.
     There are a set of processes for grade reporting at the end of a given semester and for finalizing
       financial aid for the following semester. Do we have enough time built in between semesters so
       these and other enrollment related processes can be accomplished?
       No. The Spring/Summer timeframe is too short and should be pushed back at least a week to
       benefit those that work with Aid, allocations and suspended students.

Baked Potato Luncheon
March 2 , Underground, 45 potatoes sold
$225 was raised from the Potato Luncheon. The donations will be given either to an undisclosed recipient
or will be used for the CSA Relay for Life team.
Relay for Life Team
Jill is creating a CSA team for the April 14 CAC event. Each team is allowed a maximum number of 15
participants; anything more will need to form an additional team. Jill will send out information and ask for

Please let Jill know if you know of anyone who didn’t receive a calendar.

Open Positions
Tabled due to time.

Other Business
Parking committee: Laura Osborn mentioned that the Parking committee is discussing parking tag and
parking ticket fees for next year.
Raffle tickets: Sales are down at this point in the year. In order to make a profit we will need to sell, sell,

Next Council meeting
April 8 10:00 am
Alumni Room

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