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					The Australian Institute Of Certified Public Accountants ( AICPA) is committed to providing
educators with the resources to enhance the accounting and business curriculum and to prepare
students to become valued and trusted members of the CPA profession.
The path to CPA is below mentioned:

Study or work in Australia
Highly trained and educated professionals from around the world are encouraged to study, work
and settle in Australia. The Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) provides detailed
information on their website for students and business professionals wanting to study or work in
Australia. CPA Australia's qualifications assessment unit assesses qualifications on a fee-for-
service basis for overseas-qualified accountants seeking membership of CPA Australia.
Details on assessment for immigration purposes is available from the Qualifications assessment
section of the CPA Australia website.

How to become a member of CPA Australia
To become a member of CPA Australia the simplest pathway is to complete an undergraduate
degree accredited by CPA Australia.
To be eligible, subjects must be completed in accounting, finance and business areas to satisfy the
minimum core knowledge. This can be done through a major in accounting, a double-major in-
cluding accounting or a double degree. Graduates who did not study accounting can qualify by
completing an accredited postgraduate program.

Join as an Associate member
If you've already completed an undergraduate degree that has been accredited by CPA Australia,
you are eligible to apply for an Associate membership.
If you completed a non-accredited undergraduate degree, you will need to get your qualifications
assessed in order to determine if you are eligible to apply for an Associate membership.

Types of members
There are a range of CPA Australia member types. For further information about member re-
quirements, view the following details:

             Associate (ASA)
             Certified Practising Accountant (CPA) (pre-2004)
             Certified Practising Accountant (CPA) (post-2004)
             Fellow CPA (FCPA)
             Specialists
             Public Practice Certificate holder
Information for Asia – Pacific students
CPA Australia is active in the Asia – Pacific region, with divisions in Malaysia, Singapore and
Hong Kong.
Graduates meeting the below requirements can be admitted to CPA Australia as Associate mem-
bers (ASA). To advance to CPA status, you must complete the CPA Program and have three years
of mentored work experience. CPA Program and mentored work experience can be carried-out
completely in Malaysia, Singapore or Hong Kong.
Criteria to gain CPA Australia membership
Permanent residents of Malaysia, Singapore and Hong Kong can gain membership of CPA Aus-
tralia if they meet one of the following criteria:

     hold an Australian degree, including an accounting major, fully undertaken in Australia*

     hold an Australian degree, including an accounting major, offered fully offshore*

     hold an Australian degree, including an accounting major, and part of the degree was of-
      fered through an offshore institution that has an approved twinning arrangement with an
      Australian university or other higher education provider*

     hold a Malaysian / Singapore / Hong Kong degree with an accounting major that has been
      assessed by CPA Australia as allowing admission as an ASA

     hold an overseas degree with an accounting major that has been assessed as allowing
      membership of CPA Australia.

Members of CPA Australia who hold CPA status are eligible for admission to:

     Malaysian Institute of Accountants without further requirement

     Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Singapore after demonstrating proficiency in
      Singapore tax and corporations law, and after completing a five day 'pre admission'

     Hong Kong Society of Accountants without further requirement

Please Note-
Any student who is studying for a qualification that can lead to membership of CPA Australia is
eligible to join CPA Passport.
* Malaysian students may have substituted Malaysian taxation and corporations law / Singapore
students may have substituted Singapore taxation and corporations law
* Applicants must apply for an Overseas qualification assessment from CPA Australia and must
demonstrate proficiency in English

Memorandum of Cooperation
To enhance the accountancy profession as well as contribute to the economic developments be-
tween Australia and China, CPA Australia has signed a Memorandum of Cooperation (MOC)
with the Chinese Institute of Certified Public Accountants and the Macau Society of Registered
  Accountants respectively.
  CPA Australia has also signed MOCs with the Vietnam Association of Certified Public Account-
  ants and Auditors, the National Accounting Council of Cambodia, Kampuchea Institute of Certi-
  fied Public Accountants and Auditors, and the Vietnam Association of Accountants and Auditors.
  Members of these bodies can benefit from an exchange of training and continuing professional
  development programs.

  MOU with Institute Of Chartered Accountants of India- ICAI

The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) and CPA Australia Ltd, the two largest
Chartered Accountancy bodies in the world have decided together by working out a Mutual Recog-
nition Agreement (MRA), which was signed onFebruary3,2009, to recognize the qualification,
training of each other and admit the members in good standing by prescribing a bridging mecha-

As per the Mutual Recognition Agreement reached, members of ICAI who are graduates will be
eligible for CPA Australia membership on passing one paper on Business Strategy and Leadership.
On the other hand, members of CPA Australia will be eligible for ICAI membership subject to pass-
ing two papers on Corporate & Allied Laws and Taxation and two more papers on Advanced Audit-
ing & Professional Ethics and Financial Reporting, if they have not already passed them as a part of
the CPA Australia Programme.

The papers in respect of bridging mechanism as above would be administered locally by the two
institutes. Mutual Recognition Agreement is likely to herald an increased mobility of the profes-
sionals in either country.
The MRA will open professional opportunities to our members in Australia and this will bring the
two countries, India and Australia, closer.
CPA Australia is one of the Worlds largest accounting bodies, representing 122, 000 finance, ac-
counting and business professionals in Australia, Asia and Europe with 12 overseas divisions and
This MRA comes closer on the heels of an arrangement entered by ICAI with the Institute of Char-
tered Accountants of England and Wales in November 2008

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