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									   Academic Affairs

Component Operational Goals
     Year End Report

Year End Report 2009-2010 – Academic Affairs

1.0 Academic Affairs will provide leadership and direction for the implementation of innovative teaching and learning methodologies
at key on and off-campus locations and with K-16 partners to maximize efficient enrollment.

College Initiative #1, Community Outreach, Development and Involvement; #7, Enrollment Management and Retention

Objective                          Activities                               Responsible    Timeline      Accomplishments
1.1 Expand Online Degree programs 1.1.1 Submit Substantial Change          Abrahamson      December      Substantial Change
    and certificates by encouraging     application to ACCJC identifying                   2009          application submitted
    appropriate course development,     new and emerging online majors and                               February, 2010 and ACCJC
    securing ACCJC approval, and        certificates.                                                    will consider it June, 2010.
    publishing in print and on the                                                                       Proposed to add five
    Web.                                                                                                 additional majors and 24
                                                                                                         additional certificates to the
                                                                                                         online program (50% or
                                                                                                         more taught online).

                                 1.1.2 As funding allows, continue the     Abrahamson      May 2010      Online Course Development
                                        Online College Course Development                                Project funded two
                                        Project to encourage more GE                                     completed projects in 2009-
                                        courses and core occupational                                    10, with eight more to be
                                        courses to be developed.                                         finalized in 2010-11.
                                                                           Abrahamson      May 2010      Online Learning Website
                                  1.1.3 Update the new Online Learning                                   launched and received over
                                        Website, the new Teacher Academy                                 23,000 hits in first 9
                                        website, and the College Catalog                                 months. The College
                                        with online degree and certificate                               Catalogue and class
                                        information.                                                     schedule have been updated
                                                                                                         with current information
                                                                                                         about online degrees and
                                                                                                         general education. New
                                                                                                         Online link on the SRJC
                                                                                                         Web home page.
Year End Report 2009-2010 – Academic Affairs

Objective                         Activities                                 Responsible    Timeline    Accomplishments
1.2 Enhance Career & Technical    1.2.1 Develop Western Association of       Cohen          Fall 2009   Courses revised/program
    Education to better promote         Food Chains certificate program                                 approved by CRC and
    economic development.               for La Tortilla Factory and other                               WAFC; certificate in
                                        industries.                                                     Retail Management to be
                                                                                                        submitted to Chancellor’s
                                                                                                        Office December 2010.

                                  1.2.2 Improve Career and Technical         Wilson         Fall 2009   Completed January 2010
                                        Education Web presence in            Robbins
                                        collaboration with Public

                                  1.2.3 Improve Career and Technical         Wilson         Fall 2009   Ongoing. Planning meeting
                                        Education communication across                                  held spring 2010.
                                        faculty by convening faculty to                                 Implement suggestions in
                                        determine gaps in communication.                                2010-11.

                                  1.2.4 Create centralized learning
                                                                             Wilson         Fall 2009   Pilot Child
                                        opportunities and develop learning
                                                                             Robbins                    Development/English
                                        communities between Career &
                                                                                                        course developed; similar
                                        Technical Education and General
                                                                                                        courses planned for 2010-

                                  1.2.5 Develop curriculum to “green”
                                                                             Wilson         Spring      Sustainable
                                        existing construction program and
                                                                             Sands-Miller   2010        principles/practices
                                        develop PV/solar and energy audit
                                                                                                        incorporated into Const.
                                                                                                        Mgmt transfer major;
                                                                                                        industry input obtained to
                                                                                                        determine program content
                                                                                                        for Solar PV/Solar
Year End Report 2009-2010 – Academic Affairs
                                                                                                          Thermal/Energy Audit and
                                                                                                          Building Performance
                                                                                                          programs; faculty attended
                                                                                                          training in Home Energy
                                                                                                          Rating System and Home
                                                                                                          Performance with Energy
                                                                                                          Star; solar equipment

Objective                        Activities                                   Responsible      Timeline   Accomplishments
1.3 Increase K-12 articulation   1.3.1 Exchange curricula and convene         Nighswonger,     January    51 Articulation agreements
                                       faculty-to-faculty articulation        Cohen, Messina   2010       were signed with 13 high
                                       meetings in Web Design,                                            schools in the disciplines
                                       Geospatial, Business English,                                      of Auto Technology,
                                       Business Math, and Bookkeeping.                                    Diesel Technology,
                                                                                                          Culinary Arts, Web
                                                                                                          Design, Video Production,
                                                                                                          Cisco Networking, and 3D

                                 1.3.2 Establish high school articulation     Nighswonger      May 2010   All 51 articulation
                                       with at least two SRJC CTE                                         agreements integrate Credit
                                       courses, integrating a mechanism                                   by Exam as mechanism for
                                       for students to earn college credit.                               college credit. In spring
                                                                                                          2010, 45 high school
                                                                                                          pathway students passed 59
                                                                                                          exams and earned a total of
                                                                                                          99.5 units of SRJC credit
                                                                                                          in the disciplines of
                                                                                                          Automotive Technology
                                                                                                          and Web Design.
Year End Report 2009-2010 – Academic Affairs
                                1.3.3 Work with Computing Services to       Nighswonger   October    Tracking program
                                      establish mechanism to track and                    2009       developed May 2010 and is
                                      report student outcomes.                                       currently being fine-tuned.

                                                                                          September Best practices and models
                                1.3.4 Collaborate with California Peace
                                                                                          2009      identified. High schools,
                                      Officers Standards and Training
                                                                                                    however, are not currently
                                      (POST) to identify resources, best
                                                                                                    able to expand Public
                                      practices, models, and work-based
                                                                                                    Safety offerings into two
                                      learning experiences to support
                                                                                                    year pathways.
                                      and enrich local high school public
                                      safety career pathway programs.
Year End Report 2009-2010 – Academic Affairs

2.0 Academic Affairs will more effectively target instructional programs, individual courses and services to our student population.

College Initiative #7, Enrollment Management and Retention

Objective                          Activities                                  Responsible       Timeline    Accomplishments
2.1 More effectively target        2.1.1 Academic Affairs Dean IIIs will       Abrahamson,       May 2010    Initiated VP plus Dean III
    instructional programs.              monitor and refine enrollment         Wilson,                       meetings to better
                                         management strategies for their       Farkas, Chapman               coordinate the schedule.
                                         areas, with particular attention to                                 Completed for 2009-10
                                         coordination of occupational                                        5/22/10; but also
                                         pathways, GE, late start and                                        continuing.
                                         weekend classes.

                                   2.1.2 The Curriculum Dean will work         Farkas            Fall 2009   Number of Stand Alone
                                         with faculty and supervising                            – Spring    courses reduced from 1149
                                         administrators to reduce the                            2010        on 4/7/08 to approx. 676
                                         number of Stand Alone courses.                                      on 6/24/10. Percentage
                                                                                                             reduction is from 46% to
                                                                                                             approx. 29%.

                                   2.1.3 The Curriculum Dean will follow       Farkas            Aug.–       All of these majors were
                                         up with the State Chancellor’s                          Oct. 2009   approved by the SRJC
                                         Office on approval status for new                                   Board of Trustees and the
                                         programs in Music, Music Jazz,                                      State Chancellor’s Office.
                                         PE, HR Admin, Chicano & Latino
                                         Studies, Liberal Arts/Teacher
                                         Preparation and Audio Production
                                         for Digital Media.
Year End Report 2009-2010 – Academic Affairs
Objective                          Activities                                  Responsible   Timeline    Accomplishments
2.2 In conjunction with the        2.2.1 Academic Affairs will continue to     Farkas        Fall 2009   Trainings conducted Oct.
    Academic Senate and the              provide ongoing training to                         - Spring    15, Nov. 4, Nov. 19, Dec.
    Curriculum Review                    department chairs, faculty and                      2010        3, Dec. 19, 2009; and
    Committee, Academic Affairs          administrative support staff in the                             March 9, 2010 (3 classes).
    will improve the functioning         use of the curriculum database.
    of the curriculum
    development and review         2.2.2 The Curriculum Writer’s            Farkas           May 2010    Not completed. Ongoing
    process.                             Handbook will be reviewed and                                   through 2010-11.
                                         any suggested changes or additions
                                         approved by the Academic Senate
                                         and distributed.
Year End Report 2009-2010 – Academic Affairs

3.0 The Vice President of Academic Affairs will continue to align Academic Affairs planning with the new District-wide Program and
Resource Planning Process (PRPP) and will coordinate the prioritization of resource needs with planning processes.
College Initiative #3, Institutional Planning
Objective                            Activities                                 Responsible   Timeline     Accomplishments
3.1 Link District budgeting and      3.1.1 Academic Affairs will respond to     Rudolph       May 2010     AAC completed
    resource allocation with the           any ACCJC Accreditation visiting                                recommendations and
    planning process.                      team recommendations, working                                   subsequent revisions were
                                           with other components to evaluate                               made to the PRPP in Fall
                                           and strengthen the PRPP process.                                2009. AAC continues to
                                                                                                           have representation on the
                                                                                                           ad hoc work group that
                                                                                                           meets, reviews and revises
                                                                                                           PRPP processes regularly.
                                     3.1.2 All academic administrators will     ALL           May 2010     Most deans made a point
                                           work to improve the transparency                                to improve
                                           and feedback loops for PRPP by                                  communications.
                                           communicating back to clusters
                                           Academic Affairs’ prioritization
                                           of resource requests.
                                     3.1.3 In conjunction with Computing        Abrahamson    January      Significant revisions to
                                           Services and the other                             2010         prompts implemented
                                           components, Academic Affairs                                    February, 2010. All
                                           will work to review and revise, as                              prompts online now
                                           needed, all of the prompts in                                   include “help” information
                                           Convergence to provide increased                                – writing tips and analysis
                                           clarity and direction.                                          tips.

                                     3.1.4 In Spring 2010, all academic         ALL           April 2010   Completed Spring 2010
                                           programs/units will participate in
                                           the “comprehensive” version of
                                           the PRPP.
Year End Report 2009-2010 – Academic Affairs
                                       3.1.5 Academic Affairs will continue to     Abrahamson,       Ongoing    Academic Affairs working
                                             work with Computing Services,         Cummings                     with new IT Director to
                                             the Student Equity/Success                                         identify student success
                                             Committee, and the Office of                                       data needed for PRPP.
                                             Institutional Research to identify
                                             student success data required for
                                             the comprehensive review.

                                       3.1.6 If data is unavailable, prompts       Abrahamson,       January    Prompts were modified.
                                             will be modified so that              Cummings,         2010       Completed February,
                                             meaningful analysis is possible.      Messina                      2010.
Objective                              Activities                                  Responsible       Timeline   Accomplishments
3.2 Revise other SRJC planning         3.2.1 Faculty Staffing will use the         Farkas            October    Completed. New reports
    activities to integrate with the         newly developed Faculty Staffing                        2009       used during the F2009
    program review and budget                Reports, pulled from the PRPP                                      prioritization process.
    linkages process.                        documents, to evaluate faculty                                     Ranking process related to
                                             staffing requests and to support                                   a set of Guiding Principles
                                             final recommendations. A brief                                     developed by the
                                             rationale for each position will be                                committee and
                                             included in the recommendation.                                    disseminated to Dept.
                                                                                                                Chairs and Deans.
                                       3.2.2 Board Policy 3.6 will be drafted,     Wilson, Rudolph   October    Ongoing; draft complete.
                                             emphasizing PRPP as the primary                         2009       Preview fall 2010;
                                             evidence for program                                               implement spring 2011
                                             revitalization or discontinuance.
Objective                              Activities                                  Responsible       Timeline   Accomplishments
3.3 Define a resource management       3.3.1 Whenever possible, budget             Rudolph           Ongoing    PRPP provided critical
    strategy intended to maintain            reductions, programmatic changes                                   info for re-engineering and
    or reallocate existing resources         and cost savings measures will be                                  cost containment.
    and acquire new external                 based on evidence from the PRPP                                    Revisions to PRPP this
    funds.                                   documents.                                                         year required Acad Aff
                                                                                                                PRPPs to include cost
                                                                                                                savings and budget
Year End Report 2009-2010 – Academic Affairs
                                                                                                reductions in five specific
                                                                                                areas of the report.

                               3.3.2 Based on PRPP data, all STNC         Rudolph   May 2010    On-going as part of re-
                                     staff and student worker positions                         engineering. STNC usage
                                     will be evaluated for 2009-10, and                         re-evaluated and all STNCs
                                     positions considered less critical                         now paid at the district
                                     will be reduced or eliminated.                             approved rate, resulting in
                                                                                                additional cost savings.
                                                                                                Reductions in STNC usage
                                                                                                in some areas (College
                                                                                                Skills and tutorial centers)
                                                                                                have been implemented.
                                                                                                Further review will
                                                                                                continue in 2010-11.
                                3.3.3 Based on PRPP evidence,             Rudolph   June 2010    AAC completed first
                                      permanent classified staff                                 repurposing of admin
                                      positions may be evaluated and                             assistants at SRJC in April,
                                      shifted to areas considered more                           2010. Further repurposing
                                      critical to the college’s mission                          in College Skills/Tutorial
                                      and initiatives.                                           across PET and SR
                                                                                                 campuses scheduled for
                                                                                                 summer 2010. Additional
                                                                                                 repurposing as a result of
                                                                                                 the merger between
                                                                                                 Academic Computing and
                                                                                                 Computing Services in
                                                                                                 June, 2010. Additional
                                                                                                 re-engineering will be
                                                                                                 considered throughout
Year End Report 2009-2010 – Academic Affairs

4.0 Academic Affairs will develop new or improve existing Academic Affairs processes and procedures within the District in order to
meet the ACCJC approved recommendations from the 2009 Accreditation Visiting Team.
College Initiative #4, Accreditation

Objective                              Activities                           Responsible       Timeline    Accomplishments
4.1 Recommendation #1: “In order       See Academic Affairs Goal 3.0 for    See 3.0           See 3.0     See 3.0
    to increase effectiveness after    activities and timelines.
    the first full cycle of the PRPP
    is completed, the college
    should evaluate the
    effectiveness of the process to
    ensure the inclusion of
    information beyond data
    collection and survey results.
    The college should also use the
    results and report the findings
    to the communities served by
    the college and also integrate
    research into all future
    planning processes.”
Objective                              Activities                           Responsible       Timeline    Accomplishments
4.2 Recommendation #2: “In             See Academic Affairs Goal 5.0 for    See 5.0           See 5.0     See 5.0
    order to attain proficiency        specific activities and timelines.
    level with the ACCJC Rubric
    for Evaluating Institutional
    Effectiveness by the 2012
    Commission deadline, the
    college should aggressively
    pursue the development of
    measurements and the
    completion of assessment
    cycles for all course, program,
    and degree SLOs.”
Year End Report 2009-2010 – Academic Affairs

Objective                                Activities                                 Responsible      Timeline    Accomplishments
4.3 Recommendation #4: “The              4.3.1 Develop an Academic Affairs          Cummings,        Fall 2009   A first draft of a college-
    institution should develop a               orientation module that explains     Abrahamson,                  wide explanation of the
    holistic and systematic                    the college governance structure,    Benoit, Forkum               SRJC governance
    evaluation process for its current         roles and responsibilities for new                                structure was developed
    governance structures and new              employees.                                                        and reviewed by College
    planning efforts. The findings                                                                               Council at its May 2010
    should be disseminated campus-                                                                               meeting. A revised draft
    wide and then used for                                                                                       is undergoing revision in
    continuous improvement.”                                                                                     summer in preparation
                                                                                                                 for a final version to be
                                                                                                                 submitted to College
                                                                                                                 Council in fall 2010.

                                         4.3.2 Present the Academic Affairs         Rudolph          Spring      First draft of explanation of
                                               orientation module to College                         2010        SRJC governance structure
                                               Council for adoption and review.                                  was developed and reviewed
                                                                                                                 by College Council at the
                                                                                                                 May 2010 meeting. Revised
                                                                                                                 draft is undergoing revision in
                                                                                                                 summer in preparation for
                                                                                                                 final version to be submitted
                                                                                                                 to College Council fall 2010.

                                         4.3.3 In conjunction with College          Rudolph          Spring      See above. Once the final
                                         Council and the Office of Institutional                     2010        version is adopted it will be
                                         Research, develop an assessment,                                        used for all new staff
                                         communication and review plan for                                       orientations and posted on the
                                         the SRJC Governance Structure.                                          college website.
Year End Report 2009-2010 – Academic Affairs
Objective                              Activities                               Responsible        Timeline    Accomplishments
4.4 Continue to monitor and            4.4.1 In concert with AFA and with       Rudolph, Farkas,   Fall 2009   Total re-write of Article 14 on
    improve upon existing college            Academic Senate participation,     Abrahamson                     Evaluations in progress, with
    systems to evaluate each                 review and revise Article 14 of                                   an MOU expected summer
    employee group in a timely               the District/AFA contract to                                      2010.
    fashion, eliminating the backlog         improve the faculty evaluation
    of overdue evaluations with              processes.
    particular emphasis upon
    adjunct faculty evaluations.       4.4.2 Train the Department Chairs    Farkas                 Spring      Continuing to 2010-11. PDA
                                             Council and Instructional                             2010        Workshop scheduled for
                                             Administrators (DCC/IM) in new                                    8/13/10.
                                             processes for evaluation.

                                       4.4.3 Develop processes to efficiently   Farkas             Spring      Completed Sept. 2009.
                                             track adjunct evaluation                              2010        Academic Affairs calendar for
                                             timelines and submissions.                                        2010-11 revised to include all
                                                                                                               important evaluation dates.
Year End Report 2009-2010 – Academic Affairs
5.0 Academic Affairs, working in collaboration with the Project LEARN Steering Committee; will make continual progress toward
the “proficient” level of effectiveness in Student Learning Outcomes identification and assessment, as described in the ACCJC rubric.
College Initiative #5, Student Learning Outcomes and Assessment
Objective                             Activities                                 Responsible       Timeline    Accomplishments
5.1 Identify SLOs for every course,   5. 1.1 Identify 500 additional course SLOs Abrahamson,       June 2010   An additional 306 courses
    program and student service by          for 2009-10 approved by the          Cummings                      had SLOs added. 281
    fall 2012.                              Curriculum Review Committee and                                    courses were inactivated
                                            posted in the course outline of                                    and removed from the
                                            record.                                                            curriculum data base.
                                      5.1.2 Identify and “map” an additional 60      Abrahamson,   June 2010   CRC approved 38 Program
                                            programs (certificates or majors).       Messina                   SLOs with mapping,
                                                                                                               representing 60% of the

                                      5.1.3 Working with the Office of               Abrahamson,   May 2010    For 2009-10 the
                                            Institutional Research, analyze          Cummings,                 Improvement of Health and
                                            results from PRPP Learning               Messina                   Wellness outcome was
                                            Outcomes Inventory, assess Global                                  assessed. The Global
                                            Studies outcomes, and plan for                                     Studies outcome will be
                                            inclusion of institutional SLOs in the                             assessed in 2010-11. OIR is
                                            Fall 2010 SRJC Student Survey.                                     working on the Student
                                                                                                               Survey for fall 2010.
Objective                             Activities                                     Responsible   Timeline    Accomplishments
5.2 Establish a regular cycle of      5.2.1 Each academic department will            Abrahamson,   May 2010    In 2009-10, 39 assessment
    assessment for all course,              identify and launch one new              Cummings,                 projects were initiated and
    program, and institutional              assessment project (either course or     Messina                   either completed or in
    outcomes, and use results of            program) for 2009-10, with                                         progress as of May 2010.
    assessment to improve all               emphasis on key courses including                                  That met the goal.
    programs and services by spring         general education, high enrollment,
    2012.                                   learning pathways and foundation
Year End Report 2009-2010 – Academic Affairs

                                  5.2.2 Many examples of assessment            Abrahamson    Ongoing,   Additional samples were
                                        projects will be posted on the Project               Spring     posted.
                                        LEARN Web site as an aide to                         2010
                                  5.2.3 The Project LEARN Steering             Abrahamson,   May 2010   Dialogue about simplified
                                        Committee will review various          Cummings,                pathways for SLO
                                        alternatives and make                  Messina                  identification and
                                        recommendations for an improved                                 assessment begun in April,
                                        tracking system for SLO assessment                              2010. New ideas will be
                                        and a “regular cycle of assessment.”                            implemented in fall 2010.
Year End Report 2009-2010 – Academic Affairs

Objective                              Activities                                    Responsible   Timeline     Accomplishments
5.3 Maintain high visibility for the   5.3.1 Each Academic Dean will generate        ALL           Ongoing      Completed
    Student Learning Outcomes                dialogue about SLO identification
    initiative by communicating the          and assessment with department
    vision, goals, and results of            chairs, program coordinators, and
    Project LEARN on a frequent,             faculty.
    ongoing basis
                                       5.3.2 Cluster meetings will be utilized as    ALL           Monthly      Completed
                                             opportunities to discuss SLO
                                             identification and assessment.
Objective                              Activities                                    Responsible   Timeline     Accomplishments
5.4 Encourage broad-based              5.4.1 Each cluster will utilize the Cluster   ALL           Bi-monthly   Some deans utilized this
    participation in the SLO                 Tech Review process as an                                          opportunity.
    initiative by assuring that faculty      opportunity to increase skills in
    and staff have the necessary             identifying and evaluation SLOs.
    skills to identify and assess SLOs
    and new leadership for SLOs is      5.4.2 Provide all new, incoming chairs       Abrahamson,   September    Completed Fall 2009
    continuously developed.                   with the SLO Assessment handbook.      Cummings,     2009

                                       5.4.3 Schedule at least two trainings or      Abrahamson,   May 2010     DCC Training Fall 2009
                                             updates specifically for DCC/IM         Cummings,                  only, but spring 2010 PDA
                                             (department chairs and instructional    Messina                    also used for extensive
                                             managers).                                                         training.

                                       5.4.4 When feasible, utilize CTEA             Wilson,       Ongoing,     Ongoing. Funds budgeted
                                             funding to send occupational faculty    Thompson,     by May       for 2010-11.
                                             to conferences and/or to invite         Robbins       2010
                                             speakers or trainers with an
                                             occupational focus.
Year End Report 2009-2010 – Academic Affairs
                                 5.4.5 As funds allow, send teams of         Rudolph,     April 2010   Not feasible for 2009-10,
                                       faculty and administrators to key     Abrahamson                but two faculty will attend
                                       conferences, making sure to include                             Student Success Conference
                                       new disciplines and to develop new                              fall 2010.
Year End Report 2009-2010 – Academic Affairs

6.0 Academic Affairs, in conjunction with Student Services and the Basic Skills Steering Committee, will develop plans to define,
    formalize, integrate and institutionalize all District activities consistent with the State Basic Skills Initiative.

College Initiative #6, Basic Skills/Immigrant Education; #7, Enrollment Management and Retention

Objective                           Activities                                            Responsible   Timeline   Accomplishments
6.1 Better serve basic skills       6.1.1 The new standing Basic Skills                   Abrahamson,   May 2010   Completed spring 2010
    students through integrated           Committee will develop explicit Basic           Cummings,                and adopted by Basic
    programs and services.                Skills vision and mission statements and        Cohen                    Skills Committee
                                          a strategic plan for the District.

                                    6.1.2 Tutoring and instructional assistance at                                 Lab study group
                                          all locations in all basic skills disciplines                            convened spring 2010.
                                          will be reviewed and coordinated in order                                Timekeeper update
                                          to create a managed allocation plan that                                 implemented to provide
                                          will maximize student access and                                         hourly usage summaries
                                          impact.                                                                  for all labs used for
                                                                                                                   funding planning (spring
                                                                                                                   2010); discipline demand
                                                                                                                   data projected for fall

                                    6.1.3 Pilot programs containing contextualized                                 Child Development pilot
                                          basic skills instruction in select CTE                                   initiated fall 2009.
                                          disciplines will be identified and
Objective                           Activities                                            Responsible   Timeline   Accomplishments
6.2 Increase basic skills student   6.2.1 Enrichment services funded through the          Abrahamson,   May 2010   Ongoing. OIR provided
    persistence and success               State Basic Skills Initiative will be           Cummings,                summary data for state-
                                          carefully monitored to ensure that basic        Cohen                    defined benchmarks in
                                          skills students are the primary                                          fall 2009 and spring
                                          beneficiaries of this categorical program.                               2010.
Year End Report 2009-2010 – Academic Affairs
                              6.2.2 Active student-centered pedagogical         Basic Skills Institute – 20
                                    techniques will be promoted through staff   workshop faculty
                                    development activities.                     development program for
                                                                                new and continuing
                                                                                instructors created
                                                                                (spring 2010) for
                                                                                delivery during AY

                              6.2.3 SLO Assessment Projects focusing on         Basic Skills Course
                                    basic skills courses will be generated by   LAPs proposed by
                                    all academic departments as appropriate.    CSKLS, ESL, LIR &
                                                                                Math Departments

                                                                                English Department
                              6.2.4 Strategies to maximize content between      promoting assignments
                                    basic skills students and instructional     that require student use
                                    support services will be developed.         of Writing Center for
                                                                                conferences and
                                                                                computer-based tutorials;
                                                                                existing practices
                                                                                maintained by Math,
                                                                                CSKLS & ESL
Year End Report 2009-2010 – Academic Affairs

7.0 Academic Affairs will align program and curricular development with the “Green Initiative” and in partnership with educational
    and occupational entities.

College Initiative #8, Integrated Environmental Planning

Objective                          Activities                                         Responsible   Timeline      Accomplishments
7.1 Link District curriculum,      7.1.1 Develop green curriculum for PV energy       Wilson,       Fall 2009     Ongoing. To be completed
    student career and                   audit and green construction through         Cohen,                      December, 2010.
    educational development              grant.                                       Thompson
    resource allocation, site
    improvement and facilities     7.1.2 Completion of electric car conversion,                     Spring 2010   Ongoing. To be completed
    use with the institution’s           AAA grant. Expansion and completion of                                   December, 2010.
    environmental planning               the Alternative Fuels Certificate program.
Objective                          Activities                                         Responsible   Timeline      Accomplishments
7.2 Investigate options for        7.2.1 In concert with Facilities Planning,         Farkas        Fall 2009     Received information,
    scheduling of summer 2010            develop a list of the relative energy                                    will develop for Summer
    classes that maximize                efficiency and cost of operation for                                     2011.
    building energy efficiency.          academic buildings on the Santa Rosa

                                   7.2.2 In concert with department chairs,           All Deans     Spring 2010   Received information,
                                         develop energy efficient summer                                          will develop for Summer
                                         schedule to minimize costs.                                              2011.

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