Half_Marathon by panniuniu


									  Marathon Training Tips
         for the
Chevron Houston Marathon
  Aramco Half-Marathon
    January 17th 2010
Results of Half Marathon survey
 Will this be your first half-marathon
 – 55% answered “Yes”.
 How do you plan to train?
 –   66% “on my own”
 –   29% “hoping other Chevron runners will help”
 –   26% “formal training group or partner”
 –   22% “don’t know” or “haven’t decided”
       Half-Marathon survey
In order for me to be successful, I’d like to:
–   Attend Brown Bag sessions – 64%
–   Have more time to train on my own – 56%
–   Find some internet resources – 41%
–   Have a personal trainer or partner – 38%
–   Join a group of Chevron runners – 36%
      Half-Marathon Survey
I’d like to attend Brown Bag sessions on:
–   Improving workouts & getting faster – 73%
–   Good nutrition & proper diet – 72%
–   Cross training & staying injury free – 67%
–   How to develop my own training plan – 67%
–   How to stay motivated – 57%
–   How to shop for running apparel – 43%
  5 Important Questions to Ask
       Before Signing Up

Why do you want to run this race?
What’s your goal?
How much training time do you have?
What kind of shape are you in?
Can you be consistent in a training
program over the next 4 to 5 months?
 Establish Realistic Goals
Set 3 types of long-range goals:
 1. Obtainable (what you know you can do)
 2. Desirable (what you would like to do)
 3. Challenge (what you would love to do)

Set short-range goals
 1. Weekly goals (i.e. 18 - 20 miles per week)
 2. Long distance goals (i.e. 5, 8, 10 miles)
 3. Race goals (i.e. 5K, 10K, 10-miler)
 4. Consistency goals (30 min./4-5 times per week)
         Upcoming races
Memorial Park Kick-off – Thurs.Sept.10th
3-mile time trial (specifics TBA)
Houston Half – Sun. Oct 25th 2-person
relay – each runs 6-miles
HMSA 25K – Sun. Nov.8th includes a 3-
person relay – 8.33K
Finish Line Sports 30K – Sun. Dec. 13th
        Keys To Success
Become an informed runner by reading
books and magazines, researching
websites, learning from others, etc.
Develop a Training Plan (weekly, monthly)
Be flexible but be consistent
Listen to your body (rest & recovery)
Add variety and speed to your workouts
   Keys To Success – con’t.
Eat healthy and smart
Respect the heat and the humidity
Dress appropriately for the weather
Take care of your feet
Cross-train to give your body a break
Keep a daily or weekly journal
Join or form your own training group
Think safe…run safe
Local Fitness Center
Chevron Running Club website
– www.easysite.com/chevrunclub
– Provides a race calendar of upcoming races
– Updates and information on events and club
  activities. Free message board and links to other
  helpful running websites.

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