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					Jill Wright
Senior Customer Business Manager • Campbell Soup Company • Camden, NJ: USA
Northwest Nazarene University • Nampa, ID: USA
                    During her sophomore year at Northwest Nazarene             says, “but as a SIFE alumna, I wanted to find a
                    University in Nampa, Idaho, Jill and a few other            way to teach the personal success and financial
                    business students decided to start a SIFE team on           management skills necessary to end the cycle of
                    their campus. With the dedication of their Sam              hunger in the United States. If anyone is up to the
                    Walton Fellow, Dr. David Houghton, she and others           challenge, it is SIFE students.”
                    worked on recruiting members, developing projects,              Besides planning and judging the Stamp
                    and securing Business Advisory Board members.               Out Hunger Challenge, Jill serves on her alma
                    By her senior year, she was CEO of the group and            mater’s Business Advisory Board, judges at SIFE
                    led them to their first National Competition. At            competitions, and is involved in Campbell’s SIFE
                    a SIFE event that same year, Jill was introduced            Alumni Network. She also has taken the time to
                    to the Campbell Soup Company where she was                  mentor others. For her continuing contributions to the
                    subsequently interviewed and lined up her first job six     organization she was named the 2008 SIFE Alumna
                    months prior to graduating.                                 of the Year.
                        Starting her career with Campbell’s as a Retail
                    Business Manager, Jill was responsible for 80 to
                    100 different grocery stores and quickly excelled               SIFE makes an impact in
                    in her new position. She found that the formal                  peoples’ lives and provides hope,
                    presentations she had given in front of CEOs and                which is what keeps me involved
                    top executives at SIFE competitions were the perfect            year after year. Getting a job and
                    training for sales calls to customers. In her first year,
                                                                                    winning competitions are just
                    she far exceeded all her goals, and her performance
                    did not go unnoticed by Campbell’s. Over the next
                                                                                    the icing on the cake.”
                    five years, she earned four promotions and focused
                    primarily on the supply chain and customer logistics            “SIFE allows students to realize they really are the
                    roles. She transitioned into sales, and now works as        future leaders of the companies that sponsor SIFE,
                    a Senior Customer Business Manager, working with            and it made me realize that I can climb the corporate
                    Costco Wholesale.                                           ladder as high as my dreams take me,” explains Jill.
                        In 2006, Campbell’s created a SIFE task force           “I never would have imagined working for a Fortune
                    to better weave SIFE into the fabric of the company,        500 company growing up in a small town in Idaho,
                    mutually benefitting both organizations. Jill and           but SIFE has helped to provide the confidence that
                    other SIFE alumni serve on this committee with              regardless off my background, I am the future, and it
                    employees from all departments, and she co-                 is bright! SIFE makes an impact in peoples’ lives and
                    developed the “Stamp Out Hunger Challenge” SIFE             provides hope, which is what keeps me involved year
                    competition through the task force. “Campbell’s             after year. Getting a job and winning competitions
                    is involved in the world’s largest food drive,” she         are just the icing on the cake.”                                                                    A head for business. A heart for the world.

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