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This is an example of credit report form letters. This document is useful creating credit report form letters.

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									Get a free credit report form letter.

Dear Credit Bureau,

Please send a free copy of my credit report.

My name is __________________________

___I've been turned down in the last 60 days

___My report is inaccurate because of fraud

___I live in the USA and would like the free credit report afforded me once per year from each

Enclosed is a copy of any documentation I have to prove my case mentioned above and a copy
of my drivers license.


Home Phone_________________
Work phone_________________
Trans Union                             Equifax                              Experian
P.O. Box 1000                           P.O. Box 740241                      P.O. Box 2104
Chester, PA 19022                       Atlanta, GA 30374-0241               Allen, TX 75013-2104
1-800-888-4213                          1-800-997-2493                       1-888-397-3742

 Remember the free credit report process can take up to 30 days. They will receive your request
then assign it to a clerk who will then find your report and mail it to you. BUT it is totally free.
IF you are is a hurry, then I suggest the 3 bureau merged report you can see online in seconds.
Free credit report letter USA Experian Equifax Tans Union

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