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									JILL REYNOLDS                                         Project manager: Reviewed all grants
Public Consulting Group, Inc.                         management functions in the City and made
Associate Manager                                     recommendations on consolidation/coordination
                                                      of grants management activities; office
RELEVANT PROJECT EXPERIENCE                           organizational structures; necessary FTEs; and
                                                      other areas of improvement. Provided essential
State of Connecticut Office for Workforce             baseline information to the Finance Control
Competitiveness, Data Interoperability Project        Board including an inventory of grants sought,
Assisted OWC to determine barriers and                won and lost by the various departments; FTE’s
solutions to data interoperability for Connecticut    charged off to grants; and whether the City is in
state agencies. This review included researching      compliance with grants rules and regulations.
federal and state regulations, interviewing
project stakeholders, and researching data            Michigan Department of Human Services
interoperability systems in use in other states and   TANF Contingency Fund and Emergency Fund.
municipalities. Our final report examined the         PCG is working with Michigan to complete a
barrier and solutions, and offered data solutions.    TANF contingency funds claim.       Activities
                                                      include MOE spending identification, TANF
State of Connecticut Early Childhood                  accounting review, and claim documentation.
Education Cabinet                                     PCG’s work has resulted in over $300M in new
Early Childhood Education Cabinet (ECEC)              federal TANF funds for the state.
Data Review:
Conducted data review for the ECEC. This              North Carolina Department of Human Services
review included determining the data elements         TANF Contingency Fund and Emergency Fund:
that Connecticut agencies currently collect on        PCG is working with North Carolina to complete
young children as well as the data that agencies      a TANF contingency funds claim. Activities
would like to collect on this population, but have    include MOE spending identification, TANF
yet to do so.                                         accounting review, and claim documentation.
                                                      PCG’s work has resulted in over $60M in new
Young Parents, Young Children Data Project:           federal TANF funds for the state.
Conducted an agency/program data review, a
literature review on the cohort, and identified       Chicago Public Schools
best practices related to other national programs      Food Stamp Best Practices Research:
aimed at self sufficiency and positive health and     Project manager for overview of national best
educational outcomes for this population.             practices for food stamp services and provided
                                                      service enhancement recommendations to client.
State of Rhode Island                                 Final deliverable entailed final report consisting
 Food Stamp (SNAP) Business Process Review:           of possible outreach, service provisions,
Conducted site review at Warwick Area Office          enrollment, and other improvements for Food
to interview case managers, other staff, and          Stamp enrollment and retention.
observe office practices of the Food Stamp
program, TANF, General Assistance, and                State of California, County of Santa Clara
Medicaid benefits. Review included a report with      Social Services Agency
over 34 recommendations for creating efficiency       Business Process Improvement Consulting:
and maximizing resources in the food stamp            Conducted a process review of the agency and
business process.                                     how the various functions of the agency are
                                                      performed by staff members through the
State of Connecticut, Department of Social            CalWORKS Information System (CalWIN).
Services Federal Funds Management:                    Assessed the functions performed by CalWIN
Project Director: Assisted CT DSS with TANF           which includes benefit issuance, employment
management and reporting, TANF policy and             services, child care, budget calculations, client
procedure review and development, Cost                correspondence, case management, and reporting
Allocation Plan work and revenue maximization         for CalWORKs, Medi-Cal, Food Stamps, Foster
services.                                             Care, Refugee Cash Assistance (RCA), Cash
                                                      Assistance Program for Immigrants (CAPI), and
MA Springfield Finance Control Board                  General Assistance (GA) Programs.
Grants Management Review:
JILL REYNOLDS                                       development of federal grants compliance work
Public Consulting Group, Inc.                       sheets. Final deliverables include a grants
Associate Manager                                   management process redesign, reconciled
                                                    tracking and compliance tools.
                                                    Commonwealth            of        Massachusetts,
                                                    Commonwealth Care Alliance
Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Department           Medicare Reconciliation Process:
of Transitional Assistance                          Project manager.       Developing reconciliation
 Food Stamp Business Process Review                 processes for Medicare billing discrepancy
Project manager. Project included review of         reports for managed care organization. Final
current Food Stamp Program business process at      deliverables include a operationalized process for
regional offices, case manager survey               addressing billing discrepancies, policies and
implementation and data collection and resulted     procedures.
in 45 recommendations to improve the
efficiency, staffing and customer service of the    US Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services:
food stamp program.                                 Medicare Part D Administrative Claiming:
                                                    State liaison assisting states with the
Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Department           implementation of Medicare Part D including
of Transitional Assistance                          obtaining     federal    reimbursement     for
Food Stamp Call Center Consulting:                  administrative costs associated with the drug
Project manager. Provided technical assistance,     program implementation.
options development and implementation plan,
work flow design, staff training, measurement       State of West Virginia, Department of Health
tracking, and overall implementation support for    and Human Resources
new MA Food Stamp call center.                      Unisys Claims Audit:
                                                    Claims reviewer. Project involved testing state
State of New York, NY Office of Mental Health       Medicaid paid health claims to determine
Outpatient Mental Health Services Rate Review:      efficacy of the state data processing/payment
Project manager. PCG reviewed the NY OMH            system. Review all system edits related to paid
outpatient mental health service rates and          hospital, physician, pharmacy, dental and other
provided findings regarding the current system to   claims to ensure accurate payment processing.
the state agency and legislature. Work included
facilitating a series of provider stakeholder       State of Connecticut, Bureau of Rehabilitative
meetings, interviewing providers and conducting     Services
rate data analysis.                                 Resource and Process Mapping of Services for
                                                    Persons with Disabilities:
State of Florida, Department of Education           The state of Connecticut received a NGA
Vocational Rehabilitation Rate Setting, Market      technical assistance grant to perform an analysis
Study, Capacity Study and Contracting Review:       of transition services available to adolescents
PCG conducted a review of the Florida VR rates,     with disabilities and a Medicaid Infrastructure
a market study, a capacity study of vendor to       Grant to develop a state wide plan for supporting
client ratios and a best practice contracting       the employment of persons with disabilities.
review.        Final    deliverables   included     PCG worked with the state to map all state
recommended rates, recommended vendor               services available to the target group, including
capacity information and recommended contract       eligibility criteria, numbers served, and data
formats and performance measures.                   systems available. PCG is also mapped the
                                                    agency level processes that clients must pass
Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Department           through to receive services.
of Social Services
Grants Review and Reconciliation:
Project manager. Work includes a review of all
DSS grants, a reconciliation of federal grants
expenditures between state and federal tracking
systems, a review of the current expenditure
tracking and reporting process, and the
Public Consulting Group, Inc.                        Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Executive
Associate Manager                                    Office of Health and Human Services
                                                     Federal Block Grant Review:
                                                     Project manager for PCG’s review of the MA
State of Connecticut, Bureau of Rehabilitative       federal block grants. This review included state
Services                                             plan analyses, identification of all block grant
Resource and Process Map Web Design:                 eligible expenditures for and identification of
Project manager. PCG created a searchable web        block grant revenue maximization opportunities.
site to be used by people with disabilities, their   PCG       provided     revenue     maximization
families and state staff. The site houses            opportunities and recommendations for an
information on transition and work supports          internal tracking system to report and manage
available to youth with disabilities as they seek    federal funds. We reviewed Temporary
and transition to employment. Project included       Assistance for Needy Families, Child Care
state team facilitation, testing by users and        Development Fund, Maternal and Child Health
families and web design, posting and                 Block Grant, Substance Abuse Prevention and
maintenance.                                         Treatment, Mental Health Block Grant,
                                                     Medicaid, Title IV-E and Food Stamps. We
 Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Executive            have identified up to $69.5M in new revenue
Office of Health and Human Services                  opportunity to date.
 TANF Maintenance of Effort Review:
Assisted EOHHS and the Department of                 State of Rhode Island, Food Safe Schools
Transitional Assistance in identifying programs      Project
that fulfill TANF MOE requirements in light of       Kids First
DRA changes and the expiration of a waiver.          Grantee Evaluator:
Identified how programs fulfilled TANF goals         Project manager. PCG serves as the grantee
and the requirements of each goal. Reviewed          evaluator for the CDC funded Food Safe Schools
$1.7B in program spending statewide. Assessed        program in Rhode Island. This project includes
level of risk for each program and level of          ongoing grantee evaluation and support,
implementation difficulty. Identified the eligible   development of evaluation tools and reporting to
spending amounts for each program and                the federal grantor.
implementation timelines.
                                                     City of Chicago, Chicago Public Schools
Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Department            TANF MOE Tracking and Systems Development
of Early Education and Care                          Project:
 CCDF Federal Funds Tracking and Reporting:          Assisted the Chicago Public Schools (CPS) in
Project manager overseeing all federal CCDF          managing its contribution of MOE to the state
reporting for the state of Massachusetts. The        Department of Human Services in exchange for
project includes the tracking of all agency CCDF     federal TANF funds. Tasks included identifying
expenditures      (mandatory,        match    and    TANF MOE eligible activities funded by CPS,
discretionary) including those used to meet          assisting in data collection and matching,
matching and MOE requirements. Complete              analyzing    expenditures,    developing     rate
federal ACF 696 reports and provide data for         methodologies,          and           developing
ACF 272 reports.                                     recommendations for the state regarding ways to
                                                     maximize current CPS spending to achieve MOE
Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Department            requirements with a budget-neutral effect. In
of Early Education and Care                          addition, we assisted CPS to spend federal
Management Review of Child Care System:              TANF dollars in the most cost-effective manner.
Project manager for PCG’s review of Child Care
Resource and Referral Agency and Community
Partnership Council activities and functions. A
review of various entity functions was
determined necessary when the new early
education and care agency was created. The
final report focused on functions, areas of
duplication, efficiencies and recommendations.
JILL REYNOLDS                                       program by improving the identification and
Public Consulting Group, Inc.                       claiming of eligible Medicaid services.       The
Associate Manager                                   initiative included the re-claiming of Medicaid
                                                    services that were inappropriately denied
                                                    reimbursement and claiming of previously
City of Los Angeles, Unified School District        unidentified Medicaid eligible services. Tasks
Federal Grants Analysis                             included coordination of service documentation
Analyzed LAUSD federal grant expenditures as        data extraction from over 30 individual
compared to five peer school districts.             providers’ electronic data management systems,
Determined areas and programs to be targeted        data cleansing, claim creation (through data
for increased federal revenue.                      formatting) and enrollment matching against the
                                                    state’s Medicaid enrollment files. This initiative
State of New York, Office of Mental                 resulted in $4.1 million in retroactive recoveries
Retardation and Developmental Disabilities          for the state of Texas.
Development of a Rate Setting Methodology for
Organized Health Care Delivery System:              State     of    Texas,     State-Wide      Revenue
Working with OMRDD to implement its                 Maximization
OHCDS, titled Options for People Through            Upper Payment Limit Initiatives:
Services (OPTS). Tasks include: providing           Project coordinator. We have identified and are
consultation on CMS rules and regulations           implementing over $100 million (annual) in
regarding OHCDS structure and service               Medicaid upper payment limit opportunities in
provision; review of OHCDS or similar               Texas.      The first initiative involved state-
structures in other states; development of          affiliated hospitals. This initiative generates over
OMRDD cost allocation plan or indirect cost rate    $35 million annually in new federal revenue for
determination; rate setting for OPTS services;      the state. The second initiative involves public
and development of an OPTS manual/handbook.         physician practice plans and will generate over
                                                    $65M annually in new revenue when fully
State of Texas, Texas Health and Human              implemented.        Tasks include calculation of
Service Commission and Texas Comptroller            Medicaid         upper         payment         limit,
 Statewide Revenue Maximization Initiative:         collection/extraction of individual provider
Project coordinator. Assisted Texas with a          Medicaid service and commercial service
statewide revenue maximization initiative.          payment and charge data, regulatory analysis,
Reviewed all human service agencies,                state plan amendment language development,
corrections agencies, and education agencies for    and payment transaction management.
revenue opportunities. PCG identified over $200
million in potential revenue for the state of       Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Office of
Texas.       Assisted Texas with revenue            Child Care Services/ MA Department of Early
maximization initiatives for Early Intervention     Education and Care
services and other Medicaid expenditures. Types      Title IV-E Claiming Project:
of federal funds sought for maximization            Project manager. This project identified Title
purposes include Title                              IV-E claiming opportunities within state funded
XIX (Medicaid), Title XXI (SCHIP), TANF,            child care services. Tasks included reviewing
CCDF, Title IV-E to name a few. Tasks               state subsidized child care services data,
included client management, PCG team                identifying services provided to eligible children
coordination, creation and delivery of monthly      in the foster care system through data matches
status reports for all initiatives underway,        against the state eligibility rolls and claiming
opportunity     assessment     and     initiative   Title IV-E match for eligible services. This
implementation.                                     project will generated over $3M in new federal
                                                    revenue for the state of Massachusetts.
State     of   Texas,    State-Wide     Revenue
Early Intervention Medicaid Claiming:
Project manager. Texas expends over $100M
annually on early intervention services for
children.     This project increased federal
Medicaid participation in the Early Intervention
JILL REYNOLDS                                         worked with state agencies, businesses, non-
Public Consulting Group, Inc.                         profits, local government officials, advocates and
Associate Manager                                     legislators to build consensus and implement
                                                      Coordinated and managed various Governor’s
Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Department             initiatives, including the statewide School
of Social Services                                    Readiness Commission, and a task force to
 Medicaid Residential Rehabilitation Project:         reform Department of Youth Services education
PCG works with MA DSS to implement                    services. Drafted landmark School Building
Medicaid claiming for residential rehabilitative      Assistance Program reform legislation to revamp
services for children in the child welfare system.    $11 billion state program.          Worked with
As part of this initiative Ms. Reynolds assisted in   legislative committees to gain support and
certifying DSS programs for Medicaid                  passage.
participation. Tasks included meeting with
providers, reviewing and assessing service            Commonwealth of Massachusetts,
documentation and determining if provider             Executive Office for Administration and
certification was warranted.                          Finance Special Assistant:
                                                      Conducted 18-month review of $11 billion
Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, School                  School Building Assistance Program.        Co-
District of Philadelphia                              authored policy report including administrative
Revenue Maximization Services:                        and financial recommendations to ensure
Working with the School District of Philadelphia      continued financial viability of the program.
to identify and secure additional federal             Researched and analyzed policy, developed
revenues. Analyzed programs and expenditures          recommendations and authored related papers on
to determine federal funds eligibility.      We       topics such as local aid, education, county
identified over $11 million in potential federal      government, the state economic condition, and
revenue opportunities for the district.               the state pension liability.

OTHER EXPERIENCE                                      Commonwealth of Massachusetts
                                                      Department of Revenue Internal Auditor:
Speaker, National Association for Welfare             Conducted and assisted on operational,
Research and Statistics, August 2007                  managerial and financial audits within the
“Models to Improve Coverage and Client                Department to identify appropriate managerial
Services in Food Stamps.” Charleston, West            controls over operations and recognize a lack of
Virginia.                                             such controls.

Speaker, National Human Services Finance              ED UC A T IO N
Officers, August 2005                                 University of Massachusetts McCormack
Delivered a comprehensive presentation on early       Institute of Public Affairs
education and child care funding, including a         Master of Science in Public Affairs
discussion of revenue streams including TANF,
CCDF, SSBG, Medicaid, Title IV-E, Food                Boston College
Stamps and the Dependent Child Tax Credit.            Bachelor of Arts


Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Office of the
Governor      Deputy      Education     Advisor:
Developed, analyzed, reviewed and advised the
Governor on education policy and the financial
implications of early childhood, K-12 and higher
education policy proposals.        Advised the
Governor on fiscal issues relating to the
Department of Education, the higher education
system and the early childhood education and
care system. Drafted legislation on issues, and

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