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Jill Luffey
ITEC 501
Final Paper

       I have taken a lot of information and skills away from ITEC 501. ITEC 501

has provided me with teaching resources, lesson integration and technology

skills. The information and skills are extremely important due to fact of the

growing technology learning community that my current student population is

involved in.

       During this semester, I had the opportunity to gain substantial skills in

educational technology. I believe that I have been adequately trained to enter the

classroom and to integrate technology into my content area of teaching. I have

acquired knowledge and confidence in my ability to bring the tools of technology

into daily learning. Also, I learned to reflect on how and when to use technology

to improve teaching and learning. There are powerful tools for differentiation in

information technology. One explanation for this is the intense focus on

technology both in our culture and on our Internet. Technology is a world of

images and sounds that have become increasingly manipulated.

       The resources I learned throughout the semester are evident. I am able to

search the web with ease, narrow my search and use different search engines.

This comes with great pleasure because I had such difficulty during the school

year trying to find websites for review games, strategies and summer time work. I

am relieved to find so many great resources that I will be able to share with my

students, colleagues and parents.

       I am glad this class provided me the opportunity to build on the technology

skills I already had. I think to often teachers don’t want to use something in class

they haven’t perfected yet. Teachers tend to feel vulnerable when their

uncomfortable and it has a ripple effect on classroom management. However, I

feel more comfortable with all the Desktop Publishing, Excel, PowerPoint and

Web Authoring. Microsoft Access is a skill I desire more training with.

Telecommunication is something that I do outside of the classroom every day, so

I found it very easy to incorporate this skill into any lesson. I am going to enlist

myself to help other members of my team.

       I am amazed in the student participation with technology integration during

a lesson. I am so interested in using some of the integration lessons in my

Language Arts class. The lessons seem to come a live if you will. I teach

students that are always stimulated and entertained with technology. The lessons

I created during the semester will help bridge the growing technology savvy

student population I see. I will create more lessons and share them with my

colleagues (that may not welcome technology so much).

       Though, as a Language Arts teacher, I feel tempted to regard technology

as a threat to the good old writing, culture of books and classics. As a Special

Education teacher, I feel tempted to regard technology as a great thing to

reinforce differentiation in classrooms. No matter for better or for worse, the prior

knowledge of students includes a lot of visual and audio media. It would be

unjust to ignore technology and pass up a valuable opportunity to bridge the

learning gap.

       I believe the task before me is to continue building a bridge between the

technology and the older traditional forms of teaching. As referenced in the

articles we read in class, we must prepare students for the future. This doesn’t

mean we don’t teach about the past…it means we teach the material in a

different way. Chats, Podcasts and Web Authoring present the possibility of

actually reviving the relationship of students to text.

       Overall, it has been a very informative semester. I hope that these skills

have found their way into my long-term memory and will emerge in relevant ways

as I plan my lessons for the fall. Personally, I think I would benefit from staying

connected to and other technology websites during this journey.

This will aide me with practicing my new skills and staying connected to a

support network.

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