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									Jill L. Pill
200 Green Place
City, Ontario
M6X 2V3
(519) 555-5555

May 11, 2011

Ms. Cynthia D. Physician
Akron Medical Group
30010 Summers Street
City, ON M2T 3X9

Dear Ms. Physician:

I am seeking a part-time position in a physician’s office or medical firm. If you are looking for a
self-motivated, conscientious individual with expertise in preparing medical claims, then I am an
excellent candidate. Enclosed is my resume for your review. I would however, like to highlight
the following skills that I feel would be beneficial to your firm:

   Enrolled in the Pharmacy Technician Diploma at Humber College
   Extensive experience in communicating with patients, doctors, and insurance companies
   Proficient in assigning ICD-9 and CPT codes to all insurance claims
   Able to perform all account receivable duties including; tracking claims, posting receivables,
    and generating reports and notifying patients whose accounts are past due

Being a hardworking, dependable individual, I am sure I could be an asset to your practice.
Should you have a position available that meets my qualifications, the opportunity of an
interview would be appreciated. I will contact you next week to follow up on my application.


Jill L. Pill
Encl. Resume
Funeral Services
                                                                           10 Plainswood Avenue
                                                                               City, ON N0H 1C0
                                                                                   (555) 444-4444

January 12, 2011

Bruce Director
Regal Funeral Home
11 Mary Street
City, ON P3L 3B9

Dear Mr. Director:

I am writing in response to your advertisement for the Funeral Director Apprentice position
posted on January 10, in the Toronto Star.

The idea of carrying out my apprenticeship in a small community is appealing to me, as I am
familiar with a similar environment. It is my understanding that your establishment is relatively
new and will offer growth potential. The skills and personal qualities I can contribute will assist
you in building a solid reputation in this field. The following is a highlight of some of the
qualifications that would benefit your firm:

      Funeral Services Advanced Diploma
      Mature, professional and empathetic personality
      Excellent communication skills
      Exceptional organizational and time management skills

I look forward for an opportunity to meet with you to discuss how I may contribute positively to
your firm. Thank you for your time and consideration.


Milton Barker
Encl. Resume
                                    33 Roundball Road
                                     City, ON A5C 1B7
                                    Tel: (519) 555-5555
                                Email: Nurse@humbermail.ca

March 27, 2011

Ms. Sandra D. Wrong
Healthcare Recruitment, Inc.
7325 North Street, Suite 4500
City, ON L6Y 2X3

Dear Ms. Wrong:

I am writing to express my interest in becoming a future employee of Sunny Meadow Hospital.
As a Registered Nurse, I have the following qualifications relevant to the position.

       Highly developed diagnostic skills
       Patient assessment skills
       An ability to offer professional and competent care
       Strong interpersonal and communication skills

The opportunity to work at Sunny Meadow Hospital would be very valuable. I will contact you
next week to discuss employment opportunities or you can reach me at the above telephone


K. Farmer
Encl. Resume
                     Clinical Research Graduate Certificate
January 15th, 2011

Employer Name, Research Manager
Prostate and Uro-Oncology Clinical Research Unit
Princess Margaret Hospital
610 University Ave / Room 3 - 202
Toronto, ON M5G 2M9

Re: Research Coordinator

Dear Ms. Employer,

I am presenting myself as a candidate for the position of Research Coordinator at the
Princess Margaret Hospital, Department of Surgical Oncology/Urology, The Prostate and
Uro-Oncology Clinical Research Unit.
The Princess Margaret Hospital is internationally recognized as a global leader in the fight
against cancer. With many of the world’s leading experts in Oncology, dedication to treating
the entire patient not only the disease and continued innovative clinical research, this
hospital has positively impacted millions of lives. The Prostate and Uro-Oncology Clinical
Research Unit continues to make advancements in the fight against cancer. The current
research on Botox as a treatment of Lower Urinary Tract symptoms in patients due to
Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia, displays your unit’s continued use of innovation along with the
commitment to constant patient education.

My educational and professional profile includes many of the required qualifications for this
position, such as:
    Bachelors of Science in Molecular Biology (Honors)
    Clinical Research certification in progress at Humber College
    Ontario Society of Medical Technology (OSMT) certified Medical Laboratory
    Knowledge of basic laboratory biosafety procedures including WHIMIS training
    Knowledge of research regulations and guidelines, including ICH/GCP guidelines, Tri-
       Council Policy and FDA CFR and Health Canada TPP
    Excellent interpersonal skills and experience interacting with patients
    Excellent organizational and time management skills
    Proficiency with MS Office software (including Word, Excel)
    Previous data entry experience
    Ability to work in a dynamic team environment and independently when required

I believe my professional standards such as dedication, respect for innovation and
continuous focus on patient–orientated services not only compliment the reputation of the
Princess Margaret Hospital, but would be seen as an asset to the Prostate and Uro-Oncology
Clinical Research Unit.

Thank you for considering my application and I am available at your convenience for an
interview to further discuss qualifications.

Yours truly,
Clinical Research
REG AFFAIRS                                  100 REGULATORY BLVD, TORONTO, ON M9W 5L7
                                           Tel: 416-555-0000 Email: abcd1234@humbermail.ca

3 April 2011

Regulatory Employer
Quality Specialist
St. Jude Medical Canada, Inc.
400-2100 Derry Road West
Mississauga, ON, L5N0B3

Re: Regulatory Affairs & Quality Assurance Internship

Dear Regulatory Employer,

In response to your posting for the intern position through Humber College, it is with enthusiasm
that I wish to offer my skills and abilities for this opportunity. As a leader in the medical
equipment market, St. Jude Medical puts forth a strong sentiment that I believe encourages
exposure and in-depth training for interns.

Along with a passionate interest in regulatory affairs, medical devices and healthcare, I have
gained significant knowledge and practical experience in the areas of: device submissions,
license amendments, establishment licenses and international device regulations. In addition,
I would effectively provide your corporation with the following experiences and successes:

10years of service in the Canadian Military
    Trained in industry-relatable skills that require attention to detail, professionalism, and
      organization, with a high level of discipline and perseverance

10years of dedicated volunteer work
    Able to work co-operatively with a variety of individuals in a focused setting, while
      promoting a trustworthy, encouraging and amiable nature

International experience – both working & studying abroad
     Experienced in diverse employment environments, which has led to enhanced
       interpersonal and communication skills, and improved international language

Enclosed you will find my resume for your review. It would be a privilege to meet with you in
person and discuss any additional benefits I may provide to your corporation as a prospective

R. Affairs
Reg Affairs

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