Healing Garden Brochure by xiaopangnv


									                                        What are the benefits of                  recover more quickly and use less
                                        Healing Gardens?                          pain medication than those who look
What is a Healing Garden?                    Studies show that patients
                                                                                  at a wall or building. Prison inmates
              A healing garden is                                                 whose cells overlook greenery are
                                        who view a natural setting will
one which provides a sanctuary to                                                 less likely to get sick than other
rejuvenate and restore both mental           Provide paths wide enough for       prisoners. Healing Gardens can be
and emotional health. This in turn            a wheelchair to turn around in;     used passively, by people walking
can lead to improved physical                 a minimum of five feet.             and sitting in the garden, as well as
health. It is an outdoor space for           Ensure that path surfaces are       actively by people working in the
retreat, meditation and healing.              firm, smooth and provide            garden and tending to the plants.
                                              traction to wheelchairs and IV
Where do you find Healing                    Create a change in texture at       What is different about a
Gardens?                                      the edge of the path for people     Healing Garden than any
       They are often located at              with low vision.                    other garden?
hospitals, seniors homes, prisons,           Make the layout easily                     Healing Gardens are adapted
and hospices.                                 understandable to minimize
                                                                                  so that they cater to a specific
                                             Offer a variety of seating          audience.     Some examples of
What types of Healing                         choices, both those that can be     possible adaptations are outlined
Gardens are there?                            easily moved and those that are     here:
       Healing Gardens are often              sturdy and stationary.
designed with a specific set of users        Select plants that engage all the
                                              senses.     Use a variety of        Wh
in mind. These users can include
                                              textures, scents, and colours.
psychiatric patients, hospitalized
                                             Avoid thorny and toxic plants.
children, seniors, people with               Include a water feature; its
Alzheimer’s, the visually impaired,           sound can be very soothing.
and the physically challenged.               Incorporate      raised     beds,
                                              hanging baskets, table planters
                                              and pots to accommodate
                                              gardeners of all abilities.

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