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					                   Clark Corner
  October 25, 2010
           Lesson 8                Costumes will be worn to school, as long as, they don’t
 1.   shred        14. shriek
                                   interfere with our learning activities. There isn’t time to
 2.   through      15. splashing
                                   put on costumes or make-up at school. Remember:
 3.   sprout       16. straps
                                   make-up should be very light, if at all, because it becomes
 4.   sprawl       17. strain
                                   very uncomfortable and messy when it is worn all day
 5.   split        18. strand
                                   long; also, no masks, blood, weapons or violent costumes
 6.   throb        19. script
                                   at school.
 7.   throat       20. thrill
 8.   shrink       21. graph
 9.   screw        22. brush
10.   shrimp       23. these              Utah Valley Symphony
11.   screech      24. threaten    November 4th 9:00-10:45; we will be
12.   straighten   25. strictly    attending the Symphony as a class. We
13.   sprang                       appreciate the District for providing this
                                   experience for us. Nice dress is appropriate.
1. His throat began to             Parent chaperones are welcome.
throb from swallowing a
screw.                                                    Reflections
                                                   Theme: Together We Can
2. You can straighten the           I would encourage everyone to participate! This is a
split hairs with a brush.           really fun activity. Create something in: writing, art,
                                    3D, dancing, music etc.
A. difference – The
answer when subtracting
two numbers.

B. variable – A symbol or
letter that stands for a
                                        Spotlights                      October
        Challenge Words             10/25   Gavin
         scenic, sufficient,                                           Birthdays
                                    11/1    Ryan                   10/19 Jace
      atmosphere, ordinary,
           computerize              11/8    Eliza                  10/25 Gavin
                                    11/15   Whitney
                                    11/29   Megen
 \                       Thanks for helping us in the classroom: Mrs. Olives, Mrs. Rubow,
   Earhart               Mrs. VerHoef, and Mrs. Tuinei.

Elementary               College Students Volunteers: Paul, Matt, Kelly, Kenny, and Jessica.
                         College Student Mentors: Jordan, Anna Marie, J’neen, John,
                         Katelynn Lauren, and Elizabeth.
    PHONE:
                         We appreciate having these students in our classroom! This is a
                         great resource that we have; I’m so glad that we live close to BYU
     E-MAIL:            and UVU!
4th Grade                                                 Ski Lessons
Room 2                                Ski Utah has an educational program for 4th grade students
   Mrs. Clark’s                       where they teach students to ski. We have participated in
   Web Page:
                                      the past, and are planning to do so again this year. We
 http://www.amelia                    are in the process of scheduling our ski lessons at
370-4630                   Sundance for December. We would like to encourage
 hool/401/                    students to earn $20 for this trip. Also, students will need
Fax:    m
                                      waterproof pants and gloves (borrowed or their own) and
                                      some other layers to keep warm. Watch for more
  Grade Book                          information . . . start saving today.
  du/public/home.html                 Reading: 2-3 Focus on China
 User Name: Lunch #                   Math: Time, Data and Graphs
  Password: Birthday                  Writing/SS: Indian Reports
                                      Science: Utah Soils
                                      Other: Music, P.E., and Library.

 Online Book                          Oct. 29       End of 1st term
   Orders                                           Halloween Parade (9:00)
 http://clubs.schol                                 Halloween Party (2:00)                    Nov   4       Utah Symphony
  Password: birthday
       gin.jsp                        Nov   5       End-of-Month Activity
   (e.g. 5/14/95)
                                      Nov   9       Picture Retakes
                                      Nov   11      Veterans Day Assembly (9:00)
 https://www.pear             P.E.
       n.jsp                   Monday                                             Monday
                                                       Friday                     Tuesday

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