JORNADA LODGE #70
                                                TRESTLE BOARD
                        July 2008

From the East                                                   From The West
                                                                The Masonic Olympics went off very well.
Brethren,                                                       Jornada took the "shoe" competition
                                                                again. We had 107 pair and the next
Thanks for the great comments on last
                                                                lodge to us had 63 pair and then 42 pair.
months news letter.    I have taken your
                                                                We also took second in horse shoes and
constructive comments gratefully and will                       third in bowling. And, we had a lot of fun
implement them as I can.                                        doing it.
The theme for this month is Masonic
protocol. Our lodges in New Mexico have
become somewhat lax when it comes to
protocol and etiquette. I respectfully
request that each of us reread our Gavel
Lecture and look for ways that we can
improve on our communications. July’s
program will concentrate on this subject.
We will discuss this lecture and analyze the
(continued on page 2)

     From the East

     The Senior Wardens Message

     The Junior Wardens Message

     Messages from the Secretary, Treasurer, and Junior

                                                 Jornada Lodge #70 AF 1
From the East (continued from page 1)
way we conduct ourselves in lodge
assembled.       We will also talk about
parliamentary procedure in a Masonic
lodge. We all need some reminders once             From The South
in a while. In his column from the South,          Brethern, it has been discussed by a few
Bro. J.W. Weathers discusses some                  of us that are sitting in the chairs at this
interesting    ways    to    improve  the          time and also in anticipation of the up
                                                   coming year. It seems that every
communication      and    make    it more
                                                   regularly scheduled Masonic meeting, we
interesting. So, read up and lets make
                                                   stand and mumble through our words and
this a lively discussion from which we all         it is always the Monotone, quiet,
may learn and/or relearn what we all               methodical routine.
know from our E.A. Degree.                         There are a few of us that have come to
                                                   realize that the Masonic Lodge is a
Masonic Etiquette, for the most part, is           Theater, we the Officers of the Lodge are
merely good manners and respect for your           the Actors our stations are our memory
lodge, its members, its Worshipful Master          work. Remember, as the lines are not
and the convention of Freemasonry, in              changed as in any play, then the lines in
general.                                           Masonry will not be changed either.
                                                   HOWEVER, a few of us have decided to
                                                   REALLY GET INTO IT, we will continue
Unfortunately, Masonic Etiquette ...or Blue        to memorize and do the memory work by
Lodge Etiquette, is largely unpublished as         the book. How we present it at our
well as unspoken, therefore making it              stations and places will be left up to each
more difficult to learn its rules and              individual. Maybe this will make each and
nuances. You may study ritual work,                everyone of you stop and say, “Hey they
degree work, floor work and know all               may be doing something funny”,
Masonry’s glorious history, Masonic                “something dumb” and they maybe doing
symbols, jewels, etc. but there is very            something “interesting”.
little written about how to comport                I know a lot of you will say, “Man is that
yourself so you do not look foolish or be          stupid”, but it was enough to make you
regarded as disrespectful. Some are small          stop and think about the old way and the
things, and some are not, but your Lodge           new way of some of this. We are looking
conduct is continually on display.                 for ideas, all ideas are welcome, and
                                                   we will do what is within the limits of
Few Masonic mentors include a list of              Masonry.
proper Lodge behavior, as they have                (continued on page 3)
learned it, themselves, incident-by-
incident, and usually learned by them
after their having made an error and
being kindly informed by another member
as to the correct Masonic etiquette of the

                                    Jornada Lodge #70 AF 2
We meet every second Wednesday. Dinner is served at                         From The South (continued from page 2)
 18:00 and lodge is called to order at 19:30
                                                                            Don’t get me or the “us” misunderstood,
We Practice every Tuesday at 19:00                                          we aren’t going to cheapen or take away
                                                                            from the meaning of our messages, we
Please Join us for our meetings, and more especially for the
  fellowship.                                                               are just going to be a little different. end
                                                                            result will be the comments from our own
Our next stated meeting is set for July 9th and we have a family night      Lodge Brothers and Visiting Brothers as to
  on July 30th. Read your gavel lecture and come prepared to
  participate.                                                              how they received it.
                                                                            The important thing to remember is that
Don’t forget Bro. Bill Weathers wedding on the 12th of July. Lets
 make his celebration one to remember.                                      the Masonic guide and the Degree work is
                                                                            laid out exactly that you are to go from
Comments and Suggestions:                                                   POINT “A” to POINT “B” and in most cases
Brethren, Thanks for all your comments and                                  it leaves room for imagination on how you
suggestions on the first news letter. I am                                  are to arrive at the next point. What we
making the suggested changes and additions                                  are doing is following the Landmarks to
as I can.
                                                                            the letter and then adding humor,
                                                                            interest, involvement, variety, and
                                                                            sincerity but especially trying to get our
                                                                            brothers interested again and start
                                                                            showing up a little more often. It would
                                                                            be with their knowledge and experience
                                                                            that we could build on in making this

                                                                            From The Junior Deacons
                                                                            The petition submitted by Brother Barry
                                                                            Snyder, is still in the Grand Lodge waiting
                                                                            period at this time, however, Brother
                                                                            Barry (continued n page 4)
                                                                            has been reinstated by his home Lodge in
From the Secretaries Desk                                                   Huntington Beach, California and all that
                                                                            awaits is the response to our Grand Lodge
A reminder to all brethren. If you haven’t                                  from his California Grand Lodge and then
yet paid your dues for 2008, please do it                                   Brother Barry will petition to become a
now. We don’t want to see any brother                                       member of Jornada Lodge #70.
dropped for non payment.

                                                             Jornada Lodge #70 AF 3
                                                From The Junior Deacons
                                                Place (continued from page 3)
From The Treasurers Place
Brethren, I have two subjects and one           et’s all welcome a new Brother and a
reminder. First, there will be no Electric      Potential New Jornada #70 member.
Light Parade entry from Jornada #70             To show his renewed interest, Brother
because there is no time to get the float       Barry has been to our informal practice on
ready.                                          Mondays and then on Tuesday also. All
I want to thank everyone that had a             we have to do now is keep him interested
concern abut my heart operation. I had          and working and who knows what is in
many visitors at the hospital and at home.      store for him in the upcoming years.
I am doing as the doctor said and               Barry is at this time a member of our
following my bosses (wife’s) orders.            FREEMASONS RIDING CLUB (motorcycle
                                                riding club) and is involved in the
                                                community with numerous motorcycle
                                                activities. Having spoken to Brother
                                                Barry, he is interested in renewing and
                                                refreshing his Masonic Teachings and as
                                                Larry the Cable Guy would say “GIT „ER

                                   Jornada Lodge #70 AF 4

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