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     The intent of the application process is to provide a simple, straightforward mechanism for issuing a
     permit for access to the Administratively closed areas surrounding the volcano (this area is the on-
     trail only area within the Spirit Lake basin and west down the N Fork Toutle River valley to the
     Monument boundary. This area also includes the area surrounding Coldwater Lk as well as the
     Coldwater and Johnston Ridge areas). These permits are issued to scientists and media
     representatives who need access to areas off developed roads and trails for the performance of their
     official business. Permit holders are required to carry permit with them at all time in closed areas.
                                   APPLICATION PROCEDURE
1.    Applicant completes and returns application in electronic form as an email attachment. Our strong
      preference is for applications to be received in electronic form. However, we also need a letter
      documenting your permit request. Please also snail mail or FAX us a cover letter on your
      organization’s official letterhead.
2.    Completed application is returned by email and letter of request is snail mailed or FAXed to
      Monument and checked for completeness. Applicant gathers signatures from all field
      personnel and returns signed Waiver of Liability Form (with original signatures) to
      Monument along with cover letter documenting request.
3. Approved permit is assigned a number (from permit binder at Monument front desk), signed by
   Acting Monument Manager or designee and returned to applicant. . Applicant keeps and carries a
   copy of permit and signed waiver form during work in the restricted zone.
4. Completed permit and waiver forms are filed in permit binder kept at Monument Front Desk.

Mount St. Helens NVM                Get site specific FAX # from person providing application.
42218 NE Yale Bridge Road
Amboy, WA 98601
     Media don’t need permit for access to areas open to general public:
     No permit is needed for media access unless off-trail access is required. The media is free to film
     news stories and documentaries in areas accessible to the general public without a permit. Media
     representatives with credentials should be welcomed and issued admin passes for Monument entry
     on a walk up basis by fee personnel. There are 200 miles of trails in the Monument as well as roads
     and viewpoints that should provide ample access for most interviews and stories.
     Commercial film projects require Special Use Permit:
     Please note: COMMERCIAL film projects require a special use permit issued by Betty Sneddon,
     Lands and Special Uses (takes a minimum of 2-3 weeks). News, science documentaries don’t need
     permit but productions involving the use of props, actors and large crews do require a permit.
     Multi-Year Research Projects or those Involving Experimental Manipulation Require a
     Special Use Permit: Long-term research studies and projects involving significant occupation of
     Monument lands (multi-year studies, those involving installed equipment or experimental
     manipulations) require a Special Use Permit issued by Betty Sneddon, Lands and Special Uses.
     Initial Reconnaissance for Planning a Long-term Study may be granted using an Admin
     Closure Access Permit: In cases when scientists, arrive at Monument facilities, and desire to
     reconnoiter potential research sites it is appropriate to issue a short-term Admin Closure Access
     Permit to provide them initial access until a Special Use Permit can be issued.
     (Please print clearly or type)
                                                                    Permit No. _____006 / 2002_____

                         Mount St. Helens National Volcanic Monument
                         (Phone: 360-449-7800) (FAX: 360-449-7801)

      _______________Dave Zelenka, Wilderness Technology Alliance

2.    Address: ______ 2769 152nd Ave NE_______________________________________

     ________________Redmond, WA 98052_______________________________________

     Organizational Affiliation (university & dept., news station, etc.):
     Wilderness Technology Alliance

     Phone:___(206) 595-2231_________________FAX:_________________________________

     Email: _____zelenka@compuserve.com____________________________________

     RESEARCH PROJECTS (Attach copy of Research Abstract Form)

3.    LIST AREA(S) TO BE ACCESSED:_Pumice Plain (includes use of road______

     __beyond Windy Ridge. Gate Key # 182 Issued__________________________________

 4. Specify Period Requested for Authorized Use:

     Start Date:____________________ Ending date:____________________________

        I agree to provide the Monument with a copy of any resulting publication or VHS tape
        of broadcast program for the Monument’s internal information use only.


     The “Administrative Closure Access Rules” are attached to and made part of this permit. Any
     violation of the attached conditions for entry can result in revocation of this permit.Violation of
     these prohibitions is punishable by a fine of not more than $500.00, or imprisonment for not
     more than six months, or both. Title 16 USC section 551.

     Permit Approved:

     Monument Manager (or Acting)
                                     Administrative Closure Area Access Rules
                                    Mount St. Helens National Volcanic Monument
1.          Anyone entering an Administrative Closure Area must carry a copy of their Administrative Closure
      Access Permit with them as well as post a copy on the dashboard of any vehicle(s) used for motorized
2.          If crater entry is involved, the permit holder must notify the Monument at least 48 hours in advance
      and provide entry time, estimated departure time, vehicle description, route of travel, destination, and permit
      number. (360-449-7800).
3.          All members of the party must read and sign the attached Release Form. A copy of this signed form
      with original signatures needs to be on file at the Mount St. Helens NVM prior to entry into the
      Administrative Closure Area.
4.          Permit holders authorized the use of aircraft to access National Forest lands must first obtain a Mission
      Number from Monument Headquarters. Information required is as follows; number in party, destination,
      estimated entry and departure time, aircraft type, color, and tail number, etc. The Monument telephone
      number is 360-449-7800. (See attached form)
5.          The Administratively Closed areas within the crater of Mount St. Helens are open to permit holders
      only when volcanic monitoring instruments are functioning properly. Permit holders are responsible for
      informing themselves concerning the status of seismic activity and information advisories prior to entering
      the administratively closed area. Advisory information can be obtained directly from the USGS Cascades
      Volcano Observatory web site (this site also offers links to real time seismic data from Univ. WA
      Geophysics Program):
6.          In the interests of safety the Monument recommends that permit holders develop an independent
      means of communication and check-in / check-out procedure with a responsible party who can notify local
      law enforcement in the event of an emergency. Permit holders are responsible for informing themselves of
      potential hazards and providing appropriate safety equipment and procedures to ensure their safety.
7.           Activities are limited to those directly affiliated with and necessary to the performance of purpose
      stated in the request for access. The use of this permit for recreation activities within the closure zone is
      strictly prohibited (this includes fishing in Coldwater Lake or other Monument lakes).
8.          Overnight stays are prohibited within Administrative Closure Areas 3 (Spirit Lake basin, N Fork
      Toutle River valley, Johnston Ridge and area around Coldwater Lake) and only by specific request in
      Administrative Closure Areas 1 (crater).
9.          Access to the crater rim and climbing route for research should be arranged by contacting Hans
      Castren, Lead Climbing & Backcountry Ranger for an Administrative Climbing Permit (
      or (360) 449-7855.
10.         The permittee must leave an Administrative Closure Area when so ordered by the U.S. Forest Service.
11.        The use of motorized vehicles is restricted to the existing road system and project roads within the
      boundaries of the Administrative Closure Area being accessed. The use of snowmobiles must be specifically
      requested and approved in advance by the Forest Service.
12.         The Monument charges a daily use fee for all visitors except accredited K-12 schools and scientists
      with permits who are accessing their research sites. All other activities (field trips, conference tours, show-
      me trips) are subject to the $5/car/day (or $30 annual) Northwest Forest Pass fee on the south and northeast
      sides of the Monument and a $3 daily per person per visitor center fee on the west side. Unfortunately, due
      to increasing costs and a 70% decline in appropriated funding for Monument operations, fee waivers and
      exceptions will not be granted.
                              RELEASE FORM (WAIVER OF LIABILITY)

 PERMIT NUMBER: _____006 / 2002_____________________________________

 I understand and agree to abide by all permit conditions and limitations of legal liability. I recognize the
 inherent risk of injury, disability or death in being in the Administrative Closure Area of Mount St. Helens,
 and related activities. I understand that each participant must assume the risk of physical injury that could
 result from this use and related activities.

 ___Dave Zelenka____________________                 ___________       ____________________________
 PERMIT HOLDER NAME                                   DATE             PERMIT HOLDER SIGNATURE

 __________________________________                  __________       ____________________________
 PARTY MEMBER NAME (Please Print)                    DATE              PARTY MEMBER SIGNATURE

 __________________________________                  ___________      _____________________________
 PARTY MEMBER NAME (Please Print)                     DATE             PARTY MEMBER SIGNATURE

 __________________________________                  ___________      _____________________________
 PARTY MEMBER NAME (Please Print)                     DATE             PARTY MEMBER SIGNATURE

 __________________________________                  ___________      _____________________________
 PARTY MEMBER NAME (Please Print)                     DATE             PARTY MEMBER SIGNATURE

 __________________________________                  ___________      _____________________________
 PARTY MEMBER NAME (Please Print)                     DATE             PARTY MEMBER SIGNATURE

 __________________________________                  ___________      _____________________________
 PARTY MEMBER NAME (Please Print)                     DATE             PARTY MEMBER SIGNATURE

 __________________________________                  ___________      _____________________________
 PARTY MEMBER NAME (Please Print)                     DATE             PARTY MEMBER SIGNATURE

 __________________________________                  ___________      _____________________________
 PARTY MEMBER NAME (Please Print)                     DATE             PARTY MEMBER SIGNATURE

Permit holders agrees to send the Monument Scientist two reprints of any resulting publications for the NVM

  Monument Scientist                                    (360) 449-7835
  Mount St. Helens National Volcanic Monument
  42218 NE Yale Bridge Road
  Amboy, WA 98601

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