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Realtor-License by pengxiuhui


									                     Amelox: Realtor License Tutor
          Online College Tutor tutors Realtors for the state exam
Amelox Incorporated, a privately held online educator, offers The “College Tutor” series for quick,
efficient studies to pass the user’s state exam. The questions are formatted the same way as they
would appear on state exams.

One of the best ways to secure a financially stable future for yourself and your family is to
get a Real Estate license. However, many people do not know how to become a successful
Realtor, except that it all begins with the Realtor exam. This exam is not easy, and many
fail the first time in their effort to get their Realtor license. Often, the pass rate for the Real
Estate exam the first time around is only 25 to 35 percent and people repeat it four, five,
even six times with additional expenses and time off from work. That is because many
applicants are not properly prepared for the difficulty of the exam.

With the College Tutor program for Real Estate from Amelox, however, you will be able to
get the required information in an effective learning method from one of the leading long
distance and online educational software programs on the market. If you want to obtain
your Realtor license, and you want to do it without failing the first time because of poor
instruction and poor study guides, then contact Amelox to learn more about the College
Tutor for Realtor.

The College Tutor for Realtor is divided into 20 topics, plus a simulated final exam portion,
that will help you learn everything you need about the Real Estate industry. You are
properly prepared for the Realtor license by self-administered Realtor license practice tests
that are effective and comprehensive. One excellent aspect of the final exam provided
through the College Tutor for Real Estate program is that it has a pool of 1,500 questions
from which questions are chosen at random. That means that questions can be asked in a
nearly infinite sequence of combinations to keep you interested.

The world is a dynamic place, but one thing that never changes is the human desire to own
one’s home. This is where you come in. Obtain your Realtor license and you can take part in
this growing and profitable industry. However, with a pass rate of only 25 to 35 percent, it
is unlikely you will pass on your first try. By using the Amelox College Tutor for Realtor,
however, you can improve your chances significantly by using the proven long-distance
learning methods of Amelox to obtain the results you want and get the Real Estate license
you need.

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Sunnyvale, CA 94087-0134, U.S.A.
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