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					                          Post University
                          AccElERATEd dEgREE PRogRAmS
                          wEEkENd mASTER of BUSINESS AdmINISTRATIoN fAST fAcTS

ABoUt Post University                                                                  UNIVERSITY STUdENT BodY
 Founded in 1890 and located in Waterbury, Connecticut, Post University
 is home to nearly 800 on-campus students and more than 5,500 online                 ADP Online Programs: 6,912
 students who are enrolled in 17 different undergraduate and 4 graduate
 degree programs, and a variety of certificate programs.                             64% female; 36% male

                                                                                     Main Campus Students: 863
 This degree will prepare you for careers including but not limited to, the ones     50% female; 50% male

 listed below.                                                                       ADP Regional Sites
                                                                                     (Danbury, Meriden, Madison, Norwalk & Waterbury):   379
 Chief Executives
                                                                                     70% female; 30% male
 Management Analysts
 Managers, All Other
                                                                                                  TUITIoN & fEES
 Sales Managers                                                                      Program Cost: $29,250*                                   Approx. Program Text Book Cost: $1500*
 Social and Community Service Managers
 General and Operations Managers                                                     * This is the tuition cost using current                                     tuition rates for the entire 45-credit
 Industrial Production Managers                                                        degree program. Program costs will                                     vary depending on transfer credits and
 Construction Managers                                                                 financial aid amounts.
 Transportation, Storage, and Distribution Managers
                                                                                       UNIVERSITY fINANcIAl AId
 Cost Estimators                                                                     72% of ADP graduate students received                                   some form of financial aid
 Administrative Services Managers
 First-Line Supervisors/Managers of Office and Administrative Support Workers
                                                                                         AdP PERSISTENcE RATES                                   The percentage of students who took a
 Marketing Managers                                                                  class in one MOD and then took a class                                   in the next MOD in the 2009-2010
 Business Operations Specialists, All Other                                          academic year was 84% among
                                                                                     undergraduate students and 95%
 Market Research Analysts                                                            among graduate students.
 Public Relations Specialists                                          AVERAgE clASS SIzE
                                                                                     Undergraduate: 16                   Graduate: 13
nUMBer of stUDents in DeGree ProGrAM: 482
2010-2011 ProGrAM CoMPLeters: 37                                                             UNIVERSITY fAcUlTY
                                                                                     Full-time: 35                        Part-time: 298
2010-2011 ProGrAM CoMPLeters in norMAL tiMe: 97%*
 * MBA students who do not transfer in any credits and take one course each module
 will complete this program in 2.5 years.                                                        AccREdITATIoN
                                                                                     Post University is accredited by the New
AverAGe ProGrAM CoMPLetion tiMe: 20 Months                                           England Association of Schools and
                                                                                     Colleges, Inc. (NEASC) through its
ProGrAM MeDiAn LoAn DeBt                                                             Commission on Institutions of Higher
 Number of Borrowers: 273
                                                                                     Post University’s Business School also
 Federal                     Private Loans            Institutional Loans            is a candidate for Accreditation by the
 (Amount Borrowed)           (Amount Borrowed)        (Amount Owed)                  Accreditation Council for Business
                                                                                     Schools and Programs (ACBSP).
 $13,714                     $6                       $0

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