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Data Use and Misuse Word Scramble by gXdEv5y


									          Data Use and Misuse Word Scramble

These words below have been rearranged to form some very odd
sentences. See if you can unscramble them to find the correct word
(the correct words are at the bottom of the page).

   1. a lacy old try        _______________________________________

   2. remark upset          _______________________________________

   3. lice triplet          _______________________________________

   4. dear cob              _______________________________________

   5. a lie long sit        _______________________________________

   6. a acid tent troop     _______________________________________

   7. midas eat us          _______________________________________

   8. cure most             _______________________________________

   9. a raisin got on       _______________________________________

   10. a screw herd me      _______________________________________

   11. scram d’art          _______________________________________

   12. bin no spot us       _______________________________________

   13. a beat sad           _______________________________________

   14. sing hop split       _______________________________________

shopping list        bar code          data misuse   reward scheme   loyalty card

supermarket          bonus points      smart card    till receipt    database

organisation         data protection   legislation   customer
a lacy old try      loyalty card

remark upset        supermarket

lice triplet        till receipt

dear cob            bar code

a lie long sit      legislation

a acid tent troop   data protection

midas eat us        data misuse

cure most           customer

a raisin got on     organisation

a screw herd me     reward scheme

scram d’art         smart card

bin no spot us      bonus points

a beat sad          database

sing hop split      shopping list

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