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                                                  Wagner Zaun                                                                Membership                 11                  News Bites         15
         Frank S. Davis, Ph.D., LICSW
           providing Individual Psychotherapy       Architecture                                    Gonzo                     Matters 7              Locavore                 Back 40     16
                                                                                                  Gourmand        4
                                                    218 733-0690                                                                                 Challenge 2009   12
       Couples/Marital Therapy ~ Family Therapy
                                                                                                                              The Buzz 8
              218 428-4432                
                 Frank Stafford Davis, LLC
2                                                     G A R B AN Z O          G A Z E T T E        A   J U LY   A U GU S T

                                                 management report
                                                    Sharon Murphy, General Manager

                                                                 hile the sagging national       side debt, re-negotiated service con-       Association (NCGA). NCGA’s mission
                                                                 economy and diminish-           tracts, insurance policies and equip-       is to provide the vision, leadership and
     Garbanzo Gazette                                            ing retail sales continue       ment leases, reduced back-stock levels,     systems to catapult a virtual chain of
       Published by Whole Foods Co-op                            to plague us, we are tak-       and have focused capital expenditures       food co-ops to a position of prominence
       610 E. 4th St. • Duluth, MN 55805         ing advantage of the downturn to con-           on projects that will keep operating        in the natural foods industry. Among
      (218) 728-0884 • fax (218) 728-0490        front some internal “sacred cows” and           costs as low as possible.                   many services, NCGA:
                    make changes to ensure our financial               The Member Extreme Coupon is
                STORE HOURS:                     sustainability as well as our ability to        now a semi-regular feature in the           • Sponsors a series of webinars for co-
             7 am – 9 pm Everyday                provide more goods and services when            Gazette, the Member Appreciation Day          op managers on How to Survive and
                                                 the economy improves.                           promotion became a Member                     Thrive in a Recession
          Membership Investment:                    As a result of the hir-                                     Appreciation Month pro-      • Offers marketing support for co-ops
         $100 per voting membership              ing freeze implemented                                         motion, and we’ve added        to participate in a Locavore (Eat
     Further membership information is           in December 2008, we’ve                                        several regional produce       Local) Challenge and
     available at the Whole Foods Co-op.         reduced our staff size                                         suppliers and deepened
                                                 from 98 to 85 (13%)                                            our commitment to a          • Provides training, technical support
    The Garbanzo Gazette is published six        through attrition and                                          healthy regional food sys-     and access to national contracts for
    times a year (January, March, May, July,     with expanded opportuni-                                       tem through financial          goods and services to its members.
    September, November) for the                 ties for employees to                                          support of the Lake             So far in 2009, we’ve welcomed to
    Member-Owners and patrons of Whole           work in more than one                                          Superior Sustainable         NCGA two other regional food co-ops,
    Foods Co-op. The Garbanzo Gazette is         position/department, and                                       Farming Association and      Chequamegon Food Co-op in Ashland,
    published by Whole Foods Community           we updated our staff                                           the Duluth Community         WI, and Harmony Food Co-op in
    Co-op, Inc. to provide information on        structure and job descrip-                                      Garden Program.             Bemidji, MN, and we look forward to
    Whole Foods Co-op, the cooperative           tions to include positions Sharon Murphy                           WFC is an active         working with them on regional and
    movement, food, nutrition, and                                               General Manager since 1988
                                                 we will fill as sales           Attended first CCMA in 1988     member and supporter        national cooperative development.
    community issues. Views and opinions         improve. We secured a           Gazette contributor since 1978 of the National                 See you at the Co-op. GG
    expressed in this newsletter do not          lower interest rate on out- Still never gets the last word      Cooperative Grocers
    necessarily reflect those of the Co-op
    management, Board or Member-
    Owners. Submissions must be
    received one month prior to
    publication. The next deadline is
    Friday, July 31. Refer submissions
    and questions to
    Editor: Shannon Szymkowiak
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    MOVING? Pursuant to WFC Bylaws,
    Article I, Section 6. Current Address.         Bring a friend for free with this ad!
    Each Member agrees to provide to the                                  3 West Superior Street
    cooperative his or her current address and                            Duluth, MN 55802
    to keep the cooperative informed of any                               218.722.9378
    changes in address. This obligation shall                   
    continue even after a membership has
    been terminated as long as the Member
    has any interest in the cooperative. In an
    effort to remind our Member Owners
    to keep WFC advised of address
    changes, the Board, on 8/26/96,
    approved a policy making a Member
    temporarily inactive when there is no
    current address on file. Inactive
    Member Owners are not eligible for
    membership benefits and will not
    receive the newsletter.

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                                                  W H O L E      F O O D S          A   C O M M U NI T Y       C O O P                                                          3

welcome, new                                                                        dean’s report
member-owners!                                                                          by Anni Friesen, Member Services Coordinator
Rochelle Anne Nelson   Karena Hanson                Robert Brown

                                                                                             s our school year draws to a         the stove and helped make multiple
Christiana Igwe        Diane Zoglauer               Gary W. Anderson                          close, I begin to reflect on the    dishes at the same time. As you can
David Zarn             Katheryn Lauer               John Staine                                 classes we’ve had and the         imagine, I was a little stressed out.
Sally Bernhardt        Brecca Cotruvo               Ed Morse                                     people I’ve met. I think that    How could people learn if they didn’t
Justin Howard          William Cooke                Catherine Windt                 spending contemplative time is so             see each dish step by step from start to
Codie Leseman          Collin Zimmerman             Craig Binsfield                 important because only by really              finish? It turns out that all of my worry
Kelly Harth            Lynette Swanberg             Deanna Notaro                   looking at what we’ve learned in the          was for naught. Though things were a
Belana Aedan           Dale Duane Tweten            Ryan A. Carlson                 past year can we stretch to new heights. bit crazy, they were…fun. I witnessed
Kaylinn Stormo         Nancy Patrick                Debra Mayala                    When it comes to classes, I have              Lyndon and Prince Paul give advice
Tammy La Favor-        Kathleen Anderson            Tanya L. Lahti                  learned much this year. The most              and tell stories in their island timbres
   Plowman             Kathy Horak                  Dawn Browne                     popular classes (since last September)        and the whole experience reminded me
Jill Bianchet          Deborah Kay Hahn             Joe Sauve                       have been Indian Cooking, Caribbean           that my way wasn’t always the best way.
Michael Kowalski       Angela Buffalo               Ann Davidson                    Cooking, Aloha! in                                              Not only was the class
Anthony Smydra         Wilson Ginete                Elizabeth Welsh                 January: Hawaiian                                               fun, but people got to
Walter Raschick Iv     Marguerite Stroede           Cari Beckman                    Cooking, From Stock                                             have the experience of
Arianna J Sather       Julie Isaksen                Barry Kayes                     to Soup: Learning                                               the laid back attitude
Betty Wistrom          Robert Trompeter             Aaron J. Williams               Soup Basics, Beer                                               of Caribbean natives.
Judith Rae Schaefer    Duane Lottig                 Kelly Bittner                   Making, Cooking                                                    Kids Cooking was
Margaret Jo Helstrom   Patti Roway                  Emily Dunn                      Without Wheat, and                                              also a lesson in
Rosemary Dahl          Marta Watson                 Marge Smith                     the Kids Cooking                                                patience as we helped
Terence Teppo          Joann Wells                                                  series. What have I                                             kids measure, mix,
Linda Hursh            Pamela Jensen                                                learned from this?                                              shape and stir. There
Ken Stafford           Michael Skoglund                                             Well, ethnic cooking                                            was an incident of
Amber Blythe Jorgens   Warren Korkala                                               classes are definitely                                          sensitivity to spices for
   Halenbeck           Susan K Keola                                                still in the forefront of Anni and her all-time favorite WFC one of the kids, and
Bill Nygaard           Lisa Herthel                                                 people’s minds, and in product: Muir Glen Fire Roasted          countless bathroom
Chelsea Upthegrove     Angie Nichols                                                the middle of winter I Tomatoes.                                runs, but all-in-all, the
Eve Miller             Heather Koski                                                can completely                                                  kids did what kids do
Katherine Maxim        Debra Olson                                                  understand the need to get away               best: they quickly gained knowledge
Angelica Hemmer        Renee Gatewood                                               through cooking from the cold and             that even many adults lack, and they
Michael Hansen         Laurie Gaudino                                               snow of northern Minnesota.                   had fun doing it. There is almost
Kathleen Setzke        Sonja Helland                                                    Personally, I’ve also learned a lot       nothing as reaffirming as seeing a
Jena Modin             Jean Conner                                                  from this class cycle. In classes, I have     child proudly hand their parent
Caren Newport          Erika Frykman                                                a certain idea of the way that things         something and say, “Mom, look what I
David R Clark          Marissa L. Fish Korpela                                      should go; the instructor comes in,           did!”
Cynthia Seguin         Nancy Dodd                                                   gives instructions and tips, and                  This reflection just makes me all the
Kurt Sarkiaho          Scott Kylander Johnson                                       prepares dishes for the class to taste.       more excited to start scheduling classes
Andy Kadlec            David Bergstedt                                              Things aren’t usually very hands-on           for the fall. We are still confirming
Karen J Carlson        Lisa Snider                                                  because our kitchen space doesn’t allow instructors so look for a few classes on
Suzanne Wasilczuk      Felicia Anne Jacobson                                        for much. Not only that, when you get         healing with herbs, cooking with local
Carol Ann Siegle       Laurie K. King                                               a large group of people crowded               ingredients, and more. If you have any
Brittany Shanoff       Susan Norma Clandon                                          around a stove with knives, things start great ideas for classes or suggestions
Taylor A. Olson        Roman Pass                                                   to look dangerous. As I look at the list      for instructors, pass them along
Kim Kaz                Sarah Hansen                                                 of classes above, I remember that             my way. You can reach me at
Nancy Johnson Dent     Pauline Holmbeck                                             things were quite a bit more hectic  I hope you all
Karl Olson             Erika Baldus                                                 than I usually like. For instance, the        have fun summers and remember to
                                                 From April 1 – May 31, WFC
Laurie Carlson         Ann Biron                 gained 127 new members for a       Caribbean cooking class started off           not take yourselves to seriously. GG
Colleen Betts          Kate Cartier              total of 578 since July 1, 2008.   with a surprising and welcome                 Anni loves good food and thinks that
Brianne Torrance       Rita Oconnell             Just over three years ago, WFC     appearance by local reggae legend             everyone needs to learn how to cook from
Nancy Ann Hill         Olivia Jewell             had a mere 2,500 Member            Prince Paul. As it moved on, the large        scratch.
Samuel Timothy         Eric Rhame                Owners. As of May, we have
                                                 surpassed the 5,000 Member
                                                                                    number of class participants stood at
   Elmquist            Barbara Vandeventer       mark. We are proud that our
James Hess             Karolynne Striemer        community sees value in
Reni Ehlen             Theodore Kraus            becoming a Whole Foods Co-op
Elizabeth Roat         Jeramie Olson             Member Owner and we are
                                                 proud to serve you!
4                                                    G A R B A N Z O      G A Z E T T E       A     J U LY   A U GU S T

    the gonzo gourmand
          by Jim Richardson, Bulk Buyer

               elery seeds are actually tiny     of Ramses II, placed there as part of his    white pepper (whole and ground) are         pieces before feeding it to the livestock.
               fruits. They may be used as a     mummification ritual. This indicates         fair trade as well as organic; also whole   I have also read that the cracking of the
               spice, and are frequently used    that Ancient Egypt had trade with India      and powdered cloves, mace, whole and        corn may have a double or even a triple
               as an herbal diuretic, or as a    (black pepper’s native land), although       powdered nutmeg, and turmeric. The          meaning. For one thing, cracking corn
    treatment for inflammation. There is a       the exact route these peppercorns took       prices have risen but only by a minis-      may refer to cracking open a container
    lack of scientific studies to support        from India to the nose of Ramses II is       cule amount, not even enough to             of corn liquor, and it has also been sug-
    these herbal uses, but they have been        unknown. Nutritionally speaking, pep-        notice, but buying fair trade makes a       gested that cracking corn refers to sit-
    used this way for thousands of years         per is mainly valuable in that it increas-   huge difference to the growers and          ting around gossiping (possibly related
    regardless, so there you have it.            es absorption of nutrients from other        their otherwise poor and marginalized       to the origin of the word “corny” mean-
    Pregnant women are advised to avoid          foods, notably selenium, vitamin B,          communities. According to Frontier,         ing trite). Our bulk organic cornmeal is
    large quantities of celery seeds as they     and beta-carotene. Pepper also has mild      these are the first fair trade spices       from local Whole Grain Milling in
    act to stimulate the uterus, with the        antimicrobial properties. White pepper       offered in the U.S., and we’ve got ’em.     Welcome, Minnesota, and the quality is
    possibility of unwanted contractions.        is black pepper with the outer skin              I was surprised to learn that some      anything but trite. We get our organic
    Speaking of celery, celery stalks are said   removed, and this extra labor cost is        varieties of corn can grow to be 23 feet    rye flour and organic oat bran from the
    to have “negative calories” since they       why white pepper is more expensive.          tall. The word “corn” used to be a          same company.
    take a few dozen more calories to            The word “pepper” has been used as a         generic term for any grain or grain-like        I will close with an observation of
    digest than they provide to the body.        synonym for “energy” for more than a         food, as in the word “barleycorn” which     two English words that originated in
    However this is not advised as a seri-       hundred years, but this has been short-      means “a grain of barley,” and “pepper-     fruit peels. First up is “zest” as in
    ous weight loss regimen as it takes          ened to “pep” for some time.                 corn” which means “a berry of the pep-      orange or lemon zest, which has
    something like 3,500 calories to burn           For those who like their social jus-      per plant.” But in America after a          become a synonym for spicy or excit-
    off a pound, so that translates to eating    tice on the spicy side, our primary herb     while, the word “corn” came to refer        ing. That brings us to pith, which is the
    an awful lot of celery. But on the other     and spice supplier (Frontier) has intro-     only to corn (maize), having been           bitter white part of the fruit peel under
    hand the more celery you eat, the less       duced fair trade versions of a dozen of      shortened from “Indian Corn.” In the        the zest, from which we get the word
    room you have for candy.                     their popular organic spices, and we         traditional song “Jimmy Crack Corn,”        “pithy” meaning brief yet powerful. I
       Like celery seeds, black peppercorns      have made the switch. So right now           written shortly before the Civil War,       eat language for breakfast. GG
    are technically a fruit. Black pepper-       almost all of our black pepper (whole,       “cracking corn” refers to the chore of
    corns were found stuffed in the nostrils     medium grind, and coarse grind) and          milling (cracking) corn into small          Jim is a 13-year veteran of the natural foods
                                                                                                                                          industry, 11 of those at Whole Foods Co-op.

                                                                                                                                                      No, really.
                                                                                                                                                      We mean everyone.

                                                                                                                                            Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Duluth
                                                                                                                                              835 West College Street
9.942” 9.942”                                              W H O L E     F O O D S         A   C O M M U NI T Y     C O O P                                                          5

sun care:   — Jill Hall, HBC Buyer
                                                       making the best choice for you                                                 tell you why this may be any better, but
                                                                                                                                      Aubrey obviously feels it’s worth the
                                                                                                                                      trade off. They make formulas that are
                                                                                                                                      just Padimate-O based and some that

                 e made it!! The warmth         biomedical problem. Here’s to allowing     to leave a white coating on top of the     blend with Titanium Dioxide.
                 has returned and the sun       paradigms to grow and change!              skin, taking longer and more rubbing           The final topic I’d like to touch on is
                 is high in the sky! So let’s       We need to continuously debunk         to absorb (think white surfer nose).       after-sun care — a vital step in complete
                 discuss healthy skin care      myths that mislead us from obtaining       Some beachcombers don’t want to go         sun care for our body’s largest organ,
in response to El Sol, shall we?                optimal wellness. From Dr. Holick’s        out looking like a ghost on the beach,     our skin. Using a deep moisturizing
    It is important to remind ourselves         FAQs: “Melanoma is seen more often         and others don’t really care, right? I     and anti-oxidant lotion or aloe vera
of the shining biological benefit the           in people who do not receive this type     have found that the mineral based          after any exposure to the sun (not just
sun offers us — Vitamin D — a vital             of exposure than in those who spend        Caribbean Sol brand performs as the        when you get a burn) provides
nutrient for wellness. Anyone following         time in the sun. Melanomas also            lightest and most absorbent of the         additional free-radical defense and
current nutritional recommendations             usually occur on parts of the body that    mineral sunscreen.                         keeps your skin supple and healthy.
from the medical community knows                receive little or no sun exposure. This        The discussion of the Alba chemical    The products designed for this purpose
the emphasis being put on Vitamin D.            suggests that genetics plays a much        sunscreen ingredient list is just too      are often luxurious — like the yummy
It plays a vital role in maintaining bone       more important role in the                 huge to get into. The Oxybenzone,          Kona Coffee After Sun Care from Alba
health, preventing osteoporosis and             development of melanoma than does          Avobenzone, Octinoxate, Octisalate and     — but nearly any natural lotion offers
rickets, reduces risk of heart disease,         regular, moderate sun exposure…            Homosalate ingredients kick them into      positive benefits.
stroke, breast, colon and other cancers,        Tanned skin protects you against           the higher hazard category on the EWG          I’d like to encourage you all, as
alleviates skin disorders, decreases risk       sunburn, thought to be the main cause      Skin Deep ratings, yet they still earn     always, to continue to inform
of autoimmune disorders (including              of melanoma. If you avoid getting          good UVA/UVB protection scores. We         yourselves and investigate; to make
multiple sclerosis, diabetes, and               sunburned, the benefits of moderate        also represent Alba’s mineral based        choices that you feel satisfied and
rheumatoid arthritis), enhances mental          sun exposure will far outweigh the         products, look for “chemical free” on      content with. Enjoy your Fun in the
health and lessons the effects of               possible dangers.”                         the label or titanium dioxide as the       Sun! GG
depression, menstrual imbalances and                So how do we regulate individual       Active Ingredient.
seasonal affective disorder. And                and familial moderation and safety as          The use of Padimate-O in Aubrey’s      — Jill Hall, HBC Buyer doesn’t want to
although supplementation is helpful,            we play in the sun during these lovely     products also has somewhat of a            grow old all sun haggard like those crazy
                                                                                                                                      northern women that move to Mexico and
the best way our body can synthesize            sunny months? Let’s talk safety in         questionable reputation, known to be
                                                                                                                                      live out their lives on the Beach, but, then
Vitamin D is through moderate and               sunscreens, because there is a lot out     allergenic to a small percentage of the
                                                                                                                                      again, maybe she does…????
safe sun exposure.                              there to choose from.                      population. However, Aubrey is a
    It’s not fair to have a discussion              All sun care products must contain     longstanding pioneer of organics and
about sun exposure without                      one of seventeen FDA approved              natural skin care and if they put their
mentioning the revolutionary work of            sunscreens. These range from the           choice behind its
Michael F. Holick, M.D., Ph.D., author          safest, 100% natural titanium and zinc     safety and efficacy,
of The UV Advantage                             dioxides, to a wide range of chemicals     I choose to give
[]. With his book,           contended to be carcinogenic               them some trust.
Dr. Holick, a professor of medicine,            themselves. The Environmental              From their
physiology and biophysics at Boston             Working Group                              website: “After
University School of Medicine,                  [] can            long and careful
revolutionized mainstream acceptance            assist you in investigating a variety of   consideration, we
of unprotected sun exposure for                 brands and ingredients used.               believe Padimate-
approximately 20 minutes a day,                     From my investigation into this        O to be the most
reminding us and the medical                    matter, I have chosen to carry a wide      natural and safest
community of the crucial importance             selection of brands that provide           of the limited
of Vitamin D. At the time, his writings         complete UVA and UVB protection.           FDA-approved
sent the world of dermatology into a            We represent Badger, Caribbean Sol, a      sun protection
frenzy, with many professionals calling         selection of chemical-free Alba            ingredients that
for his resignation. He held strong,            products that use zinc and/or titanium     absorb UV rays.”
contending that he was “being                   dioxide, a few Padimate-O based            Key here is
punished for challenging one of the             Aubrey Organics options, and the rest      “absorb UV rays”;
dogmas of dermatology”. In fact, in             of the Alba line which contains the        titanium & zinc
2006 Dr. Holick was awarded for his             synthetic sunscreens. (I myself use a      dioxide reflect and
commitment to the clinical facts and            combination of these products and take     scatter UV rays,
received the Excellence in Clinical             the approach that getting a decent base    while Padimate-O
Research Award by the National Center           tan is worth working towards, allowing     absorbs UV rays
for Research Resources from the                 the body’s natural melanin to also act     before they can
National Institute of Health, and in            in its true function as a UV filter.)      damage your skin.
2007 he was awarded the Linus Pauling               The only issue with the zinc and       I’m not a
Functional Medicine Award, given for            titanium dioxide products is the           specialist or
research that changes thinking about a          aesthetic. A larger molecule, they tend    chemist, I cannot

                                                                                                                          (inner) POWER of
                                                                                                                              come see for yourself
                                                                                                                                NEW CLASSES BEGIN JULY 13TH
                                                                                                                                 FOR BEGINNERS & CURRENT STUDENTS

                                                                                                                                 Ashtanga• Hatha • Kundalini• Pure
                                                                                                                              Movement Yoga• Vinyasa Flow• YogaPlay!
                                                                                                                                       Specialized classes:
                                                                                                                                Body Balancing• Yoga for the Core
                                                                                                                                          Held once a month:
                                                                                                                                     Restorative Yoga• Rocket Series

                                                                                                                                     www.YogaNorthDuluth .com
6                                                     G A R B AN Z O       G A Z E T T E       A     J U LY    A U GU S T

    board of                                     board report                                                          season of sowing
    Alison Champeaux
                                                      by Lind Fena, Board President

                                                         I hope everyone is deep into a          probably the most important                 co-op, but of the co-op industry in the
    Term expires 2011                                bountiful growing season by            relationship in a co-op. High-quality,      U.S. Sharon has been working on the
                                                           the time this Gazette reaches         professional, stable management is          national level of cooperative
    Lynn Fena                                                 you. As I write this report, I     certainly an essential factor in the        development, with cooperative grocers
    President                                    am sowing more hope than usual with             success of any business. And the            for nearly as long as the national
    Chair of General Manager Evaluation          my seeds — hope that the ground will            primary responsibility of the Board is      organizations have existed.
    Committee                                    warm up soon, hope that the rain will           to find, hire and assure that kind of       (Professional)
    Term expires 2009
                                                 finally fall, hope that last year’s city        management is “running the store,” in       She is dedicated, hard-working,
                                                 deer harvest alleviated some of my              more ways than one!                         purpose-driven, courageous, intelligent,
    Mark Friederichs                             urban gardening challenges!                         I know many of you realize that         well-trained, organized and insightful.
    Treasurer                                       The Board has been                                       Duluth Whole Foods Co-op        (High quality)
    Chair of Finance Committee                   sowing seeds too — of a                                     is fortunate to have found         The Board realizes it is no accident
    Term expires 2009                            different sort, of course. We                               such a GM more than 20          that WFC has been holding its own                         have seedling inspirations to                               years ago. In fact, as the      during the current economic crisis.
                                                 tend and transplant soon.                                   story goes, it is more             So we did a little research
    David Helf
    Vice President                               You could say they are still in                             accurate to say she found us!   comparing other GM compensation
    Chair of Member-Owner Committee              our hot-house, but we are                                   A young, pregnant Sharon        packages with ours. Our GM has been
    Term expires 2011                            looking for the right                                       Murphy was directed to our      paid below the average of other co-ops                       conditions to bring them out                                store on 8th street when she    that do $10 million in sales/year. She
                                                 into the community garden                                   was looking for a midwife in    has complied with policies the Board
    Theresa Koenig                                                                        Lynn Fena,
                                                 and let them go. We’ll let you         Board President     1977. She met John Fisher-       has established and has implemented
                                                 know how they are doing                                    Merritt who was tending the      our visions. She expertly guided our
    Chair of Board Recruitment & Orientation
    Committee                                    soon!                                           store that day and two hours later, she     organization across the dangerous
    Term expires 2009                               Our biggest task over the past               was a WFC member. She quickly               slopes of a sinking economy. So, the                      couple of months has been deciding              moved from working member to Board          Board asked her for a proposal that
                                                 how to tend to one of our biennials —           member, to coordinator, to GM in 1988       included a salary increase. The result?
    Linda Magni                                  the General Manager (GM) contract.              and has remained in that role with us       For the first time in 4 years, Sharon
    Term expires 2009                            Board training in the food co-op                through two major expansions and            took a salary increase.
                                                 industry always begins with the                 moves. (Stability)                             We think you have to pay for the
    Heather Murphy                               declaration that the relationship                   She is a storehouse of institutional    value you get. GG
    Chair of Food Policy Committee               between the Board and the GM is                 knowledge, not only knowledge of our
    Term expires 2011

                        A                                                INTERESTED IN SERVING OUR
    Sharon Murphy, General Manager                                      LOCALLY-OWNED COOPERATIVE?
    Whole Foods Co-op
    610 E 4th Street                                  Elections are not until fall, but now is a great time to explore the opportunity of serving on the Whole
    Duluth, MN 55805                                  Foods Co-op Board of Directors. Contact Theresa Koenig (, or any current
    728-0884/w                                       board member to get your questions answered and attend a WFC Board meeting. Check out the “Board
    728-0490/fax                                                 News” section of our website for a Board application, meeting dates and more!

                                                                               Board Applications are due to WFC by August 1, 2009!
    WFC web site:
    e-group address to communicate with
    entire Board and General Manager:
    Call 218 728-0884 to leave a call-back                copy writing & publicity
    request for a Board member.
                                                          graphic & web design
    Letters addressed to Board members c/o
    Whole Foods Co-op, 610 E. 4th St., Duluth,            marketing strategy
    MN 55805 will be forwarded unopened to

    the Board/Board member.
                                                                               lisa mckhann

    mission statement
                                                        Tax Service
    In Duluth, there is a thriving
    consumer-owned cooperative that
    supports, invests and partners to
    create a healthy community including,                    218-720-6000
    but not limited to, a healthy regional
                                                          Tax Preparation for Regular People
    food system.
                                                                From W-2s to Small Businesses
    co-operative principles                                         Earned Income Credit
    1.   Voluntary and open membership.                             Itemized Deductions
    2.   Democratic member control.                                  Investment Income
    3.   Member economic participation                                  Rental Income
    4.   Autonomy and independence.                                   Small Businesses:
    5.   Education, training and information.                     Contractors, Therapists etc.
    6.   Cooperation among co-ops.                                       Corporations
    7.   Concern for community                                        Thomas J. Curran
                                                                       Enrolled Agent
                                                                     18 years experience
                                                                          W H O L E         F O O D S            A       C O M M U NI T Y               C O O P                                                                          7

membership matters
       by Theresa Koenig, Board Member

           hickens are legal in Duluth,    improve quality and flock productivity.                      cally for them as you                                                                     enjoyed the silly antics
           thanks to a group of persist-   They are committed to mentoring new                          search online.                                                                            of their day-old chicks,
           ent people (co-op members of farmers with the Farm Beginnings                                    Amidst the current                                                                    and how the neighbor
           course) who helped get a new Program and always need and welcome financial and environ-                                                                                                girls came over to paint
chicken ordinance passed last fall. I      interest and support.                                        mental challenges we                                                                      their favorite hen’s toes
had the honor to join the group and             This spring the Duluth Community                        face, it is heart warming                                                                 with red finger nail pol-
assist the effort. I was eager to help     Garden Program (DCGP) sponsored                              to know that people are                                                                   ish. I’m looking forward
grow a community of people who share Duluth’s first “Urban Chickens for                                 motivated to act, and to                                                                  to the stories these new
a passion for good food and the desire     Beginners” class. Attendance exceeded                        realize that action can                                                                   chicken owners will tell
to make a change to allow for more self expectations with over 40 people partic- happen on a very person-                                                                                         and I’m looking forward
sufficiency in our city. We pragmatical-   ipating! The DCGP is committed to                            al level… in your own                                                                     to learning from them,
ly called ourselves                                                   making gardening                  backyard. We are not just                                                                 the ins and outs of suc-
‘DuluthCityChickens’ Amidst the current financial space, food produc-                                   one or two people doing                                                                   cessfully raising a small
and in less than a year                                               tion and preservation             this, but we are part of a                                                                flock of hens in a city.
urban chickens have              and environmental                    resources available to            larger ‘movement’ to                                                                      There is always more to
gone from an under-           challenges we face, it is               all urban dwellers.               reconnect to our food                                                                     learn, and there is
ground activity in                                                    Unfortunately, even               source, and to make a                                                                     always more to do!
Duluth, to a palpable heart warming to know that as they are enjoying                                   commitment to good                                                                            Photo is of a neigh-
buzz on the street.        people are motivated to act, unparalleled interest                           and healthful food. It is                                                                 bor girl holding a hen to
    Nationally, keeping                                               and need for their                great fun too!                                                   show off the toe-nails she freshly paint-
a backyard flock is a
                             and to realize that action services, their funds                               I look forward to strolling along                            ed with nail polish! (this really hap-
popular idea. And              can happen on a very                   (and consequently                 Duluth’s streets and alleyways and spot- pened!) GG
with good reason! It’s        personal level… in your                 their ability to meet             ting among green gardens, small hen-
a fun, healthy hobby                                                  that increased                    houses with friendly, softly clucking                            Theresa is a Board member and member of
                                   own backyard.                                                                                                                         DCC ( DCC hopes
that benefits our gar-                                                demand has fallen as              hens: pets that deliver breakfast! I can’t
                                                                                                                                                                         to soon create a computer social network
dens, our families and                                                the recession impacts wait to stop by and hear about the first
                                                                                                                                                                         group to stay connected to other backyard
our neighborhoods. It gets children        foundation and individual giving. If                         year with chickens in the city for those                         chickeners, to plan city chicken coop tours
outside, actively working and having       you want to help, get instructions from                      40 class participants, about their first                         and other cool chicken events!
fun, while learning to enjoy and grow      their website about signing up for                           fresh egg, about how the homeowner’s
healthy food. Some of these kids will be GoodSearch, and earn funds automati-                           children turned off the TV and instead
our future farmers, the caretakers of
our earth, and certainly, future Whole                               Looking for your own place on the North Shore?                                           Service you deserve.
Foods Co-op members. People are hun-                                                                                                                                                     People you trust.
gry for the ability to provide more of
their own food for health, economic                                              John Anderson              BFA Interior Design, Drake University
                                                                                                            Realtor / Artist / Interior Designer                                 I provide a free home staging consultation or free
                                                                                                                                                                                 design consultation for all my real estate buyers &
and environmental reasons. Doing                                                                                                                                               sellers. Just need Interior Design help? I work on an
                                                                       218-340-1194 cellular 218-834-4199 home 218-728-4436 office                                                 hourly fee. Thinking of buying, selling or making
more for ourselves with what we have                                                                                                                                              changes at your home? Call John 218-340-1194.
is an encouraging trend. This self help,
self responsibility is a long valued coop-         LAKE SUPERIOR,                SUNSHINE LAKE                 DULUTH TOURIST                  DULUTH TOURIST                 LAKE SUPERIOR                    LAKE SUPERIOR
                                              2578 HWY 61 VIRTUAL TOUR        4372 NORMANNA RD.                   DESTINATION                     DESTINATION                    2030 HWY. 61             5746 NORTH SHORE DRIVE
erative principle.                                                                                              120 S. 14TH AVE E.                118 S. 14 TH AVE. E.
    Though we were a small group, we         210 ft. shoreline                390 ft. shoreline, 2 lots   C2 Commercial Zoning              C2 Commercial Zoning         118 ft. Shoreline               171 ft of Shoreline
                                             4+ wooded acres                  26 wooded acres             Lake Superior                     Lake Superior                1.21 Wooded Acres               1.72 Wooded Hilly Acres
had a large amount of support. The           Residence 3,800 sq. ft.          Residence 3,600 sq ft.      Lift Bridge View                  Lift Bridge View             1,160 sq. ft. Cedar Chalet
                                             Attached 2+ car Garage                                                                                                                                      Open Floorplan W 2 Fireplaces
sustainable Farming Association and                                           Age In Place Retreat        Classic 1907 brick Duplex         1904 3 br. Residence         2+ Car Garage/Bonus Room
                                             Seperate Studio Apt./Shop                                    Great Small Business Location 1,320 sq. ft.                    No Trespassing                  2,107 sq ft Cozy Cabin
the Duluth Community Garden                  Pre Qualified Buyers              Pre Qualified Buyers         24 hr. notice for showings        Great Home Business Location Large Watchdog                  876 ft. Heated Shop
                                             By Appt. only                    By Appt. only               Price Reduced now $239,000. Price Reduced now $134,900. By Appt. Only price $449,000 Reduced Price now $449,000.
Program both recognized the benefit of                                        $1,150,000.
urban chickens and immediately sup-
ported our effort. We are fortunate in
this region to have these organizations
with skilled individuals who are willing
to share their knowledge and grow a
                                              >>>>>>>                     Ask John about a new wooded building site 2.75 acres on E. Superior Street.                                                                   >>>>>>>
stronger network of people connected
through good food. I owe much of                                                                                              Glass & Wood The Painted Land and Lakescape
what I’ve learned over the years to area
farmers who have perfected formulas                                                                             Waterfront Gallery proudly presents a joint exhibit of bold new work by local artists
of organic feed and pasture blends and                                                                                                             Lisa Atkinson and John Anderson.
who don’t hesitate to tell me what                                                                                                                         May 23 - June 21, 2009
works and what doesn’t work to
8                                                    G A R B AN Z O         G A Z E T T E         A     J U LY    A U GU S T

    the buzz
         — Jill Holmen, HR Coordinator
                                                       wfc staff news

    Front End Assistant Jenny                                                                                                                 June Gumby Award
    Graupmann sings her way through                                                                                                           Winners: Adam
                                                                                                                                              Goodwin, Deli
    the summer with an exciting August                                                                                                        Dishwasher/ Prep
    performance. She will be singing the                                                                                                      Cook & Jill Holmen,
    lead role of Susanna in Mozart’s The                                                                                                      Promotions &
    Marriage of Figaro, to be held at the                                                                                                     Education Coordinator
    lovely Glensheen Mansion. Keep an
    eye out for performance dates. Break a
    leg, Jenny! Or, should we say break a
    vocal cord? Either way, best of luck.
    Another event to mark your calendars        June Customer Service Award Winner:
    with: Bulk Buyer Jim Richardson             Laura Irving, Produce Assistant
    (with co-op alum Allen Richardson)
    will be giving a 45-minute talk at the      JULY ANNIVERSARIES:
    Duluth Art Institute on Tuesday,             Alisha Stalker, Front End Assistant    1 year
    August 4th, 5:30 pm, accompanying            Rain Elfvin, Manager on Duty           5 years
    the Smithsonian Traveling Exhibition         Kelly Bittner, Merchandising Stocker   1 year
    of satellite photos of the planets called                                                                                                     CUSTOM INTERIOR PAINTING
                                                 Jessica Belich, Manager on Duty        8 years
    “Beyond: Visions of Planetary
    Landscapes”. The title of the               AUGUST ANNIVERSARIES:                                                                                  BRITT ROHRBAUGH
    Richardson’s presentation is                 Jim Richardson, Bulk Buyer           11 years
    “Astronomical Heresies: A Survey of          Cameron Reider,                                  Laura Irving, Produce Assistant   2 years        STREET   809 East Tenth Street
    Weird and Fantastic Ideas About the            Merchandising Stocker              1 year      Dylan Tusher,                                             Duluth MN 55805
    Solar System”.
                                                 Betsy Welsh, Front End Assistant     1 year        Produce Assistant               2 years         EMAIL
                                                 Tim Malkovich,                                   Jennifer Graupmann,
                                                   Front End Assistant                1 year        Front End Assistant             1 year         MOBILE   218.340.3469
                                                 Danielle Smelter, Front End Assistant 1 year     Andy Theuninck, IT Coordinator    4 years

    May Customer Service Award Winners:
    Cameron Reider & Kelly Bittner,                                                                                                                    How did Julie and Lee Harris s
    Merchandising Stockers                                                                                                                             of Cloquet match form with
                                                                                                                                                       function in their favorite space?
    A hearty congratulations to Dylan                                                                                                                  By choosing the right processss
    Tusher, Produce Assistant, for his fan-                                                                                                            to find the perfect products--
    tastic second-place finish at the Mr.                                                                                                              and the right people to craftt
    Natural Minnesota Bodybuilding                                                                                                                     the dream design. Learn how  w
    Figure & Xtreme Fit Championships                                                                                                                  our certified kitchen and
    in May. This is quite an achievement                                                                                                               bath designers help families s
    for a first-time competitor. We are                                                                                                                throughout the region find
    proud of you Dylan! I bet eating all                                                                                                               their perfect sense of place.
    that Organic produce helped, too?                                                                                                                  “WE NEVER IMAGINED IT
                                                                                                                                                        COULD BE THIS GOOD.”

                                                                                                                                                             T H EIR STOR Y.
                                                                                                                                                        HEAR THEIR STORY.
                                                                                                                                                        S EE T H E PRODUCT.
                                                                                                                                                        SEE THE PRODUCT.
                                                                                                                                                        D ISCOVER T H E
                                                                                                                                                        DISCOVER THE PROCESS.

                                                                                        For the well-designed life.                           
                                                                                                                                                        218.728.5171 Duluth, MN

    May Gumby Award Winner:
    Justin Petite (JP), Produce Assistant

    Proud mama Karen Johnson, Finance
                                                       Renovated homes offered at
    Assistant, wishes to congratulate her              $25,000-$50,000 below market
    daughter Krista on her recent gradua-              value
    tion from East High School. We wish                100% Financing Available
    her the best on her future endeavors.
                                                       $8,000 Tax Credit for First-time
    Bittersweet news from Front End                    home buyers
    Assistant Brianne Vollmar who
                                                                   Coming Soon:
                                                              2620 W. 4th St.—Duluth
    reports she will be moving to Grand

                                                          33 & 35 Riverside Drive—Duluth
    Rapids, MN in August. She says, “It’s
                                                            607 N. 27th Ave W.—Duluth
    just time for a change in my life, but I
                                                            609 N. 60th Ave W.—Duluth
    will definitely miss the co-op and visit
                                                             19 N. 65th Ave W.—Duluth
    often!” Best of luck, Brianne… you will
                                                                                                                   BEFORE                                   AFTER
                                                             109 & 111 6th St.—Proctor
    certainly be missed!
    We all hope you are enjoying the sum-
    mer, and thank you very much for                                                                  Northern Communities Land Trust is a nonprofit organization that has been
    shopping with us!                                                                                   providing affordable homeownership opportunities for over 18 years.

                                                                                                                       Income limits apply. For more information,
                                                                                                                                  or call 218-727-5372
                                               W H O L E   F O O D S      A   C O M M U NI T Y   C OO P                                                    9

                                                                                                                notes from
new products                         • Annie’s                            • Rainbow Light
                                                                                                                the front
                                                                                                                by Briana Lowrie,
                                        – Ketchup*                           – Daily Fruit & Fiber 8oz.*        Front End Manager
• Spectrum
                                     • Simply Asia Stir Fry Sauce            – A.M. Citrus Cleanse 14ct box
   – Super Canola Oil
                                                                               or singles                       WFC Has Gone to the
                                        – 3 new flavors!
• Chunks of Energy
                                                                          • Sambazon
   – Raw Cacao Goji*                 • Bob’s Red Mill                                                           At a recent Manager On Duty
                                        – Crystalline Fructose (this         – Acai Powder 30 servings*
• Positively Third Street Bakery                                             – Acai Caps 60ct*                  (MOD) meeting, we were joined
                                          product moved from bulk to
   – Raisin Cashew Granola                                                                                      by two representatives from
                                          grocery)                        • Spectrum
• Woodstock Farms                                                            – Fish Oil with Vitamin D 250ct    Service Animal Support Services
                                     • Wild Country Grade B
   – Maple Glazed Cashews              Maple Syrup*                                                             (SASS), Kelley Dishington and
                                                                          • Pure Essence
• Frontier                              – This local product is $8 less      – Super D Calcium Plus Ionic       Jolen Uhura-Wilids and their
   – Fair Trade Medium Grind              than our previous brand AND          Fizz                             service dogs, Suki and Totsie.
     Black Pepper*                        it’s local!                                                           They presented information and
                                                                          • Pomology
   – Fair Trade Coarse Grind Black   • Living Harvest Hempmilk*                                                 answered questions pertaining to
                                                                             – Whole Food Antioxidant
     Pepper*                            – Unsweetened                          Drink Mixes:                     service animals.
   – Fair Trade Black Peppercorns*
                                     • Blue Diamond Almond Breeze              Anti-aging, Immunity, Energy
   – Fair Trade White                                                                                           As customers, you will be wise to
     Peppercorns*                       – Unsweetened Vanilla             • One With Nature                     know the following, too:
   – Fair Trade Ground White         • Bakery On Main                        – Bar Soaps, Bing Cherry &
     Pepper*                            – Gluten Free Granola,                 Hemp                             • Never address or pet the
   – Fair Trade Whole Cloves*             3 varieties                        – Dead Sea Salt Body Washes,         animal without first asking the
   – Fair Trade Clove Powder*           – Gluten Free Granola Bars,            Fragrance Free, Coconut Lime       handler if it’s okay. Service
   – Fair Trade Ginger Powder*            available in 6-packs and             & Shea*                            animals have important jobs
   – Fair Trade Mace*                     individually                       – Dead Sea Salt Pump Soaps,          and it’s very important to not
   – Fair Trade Nutmeg Powder*                                                 Fragrance Free & Coconut
                                     • Dogswell Canned Dog Food                                                   distract them and to let them
   – Fair Trade Whole Nutmeg*                                                  Lime*
                                        – Happy Hips 15 oz                                                        focus solely on what they are
   – Fair Trade Turmeric*               – Vitality 15oz                   • Pure & Basic
                                                                                                                  trained to do.
                                                                             – Milled Soaps, Wild Banana &
Cool                                 • Preserve Tableware
                                                                               Vanilla, Green Tea, Fresh Fig,   • Service animals often wear
• Oikos Greek Style Yogurt*             – 100% Recycled and Recyclable
                                                                               Honey & Shea, White Tea &          signifying vests/leashes/etc.,
   – Vanilla                              plates, glasses, and cutlery
                                                                               Echinacea                          but are not required to do so.
   – Blueberry                       • Guayaki*
                                                                          • Pure Life Soap Co.                    Also, their handlers are not
   – Honey                              – San Mateo Blend 1# Yerba
                                                                             – Shampoos & Conditioners,           required to show service animal
Deli Specialty                                                                 Wild Indigo, Chamomile,            identification.
                                     • Cool Fruits                             Green Tea, Papaya*
• Fentiman’s                            – All natural freezer pops are       – Aloe 2 in 1 Shampoo              • Service animal handlers take
   – Dandelion & Burdock                  back for the summer!                 Conditioner*                       great care to maintain shedding
   – Ginger Beer                                                             – Bar Soaps, Aloe, Coconut,
                                     • Santa Cruz*                                                                hair. No worries about finding
   – Curiosity Cola                                                            Oatmeal, Honey, Volcanic
                                        – Lemonade                                                                dog hair in your bulk food!
   – Mandarin & Seville Orange                                                 Clay, Seaweed*
                                        – Strawberry Lemonade
     Jigger                                                                  – Lotions, Lemongrass Mint,        • Service animals do more than
                                        – Mango Lemonade
   – Victorian Lemonade                                                        Ginger Orange*                     just lead the blind. Some have
                                     • Lakewood*
Frozen                                  – Carrot Juice                    • Suki                                  other jobs as medical
                                                                             – Deluxe Travel Kits*                alert/response, seizure
• Ciao Bella Gelato                  • Biotta*
   – Malted Milk Ball                   – 100% Beet Juice                                                         alert/response, hearing alert,
                                                                          Meat                                    mobility assist, or a number of
• Tempt Frozen Hemp Milk
   – Coffee Biscotti
                                     HBC NEW ITEMS                        • Lorentz                               others.
                                     • Barlean’s                             – Pork Bratwurst
   – Vanilla Bean                                                            – Weiners                          Jolen and Kelley were more than
   – Chocolate Fudge                    – Liquid Olive Leaf complex
                                                                          • Schultz*                            happy to arrange this
• Gourmet Parlor Pizza*                                                      – Ground Turkey                    presentation for us and we
                                        – Vegan Total Omega 3•6•9 Very
   – Sausage & Pepperoni                                                                                        appreciate it immensely as we will
                                          Berry 16oz. *                   * Organic GG
   – Garden Vegetable                                                                                           be able to better train our staff
   – Gluten-Free Cheese
                                                                                                                with the information they gave us.
   – Gluten-Free Pepperoni
                                                                                                                If you would like more
Grocery                                                                                                         information on SASS their
• Food Should Taste Good                                                                                        website can be found at:
  Tortilla Chips
   – 3 Flavors, in the new 1oz                                                                        
     snack size bag                                                                                             animals/
• Rustic Crust Pizza Crusts
   – Thin Italian Style Crust
   – Multigrain Crust
• R.W. Knudsen*
   – Very Veggie Juice 10 oz
   – Orange Juice 10 oz
• Kind Plus Bars
   – 4 New Fruit & Nut Flavors!
• Clif Bars
   – All recalled varieties have
• Luna Bars*
   – All recalled varieties have
                                                                                                                Jolen and Kelley with their service dogs
• Peloponnese                                                                                                   Suki and Totsie.
   – Grape Leaves
10                                                   G A R B AN Z O       G A Z E T T E     A     J U LY   A U GU S T

     In Balance
     with Ayurveda
       — Bonnie Ambrosi, Member
                                                grill wars
     Have you noticed that some people                     n June 25th, Whole Foods         details will be found on our Facebook
     thrive during summer heat waves,                      Co-op once again participat-     page following the event. We appreci-
     while others retreat to the shade and                 ed in Grill Wars with KQDS       ate everyone who came down to sup-
     long for a cool breeze? Why is that?                  to benefit the Northern          port Whole Foods Co-op!
     If you lack the element of fire in your    Lakes Second Harvest Food bank.
     constitution, the heat of the sun          Although we do not know the results         Pizza Burgers
     feels aaahhh so good! But if your          of the judging at the time this article     2–1/2 lbs Ground Beef
     makeup is fiery already, the sun’s         is being written, we do know that we        1 lb Hot Italian Sausage
     rays at their most intense — as in         have one heck of a burger recipe. Taste     1/2 C Onions
     midsummer, midday — are way too            testing was done and the winning            1–1/2 C Pizza Sauce, divided in half        …but that didn’t stop us from tasting five
     much of a good thing and can make          burger for us was a good old Pizza                                                      different recipes to determine the best of
                                                                                            3/4 C Parmesan Cheese                       the bunch.
     you cranky, irritable, and hot-headed.     Burger. Look for this burger soon
                                                                                            15 slices Mozzarella Cheese                 2. Prepare and cook patties, melting
     If you practically breathe fire when       along with many other delectable dish-
                                                                                            1 t Garlic Granules                            the mozzarella on top.
     the heat is on, diet can help.             es in our very own Fog City Deli.
                                                   Many thanks to Thousand Hills            1 t Italian Seasoning                       3. Serve with pizza sauce on top.
     Ayurveda understands food in terms
     of six basic tastes, each with a           Cattle Company for their contribution       1. Mix all ingredients together except      We may not have pictures of this
     warming or cooling effect on the           to the success of this event and the           the mozzarella and 3/4 C of the          year’s event yet, but we do have pic-
     body. When heat is a problem for           tastiness of the burgers. Pictures and         pizza sauce the day before making        tures of our secret taste test while per-
     you, reduce salty, sour. and pungent                                                      the burgers.                             fecting our recipe.
     (hot and spicy) tastes — all of which
     contain the element of fire and have
     a warming effect on the body — and                                                                                                                “They told me he was
     emphasize the cooling powers of                                                                                                                        the one to see…
     sweet, astringent and bitter.                                                                                                                         They were right.”
     Sweet taste has the moist heaviness
     of earth and water. It cools, softens
     and soothes. Avoid refined sugar,          Which one is which? Taste testing burgers
     which is addictive and deranging.          requires some attention to detail…
     Instead, cool off with the natural
     sweetness of fruit. (Grapefruit is the
     exception — its energy is warm.)
     Milk is also naturally cool and sweet,                                                                                                    “He knew how I got to feeling this way,
     unless it is fermented, like yogurt                                                                                                  and he knew how to fix it. I feel great again!”
     and kefir. Maple syrup is the coolest
                                                                                                                   Dr. Robb Anderson
                                                                                                                   Duluth Natural Medicine & Chiropractic
     Astringent taste is somewhat lighter                                                                          A practice focused on clinical nutrition and chiropractic
     and cooler, earthy and airy at the                                                                            1731 London Rd • Duluth • 724-4525
     same time. It has a clarifying effect
     on mind and body. Many plant foods
     have some astringency: beans, in
     particular, including soy foods; also
     artichokes, bell peppers, broccoli,                                                                              Feel Better
     cauliflower, celery, cucumber, lettuce,
     peas, potatoes, and spinach.
     Pomegranates, cranberries, black-
                                                                                                                      Connect with Life
     berries, lemons, and not-quite-ripe                                                                                                          • Talk Therapy
     bananas are astringent fruits.                                                                                                               • Expressive Therapy
     Astringent teas include those con-                                                                                                           • Sandplay Therapy
     taining hibiscus, alfalfa, chicory, dan-
     delion, or strawberry leaf.                                                                                                                  • Sliding Fee Scale

     Bitter, considered the strongest of all
     the tastes, is also the coldest, light-                                                                                        Catharine J. Larsen, M.A.
     est and driest. It is detoxifying and                                                                                                         Licensed Psychologist
     stimulates digestion. It’s not our                                                                                                                         218-733-9903
     favorite flavor, but a little goes a                                                                                                       c a l a r s e n @ c h a r t e r. n e t
     long way. We find it in a few vegeta-
     bles: asparagus (which is specific
     for lowering fire in the body), radic-
     chio, and some dark leafy greens. It
     is also in aloe vera, and in turmeric
     and cumin, lovely spices to add to
     your repertoire. Coffee is bitter, but
     has a warming energy, whereas tea
     is bitter and cooling. Beer can be bit-
     ter. It is more cooling than wine, but
     still has the hot energy of alcohol, so
     if you have a hot temper, it’s better
     to abstain. Swedish Bitters is an
     herbal digestive tonic that is good
     mixed with water for a very cooling
     effect. The Co-op carries it.
     To complete your cool-down, use all
     your senses. Going outside to gaze
     at the night sky, or walking in the
     cool woods, especially near running
     water, are two wonderful ways to
     cool your whole being. Till next time,
     keep cool!
     Bonnie Williams Ambrosi is a certified
     Ayurvedic Health Educator and teaches
     yoga and ayurveda at several locations.
     Contact her at (218) 728-9942 or or visit her
     website at
                                             W H O L E   F O O D S   A    C O M M U NI T Y     C O O P                                                       11

organic dairy brand ratings
scorecard — support organic dairy heros
From Maintaining the Integrity of Organic Milk, a Cornucopia Institute report. Each Dairy ranked in order of point score.
For more specifics see:

                                                                                     2/2009 • The Cornucopia Institute • • 608-625-2042
12                                                  GAR B A N Z O        GAZ E T T E    A    J U LY   A U GU S T

     it’s the locavore challenge recipe contest — part II!
           n order to make the Locavore         • WFC will have shelf signs and          and provide the cheese course.           prepared foods that, as with Organic
           (Eat Local) Challenge just that        promotional materials in all                                                    Standards signage, indicates 100%
                                                                                        • We will be partnering with the Mind
           much easier, don’t you think it        departments defining products as                                                LOCAL ingredients or contains
                                                                                          to Mind program to provide a farm
           would be grand to have some            LOCAL that are:                                                                 LOCAL ingredients.
                                                                                          visit to educate kids about one of
     recipes already made? We did, too!
                                                 Locally-grown = within a 300 mile        their local food sources.             • Continue to feature framed LOCAL
     That’s why we’re asking you, our faith-
                                                 radius of Duluth OR                                                              “farmer” pictures and bios above
     ful Members and Gazette Readers of                                                 EAT LOCAL AMERICA                         Produce Department.
     all kinds to submit your favorite           Locally-owned = produced by an         CHALLENGE
     recipe(s) using locally grown and/or        independently-owned business (e.g.,                                            • “Farmer of the Week” in-store video
     locally produced ingredients. A panel       sole proprietor, partnership,          • Sponsored by the National               display.
     of judges here at the co-op will evalu-     cooperative, or non-publicly traded      Cooperative Grocers Association
                                                                                          (NCGA) for retail co-ops              • WFC LOCAL logo signs on products
     ate the recipes for amount of local         corporation) within a 300-mile
                                                                                          participating nationwide.               throughout center store.
     ingredients used, ease of preparation       radius of Duluth.
     and taste. A recipe booklet will be                                                • WFC will provide packet of            • A chance to meet farmers and
                                                • Enrollees can choose to limit or
     made from these recipes for use by                                                   materials for enrollees in WFC’s        community groups involved in our
                                                  expand their food choice radius but
     people who decide to take the                                                        2009 Locavore Challenge including       local and regional food supply at the
                                                  LOCAL labeling at WFC will be
     Challenge this year. The winners will                                                recipes and other local food            Midsummer Organic Food Fest on
                                                  based on the above definition.
     each receive a $50 WFC Gift Card and                                                 information.                            August 8th.
     bragging rights for the duration of this   COMMUNITY PARTNERS
     year’s Locavore Challenge.                                                         AT THE STORE
         Log on to for      • LOCAL dinner at Ledge Rock Grille
                                                  (Date TBD) — WFC will sell tickets    • Special LOCAL signage for Deli
     a Rules & Registration sheet or pick
     one up at Customer Service. All
     entries must be received no later than
     Friday, July 17th at 9 pm. Good Luck!
                                                          T H E                         B L O O D M O B I L E
         In an effort to continue our support               will be at Whole Foods Co-op on Wednesday, July 15 from 11:30 – 2:30.
     of local, sustainable food production
     and to educate our community on the
     value and challenges of supporting
                                                                                                      If you would like to sign up for donation, please
     local, sustainable food production, the                                                                    contact Shannon no later than July 6th at
     Locavore (Eat Local) Challenge enters
     its second year. Please consider join-                                                                               728-0884 x or email her at:
     ing your fellow cooperators in a com-
     mitment to local food.
     August 15 – September 15, 2009
     • Enrollment for the challenge will
       begin at WFC’s Annual Midsummer
       Organic Food Fest (MOFF) featuring
       our local growers on Saturday,
       August 8, in WFC’s customer
       parking lot; enrollment will also be
       offered at the Customer Service
                                                                    WoodWalks®                                       Experience the comfort
     • Enrollees can choose to participate                Path & Patio Tiles + Threshold Mats                      and peace that Reiki offers.
       for one meal, one day, a week, 10                  Locally made of reclaimed redwood
       days, or choose their own
     • It is free to participate.                              and at select area stores
     • WFC will contact participants for                             218.349.9121                                                    Reiki
                                                                                                                                   (Japanese for
       progress and summary reports and
                                                                                                                                “universal life force”)
       regular updates will happen through
       Facebook with a summary on our
       website at the end of the Challenge.
                                                  I’m In the Garden
                                                     reclaim. revive. relax.
                                                                                                                Please call for information or an appointment
                                                                                                              Carol Gieseke                           (218) 728-3385

                                                             Rosslyn Kendrick

                                                          •Structural Integration
                                                                 Dr. Rolf method
                                                             •Swedish massage

                                                      W H O L E     F O O D S         A   C O M M U NI T Y      C O O P                                                       13

savor the season                                                                      — Shanon Szymkowiak, MMS Manager

         ast year at this time, we were    somewhere when you sell your jar of           We will be doing another Locavore        Appreciation Peppers
         ramping up for our first ever     peanut butter (or anything else) for a     Challenge this year from August 15 –
         Locavore (Eat Local) Challenge.   dime less than the next guy. At some       September 15. At our Midsummer               — Shannon Szymkowiak
            Store sales were good, the     point, you simply cannot go any lower      Organic Food Fest (MOFF) on August          Fire up the grill. While your coals are
sun was shining, but lurking around        without sacrificing something. In the      8, we will have a booth where you can       heating, prepare the following:
the edges of that beautiful summer         case of the peanuts, it was basic food     pledge your Eat Local commitment.
                                                                                                                                  1 Red Pepper, quartered and seeded
was an economic surprise for every-        safety standards. And, when it became      You can choose to eat locally for a day,
one. Energy costs were a challenge,        obvious that companies simply did not      a week, or the whole month. You can         1 Green Pepper, quartered and seeded
but as a society, we did not take that     know whether or not they had the           host a local foods meal at your house       1 Yellow or Orange Pepper (or both!),
warning too seriously. We just stayed      ingredients in question                                     (feel free to invite me)     quartered and seeded
close to home to enjoy the sunshine.       in the foods they sold,                                     or share some of your      1 Purple Pepper, quartered and seeded
Then it seemed as the summer ended,        customers started look-                                     garden’s bounty with a       (local farmer John Fisher-Merritt
so did all of the good times. We were      ing for better answers.                                     neighbor or with one         grows these, check them out)
given a serious financial smack-down.      For many, the better                                        of the soup kitchens in    2 – 3 Poblano Peppers, halved and
    It’s been a tough year for pretty      answer was certified                                        town. You can commit         seeded
much everyone I know. As our collec-       organically-grown foods.                                    to checking at locally-    Toss the peppers in olive oil, salt and
tive belts tightened, more and more           Does this mean that                                      owned store for an         pepper and set aside until your coals
questions and concerns about our           your Co-op saw a surge                                      item you need before       are ready. In a separate bowl, mix well:
local food system were coming our          in sales like we’ve never                                   checking the Internet.
way. It turned out that the Locavore       seen before? No, but the                                    Or you can promise         1 pkg Chevre
Challenge was timelier than we could       questions were being                                        nothing, but take a        1 t Italian Seasoning
have imagined. It was just the kick in     asked. Just as often as I                                   packet of recipes using    1/2 t Garlic Granules or a very, very
the pants (that would be right below       was being asked about price, I was         local ingredients and enjoy. Then take        finely minced Garlic clove
our now-tightened belts) that many         being asked about food safety. This        a minute or two to speak to some of         1 T Olive Oil
Duluthians needed to realize that if we    was new. People started to look at the     our local farmers who join us at            Salt and Pepper to taste
do not buy locally, if we do not shop      cost of food in a different way. Instead   MOFF. See the wonderful produce
locally, businesses close and farmers      of assuming, “this is too much”, they      they are supplying from a place that        When your coals are hot, place the
can’t continue on.                         were seeing the items we have on sale,     has 38-degree weather in June. Be           peppers in a greased vegetable basket
    Still, there was a dip in the number   were using coupons like crazy and          amazed at how they can provide your         or sheet of aluminum foil that has the
of new members at the Co-op. Sales         new member sign ups began to rise          co-op with the very, very top of the        sides turned up. Toss and flip until the
also took a hit. We had to reassess our    again. People have been taking the         crop for the same price or less than        peppers are cooked and the skin has
financial goals and take a hard look at    recipe pamphlets in our Produce            what you’d pay someone else for             charred spots.
labor and inventory. I continued to        Department as fast as we can print         something not nearly as fresh from          Arrange the peppers with their juices
field the inevitable question at every     them. We are having conversations          California.                                 on a platter and dot with the cheese
presentation, “Why should I spend          about how to cook. These are all good         Should you never compare prices?         mixture. Serve as a side or schmeared
that extra money for organic food?”        things.                                    No. Should you never ask why? No.           on pieces of bread that have been
    Indeed. Why should you? Why               In May, we tried something new.         But perhaps considering what real           crisped on the grill. Also good as part
should you think about what preserva-      Rather than having a Member                value is before you spend your hard-        of a sandwich with other vegetables
tives, pesticides and an unstable food     Appreciation Day, we sent out post-        earned dollars will keep our city           and/or chicken. Leftovers make a nice
regulation system have to do with how      cards that could be used once during       viable, will keep jobs for your neigh-      omelet filling.
much your food costs? Especially           the month — Member Appreciation            bors and will keep our local food sys-
when you’re trying to keep afloat with     Month. This allowed flexibility for        tem strong. Remember that price is          In hopes of improving her very local food
a mortgage and kids in college and         those members who live farther away        what you pay, but value is what you         system, Shannon has dug up part of her
whatever else is on your expense           or who have tight schedules. I am          get.                                        front yard to accommodate some black
sheet? It’s hard to have to accept that    happy to report that it was a success.        Thank you Member Owners for              currants and a few more tomato plants.
gas will no longer be cheap (by            Consistent Member shoppers and             supporting the business you own.
American standards) and your 401k          occasional Member shoppers came in         Thank you to all of our other cus-
isn’t worth what it was and three hous-    to get a good deal. Hopefully, these       tomers who support us as well. We
es on your block are up for sale. Why      occasional shoppers saw that there are     appreciate the dollars you spend with
should you have to hear more bad           bargains to be had even without the        us. Please join us on August 8th to
news?                                      additional Appreciation discount, and      celebrate our local farmers. We look
    Then there wasn’t a choice whether     we begin to see them more often. We        forward to seeing you there.
or not to think about our food. A giant    had many people become Member                 And for all of you out there who are     Become a fan of Whole Foods Co-op
recall of peanuts forced many to real-     Owners on the spot when they real-         asking for more recipes, I am happy to      on Facebook. Be in the know with the
ize that you get what you pay for with     ized they could get the 5% off that day.   share one of mine.                          latest from your favorite grocer. We’ll
cheap food. Corners have to be cut         These are all good things, too.                                                        see you on-line!

          Do you advertise
           in the Gazette?
                 Beginning in September
              the Gazette is going quarterly.
          Watch your mail for new ad sizes, rates,
                   and deadline dates.
14                                                       GAR B A N Z O        GAZ E T T E         A     J U LY    A U GU S T

     Fresh Perspectives                                                                                a different sort of snack shack

                      hen I was growing up I        if she lets that secret out she might         around my house this time of year.             9   Lettuce                     67
                      remember after each           have company at her bowl. Especially              How about these snack ideas: A big        10   Grapes – Imported           66
                      Little League game we         since blueberries are so good right           thick slice of rich red tomato, or per-       11   Carrot                      63
                      would get a quarter to        now.                                          haps eaten whole like an apple, warm
                                                                                                                                                12   Pear                        63
     buy something from the snack shack,                July peaches are my favorite fruit,       and juicy, mmmm. California-grown
     which usually consisted of some sort of        especially those grown after the 4th of       cucumbers instead of crackers with a             But that’s one of the reasons you
     chip, soda or candy. But now the pro-          July (yes, I think there is a difference in   little fresh sour cream dip. A bag of         shop where you shop. You can choose
     duce department is my snack shack of           peach varieties depending on when             Blue Lake beans is a crispy afternoon         organic when buying these items and
     choice.                                        they are grown). Try it out yourself. If      appetizer, either raw or slightly             feel better about the food that you are
         And let’s face it, with its longer days,   you are going to do some peach sam-           steamed. Steamed chard roll-ups               feeding your friends and family. If you
     a major holiday and warm weather, July         pling on your own, do so each week of         stuffed with cilantro, hummus and             would like to see the complete list go to
     is a month that is ripe for snacking           the month. Ask about the varieties and        fresh corn. Snap peas instead of    
     morning, noon or night. Organic pro-           make a mental note of the names; it           peanuts for the baseball game. The list          So let’s take one of those organic
     duce is the best snack choice around.          will be worth remembering next season         goes on and on!                               summer favorites and make something
     After all it is always healthy for you,                                                          What’s your favorite? What’s your         nice with it. How about cucumbers?
     low in calories and bursting with flavor.                                                    best friend’s favorite? How about your        Cool, crisp and full of moisture. Try
     Really, what’s not to like?                            THIS MONTH’S                          sweetie? It’s fun to ask, and you may be      this.
         The interesting part comes when                        TIDBIT                            surprised at the answer.
     you ask someone what his or her                                                                  Whatever it is in the produce depart-     Cucumber &
     favorite summer produce snacking                   Are cucumbers a valuable                  ment will have the best fresh, organic        Black-Eyed Pea Salad
     item is. Some blurt it out as soon as            beauty aid? A medicinal aid?                produce available for your snacking           3 T extra-virgin Olive Oil
     the question leaves your mouth while               Both! Cucumbers have a                    pleasure all summer long.                     2 T Lemon Juice
     others ponder as if they are drifting            cooling nature and are used                     So what are you waiting for? Let the      2 t fresh Oregano, chopped or
     back to their childhood.                                                                     snacking begin!                                 1 t dried
         For instance, watermelon would be
                                                             as an astringent.
                                                         Astringents tighten your                 The Right Choice Makes a                      Freshly Ground Pepper to taste
     a popular choice if you asked around
     most offices or homes these days.                    pores and are good for                  Delicious Salad                               4 C Cucumbers, peeled and diced
     Eaten in many ways — sliced, cut into               soothing sunburns and                       Of all the produce items we enjoy          1 14-oz. can Black-eyed Peas, rinsed
     chunks, with a spoon using it as the              acne. And yes, placing cool                each summer there are still a few that        2/3 C Red Bell Pepper, diced
     bowl, served with a little lime juice and                                                    even with the tightest of budgets you         1/2 C Feta Cheese, crumbled
                                                        slices over your eyes can
     cayenne pepper. Or as a friend once                                                          should consider buying organic due to         1/4 C Red Onion, slivered
     told me, watermelon is best served with              relieve swollen, dry or                 the high pesticide levels found when          2 T Black Olives, chopped
     a hammock and shady tree. I couldn’t                      irritated eyes.                    tested with the latest government data.
     agree more!                                                                                                                                Whisk oil, lemon juice, oregano and
         Watermelon is in full swing in July                                                         Here is a list of the top 20.              pepper in a large bowl until combined.
     and English peas are starting to wane;         when the time comes around again.                                                           Add cucumber, black-eyed peas, bell
                                                                                                     RANK FRUIT / VEGGIE SCORE
     too bad because I could eat a whole               I think my favorite summer snack-                                                        pepper, feta, onion and olives; toss to
                                                                                                   1 (worst)                                    coat.
     bowl of ‘em by myself right from the           ing produce item is Thompson seed-              Peach (most pesticide) 100
     pod. Or how about red, purple or rain-         less and flame seedless grapes, so easy,       2 Apple                  93                  Serve at room temperature or chilled.
     bow bunched, sliced radishes with a            so tasty, and so fun. For my favorite                                                       Makes 6 servings, about 1 cup each.
                                                                                                   3 Sweet Bell Pepper      83
     little sprinkle of salt.                       veggie I would probably choose Sun
         Another friend gets her favorite           Gold cherry tomatoes. Both of these            4 Celery                 82                  References this issue:
     snack idea from her grandparents and           items start out firm and round and             5 Nectarine              81        
     her East Coast roots, fresh picked blue-       with a gentle bite burst their goodness        6 Strawberries           80                  info.html;
     berries and heavy cream. I can see how         into your mouth. Bunches and baskets           7 Cherries               73
     that would be habit forming. I told her        of these get consumed in one sitting           8 Kale                   69

     gourmet to go
     — Justin Hemming                               • All of the turkey we use is Kadejan         • The other sliced meats we use are           • The milk we use is from Valley View
                                                      turkey from Glenwood, Minnesota.              from Applegate Farms. The animals             Farms. It is RGBh-free. The eggs are
     Editor’s note: In the last issue of the          Kadejan only raises chickens that             raised on their farms are also able to        Phil’s eggs (same sold in our store),
     Garbanzo Gazette, I wrote about all of           have full access to the outdoors and          move about, don’t receive antibiotics         from Illinois. The chickens have
     the terrific summer bargains in our Deli.        are kept together in small flocks             or hormones, are fed a vegetarian             been raised cage-free for over 40
     As a follow up, we thought it might be a         (never in cages). They are not fed            diet without growth promotants. No            years and are given all-natural feed.
     good idea for you to know exactly what           hormones, animal by-products, and             artificial preservatives are used in the
     makes our ingredients so special and what        aren’t given antibiotics. They are also       processing.
     makes those salads taste so good.                an air-chilled product.
                                                                                                  • All of the vegetables we use are

             ummer is here and all of us in         • The chicken, turkey and salmon                organic and we work with the
             the Fog City Deli would like             noted above, are also available in the        produce department (who, in turn,
             you to know a little bit about           meat case across from the Deli.               works closely with many local
             the high-quality ingredients                                                           farmers) to get local vegetables as
     we use to create our dishes. If you            • Smoked trout for the dip in the Grab-
                                                                                                    often as we can. The companies we
     ever have a question about any of our            and-Go cooler and the fish on the hot
                                                                                                    get the remainder of our produce                 Prenatal Yoga
     delicious dishes, don’t hesitate to ask.         bar on Fridays is from Lake Superior
                                                                                                    from work diligently to sell local
                                                      Fish Company in Superior. The fish is
     • All of the chicken we use in the deli                                                        produce and so while not all is within           Couples Yoga
                                                      usually trout (occasionally whitefish)
       is Gerber’s Real Amish Farm                                                                  the 300-mile distance from Duluth
                                                      and comes from Lake Superior when
       Country chicken from Ohio. It is                                                             that we label as local, much of it
                                                      available. When it is unavailable, it                                                          Women’s Gathering
       hormone-free, stimulant-free, animal                                                         from Minnesota or our surrounding
                                                      comes from the Antarctic.
       by-product-free, and antibiotic-free.                                                        states.
                                                                                                                                                     Family Singing Circle
       The chickens, raised on Amish                • The bacon, sausage, ham, bratwurst
                                                                                                  • If the herbs and spices that we use
       farms, are free to roam and have               pork butt, pork tenderloin, and pork
                                                                                                    are available to us organically, then            Women Circling Women helps
       access to fresh water and grain all            ribs we use are from Beeler’s in
                                                                                                    that is what we use. The vanilla,               pregnant women and new moms
       day.                                           Illinois. No nitrates or nitrites are                                                       create circles that support them and
                                                                                                    sugar, chicken and vegetable bases,
                                                      used in the meat. The pigs are fed a                                                               their growing familes.
     • The salmon we sell is from Dave                                                              butter, olive oil, tamari, peanut butter,
                                                      vegetarian diet, aren’t given
       Rogotzke. It is caught in Bristol Bay,                                                       and tahini are also organic. All of our
                                                      antibiotics or growth promotants,
       Alaska. The fishing there is heavily           and have outdoor access. They are
                                                                                                    berries, grains, pastas, tomato                    Making Circles
       regulated to make sure the salmon                                                            products, beans, and soy products are
                                                      free to socialize, always have access                                                              715.364.8509
       populations are sustaining. Wild                                                             organic as well.
                                                      to fresh water and feed, and piglets                                              
       caught salmon have fewer toxins and            are even born in their own private
       pollutants than farm raised salmon.            maternity rooms.
                                                  W H O L E   F O O D S   A              C O M M U NI T Y              C O O P                                                 15

news bites
INTERESTED IN SUPPORTING                this issue. The soy industry      from the Union of Concerned                                    This amendment will be effective
THE DEVELOPMENT OF                      scorecard can be seen at:         Scientists:                                                    January 1, 2010, subject to related
URBAN GARDENS —                                              comments received by Member-
Visit the web site of the Duluth                                          griculture/science_and_impacts/sc                              Owners. Please direct your
Community Garden Program                                A                 ience/failure-to-yield.html)                                   comments and questions by email
(www.duluthcommunitygarden.                                                                                                              to the Board at
org) or email Executive Director        CENTER FOR FOOD SAFETY (CFS)                                        A                   or in
Carrie Slater Duffy at                  CAMPAIGN TO TELL CONGRESS                                                                        writing to the Board of Directors,             NOT TO FORCE GENETICALLY          MEMBER COMMENTS                                                Whole Foods Co-op, 610 East 4th
The Garden Program’s Growing            ENGINEERED (GE) CROPS ON          REQUESTED                                                      Street, Duluth, MN 55805.
Together Campaign needs                 OTHER COUNTRIES:                  Following a recommendation from
sponsors to fund much-needed      the Member-Owner Committee, on                                                A
improvements to the garden sites        FoodAid/3e3si5k9vjwx8kme          May 25th the Board of Directors
                                                                                                                                         “They always say time changes
including fencing, water and                                              approved an amendment to the
                                                        A                                                                                things, but you actually have to
compost.                                                                  Member IOU Policy as follows:
                                                                                                                                         change them yourself.”
                                                                          “… WFC members with fully paid-
                                        FAILURE TO YIELD: EVALUATING                                                                     Andy Warhol, The Philosophy of Andy
                A                                                         in equity may charge purchases to
                                        THE PERFORMANCE OF                                                                               Warhol, US artist (1928–1987)
                                                                          a maximum of $20.00 payable
THE CORNUCOPIA INSTITUTE’S              GENETICALLY ENGINEERED            within two (2) weeks from the date
scorecard on the dairy industry is in   CROPS                             incurred...”

                                                                                                    Reduce your environmental footprint now...

                                                                                               Low Energy Building Design & Consulting
                                                                                               Solar Electric & Hot Water Systems
                                                                                               Heat Recovery Ventilation Systems
                                                                                               Home Energy Heating Solutions

                                                                                             TECHNOLOGIES                                    ...And for the future

                                                                                             218.722.9003     www.conser

                                                                                             4804 Oneota Street Duluth, MN 55807
16                                                   G A R B AN Z O      G A Z E T T E     A      J U LY    A U GU S T

                         It’s summer at the Co-op and that means it’s time for MOFF — that’s the
                            Midsummer Organic Food Fest to the newbies out there. Come down and
                         meet the local organic farmers behind your food. Sign up for the Eat Local
                          Challenge. Enter drawings. We’ll also have music, samples and we will
                             announce the winners of the Eat Local Challenge Recipe Contest.

                     So join us for MOFF — Saturday, August 8 from 10am–2pm in the Whole Foods
                     Co-op parking lot right in front of the store. Your taste buds will be glad you did.
                                        610 East 4th Street • Duluth MN 55805 • 218.728.0884
                                                                        7am–9pm • Everyday

     back 40                            “not going for broke”
                                                                                           with this method of agriculture, it
                                                                                           assumes organic practices and goes
                                                                                           beyond to consider soil fertility and the
                                                                                                                                           Kurdish Chard Soup —
                                                                                                                                           Red Version
                                                                                                                                           3 T Olive Oil
        by Michael Karsh                                                                   plant and animal communities sur-
                                                                                           rounding the farm. You can find out             1 medium Onion, fine dice

            think we all did a double-take a     ber of younger growers who will be on     more by chatting with John when he is           3 T Nutritional Yeast
            little over a month ago when a       their own for the first time, though      in house during his stint as Farmer             4 Cloves Garlic, peeled
            spokesperson for General Motors,     usually under the mentorship of their     of the Week (watch the website on               Stems from one bunch of Chard,
            upon the announcement of their       parents. When looking at building a       this one). You can also go to                     coarsely diced
     bankruptcy, noted that the company          food system that can in practice feed
     had both let down customers for years,      our growing member and non-member                                                         Leaves from one bunch of Chard,
                                                                                               Now a plug for our Farmer of the              coarsely chopped
     as well as were now prepared to meet        community here at WFC, there is no        Week promotion: We have an excess of
     customer expectations and legitimate        question that the support and encour-                                                     1 medium-sized Red Beet, medium dice
                                                                                           information, both photos and written,
     needs. It was hard to hear such a realis-   agement we have been able to offer is                                                     1 T Paprika
                                                                                                  to offer you about our farmers
     tic assessment so late and                                                                   that we wanted to come up with a         1 T Bouillon
     with decades of evidence to        We will be featuring a different                          new method of delivering it. We          1/2 t Salt
     support the need for such                                                                                                             2 T Sugar
     changes. One hopes the            farmer each week, beginning in                             will be featuring a different
                                                                                                  farmer each week, beginning in           3 T Tomato Paste
     changes are real, and the pub-
     lic resources well spent.
                                           June, by promoting their                               June, by promoting their signa-          5 whole Peppercorns
                                                                                                  ture crops, offering recipes, hav-       5 C Water
     Proximate to that time the            signature crops, offering                              ing periodic in-store demonstra-         Double batch of small
     USDA was giving away a
     much smaller amount of           recipes, having periodic in-store                           tions all in additional to an LCD
                                                                                                  mounted proximate to our hang-
                                                                                                                                             Drop Dumplings
     money to support farmers                                                                                                              3 T Lemon Juice
     transitioning into organic pro-
                                      demonstrations all in additional                            ing weekly specials sign that will
                                                                                                  show you more about our grow-            Sauté onions in oil and sweat until
     duction, a change that has         to an LCD mounted proximate                               ers, both in word and picture.           transparent. Sprinkle with nutritional
     been growing in frequency                                                                                                             yeast and deglaze the pan with 1 cup of
     over the past years.               to our hanging weekly specials                            Check out who it is that raises
                                                                                                  your food, they are worthy of your       water. Pour into a soup pot or crock
         This season WFC will have
     the largest circle of local grow-
                                         sign that will show you more                             honor and interest!                      pot. Add all remaining ingredients
                                                                                                      Finally, a little recipe for you     except lemon juice. If using a soup pot,
     ers that we have every worked    about our growers, both in word                             all: I ran across reference to what      cover and bring to a boil. Add
     with, including small plots in                                                                                                        dumplings, boil 5 minutes longer, then
     and out of town, to large scale              and picture.                                    by all accounts was a fantastic
                                                                                                  soup coming out of the Jewish            reduce heat and simmer 30–40 min-
     Amish growers who will sup-                                                                  Diaspora in ancient Kurdish Iraq.        utes. Add lemon juice at the end. If
     ply muskmelons and corn to your sum-        increasing the number of sustainable      It is the season for the ingredients, and       using a crock pot, cook on high 4
     mer tables, as well as anticipating (per-   farmers in our region, a change that      you can make whatever sort of                   hours, drop dumplings in crock in the
     haps dimly) the glory of the Food Farm      balances the increasing nutritional and   dumpling you’d like, but traditionally it       last hour. Add lemon juice, stir and
     carrots, and the Olund cucumbers, giv-      food safety bankruptcy of what has        would be one that included ground               serve. Kids love it, but it stains! GG
     ing us the opportunity to put more of       passed for conventional wisdom in         lamb. Make lots, they’re popular!
     our resources into a regional agricul-      agriculture for too long.
     ture that will not have to make apolo-         For a second year now we are work-     Michael Karsh is the Produce Manager at Whole Foods Co-op, where he has worked for the
     gies for letting you down in any way.       ing with a biodynamic farmer from         past 19 years in various positions. A transplant from the Twin Cities, he is an avid parent,
         Within some of these extended com-      northern Wisconsin, John Ewers of         cook, and organic gardener. Through his work at the Co-op he has developed markets for
                                                                                           local growers, with an emphasis on organics.
     munities we deal with there are a num-      Soluna Farm. For those not familiar

To top