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               Job Description

       Job Title:
                             Intern-Engineering (I)

       Location:             Rancho Bernardo

       Country:              United States

       Reference:                                                          Percentage Travel:

       Career Interest
       Organization:         R&D

        Worker Type:         Intern/Co-Op

               Other Information
               Req 128461
               Location: Rancho Bernardo, CA

               About Teradata Corporation
               Teradata Corporation (NYSE: TDC) is the global leader in data warehousing and analytic technologies
               that make smart companies smarter. Teradata provides the most knowledgeable and experienced
               consulting professionals, highest performing technology, industry-leading innovation, and a world-class
               network of customers and partners to make faster, smarter decisions that give our customers a decided
               competitive advantage.
               Based in Dayton, Ohio, Teradata ( employs approximately 5,500 people

               Summary Description:

               This position is a Software Engineer Intern within Teradata Product Management. We are seeking a
               candidate with education in Computer Science or Marketing. The candidate will work with the Teradata
               Product Management team in the areas of product and Market analysis and Business planning. The
               candidate with interface with multiple Teradata organization such as Marketing, Finance and various field
               organizations to assist in the business modelling and product management functions.

               Location: This position is located in San Diego (Rancho Bernardo), CA.

               Key Areas of Responsibility/Skills:

               • Understanding of Server System and Relational Database Concepts
               • Good oral and written communication skills
                   Job Requirements: List the minimum requirements a candidate must have for this position.
                   • 3.0 GPA on a 4.0 Scale
                   • Currently Pursuing a Degree with at least 1 semester or 2 quarters remaining until Graduation
                   • US Citizen or Permanent Resident

                   Preferred Requirements: Like to have qualifications

                   • Experience or class project work in market research
                   • Experience or class project work in Data warehousing or Database concepts
                   • Experience or class project work in WEB page design.

 Other Information
 Req: 128459
 Location: Rancho Ber
 Intern Job Description – Developer of a Software Quality Dashboard (
 1. Programming experience
 2. Good knowledge of Microsoft Excel
 3. Ability to learn programs to create dashboard of software quality metrics
 4. Good knowledge of HTML to build and modify Web pages
 5. Artistic capabilities to produce Professional appearing dashboards / reports
 6. Ability to work with managers and translate conceptual ideas into prototypes
 Main Functions:
 1. Create professional appearing Dashboards representing key Quality Metrics for Teradata Data base.
 Automatically send emails when certain thresholds for Quality have been triggered.
 2. Acquire and Load the data into Excel necessary for the Quality Metrics
 3. Maintain and modify Web pages for Teradata Database engineering
 4. Document all enhancements to Web pages and Metrics Reports
 Overall Responsibilities:
 1. Create conceptual professional designs for the dashboards
 2. Once approved, develop the infrastructure, including loading the data; document the sources of data
 and the loading process
 3. Develop triggering email that provide an early warning mechanism to managers when Quality Metrics
 are in jeopardy of being missed
 4. Develop Test Plans to thoroughly test the Dashboards and Alert mechanism
 5. Release and train the managers to use the Dashboards
 6. Work with the managers to understand changes required for their Web pages
 7. Update and maintain the web pages for the managers

Job Title:
                                                       Intern-Engineering (I)

               Location:                               San Diego

               Country:                                United States

               Reference:                                                        Percentage Travel:

                Career Interest Area:

                Organization:                             R&D

Summary Description:
The candidate will contribute as a member of the Operating Systems Engineering development team. The
focus of the OS Engineering team is on the analysis, development and sustaining of commercial UNIX™,
LINUX, and Windows Server installations. This focus covers all OS functional areas including kernels,
drivers, loaders, networking, and applications support as it applies to Teradata’s unique Massive Parallel
Processing (MPP) environment.

Key Areas of Responsibility:
• “C” and “assembly” programming in various areas within development projects
• Development projects range across multiple all current Operating Systems
• Analyze, design, develop, and test new features and technologies into current products, provided bug
fixes, and ad hoc solutions
• Work independently, with an assigned mentor and Team Lead along with other members of a very strong
development team in challenging and interesting assignments
• Over time, as needed skills are developed, candidate will be asked to take primary ownership in certain
areas of the software as first level engineering support and development.

Job Requirements:
• Junior or Senior student working towards a BS Degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering or
related discipline
• Must be a U.S. Citizen
• Good communication skills, both verbal and written, are required.
• Strong “C” programming skills and have a good understanding of UNIX and/or Windows operating systems
(kernel, file systems, memory management, TCP/IP, etc).
• Candidate needs to work effectively in a development team environment and have good resource
management skills to successfully work on multiple projects at one time.

Preferred Requirements:
• Student working towards MS degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering or related discipline
• Familiarity with Bourne (“sh”) and Korn (‘ksh”) shell scripting, ClearCase, or related source repository
system, OS dump image analysis, and application debugging techniques.

San Diego, CA

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