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									        James Madison Charter Academy
December 18, 2009                                                                     Dr. Anne Shearer -Shineman
Volume 4, Issue 6                                                                                       Principal

                                              Madison Manifesto

                               Principal’s News                               Reminders:
                                    I hope everyone enjoyed our holiday         Snow boots are not part of the school
                                   musical presentation this week. Mrs.           uniform. Children may wear boots to
                                   Sandstrom, Mrs. Bell, and the students         school in inclement weather but
                                   worked hard to delight you. Even with          they need to bring “street” shoes to
                                   two snow days, they came through with          wear during the day.
                                   a winner!                                    Students may wear a t-shirt under
Contents                           As 2009 comes to a close, I wish you all       their polo shirt but the t-shirt must
                                   a safe and relaxing winter break.              be white and if it is long-sleeved,
Principal’s News          1
                                   Holidays provide an opportunity for            the polo shirt must also be long-
                                   quality family time as well as winter          sleeved.
Upcoming Events           1
                                   activities. Whatever your plans, enjoy       Students need to be prepared to go
Volunteer Opportunities   1        your time with family and friends.             outside every day for recess and
                                                                                  PE. They should bring their JMCA
BAAC                      2
                                                                                  sweater, coat, hat and mittens as
PTO News                  2                                                       needed to keep them warm.
Board News                2

Santa’s Holiday Store     2                                                   THANKS FOR BUYING
                                                                              POPCORN AND CANDLES
                                                                              TO SUPPORT THE SCHOOL!
   Dec. 18 - END OF
    QUARTER                   VOLUNTEER
   Dec. 21 – Jan. 4          OPPORTUNITIES!
                              For those of you who still need
   Jan. 5 – Classes          volunteer hours, here are a few ways
    resume                    you may earn hours:
   Jan. 7 – Report
    Cards go Home              -     Help with carpool in the morning
                                     or afternoon. You can accumulate
   Jan. 18 – NO
                                     an hour a week by helping us
    SCHOOL – Martin
                                     unload children in the morning.
    Luther King Jr.
                                     We can always use more helpers.
                               -     Check the sticky note board near
   Jan. 21 – BAAC                   the main office for current needs.
    5:30                       -     Check with your child’s teacher
   Jan. 21 – PTO 6:30               for classroom needs.
                               -     Help supervise the lunchroom and
   Jan. 25 Board                    lunch recess any day!
    Meeting 7:00
          Other News                                                                    Manifesto

                                                                    Santa’s Holiday Store
                                                                    Hopefully you all had an opportunity
                                                                    to shop since we extended the store’s
                                                                    hours due to the inclement weather.

                                                                    Thanks to all who took time to shop
                                                                    and purchase gifts at the Board of
                                                                    Directors’ Holiday Store. We had lots
                                                                    of goodies for students to buy for
                                                                    their family and friends. A good time
                         PTO NEWS                                   was had by shoppers and hosts.

                         PTO discussed ideas for fundraisers for
                         4th quarter. A family Valentine’s dance
                         is planned for February 12.
                         As always, we encourage everyone to
      Absences           attend our next PTO meeting on
                         Thursday, January 21 at 6:30 p.m.                    Santa’s Express
When your child is
going to be absent,                                                BAAC
please call 391-3977
                                                                   BAAC is developing a survey to
before 9:00 a.m. This
                                                                   determine the effect of a possible
allows us to verify
                                                                   change in grade configuration in
absences efficiently.
                                                                   District 3. They may move 6th
We appreciate your
                                                                   graders to the junior highs.
cooperation in this
matter.                                                            Our next meeting is Thursday,
                                                                   January 21 at 5:30 pm, prior to the
                                                                   PTO meeting. We meet in Mrs.
                         Board of Directors                        Boden’s Room.

                         At its December meeting, the BOD
                         voted to begin a hot lunch program
    James Madison        in January. Informational packets
   Charter Academy
      660 Syracuse
                         were sent home this week. We hope           REPORT CARDS
                         all of our families will take
  Colorado Springs, CO   advantage of this wonderful                    GO HOME
         80911           opportunity. We will continue to
        Phone:           have our popular Lunch Bunch on
                                                                       JANUARY 7
    (719) 391-3977       Fridays.
         Fax:            In addition, the school calendar has
    (719) 391-1744       been altered. May 28 is no longer a
                         school day. Students will now have
                         a four-day weekend for Memorial
                         Day (Friday through Monday). Field
We’re on the Web!
                         Day will be moved to the last day of
                                                                   Board of Directors
                                                                     The next Board meeting:
 Our future leaders                                                    Monday, January 25
  in the making ...                                                       at 7:00 p.m.

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