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					October 28, 2011

Dear Agency Representative,

Attached is an application form to participate in the Colorado Donations and Volunteer
Management Network (CDVMN) as a “Recipient Agency.” The CDVMN is comprised of
potential donors, recipient agencies, and government emergency management. Donors may
include businesses, organizations, and private citizens. Recipient Agencies may include national
relief agencies, non-profits, community groups, civic organizations, and faith-based groups.

With the assistance of CDVMN, donors, Recipient Agencies and emergency management are
linked together through web-based tools. The CDVMN Portal (aka ‘Aidmatrix’) is a web-based
tool that enables CDVMN to efficiently and effectively match donated goods, services, and
volunteers to relief groups (Recipient Agencies) in need of resources following a disaster.
CDVMN aims to help Recipient Agencies increase their effectiveness in the provision of disaster
response services by assisting them in accessing needed resources in a timely manner.

If your organization anticipates it will provide services in the State of Colorado to individuals and
communities impacted by disasters, and you anticipate that your agency will want assistance
accessing in-kind donations, financial contribution, and volunteers, you should consider applying
to the CDVMN as a Recipient Agency. Membership to CDVMN, access to the web-based tool,
and basic training on the tool is FREE to your agency!

Attached is an application form to register your organization as a Recipient Agency. Please fill-
out the form and send it to: Jen Poitras, COVOAD Coordinator, at:
Note that the form is a PDF file with fields you can fill in electronically and save. Be sure to save
the information on your computer before emails.

Also available are some FAQs regarding CDVMN, who should apply as a Recipient Agency, the
application process, and the benefits available to agencies in CDVMN. If these documents were
not sent directly to you, you can find them at: (see ‘resources’ tab). There
is no obligation for your agency to apply if you do not want to access the resources made
available via CDVMN.

Should you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We look forward to working
in collaboration with you!

Best regards,

Deborah Foote, Chair
Colorado Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster

Bob Wold, Recovery Manager
Colorado Division of Emergency Management

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