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					                COTS Integration Pre‐Assignment Survey

Team Number: 14

Is our system largely dependent on COTS products?
Yes our project is dependent on COTS as we are developing a database application using

Number of COTS Product Utilized By the Proposed System: 3

                    Type                                          COTS
 Operating System                             MS Windows XP Professional
 DBMS                                         MySQL
 Framework                                    Microsoft .NET Framework

Team Members Work Experience

 Student Name             Role                              Work Experience
 Swetha         Project                      Have developed various Database applications using
 Suryanarayanan Manager/Feasibility          MySQL and Oracle.
 Kartik Sethi   Plan and Control            Summer internship as a Development intern at
                Engineer/Prototyper         Integrative System Evaluation, used Microsoft
                                            Technologies for developing windows applications.
 Bharat             Prototyper/Requirements Currently pursuing an internship at Teradata,
 Mehndiratta        Engineer                working on query optimizer. Interned at R&D
                                            department of Teradata in summer 2008.
                                            Experienced in Microsoft Technology – VB.Net
                                            while interning at RMSI (India)
 Nikita             Requirements            Worked as a Software Engineer at Patni Computer
 Valechha           Engineer/Plan and       Systems for 1 yr 6 months. Configured and
                    Control Engineer        maintained COTS according to clients requirements.
                                            COTS that were configured and maintained Kronos
                                            and Gentran. Enhancement and Maintainence of
                                            SAMS. Used VB and MySql extensively.
 Shobana            System                  Summer Internship as Application developer in
 Govindan           Architect/Operational   Kanrad Technologies Inc., San Jose. Developed
                    Concept Engineer        SNMP Agent Reader application module using Net-
                                            SNMP libraries.
 Priyanka           Operational Concept     Developed a Web Server with Plug-in Support for
 Nambiar            Engineer/System         Perl and PHP
                    Architect               Have also worked on several mini projects in fields
                                            like Image Processing and Computer Networks
 Mark Shehata       IIV&V/Quality Focal     Developed many small projects and my graduation
                    Point                   project using VB.NET and used MySQL as a part of
                                               some undergraduate’s courses.
 Naveen Joy        Shaper/IIV&V                Developed data mining applications using MySQL,
                                               C++, Java Script and Java Servlets. I have assessed
                                               several COTS products for my company for network
                                               traffic visualization, Wireless LAN, Voice over IP
                                               and Network management.

COTS Products Used in the Proposed System

           COTS                          Version                            Provider
MySQL Server                   5.0                             Sun Microsystems
MS Windows XP                  2002                            Microsoft
Microsoft .NET Framework       2.0                             Microsoft

COTS Related Activities our Project Performs:

   Initial Filtering: This activity was performed in order to identify potential Database
     Management Systems. Initially we identified three potential products – MySQL,
     Oracle and MS Access
   Detail Assessment: Study of various features provided by the COTS product
     identified during the initial filtering. Various factors such as costs, concurrency
     features and scalability factors were considered. Developers experience and
     familiarity with the DBMS were considered and MySQL was chosen.
   Integration Testing: To check the feasibility of the front-end with our back-end
     (COTS: MySQL) with the help of working prototype was performed.
A simple box and lines diagram representing the deployment of the proposed
system’s architecture

                                       Windows Server (PC designated as a Server)

                              MySQL Server 5.0-backend
                               tables


                           Window Application-Front end

                  Data and Control

                                     User’s Workstation-Windows XP Professional

           Windows Application Instance

                 Window forms (User-interfaces)

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