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					                                                                                 CoTA Committees

Acquisition Committee       (3-yr. term)             Research Committee ( 3yr. Appt.)                               USF Faculty Senate Standing                     Other Univ. Committees
Peter Foe                   Convenor/Chr.            Vikas Mehta                 ACD 2010-13                        Committees & Councils
Lou Marcus                  Art Hist. 2008-11        Trent Green                  ACD 2009-12                                                                       Chairs Steering Committee
Gregory Green               Art Hist. 2009-12        John Byrd                    A 2008-11                         Committee on Committees                         Wallace Wilson                              A
Michael Foley               Perf.Arts 2008-11        Anat Pollack                 A 2010-13                         Bill Hayden             M            2010/11
Karla Davis Salazar         CAS Rep 2008-11          Brad Diamond                 M 2009-12                                                                         Global Sustainability, School of
Dr. Phil Levy (History)     CAS Rep 2010-13          Jill Brasky                  M 2010-13                         Educational Policy & Issues                     Bob MacLeod                    ACD
Stanton Storer              Community 2009-11        Fanni Green                  T/D 1/2010-11
Elizabeth Indianos          Community 2009-12        Jeanne Travers               T/D 2009-12                       Faculty Advisory Council                        Humanities Institute Advisory
Wally Wilson                Art Director                               non-voting IRA(2008-11)                      Bill Hayden                   M      2010/11    Wallace Wilson                A
                                                                      non-voting IRA (2009-12)                                                                      Sang-Hie Lee                  M
Curriculum Committee                                 Sang-Hie Lee                USF Research Coun 2010-12          Faculty Comm on Student Admissions
Barton Lee (mem at large)   Convenor                 TBA                         USF Grad Coun 2010-13              Bill Hayden                   M      2010/13    Issues of Sexual Orientation
Dan Powers                  ACD                      Barton Lee (mem at large)   Assoc. Dean
John Byrd                   A&AH(grad)                                                                              Faculty Senate
Richard Olinger             A&AH(undergrad)                                                                         Bill Hayden                   M      2010/13    Laboratory & Field Safety Comm.
Bill Hayden                 M(grad)                  STAFF Advisory Council                                                                                         Irineo Cabreros              A
Kim McCormick               M(undergrad)             Mary Kuka-Marchese (Chair)Advis.
Patrick Finelli             T/D(grad)                Susie Shannon             Advis.                               General Education Council                       Patel Center Faculty Advisory
Merry Lynn Morris           T/D(undergrad)           Danielle Boe              Dance                                                                                Bob MacLeod                   ACD
TBA                         Council Rep Grad 10-13   Amy Fletcher              Music
Jay Coble                   UG Council Rep 06-09     Diane Larocca             Admin                                Governmental Relations Committee                Research Misconduct, USF Standing Comm.
                                                     Victoria Stuart           Devel
Distinguished Professor (Sr. Faculty)                                                                               Graduate Council
                        ACD                                                                                                                                         Sabbatical Committee
Wallace Wilson          A                            Teaching Committee ( 3yr. Appts)
                        M                            Mark Weston               ACD 2009-12                          Honors & Awards Council
Pat Finelli             T/D                          Noelle Mason              A 2010-13                            Steve Cooke                   ACD    2009/10
                                                     Julie Weitz               A 2009-12                                                                            Safety Committee
Diversity Advisory Workgroup                         Zoe Lang                  M 2009-12                            Library Council                                 Barton Lee
Barton Lee              College Office               John Carmichael           M 2008-11                            John Robison                  M      2010/13
Shannon Bassett         ACD                          Fanni Green               T/D 2010-13                                                                          World Initiative Committee
Cesar Cornejo           A&AH                         Jeanne Travers            T/D 2008-11                                                                          Wallace Wilson                              A
Irineo Cabreros         A&AH                         Barton Lee                Assoc. Dean                          Publications Council
Scott Kluksdahl         M                                                                                           Bill Hayden                   M      2010/12    Information on the following Committees are
Amy Fletcher            M                                                                                                                                           available through the Associate Dean
Fanni Green             T/D Convener                 Tenure & Promotion                                                                                             (EPACT) Emergency Preparedness Academic Continuity Team
John Parks              T/D                          (appt. 10/1/10-9/30/11)                                        Technology for Instruction & Research           Campus Safety & Emergency Preparedness Committee
Tim Baker               IRA                          Dan Powers                  ACD   Tenured Full Professor       Mark Weston                ACD        2010/13   Administrative Assessment Committee
TBA                     IRA                          Nancy Sanders               ACD   Tenured Assoc or Full Prof   Undergraduate Council                           Academic Assessment Committee
Reginald Joseph         College Office               Trent Green                 ACD   Tenured Assoc or Full Prof   Jay Coble                     M      2008/11    Graduate Assessment Committee
                                                     Steven Cooke                ACD   Alternate Tenure Full Prof                                                   Graduate Enrollment Management
Faculty Advisory Council                             Elisabeth Fraser            A     Tenured Full Professor       Univ. Research Council                          Graduate Coordinators
Levent Kara                ACD 2010-13               Robert Lawrence             A     Tenured Assoc or Full Prof   Sang-Hie Lee                  M      2010/12    Associate Deans - Research
Michael Halflants          ACD 2009-12               Helena Szepe                A     Tenured Assoc or Full Prof                                                   Associate Deans - Academic
Gregory Green              A 2010-13                 Brad Shanks                 A     Alternate Tenure Full Prof                                                   Facilities & Physical Plant for CoTA
Wendy Babcox               A 2009-11                 Bob McCormick               M     Tenured Full Professor                                                       CASVA Building Committee
Bill Wiedrich              M 2010-13                 John Robison                M     Tenured Assoc or Full Prof                                                   Music Building Committee
John Carmichael            M 2009-11                 John Carmichael             M     Tenured Assoc or Full Prof
G.B. Stephens (for Steele) T/D 2009-11               Scott Kluksdahl             M     Alternate Tenure Full Prof
Michael Foley              T/D 2010-13               Patrick Finelli             T/D   Tenured Full Professor
                                                     Jeanne Travers              T/D   Tenured Assoc or Full Prof
Library Committee                                    G.B. Stephens               T/D   Tenured Assoc or Full Prof
Stan Russell                ACD                      Michael Foley               T/D   Alternate Tenure Full Prof
Rodney Mayton               A
John Robison                M
Merry Lynn Morris           T/D
Noel Smith                  CAM/GS
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