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Coordinator HEOP-Excel Program


									                           VACANCY ANNOUNCEMENT

                                                            February 8, 2006

     Coordinator of Counseling, Admissions, Recruitment and Student Services
                             HEOP/Excel Program

The Coordinator functions under the direction of the Director of HEOP/Excel and
consults with the Campus Counseling Center. Responsibilities include, but are not
limited to, counseling program-assisted students individually and in groups, helping
them to develop and identify academic, career and life goals and provides sources of
appropriate and up-to-date career, educational and personal resource information;
consults with faculty and staff in order to provide the best educational response to meet
academic and personal needs. Manages other areas of responsibilities such as the
HEOP/Excel Admissions process, representation and recruitment, outreach, internship,
quarterly newsletter, mentoring programs and other duties as assigned by the Director.
HEOP/Excel Coordinator responsibilities mirror each other throughout the summer and
academic year experience.

Qualifications: Master’s Degree in counseling and/or social work. Three years or
more of counseling/social work experience at the high school or collegiate level
preferred. Community and agency level experience utilizing specialized counseling skills
considered. Ability to communicate and work as a team member highly desirable.
Demonstrated success with multicultural clients and/or community valued.

Hours: 35 hours a week/52 weeks per year.

Send resume to:   Mary Sue Engle, Assistant Director of Human Resources
                  Nazareth College of Rochester
                  4245 East Avenue
                  Rochester, New York 14618-3790

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