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									                              Blue Hawk Alumni
                                                                                               Alumni & Development Office
                                                                                                  111 N. Burlington Avenue
St. Cecilia High School                                                                                Hastings, NE 68901
                                                                                                              Phone: 402-462-6566
521 N. Kansas Avenue                                                                                            Fax: 402-462-6567
Hastings, NE 68901                                                                      Alumni Office e-mail:
Phone: 402-462-2105                                Development Office e-mail:

Volume 11 • Issue 2                                                                                          Summer 2010

                                                                            ter of Dan & Peg Konen ’76 Orr, Drew Potzeba,
                                                                            son of Duane & Kathleen, Jose Romo, son of
                                                                            Maria & Encarnacion, Joe Ryan, son of Dave &
                                                                            Susie Carey ’75 Ryan, Jacob Schwartz, son of
                                                                            Rick & Julie, Beau Schwenka, son of Doug &
                                                                            Linda, Dalton Sealey, son of Nick ’81 & Kim,
                                                                            Spencer Suminski, son of Kevin & Jennifer
                                                                            ’Rundle ’80 Suminski,
                                                                            son of
                                                                            Jerry ’80
   Molly Consbruck, daughter of Rick ’77 & Joni, Wade
                                                              A J Toms, son of Susan
Dykeman, son of Sherri & Jim’77, Austin Edmondson, son of
                                                              & Tommy, Caleb
Tony & Cathy, Jorge Estrada, son of Juan & Ana, Audrey
                                                              Uerling, son of Alan &
Gaspers, daughter of John & Pam, Theresa Gentert, daughter
                                                              Pam, Michael Vacek, son of
of Randy & Sue, Paul Goedert, son of Tom ’80 & Becky,
                                                              Ron & Colleen, Dominic Wahlmeier, son of Pat & Deb,
Trinh Hang, niece of Heyen Nguyen, Elizabeth Hemberger,
                                                                                Alexandria Walenz, daughter of Mike &
daughter of Mark ’76 & Deb, Emily Hemberger, daughter of
                                                                                      Susie, Lindsey White, daughter of
Dave ’80 and Betty, Jade Hemberger, daughter of Lamont
                                                                                        Brandi & Kalpesh Ganatra, Josh
& Susan, Will Howsden, son of Jim & Jenny, Morgan
                                                                                          Willnerd, son of Ron & Brenda,
                              Jacobi, daughter of Mark
                                                                                           Andrew Young, son of Greg &
                                  ’80 & Tami
                                                                                           Judy, Spencer Zysset, son of
                                     Verlkamp ’81
                                                                                          Waid & Marilyn.
                                      Jacobi, Ben
                                      Konen, son of Gene
                                      & Joan Schmidt ’79
                                    Konen, Tim
                                 Krikac, son of Mike
                             & Gladys, Tracy Labenz,
daughter of Terry & Deb, Rachel Lemke, daughter of
Don & Nancy, Bailey Mangers, daughter of Ed ’70 and
                    Jeanne, Katy McCauley, daughter
                    of Pat & Barb, Mattie McMahon,
                    daughter of Brian & Jill, Hannah
                    Miller, daughter of Allen and Heidi,
                    Jordon Morehead, son of Suzanne
                    and Jim, Tien Ngo, son of Vinh &
                    Thi, Tim O’Brien, son of Stan &
                    Linda, Laura O’Grady, daughter of
                    Dan & Kari, Cole Opbroek, son of
                    Scott & Darcy, Rachel Orr, daugh-
                   Notes from the Alumni Director                                                  BIRTHS
                                                                             Lane Alan Hagen, baby boy was born December 1,
                   Carol Brouillette ’64 Poppe
                                                                               2009 to Amanda & Thomas Hagen ’98.
                       We are doing our best to keep up with all                      Luke William Hasley, baby boy was born
                    the happenings in the Alumni and                                  December 5, 2009 to Katie & Bryan Hasley
                    Development Offices. As of today, I am try-                    ’90.
                    ing to finish the paperwork for the Golf
Tournament, work on the Grand Bag, Reunion and this                 Vivian Louise Hernandez, baby girl was born January 23, 2009
‘Connection’. So, if I sound a little crazy, please forgive me!     to Christina & Ben Hernandez ’02.
   The following is a brief summary of what has been happen-        Lola Marie Bauman, baby girl was born January 3, 2010 to John
ing since the last ‘Connection’ newsletter.                         & Theresa Hasley ’96 Bauman.
   In February, you were sent a phone-a-thon letter
for support to the Alumni Office and the STC                        Jacob Thomas Heckman, baby boy was born February 14, 2010
Endowment Fund. To date we have received                            to Neil & Ann Schultes ’95 Heckman.
$25,398. Thank you for your thoughtful gifts. They are truly        Chloe Grace Patterson, baby girl was born February 14, 2010 to
appreciated. Hopefully, we will make goal of $30,000 before the     Travis ’01 & Amber Travis ’02 Patterson, granddaughter to
end of the year. We are still accepting contributions for this      Mike and Kim Goedert ’83 Anderson.
             Alumni VB/BB Tournament again was a huge suc-          Clayten John Arlt, baby boy was born February 19, 2010 to
          cess. We increased the pizza order by 20 pizzas for the   Kristen & Nick Arlt ’02.
          Saturday evening party. Thank you to our workers and      Miriam Souchek, baby girl was born March 9, 2010 to Josh ’04
to those who participated in the games and Saturday evening         & Jenna Williams ’05 Souchek.
gathering. Make plans to participate next year March 25th &
26th, 2011.                                                         Chase Matthew Batterman, baby girl was born March 15, 2010
   The 4 Person Scramble held in June was also a suc-               to Todd & Michelle Willmes ’99 Batterman.
cessful event. I’m still waiting for someone to get a               Peter Augustine Clark, baby boy born April 8, 2010 to Melissa
hole-in-one to win the $20,000 prize. Hope you can                  & Rich Clark ’97.
come next year to try for this awesome prize plus enjoy the com-
pany of your fellow teammates and golfers.                          Lilly Marie Hirsch, baby girl born April 19, 2010 to Geoff &
          ‘The Grand Bag’ Ladies Night Out                          Kelli Krebsbach ’98 Hirsch, granddaughter to Jim & Cathy
          is August 12, 2010 at Lochland Country Club. We have      Hawes Krebsbach ’67.
       received handbag donations and monetary donations for        Reese James Widhelm, baby boy was born May 7, 2010 to
       this project. We will have a name brand bag for the          Jenifer & Chris Widhelm ’93.
Treasure Chest with 60 keys available for purchase plus there
will be approximately 10 tables of fun, unique and gorgeous         Joseph Robert Krovance, baby boy was born May 19, 2010 to
handbags, totes and gift totes for the silent and live auctions.    Katie & Aaron Krovance ’99.
Wine and hors d’oeuvres will be served. Call 462-6566 for           Piper Jean Murman, baby girl was born May 26, 2010 to Rachel
reservations. Cost is $20 per person, $25 at the door.              & Jeff Murman ’99.
   Reunion 2010 - honor years end in 0 and 5.
              September 17th & 18th, 2010
   The registration form is included in this newsletter.
There is a lot going on, so please take the time to plan
                                                                                            CLASS OF ’70
your days at the reunion. Send your reservations as soon as pos-    Class of 1970 – Sue, Mike and Steve have heard from several
sible.                                                              classmates who are coming to our 40th reunion and hope to hear
                                                                    from many more. We will be sending out another letter soon
                                                                    with more information. See you all September 17-19!
                                                                                  Sue Abraham:
                    WEDDINGS                                                       Mike Korth:
                                                                                 Steve Barton:
Thera Kreuger ’01 to Jeremie Jones, April 10,
Lexi Salisbury ’08 to Joseph Hermann, May 21, 2010.
                                                                                            CLASS of ’65
                                                                    The 45 year class reunion will coordinate with the all school
Bridget Boeding ’01 to Benjamen Mitchell, June 19, 2010.
                                                                    reunion held Sept. 17th & 18th, 2010.
Jackie Kirschner ’01 to Gregory McClanahan, June 25, 2010.                               Email for questions:
                                                                                 Tom Ashburn:
Hannah Kucera ’05 to Brandon Vacek ’03, July 3, 2010.
                                                                            Dianne Atchity:
Amanda McDowell ’01 to Joe Murman ’01, June 5, 2010.                           Karen Butler:
                       ALUMNI DEATHS                                                      OTHER DEATHS
                                                                   Pamela L. Theis passed to eternal life February 4, 2010 in
Jean Pawloski ’56 Thornburg passed to eternal
                                                                   Hastings, NE. She is survived by her husband Joe ’74; children
life February 2, 2010 in Seal Beach, CA. She
was preceded in death by her parents and broth-                    Alisa, Niki and Adam Theis, two grandchildren and one broth-
er Tom Pawloski ’55. Survivors are sisters, Margie                 er. Memorials may be given to the Heartland Pet Connection,
and Dori; brothers, Vic ’57 and Loren; children,                   Hastings, NE.
Kathy, Amy, Donny and Jenny; 7 grandchildren
                                                                   Opal E. Kieffe passed to eternal life February 23, 2010 at
and 6 great grandchildren.
                                                                   Gold Crest Retirement Center in Adams, NE. She is survived
Virginia Martin ’38 Grych passed to eternal life February 8,       by son, Patrick Kieffe ’58 of Broomfield, CO and daughter,
2010 in Monterey, CA. She is a graduate of Marymount               Cathryn Kieffe ’63 of Lincoln, NE; three grandchildren and
College. Virginia was a social worker in her earliest years and    five great grandchildren; four sisters and one brother.
an avid volunteer. In 2009 she became a member of the              Memorials may be given to St. Michael’s Catholic Church or
Daughters of The Revolution. Survivors are her husband,            the Hastings Catholic Schools.
Edward; daughters, Kathryn Sparolini, Michele Mangold and
Betsy Jeffers; son, Tom Grych; sister, Pat Haase ’51 and 7         Lyle Lee Kump passed to eternal life March 28, 2010 in
grandchildren. Memorials may be sent to The San Carlos             Hastings, NE. He is survived by wife Ann Marie ‘Peach’ Spitz
Cathedral Building Fund, 500 Church St, Monterey, CA               ’65 Kump; daughter, Kim Siebrass and son, Eric; two grand-
93940.                                                             children and one sister. Memorials may be given to Mid-Rivers
Mary Ann Frink ’55 Beiriger passed to eternal life April 24,       Red Cross or Heartland Pet Connection.
2010 in Hastings, NE. Mass of Christian Burial was at St.
Michael’s Catholic Church with Fr. Michael Houlihan officiat-      Doris Roth passed to eternal life April, 28, 2010 in Hastings,
ing. Burial was in Parkview Cemetery. After graduation from        NE. She is survived by daughter Dorine Roth ’75, two sons,
STC, Mary attended Hastings College and the University of          DeWayne and Dwight, three grandchildren and three great
Nebraska at Kearney, NE. In 1959 she married Alvin Beiriger        grandchildren.
’53. Mary worked as secretary/bookkeeper at Brand-Wilson
Funeral Home from 1989 until she retired. Mary was a mem-          Mary Searl passed to eternal life May 23, 2010 in Hastings,
ber of Catholic Daughters, St. Michael’s Altar Society and the     NE. She is survived by her husband James, children Jim ’80
Crosier Apostolate. Survivors are her husband Alvin; her           and Tim both of Phoenix, AZ, Cathy ’81 Phillips of Hastings,
mother, Helen Frink; daughters, Chris ’78 Duncan, Deb ’82          Tom ’84 of Los Angeles, CA, Anne Daggett of Boise, ID,
Dycus, and Angie ’88; 6 grandchildren and 1 great grandchild;      Susan Ferrone of Hastings; 13 grandchildren which includes
brothers Bill and Matt; sister, Pat ’60 Beiriger; brothers, Glen   Amy Phillips ’06 and Sarah Phillips ’08. Memorials may be
’54, John ’68 and Joe. Memorials may be sent to the Pregnancy      given to Catholic Social Services, Crossroads Mission Center
Resource Center, 223 E 14th St. #202, Hastings, NE 68901           or Mary Lanning Hospice.
Neil Sheedy ’53 passed to eternal life May 8, 2010 in Portland,
OR. Services were at St. Charles Catholic Church in Portland.      Lucille Aspen passed to eternal life May 24, 2010 in Hastings,
After graduating from STC, Neil moved to Portland. He mar-         NE. She is survived by children Pete ’59, Diann ’63 both of
ried Dorothy Burkhartsmeier in 1958. Neil served in the U.S.       Hastings, Joan ’56 Nelson of Westminster, CA, Mike ’66 of
Army 1958-1960. He worked as an automotive technician              Omaha and Mary ’74 Erion of Lincoln, NE; 15 grandchildren,
starting at Everist Brothers and retiring from the City of         and 17 great grandchildren. Lucille was preceded in death by
Portland fleet services. Survivors are his wife, Dorothy; chil-    her husband Lester; son, John; and daughter, Adriene ’70
dren, Tim, Teri, Tami and Ted; 11 grandchildren; and brother,      Gogan. Memorials may be given to St. Cecilia’s Catholic
Jerry. Neil was preceded in death by his parents and brothers,     Church, Hastings Catholic Schools or Mary Lanning Hospice.
Jim, John and Bob. Memorials may be sent to the American
Heart Association.                                                 Frank Meyers Jr. passed to eternal life June 8, 2010 in
                                                                   Hastings, NE. He is survived by wife Lynne Spencer ’78
Mary “Gerri” O’Neill ’59 Farmer of Hastings, NE passed to
                                                                   Meyers; children, Joshua of Lincoln, Dustin ’01 and Hannah
eternal life June 27, 2010 in Lincoln, NE. Mass of Christian
                                                                   ’08 both of Hastings and his mother, Cora Meyers; three
Burial was held at St. Cecilia’s Catholic Church with Fr. James
Meysenburg officiating. Burial was at Parkview Cemetery.           grandchildren and six sisters. Memorials may be given to the
Gerri was born in Spalding, NE in 1941, later moving with her      Frank B. Meyers Memorial Fund.
family to Hastings. She married Vail Farmer in 1960. Gerri
worked as an accountant for Nebraska Urology Center for 30
years. She was a member of St. Cecilia’s Altar Society,                           CLASSIFIED ADS
Catholic Daughters and Xi Alpha Pi Sorority. She was preced-
ed in death by her parents, husband and son Craig. Survivors         HELP WANTED: Volunteers for alumni proj-
are daughters, Julie ’80 Bohlen, Kelly ’83 Nikkila, Stacy ’87        ects, including Reunion 2012 (100 years young).
Choquette, Nancy ’90 Taubenheim and Amy Farmer; son, Tim             This event will require special planning. Please
Farmer ’85; 25 grandchildren including Riley Nikkila ’08,
Danielle Nikkila ’09, Alyssa Farmer ’07 and Craig Farmer ’09
                                                                     offer your time to support this event. Your ideas
and one great grandchild. Memorials may be given to St.              and input are crucial to its success.
Cecilia Catholic Church.
                    **Double your Gifts**                                    WISH FULFILLED
   The following is a listing of companies who will match            When the call went out from the
charitable donations. If you work for any of these companies     computer lab for a ‘Wish List’ item, it
plus others not listed below, they will match what you give,     left a few of us scratching our heads.
which is a good way to double your donation to a non-profit
                                                                 Computer lab teacher, Tracy Adrian,
organization like the Hastings Catholic Schools. Contact your
human resources department for a matching gift form. Call the    requested Zuma chairs for her class-
Hastings Catholic Schools Development Office for more infor-     room. When Vern & Dorothy Theisen
mation at 402-462-6566.                                          answered the request through the
                                                                 Development Office, neither of us
AIG, Inc.                        General Motors                  knew exactly what it was they were
Allianz                          GlaxoSmithKline                 gifting. However, both Vern and I had
Allstate                         J.P. Morgan Chase & Co.         heard about ‘Google,’ which gave us a better idea as to what
Amgen                            Kellogg’s
                                                                 Tracy was requesting and what Vern & Dorothy were gifting.
Ameritas Life Insurance Co.      Lincoln Benefit Life
Amoco                            Medtronic Foundation               Zuma chairs are ergonomically contoured to provide com-
Aquatech Wash                    Microsoft                       fort and stability for the student. They are very durable and the
Assurity Life Insurance Co.      Monsanto                        height can be adjusted for each student using them. In addition,
AT&T Foundation                  Morgan Stanley & Co., Inc.      they are less likely to tire the student during computer classes.
Bank of America                  Motorola                        This is exactly why Vern believed they would not make very
Bank of New York                 Mutual of Omaha                 good TV chairs. Thank you, Mr. & Mrs. Theisen for this very
Becton Dickinson & Co.           Nelnet
                                                                 nice addition to our Hastings Catholic Schools.
Boeing                           New York Life
Bracco Diagnostics, Inc.         Northrop Grumman
Burlington Northern Santa Fe     Novartis
Bucyrus Foundation, Inc.         PepsiCo
Cardinal Health                  Pfizer
Chicago Tribune                  Pioneer                                    Happy 40th Anniversary
Cicso Systems                    Principal Financial Group
Citigroup                        RBC Wealth Management                         Congratulations
Coca Cola Co.                    Saint-Gobain Corp. Foundation
Country Insurance Financial      Spring Creek Home LLC
                                                                             Marie Smith ’66 and
  Services                       Sprint                                       Mike Butler ’66,
Crane Co.                        State Farm Companies
CSG Systems, Inc.                Good Neighbor Grant Program                Married July 18, 1970.
Darden Restaurants Foundation    The Pentair Foundation
EducationQuest Foundation        The Stanley Works
Eli Lilly                        Union Pacific
Exxon Mobil                      UPS
First Data                       U.S. Bancorp
Ford Motor Co.                   Verizon Communications                           ROSETTA STONE – New to STC
Gannett                          Wachovia                                                 Thank you, Alumni!! A few months
Gap                              Wal-Mart                                             ago, a call went out to our alumni &
General Electric                 Wells Fargo Foundation                               friends for contributions intended for the
General Mills                    Wyeth
                                                                                      purchase of the Rosetta Stone language
                                                                                      learning software. We are happy to report
                                                                                      that as a result of your contributions to the
                                                                 alumni office, our language teacher, Linda Cook, now has that
                                                                 software in her possession. Approximately 30 students will
            Farewell and Good Luck to both of you!               begin using the software in the Fall of 2010. This is a very nice
                                                                 physical addition to our school and came at a cost of $3,175.
    Sr. Bernard Simmons, Principal at St. Michael’s
 Elementary School (18 years at STM), has been assigned to
 a school in Kansas City, KS. Sister Bernard will serve as
 Mother Superior to seven nuns at their convent along with
 being assistant principal.
    Sr. Gabriela Sanchez, Spanish, psychology and sociology
 teacher at St. Cecilia’s (12 years at STC), has been assigned        Happy 50th Anniversary
 to a school in South Amboy, N.J. Sr. Gabriela’s duties will
 include campus ministry.                                          Dick & Janet Pawloski ’60 Hyde
            Sisters, you will truly be missed in our
            Hastings Catholic Schools Community.                       Married July 27, 1960
   the latest…
                                                                                                                  Roy DeMars

                             It is with some degree of hesitancy       have to be badgered a bit, possibly given a little ‘nudge’ to
                         that I have included in this Connection       part with a few of our assets. Rarely does one make a true
                         News the address that I have been giving      sacrifice without being reminded in some fashion. For this
                         to our students for the last several years.   reason the substance of my address to these young people
                         It has changed some because examples          can’t change much because I have learned of their impor-
                         are numerous and Marie gets a little          tance.
                         tired of hearing ‘the same old thing’.           For those of you who attempt to follow the activities of
                         However, due to the closeness that I now      our students, you know the individual and class accomplish-
                         possess to our Hastings Catholic              ments that this Senior class has had. Of course they have had
    Schools, I too have learned….and continue to do so.                some miscues, as have we all, but once again this year we are
       Keeping a Catholic school afloat each year, even in good        going to unleash about 40 young people into the world who
    times, is not an easy task. Though many sacrifice, most of us      are responsible, spiritual and life-long learners.

                                               CECILIAN SOCIETY    (Membership 2010)
   The following individuals have remembered the Hastings              prior to the end of one’s life. It is the easiest way for one to make
Catholic Schools through a Planned Gift. A planned gift is sim-        a significant contribution to those organizations that have meant
ply a contribution, intended for our churches or schools, prepared     the most to an individual.
Dorothy Ager, Lawrence, NE                                             Betty Madden, Hastings, NE
Anonymous (4)                                                          Rev. Gerald Messman (d), Lincoln, NE
Rev. Thomas Au, Roseland, NE                                           Rev. James Meysenburg, Lincoln, NE
Rose Bednar (d), Hastings, NE                                          John & Irene Miller, Hastings, NE
Bernardy & Irene Boller, Hastings, NE                                  Thomas Moler, Pahrump, NV
Mary Bolte (d), Hastings, NE                                           Kenneth Morrison, Hastings, NE
Gale & Judy Bullard, Ayr, NE                                           Craig & Debra Murman, Glenvil, NE
Michael & Marie Butler, Hastings, NE                                   Michael Nevrivy, Hastings, NE
George & Debbie Collins, Harrisonburg, VA                              Jim & Jan O'Keeffe, Hastings, NE
Jack & Judy Crowley, Hastings, NE                                      Tim & Carol O'Keeffe, Hastings, NE
Dr. Charles & Ramona Damico, Hastings, NE                              Col. Barney & Vada Oldfield (d), Lincoln, NE
Rev. James Dawson, Lincoln, NE                                         James & Patricia Plumtree, Garden City, ID
Bernard & Pauline DeMars (d), Hastings, NE                             Walter Pohlmeier
Roy & Gay DeMars, Hastings, NE                                         Patrick & Mary Jo Randolph, Hastings, NE
Rev. Matthew Eickhoff, Brainard, NE                                    Yvonne Reynolds, Mount Angel, OR
Carl & Euella Fischbach (d), Alma, NE                                  Geraldine Schroff (d)
John & Pam Gaspers, Hastings, NE                                       Marv & Dee Schultes, Hastings, NE
Lt. Kevin Gaspers (d), Hastings, NE                                    Mr. & Mrs. Eugene Smith, San Diego, CA
Robert J. Gibbons (d), Hastings. NE                                    Robert & Susan Sondag, Hastings, NE
Richard D. Hinrichs, Inland. NE                                        Jack & Shirley Stark, Omaha, NE
Marty & Judy Hoch, Hastings, NE                                        Lavern & Dorothy Theisen, Hastings, NE
Greg Hoelck, Hastings, NE                                              Seraphine M. Trausch (d), Hastings, NE
Willis Hunt, Hastings, NE                                              Greg & Roxanne VanSkiver, Hastings, NE
Leo Kauffman, Hastings, NE                                             Dr. Nicholas & Gretchen Vondrak, Omaha, NE
Ben & Erma Kirchen (d), Hastings, NE                                   Winifred 'Winnie' Walker, Hastings, NE
Art Kitten (d), Hastings, NE                                           Paul Yetman (d), Hastings, NE
Les & Phyllis Lawless, Omaha, NE

                                             ROSE GERTRUDE BEDNAR ~ 10/1/1917 – 7/1/2010
             Hastings Catholic Schools Trust / St. Michael’s Church Remember With Estate Gift
   Long time Hastings resident, Rose Bednar, passed away July          community. Her generosity in time & treasure was demonstrated
1, 2010 at the age of 92. A member of St. Michael’s Parish, Rose       throughout her life. St. Michael’s Church and the Hastings
worked at Jones Drug, various area families, Swift & Company           Catholic Schools Trust were remembered with a $20,000 planned
and Safeway stores. Her love of cooking, gardening & pets were         gift to each entity.
her passions. She also had a great fondness for her parish / school       Thank you Rose for this generous consideration.
      HASTINGS CATHOLIC                                                        TEACHERS MATCHING GIFT 2009 – 2010
           SCHOOLS                                                                  Donor Matches $84,485.20
     ALUMNI / DEVELOPMENT                                            Each year for the past seven years the Development Office
            REPORT                                               has made a general appeal to our parish, alumni & parent com-
                                                                 munity. This appeal originates from a donor who wishes to
                July 2009 – June 2010                            remain anonymous. This is a matching gift that goes exclusive-
   The Alumni / Development Office works to operate within       ly toward salary increases and the incentive plan for our teach-
those contributions made by our alumni, as well as those who     ing community. The program runs from July through June each
support our varied fundraising events. Included in this year’s   year and this year’s contributions amounted to $84,485.20.
report is a $2,000 contribution to the Teachers Matching Gift
                                                                    This is a unique opportunity that our supporters have to
and a $3,195 payment made to purchase the Rosetta Stone
                                                                 ‘double’ their contributions. For those whose employers match
software. Thank you for supporting the office and its events.
                                                                 the employee contributions, the results are even greater.
                                                                 Presently, there is nothing in place that states this gift will last
                                                                 indefinitely so if you haven’t helped us in this regard, there
         Income                                     $28,062
                                                                 really is no better way to do so.
         HCS Distribution             $19,849
         Postage                      $ 862                         Thank you for your past gifts as well as any future consid-
         Printing                     $ 613                      erations.
         Other                        $ 120

BB / VB TOURNAMENT                                                            St. Cecilia High School Endowment Fund &
          Income                                     $ 6,361
          Expense                      $ 3,220                                      Hastings Catholic Schools Trust
                                                                     The St. Cecilia High School Endowment Fund and the
ALUMNI GOLF TOURNAMENT                                           Hastings Catholic Schools Trust receive the majority of their
        Income                                       $ 5,880     income from bequests, memorials and planned gifts. End-of-
        Other Income                                 $ 273       life financial decisions are the major contributors. In addition,
        Expense                        $ 3,189                   each fund earns interest income and in neither case is the prin-
                                                                 cipal used to support our schools.
        Income                                       $ 2,860        Both the fund and the trust supply income each year toward
        Expense (Friday)               $ 258                     our school’s budget. The present economic downturn has
        Expense (Saturday)             $ 1,544                   reduced the amount that the funds have normally provided
                                                                 throughout the years. The following are the most recent values
THE GRAND BAG                                                    of each.
        Income                                      $11,192
        Expense                        $ 4,502                              St. Cecilia High School Endowment Fund
                                                                                        December 31, 2009
        Income                                       $ 5,167     Cash & Receivables . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$ 71,931
        Expense                        $ 2,856                   Investments . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$3,497,598
                                                                 Life Insurance Contracts . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$ 87,135
OTHER INCOME                                         $ 578                Total Assets . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$3,656,665

        Supplies / Office              $ 2,905                             Hastings Catholic Schools Trust (Stonazek)
        Postage / Printing             $ 8,021                                           May 31, 2009
        Rent / Phone / Internet        $ 4,466
        Dues / Subscriptions           $ 112                     Cash & Receivables . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$ 6,766
                                                                 Stocks & Options . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$ 14,330
OTHER EXPENSE                                                    Mutual Funds . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$908,976
        Matching Gift                  $ 2,000                           Total Assets . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$930,073
        Rosetta Stone Software         $ 3,195                      A gift through one’s Estate Plan is the easiest and most sim-
                                                                 ple way for one to make a substantial contribution to our
TOTAL INCOME / EXPENSE                $57,712       $60,373      schools and churches. Should you have a question regarding
                                                                 this matter, please phone the Development Office @ (402)
NET INCOME (LOSS) 2009 – 2010                        $ 2,661     462-6566.
                               Schedule of Events and Registration form
                      Honor years end in 5 and 0. All Alumni are Welcome to attend.
                                      Friday - September 17, 2010
                     ➜ 8:55 a.m.            Mass at St. Cecilia’s w/students
                     ➜ 9:30 a.m.            Tour of St. Cecilia High School
                     ➜ 10:00 a.m.           Registration / Reception
                                                   Central Park Downtown
                                                   800 Block of West 2nd St.
                                                   (adjacent to Eakes Office / Weber’s Studio)
                     ➜    1:15 p.m.         Downtown Hastings Walking Tour
                                                   Central Park Downtown
                                                   (Tour loft apartments & those under construction)
                     ➜    4:30 p.m.         Development Office Reception
                                                   Wagon Wheel
                                                   1st Street & Lincoln Avenue
                     ➜    7:00 p.m.         STC Homecoming Football
                                                   Duncan Field - STC vs Wood River

                                  Saturday - September 18, 2010
                     ➜    9:00 a.m.         Individual Class Time
                     ➜    1:30 p.m.         Husker Football
                                                   Hastings Keno – 1216 West J Street
                                                   Wagon Wheel – 107 N. Lincoln
                                                   Nebraska vs Washington
                     ➜    5:00 p.m.         Mass at St. Cecilia Church
                     ➜    6:15 p.m.         Registration & Social at Quality Hotel Convention
                     ➜    7:15 p.m.         Dinner at Quality Hotel Convention Center
                     ➜    9:00 p.m.         Individual Class Time

Please send your check and this registration form before September 10, 2010.

Name:                                                                    Grad. Yr.     Spouse:

Address:                                                                 Phone:

City/State /Zip:                                                         email:

                                Alumnus        -   Yes        No            $30.00

                          Spouse / friend      -   Yes        No            $30.00

                                     Make checks payable and send to:
                   STC Alumni Association – 111 N. Burlington Avenue - Hastings, NE 68901
                    Phone: 402-462-6566 • Fax: 402-462-6567 • email:
                                            HISTORY Does Repeat Itself!!
                                                                  We could hardly put out this issue of The Connection without com-
                                                               menting on the successes of our athletic teams this past year and prior.
                                                                  Besides other accomplishments, personal and otherwise, the Class
                                                               of 2010 tucked away four (4) State Championships this year, Cross
                                                               Country, Football, Basketball & Track. The Blue Hawks entered the
                                                               status of ‘elite’ by being one of only nine teams to ‘three-peat’ in
                                                               Basketball. These kids were truly a sight to behold as one watched
                                                               from the sidelines.
                                                                  As a spectator, it was difficult to give the credit to any one individ-
                                                               ual. The fact that these accomplishments took place over a period of
                                                               three years would be further proof of that. Rather, what was evident
                                                               was the mature work ethic possessed by our students. Commitment,
                                                               hard work, focus, not being complacent, team-driven, extra effort and
                                                               structure were the attributes displayed. Of course, talent was also dis-
                                                               played but many others possessed far greater talent but were easily
                                                               overshadowed by the fierce attitude under which the Blue Hawks
   For those who may not see the connection, these attributes are not limited to our athletic teams. Rather, they are key elements that
make up a Catholic education. They are being taught the same in the classrooms of other Catholic schools throughout the nation, just
as they are here in Hastings, Nebraska. A Catholic education is ‘special’ in many ways but mostly it teaches you how to live your life
for others as well as yourself.

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