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					      The Great Immigration Debate: Upfront Magazine (Sept. 6, 2010)


Answer the following questions using pages 13-17

   1. Discuss the two positions on Arizona’s new immigration law, as seen through
      the eyes of Goheen and Gamboa. Explain why one thinks the law is good and
      the other sees it as racism.

      2. Approximately how many illegal immigrants live in the U.S? How many
      are from Mexico? What states are the illegal immigrants concentrated in?

   3. What do Conservatives believe should be done to fix the illegal immigrant
      problem in America?

   4. What do Liberals believe should be done to fix the illegal immigrant problem
      in America?

   5. Why are politicians hesitant to take on the issue of illegal immigrants?

   6. Why do many employers want to give illegal’s a chance to become legal?

   7. What occupations have the highest percentage of illegal immigrants?
8. Name three reasons why immigrants came to America in the early history of
   our country? Are these reasons the same for immigrants today?

9. Where did most immigrants come from in our early history?

10. Where do most immigrants come from today? Why have the countries of
    origin changed so significantly over the past two hundred years?

11. What political party formed in the 1840’s out of opposition to immigration?
    Why? What was their nickname?

12. What was the first group of immigrants to be barred from coming to the U.S.?
    Why? What was the name of the act?

13. What led to an increase in opposition to immigrants in the early 20th

14. Describe the changes made by Congress in regards to immigration in the
    1920’s? Who received preference for coming to America and who were
    discriminated against?

15. How did the immigration laws change in the 1960’s? Where did many
    immigrants come from due to this change in policy/law?

16. What percentage of foreign born Americans will make up the population in

17. Describe some of the issues involved in trying to solve the illegal immigrant
   18. What is the Dream Act?

   19. Outline the provisions in the 2007 legislation for immigration reform?
       Explain why this bill failed to pass?

   20. What states, besides Arizona, are considering to pass their own immigration

Be sure to look at the timeline on pages 16-17 of article.

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