Performance Directive Annex F - Royal Air Force by wuyunyi


									                                                   Cpl C Carrier
                                                   Regiment Section
                                                   Royal Air Force Benson
     biathlon union                                OX10 0AA

                                                   Mil Net: 95261-5237
                                                   RAF Mail: BEN BSW-FDS-JNCO 3

File Ref: RAFBU/POTOR/09/1                         Date: 10 Oct 09



1.      The mission of the Project Officer is to provide the correct and detailed information for all
        attendees of a RAFBU training camp including the provision of travel authority,
        accommodation, food, equipment and programme of events as required.


2.      As a member of the senior squad (SS), you are appointed as a Project Officer (PO),
        responsible to the RAFBU Chairman through the Race Committee, for the duties detailed in
        these terms of reference (TORs). Specifically you are responsible for the sourcing,
        reconnaissance, and implementation of the following areas.

     a. Administration Order. You are to produce a detailed Admin Order no later than 4 weeks
     prior to event that covers all of the following points:

          (1)       Travel Authority; the relevant travel authority needs to be provided
          (2)       Situation; a brief description of the weekend training needs to be stated and a
                    brief description of the recipients actions
          (3)       Aims; the main intention of the weekend needs to be stated
          (4)       Execution; to incorporate the following points, general outline, travel,
                    accommodation, food, equip, skiing ability level and programme of events

     When completing the admin order it is advised to get all receiving personnel to respond directly
     to you confirming their accommodation and equipment requirements.
     When completed the admin order is required to be proof read by the senior coach running the
     weekend and then is to be forwarded to the SS & DS secretaries and copied to RAFBU
     Chairman &Vice Chairman. A sample Admin order is at Annex A

     b. Health & Safety Assessment. You are to liaise with the relevant stations H&S officer for
     an assessment to be produced to cover the weekends on camp activities.
     A sample H&S assessment is at Annex B
     c. PR and Media. You are to liaise with the stations media officer and station adjutant to
     advertise the training weekend in the RAF news, local media (where possible) SRO’s (all camps
     if possible) station web site scrolling news or similar and station photo section for a
     photographer to attend the weekends race. You are also to ensure the RAFBU training weekend
     kites are placed around the main entrance to camp.

     d. Programme of events. You are to liaise with the relevant weekends head coach’s to obtain
     the programme of events to include in the admin order.

     e. Training areas. You are to identify suitable training areas on or close to station where the
     weekends events can be conducted safely with the relevant topographical requirements. You are
     also to produce a map highlighting these recognised areas and confirm with the RAF Police that
     these areas are permitted for the relevant planned activity.

     f. Station Commanders Authority. You are to gain permission from the station commander
     (through PA) to conduct training over the period of the training camp

Although you have nominated for this task you should without hesitation contact any member of the
race committee to seek guidance in any of the areas of responsibilities stated above.


3.        You are responsible for any additional or secondary duties as directed by the race


4.        Your initial points of contact will be the relevant race committee members thereafter it is the
          vice-chairman. A list of race committee members is at Annex C.

Original signed

C O Carrier
Team Senior Coach


     A.      Sample Admin Order
     B.      Sample Health and Safety Assessment
     C.      Contact Details for Race Committee

                                                                               ANNEX A TO
                                                                               DATED 10 Oct 09

                                                   Cpl C Carrier
                                                   Regiment Section
                                                   Royal Air Force Benson
     biathlon union                                OX10 0AA

                                                   Tel: 07909922126
See Distribution                                   Mil Net: 95261-5237
                                                   RAF Mail: BEN BSW-FDS-JNCO 3

File Ref: RAFBU/SC/09/1                            Date: 06 Apr 09



A.     DSB(RAF)/299000/41/4/3 dated 16 April 2009


1.      The RAFBU will hold the first training weekend of the year at RAF Benson. The briefs and
training will be conducted within the facilities and station road systems of RAF Benson. This
Admin Order details the administrative arrangements for squad training and the Inter-Station relay
race. On receipt of this order all personnel are to check the detail enclosed and comply with the
directions given (underlined); if individuals require any clarification or explanation they are to
contact the undersigned.


2.      The main intentions of the weekend are to; welcome new recruits to the Development Squad
(DS), to check serviceability of current on loan equipment, issue relevant equipment to new intakes
and conduct a progressive training plan that will accommodate the varying levels of skiing abilities.
There will be no rifle training during this training weekend.


3.      General Outline. Athletes will arrive Friday evening to take over accommodation, a brief of
the year’s calendar, weekends training and competition will take place in the Regiment Section
Auditorium at 0730 hrs Sat 25th Apr. The weekend will be divided into three elements: Saturday
morning will concentrate on equipment serviceability and relevant kit issues followed by roller-ski
instruction with the RAFBU coaching staff. Sunday will initially be a continuation of coaching,
and will culminate in a inter station team relay. Personnel are on duty status for the duration of this
event and may claim travel expenses, subject to agreement by their parent unit. Further details
governing duty status can be found in DCI JS 101/04.

4.     Travel. Authority for travel has been granted and the relevant details are at Reference A.
T+he use of Service MT for this exercise is to comply with the relevant regulations. Personnel are
to make their own arrangements to get to and from RAF Benson. Wherever possible, personnel
from the same unit should share the same transport. A minibus will be available at RAF Benson
throughout the training weekend for those individuals using public transport to attend the training

5.       Accommodation. Accommodation has been arranged for participants in the station transit
facility at RAF Benson. Transit accommodation is a combination of thirty and twelve person rooms:
showers will be taken in the closely located Gym, sinks and toilets are located within the transit
facility. All participants are required to inform the Project Officer (PO) of their intention to use
either the transit accommodation or self source different messing arrangements. Personnel should
note that subsistence allowance is not admissible.

6.      Food. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are to be taken in the relevant messes. All personnel,
except those living in at Benson, are to buy meal tickets for all meals. Living in personnel from
other camps will be able to claim back through JPA.

7.      Inter-Station Roller-ski Race. The culmination of the weekend will be the inter-station
roller-ski race, which will take place at a cordoned off location at RAF Benson. It will be both
challenging and fun and will incorporate all techniques taught through the weekends training. The
results of the races will be kept and the race repeated during the training year.

8.      Equipment. All on loan equipment is to be brought to the training weekend so a
serviceability check can be conducted. All participants who have no issued kit are to inform PO of
shoe size (European) and height (cm) Personal and issue equipment lists are attached at Annex A.

9.      Programme of Events. The outline programme for the weekend is at Annex B.

10.     Ability level. All participants are to inform the PO of their skiing ability level to aid in the
selection of training areas and level of coaching required for the weekend.
A breakdown of ability levels is at Annex C.

10.    Should you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact the PO myself on
Mil 95261-5237 or Mob 07909922126.

Original signed

C Carrier
Project Officer
for Chairman


A.      Personal and Issue Equipment List.
B.      Provisional Outline of weekend’s activities.
C.      Skiing Ability Levels

RAFBU DS Secretary
RAFBU SS Secretary

Copy to:

RAFBU Chairman
RAFBU Vice-Chairman
RAFBU Secretary

                                                                                  ANNEX A TO
                                                                               DATED 01 APR 09


      Personal Equipment                                       Remarks
     Cycling helmet or similar                                Mandatory
       Knee and elbow pads                        Optional but encouraged for novices
Cross Country ski gloves or similar                           Mandatory
          Safety glasses                Mandatory (some glasses will be available for weekend trg)
      Ron Hill type trousers
Thermal tops or long sleeved t-shirts
             Gym kit
      Wind/shower proof top
          Warm clothing                                For when you are not skiing
          Thicker socks
      Shower kit and towels
        Change of clothing                                      For messes
           Water bottle
          Energy snacks
          Sleeping bags                              Pillows and slips will be provided
 In date RAF fitness test card or                        To be eligible for kit issue
          JPA print out

         Issue Equipment                                         Remarks
             Roller skis                               To be issued where necessary
                Poles                                  To be issued where necessary
                Boots                                  To be issued where necessary
            First Aid Kit                    Will be located where training is to be conducted

                                                                           ANNEX B TO
                                                                        DATED 01 APR 09


Friday 24th April 2009

            Time                        Event                              Venue
         1700 – 2359                    Arrive                    Transit accommodation

Saturday 25th April 2009

            Time                         Event                            Venue
         0645 – 0715                   Breakfast                          Mess
         0730 – 0830          Introduction and outline of          Regt Sect Auditorium
                                  weekends activities
         0830 – 0945       Kit issue and serviceability check   RAFBU Summer kit store
                                                                 @ Regt Sect hide-y-hole
         1000 – 1200             Ski balance training                      Gym
         1200 – 1300                    Lunch                              Mess
         1300 – 1630             Roller ski coaching             Various locations around
         1645 – 1745         Explanation of training plans        Regt Sect Auditorium
         1800 – 2359            Team meal (optional)            Local eating establishment

Sunday 26th April 2009

            Time                         Event                             Venue
         0715 – 0745                   Breakfast                            Mess
         0800 – 0900          Introduction to ski-ganging        Various locations around
         0930 – 1130              Roller ski coaching            Various locations around
         1145 – 1300                    Lunch                               Mess
         1300 – 1500              Roller ski coaching            Various locations around
         1500 – 1600            Inter station relay race                     TBC
         1630 – 1700               Weekend debrief                 Regt Sect Auditorium
            1700                         Depart                 Various motorways systems
                                                                 and or air transit corridors
                                                                   throughout the United
                                                                   Kingdom & Northern

                                                                        ANNEX C TO
                                                                     DATED 01 APR 09

Level 1
Have never stood on a pair of cross country skis

Level 2
Skier who are able to propel themselves forward using poles or some form of foot
movement and bring themselves to a stop, but controlling speed on a descent would
be difficult

Level 3
Skier who is able to perform an effective snow plough and be able to control speed
on a descent, they can double pole effectively and have reasonable balance on ski’s

Level 4
Skier can link snow plough turns together on a descent, show ability to run off onto
grass to stop in an emergency and step turn on a flat area. They can also show a
practical demonstration of skate 1 and or a diagonal gate.

Level 5
Skier who can step turn effectively during a descent and control a run off onto grass.
They can perform skate 1 and or diagonal gate with correct timing and angles of
poles and skis over a distance of 1 km.

Level 6
Skier who can aggressively step turn on a descent or the flat around an obstacle run
and can demonstrate the ability to skate 3 and double pole kick over a distance of 1

Level 7
Skier who can adopt a racing tuck and step turn round corners in a tucked position,
can demonstrate the ability to skate 3 on both sides and skate 2 and double pole kick
with foot advance for a distance of 1 km.

Level 8
Skier who can perform all techniques well during a race environment with maximal
effort and perform a sprint over a distance of 100 meters.

                                                                                                                                        ANNEX B TO
                                                                                                                                        DATED 10 Oct 09

                                                                                                                                                MOD Form 5010a
                                                                                                                                           Introduced April 2008
                                                               MOD Risk Assessment Form
Establishment                                                                     Assessment                             Assessment
                         RAF Benson                                               No:             Ben/Nordic/001         Date:              14/04/2009
                                                                                                                   Assessment Type
Section/Department:                                                                                      (Tick whichever applicable; see Note 1)
                         Nordic Ski Team
                                                                                  Specific        Generic                 Record of Dynamic Assessment

Activity/Process:        Biathlon (Nordic Sking) Training Weekend

                                  Assessor                                                            Line Manager Acceptance (See Note 2)
                 Name:   A Harmer                                                        Name:

          Rank/Grade:    C2                                                        Rank/Grade:

            Signature:                                                               Signature:

       Hazards           Number                 Control Measures                   Risk Rating          Additional Controls             Residual         Management
(Include Hazard Survey   at Risk?       (Specific existing Control Measures)      (Likelihood X    (Each Control Measure is to be         Risk              Plan
     Number where                                                                 Consequence)         specific and managed)             Rating
      applicable)                                                                  (See Note 3)                                       (See Note 4)
Falls due to lack of                                                                              Brief novices not to rush, take
                         20 max                                                   2x2=4                                               1x2=2
experience.                                                                                       their time and be safe
                                     1. Road to be inspected for suitability by
                                     competent skier.
                                     2. Road to be closed off with police
Accidents on road                    persmission and if practicable.
involving Skier and                  3. Where road cannot be closed off
vehicle.                 20 max                                                   2x2=4           Further control impracticable       2x2=4
                                     Supervisors are to be present to marshall
                                     traffic and monitor skiers.
                                     4. Cycle helmets and protective pads to
                                     be worn.

                                           5. Racing is only to be carried out on
                                           closed roads or closed car parks.
                                           1. First Aid Trained persons to be on hand
                                           whilst sking on roads.
                                           2. In case of serious injury dial 999 and
First aid required.                                                                          1x2=2                                                       1x2=2
                                           then summon help from Med Centre
                                           3. All accidents to be reported to the Stn
                                           SHEF Ad on RAF Form 7454.
See continuation sheet if required.
                                                                       Line Manager Assessment Review
                                                                                 (See Notes 2 and 5)

   Review Date:                                 Review Date:                                  Review Date:                                  Review Date:

           Name:                                        Name:                                         Name:                                       Name:

    Rank/Grade:                                  Rank/Grade:                                  Rank/Grade:                                   Rank/Grade:

        Signature:                                  Signature:                                   Signature:                                   Signature:

    1 If using a „Generic‟ risk assessment, Assessors and Line Managers are to satisfy themselves that the assessment is valid for the task and that all significant hazards have
       been identified and assessed. If additional hazards are identified they are to be recorded and attached to the Generic assessment.

    2    Line Managers are to note that they are responsible for production of the risk assessment and that they are signing to indicate that the risk assessment is suitable and
         sufficient and they consider the risks to be acceptable.
   High        Common, regular or frequent occurrence.        3                    3 Med                               6 High                                9 High
  Medium             Occasional occurrence.                   2                    2 Low                                4 Med                                6 High
   Low            Rare or improbable occurrence.              1                    1 Low                                2 Low                                 3 Med
                                                                                      1                                    2                                    3
                          Risk Matrix                                      Minor injury or illness.            Serious injury or illness.       Fatalities, major injury or illness.
                  Likelihood X Consequence                                          Low                               Medium                                   High

         When recording the Risk Rating ensure that both the Likelihood and Consequence scores are included.

     High            Improve control measures or consider stopping work. Conducting work at this level of risk is to be reported up the Line Management / Command chain.
    Medium           Review control measures and improve if reasonably practicable to do so, consider alternative ways of working.
     Low             Maintain control measures and review if there are any changes.

4   Record the residual Risk Rating to demonstrate that the risk has been reduced to an acceptable level.

5   Risk Assessments are to be reviewed:
   Annually.
   If there is reason to doubt the effectiveness of the assessment.
   Following an accident or near miss.
   Following significant changes to the task, process, procedure or Line Management.
   Following the introduction of more vulnerable personnel.
   If “Generic” prior to use.

                                                                     ANNEX C TO
                                                                     DATED 10 Oct 09


Name            Unit          Committee     Contact   Email
                              Position      Number
Cpl Carl        RAF Benson    Performance   95261     BEN BSW-FDS-JNCO 3
Carrier                       Director      5238
Wg Cdr          MOD           DS Team       9621
Spike Clark                   Manager       83781
Flt Lt          RAF Halton    Team          95237     HAL A6-ICTMST SO3 TRG
Rachael                       Captain       7095
Flt Lt Leah     RAF Digby     DS Team Sec   95712     JSSO-SO3 Trg
Middlewick                                  7830
Cpl Steve       RAF Kinloss   Treasurer     95161
Perry                                       7583
Flt Lt Potton   Andover       Team Sec      94391     c=GB;a=
                                            5537      ;p=MOD;o=DII;s=Potton;g=Fay;i=FH;
SAC Stu         RAF           Rifle Fleet   95951     MRMDepth-
Hannah          Marham        Manager       5009
SAC Jamie       RAF           Rifle Fleet   95951     MRMDEPTH-
Hannah          Marham        Technician    7353
Cpl Roy         RAF           RAFBU Web     95771
Bratty          Waddington    Master        6113


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