Co-Teaching by Ut4uFcs


									General Educator: Teacher 1 Special Service Provider: Teacher 2


                                                                  Lesson Plan

Subject Area:      Language Arts
Grade level:       7th
Content Standard:
Lesson Objective: Students will identify common and proper nouns
Essential Questions: What is a common and/or proper noun?
Key Vocabulary: noun, common noun, proper noun
Pre-Assessment: Students will describe orally in their own words: what is a common noun? a proper noun?
Materials:         paper, pencil, post-its

    Lesson          Co-teaching         Time          General Education                Special Service              Considerations (may
                     Approach                             Teacher                        Provider                   include adaptations,
                    (can select more                                                                                   differentiation,
                       than one)
                                                                                                                     accommodation, or
                                                                                                                  student- specific needs).

Beginning:         One Teach,          9:00-      T1 will ask students, what is   T2 will pass out post-its for   Michel and Steven will be
(may include:     One Support          9:10 am    a noun? What is a common        students to write their         given post-its with some
Opening;           Parallel                       noun? A proper noun?            answers on to check for         information already on
Warm Up;           Alternative                    She will have students write    prior knowledge.                them (Cloze procedure)
Review;            Station                        their answers on a post it.
Anticipatory       Team                           Then, the post- its will be     T2 will walk around to          Talk to Jesus ahead of time
Set)                                              placed on a white board chart   make sure students are on       re: noun, common, proper.
General Educator: Teacher 1 Special Service Provider: Teacher 2

Middle:              One Teach,  9:10-            T1 will write the notes on the    T2 will explain to the class Make sure to move Jesus
(may include:        One Support 9:25am           overhead easel.                  about nouns, proper nouns, away from Tommy.
Instruction;         Parallel                                                      and common nouns.
Checking for         Alternative                   T1 will display pictures on                                   Tommy needs to sit up
Understanding;       Station                      the board and together the       T2 will pass out white        front.
Independent or       Team                         students will distinguish the    boards and markers and
Group                                             different type of nouns.         will ask students to write a
Practice)                                                                          picture’s name and whether
                                                                                   it is a proper or common

End:                 One Teach,  9:25-            With half of the class, T1       With other half of the class,   Class will be divided in
(may include:        One Support 9:40am           will model hands- on activity    T2 will model hands- on         half first. Students then
Closing,             Parallel                     on matching index card.          activity on matching index      work in pairs.
Assessments,         Alternative                  Then ask students to write a     card. Then ask students to
Extension of         Station                      list of matched common and       write a list of matched         Jordan and Vicki will need
the Lesson)          Team                         proper nouns. Next, students     common and proper nouns.        larger index cards.
                                                  will write sentences with        Next, students will write
                                                  proper nouns with a partner.     sentences with proper
                                                  Walk around to check for         nouns with a partner.
                                                  understanding as partners        Walk around to check for
                                                  work together.                   understanding as partners
                                                                                   work together.

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