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					Chickenbone Dec 16 2007

   Set 1                           Start                    End                         Notes
                                                                                        Optional –Springsteen acoustic
 1 The River                Mike   Solo
                                                                                        double shot-Atlantic City
 2 Willin                   Mike   Guitar                   Doubled last measures

 3 Knock on Wood            Jody   4 sticks                 Intro, slowed “Hey”         Gtr solo after walk up

 4 Take Me to the River     Jody   Drum lick
                                                                                        Bass goes right into Can't Get
 5 Unchain My Heart         Jody   Piano                    Cue Jody, stop on 4th
                                                                                        Next To You
 6 You Wreck Me             Mike   One guitar only          4X D/A/E

 7 Slow Turning             Mike   Guitar strumming

 8 Angel From Montgomery    Jody   Bass/Guitar together

 9 I'm The Only One         Jody   Guitar then all          Stop on E, guit lick to G

10 I Don’t Want Nobody      Jody   4 Sticks, start on 5th   Hold on 4th                 Key of C, Organ then guitar solos

11 Bad Case of Lovin You    Jody   Drum lick                B walk down to E
                                                            Stop on 4th G#/G four
12 Further on Up the Road   Jody   All on 1 G                                           Key of G
   Green Onions….
    Set 2                           Start                     End                    Notes

1 Landslide                 Jody

2 99.5                      Jody    8 measures then walk up   Repeat intro

3 Runaway                   Jody    Four meas guitar          Cue from Johnny

4 Jesus Just Left Chicago   Mike    On “and 1”                Slow walk down         Key of G

5 I’m Tore Down             Johnny All start on G             Stop on 4th, walk up   Key of C

6 Son of A Preacherman      Jody

7 Run Through The Jungle    Jody

8 Somebody to Love you      Jody    Guitar                    Cue from Johnny

9 Mustang Sally             Johnny Drum lick                  4 horns

10 Little by Little         Jody    Drum lick                 Rock out

11 Me and Bobby McGee       Jody    Guitar                    End on A
   Set 3                         Start                      End                      Notes

1 Let it Rain             Jody   Guitar                     Rock out

2 Ohio                    Mike

3 White Rabbit            Jody   Bass                       “Feed your head”
                                                            2 lonely avenues, hard   Verse-guitar-verse-organ-
4 Lonely Avenue           Jody   Piano Intro
                                                            stop                     verse/end
5 Tell Mama               Jody   Drum lick                  Slowed horns

6 You Talk Too Much       Mike   Guitar                     4 then out

7 Midnight Special        Jody   Guit strum on D            Acapella?
                                 Bass, segue from unchain   Hard stop at end of
8 Can’t Get Next to You   Mike
                                 my heart                   chorus on the "I"
9 Midnight Hour           Jody   Guitar in D

10 Rock & Roll            Jody   Drum

11 Somebody To Love       Jody   Sticks, "When the…"

   Play it again!
   Little By Little
   Mustang Sally

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