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					*Noted psychic Elizabeth Joyce's Prediction for New Orleans and the Gulf Coast tragically accurate! Who knew the levies in New Orleans were about to give way? Elizabeth Joyce, famed national clairvoyant, accurately predicted the devastating hurricane that savaged New Orleans and the gulf coast regions. Ms. Joyce relayed her detailed visions of the devastation on her website, and to friends over the past several years. This past January, she posted those visions in her yearly summary of predictions for 2005. "I see two levees breaking and the city of New Orleans under water...there will be earth changes and ground/water devastation in... Alabama and Mississippi, Louisiana, Missouri, with people "walking" (not driving) away from towns." Ms. Joyce was named several years ago as the psychic of the year for 1998 by ABC as well as The New York Daily News for her remarkable predictions concerning President Bill Clinton, naming Monica Lewinsky month's before the story broke in the news media. Noted hotelier Robert Cioffi says that Joyce's vision of the imminent hurricane where she saw him huddled in a closet as the storm hit, since he did no wish to endure that experience, he evacuated the area the day before. "Elizabeth said to me that I would feel blessed later after I purchased my home on the North Shore of Lake Pontchartrain this past April." Cioffi said from his Texas location where he sought refuge during the storm. " She also was eerily accurate when she said that my home would be untouched except for one small bush damaged by a fallen tree. The whole situation has given me pause." Joyce's recent predictions included the tsunami in Asia, the death of Arafat, skyrocketing gas prices, the strength of the EURO and decline of the dollar, the insurgency in Iraq and the continuing impact of problems on the Bush administration, as well as Bush's coming popularity demise. Joyce's web site at has become a popular web location for many believers searching for psychic information, receiving over 500,000 hits. She has posted additional predictions for the New Orleans area as it now engages in the recovery process. Since 1981 Elizabeth Joyce has assisted the police, sheriffs' offices and FBI in finding hundreds of missing people. At times, this natural gift has been overwhelming. "The most

difficult time this ever happened to me was when I located the body of my dead stepson in 1979," Elizabeth Joyce states. "Naturally, this was devastating." Since that time, her gift of clear-vision has made Elizabeth Joyce a respected and well known teacher of metaphysics and has taken her into levels of work that have been rewarding and exciting. She toured England, South Wales and Egypt where she has been working on locating King Arthur's grave as well as the Hall of Records under the Great Pyramid and Sphinx. Elizabeth and her husband have re-located to the Doylestown, PA area from New York City's Upper West Side. Elizabeth is the founder of her organization, Visions of Reality and teaches classes and seminars on improving your psychic and intuitive abilities, beginning on Thursday evening September 15th in Doylestown, Pennsylvania. Elizabeth Joyce is a graduate of Quiet Decisions Hypnotherapy and Behavior Modification in New York City with Dick Summer, the prestigious Louise Hay Institute in Santa Monica, California, Carousels for Living with Dr. Frank Alper, Clear Light Therapy with Indira and Rob Ivey and The Seduction of Spirit with Dr. Deepak Chopra. She has her minister papers in all religions around the world from the Spiritual Life Church in San Mateo, California. Ms. Joyce is a member and contributing writer for the following organizations: National Guild of Parapsychologists, Association of Research and Enlightenment, Self Realization Fellowship, the International Association for Counselors and Therapists, the Pike County Courier, FATE Magazine, and the New Jersey Metaphysical Society. She is a radio and television talk-show personality, does three radio programs per week, and has a reputation of making self-improvement seminars a series of pleasant surprises. When not healing or counseling clients, Elizabeth enjoys the many friendships she has created all over the world. She loves people, cooking, traveling, singing, bicycling, dancing and jazz. Watch for Elizabeth Joyce on an upcoming Psychic Detectives drama on NBC as well as Unsolved Mysteries on the Lifetime Cable Channel. Elizabeth Joyce has also appeared on the Georgia Shakti-Hill Show, on PBS, and on the Wisdom Channel in July, 2000.

Recently Elizabeth Joyce was listed as one of the The World's Greatest Psychics by Francine Hornberger - 2004 Edition published by the Citadel Press.

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