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					College Admissions Tests
  The ACT and The Accuplacer!
              The ACT
• ACT = American College Test
• A college Entrance Test commonly used for
  FOUR-YEAR colleges and universities
• Sections = English, Math, Reading, Science
  Reasoning, and Writing (optional)
• Multiple Choice Test
• Highest Score = 36
• Average Score = 21 (US), 20 (Johnson)
• Test should be taken during the Winter or
  Spring of your JUNIOR year.
    4 Year Schools/ Average ACT Scores
                                        Average ACT Score
Carleton College                        30
University of MN                        27.5
University of Saint Thomas              25

Augsburg College                        22

Saint Cloud State                       21

Concordia (Saint Paul)                  21
University of Wisconsin – River Falls   21
   The Accuplacer Test
A placement test used by most community
and technical colleges.

This test is taken after you have been
accepted to a community or technical
college. Its purpose is to place you in the
proper classes that will challenge you but
not overwhelm you!
    The Accuplacer Test
The Accuplacer tests students on
Reading, English/Grammar and Math

The Accuplacer is a ceiling test, the
better you do the more difficult the
questions become.
  What if My ACCUPLACER Score Stinks?

You can still be admitted to a community college
but you will need to take REMEDIAL COURSES

Remedial Courses: Courses taught at a
community college that are designed to “catch”
students up and get them ready for college.
They do not count toward college graduation,
but they do cost money.

If you need to take the ACCUPLACER, study for it!

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