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					                                      COLLEGE BASKETBALL
                                       MARCH MADNESS
           ROOM NUMBER                          TEACHER                                        UNIVERSITY
                 129                          MR. LANDRUM                                OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY
                 131                         MR. HERMOSILLO                             UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY
                 109                             MS LOH                                   SYRACUSE UNIVERSITY
                 110                         MS HERNANDEZ                               MARQUETTE UNIVERSITY
                 115                           MR. HAYNES                           UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA
                 116                           MR. RUBIO                              UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON
                 117                           MS. MORRIS                                   DUKE UNIVERSITY
                 118                             MR. KIM                                UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA
                 201                            MR HOBBS                                NOTRE DAME UNIVERSITY
                 202                           MS ROMERO                                 UNIVERSITY OF KANSAS
                 203                          MS. FRIEDMAN                             UNIVERSITY OF RICHMOND
                 204                            MS. FELIX                                  PURDUE UNIVERSITY
                 205                           MS. MARSH                        VIRGINIA COMMONWEALTH UNIVERSITY
                 206                           MS. BYERLY                              FLORIDA STATE UNIVERSITY
                 207                            MR. DIAZ                                  GONZAGA UNIVERSITY
                 208                          MS. PENAFLOR                             UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN
                 210                         MR. AKWABOAH                                  BUTLER UNIVERSITY
                 211                          MR. VAEZAZIZI                     UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA LOS ANGELES
                 212                          MR. SAUCEDO                                UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA
                 213                         MR. GERSTMAN                             BRIGHAM YOUNG UNIVERSITY
                 221                          MR. MORENO                               KANSAS STATE UNIVERSITY
                 222                         MS. SAMMUELIAN                           UNIVERSITY OF CONNECTICUT
                 223                         MR. PANGILINAN                           SAN DIEGO STATE UNIVERSITY
Advisory teachers: During the month of March, top college basketball teams compete for the national championship. To help
students learn about more colleges in a fun way, we will be having a March Madness Advisory for the next two weeks. Each
advisory will be assigned a college that has clinched one of the top 32 spots (hopefully one of advisory will select the winning team).
During the next two weeks, your advisory students must research the college they are assigned. Your advisory students must create
an admissions brochure for the college and create a poster highlighting the university. By creating an admissions brochure and
poster, your students will learn how to research colleges and university information. Winners will be selected based on the

                                                        Best College Information
                                             The Advisory whose university wins March madness

                                     GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THE PRIZE IS FREE DRESS!!!!!!!!!!
The admissions brochure should be cohesive and the information should be written well (information should not be copied and
pasted). Select at least 2 students to work on each dark bullet point and have at least 2 people put the information together in the
admissions brochure. You may not use the admissions flier created by the university/college as the final product. Please print out 5
copies of the brochure (one for you to grade, two for students use and refer to during the college fair, and the rest for the
counseling office). The admissions brochure must have the following (you may add more information):

        Brief Introduction/History of the School
              o When was it founded/established? Where is it located?
              o Write a brief history of the school.
              o What type of university/college is it? Is it a public or private university/college? Is it in a rural, suburban, or large
                   city? What is the school size (small, medium, big)
        Admissions Requirements
              o What is the minimum Grade Point Average needed for admissions (what is the average)?
              o Do you need to take a college standardized test to be eligible for admissions
                         If you need to take a college-standardized test do you need to take the ACT w/ writing, SAT Reasoning
                            Test, SAT Subject test?
                         What are the test scores do students need to earn in order to be considered for eligibility (what are the
                            average scores)?
                         Is there a formula with the grade point average and college-standardized tests that admission counselors
                            use to consider a student for admissions?
        Social Life
              o How many clubs or organizations are established at the university/college?
              o What is the percentage of students that participate in the fraternity/sorority life?
              o What can students do around the university? Is it located at or near a famous sight seeing site (i.e. Disneyland,
                   National Parks, Hollywood, New York City)? If yes, what are they?
              o What is the ethnicity/race breakdown? What is the female to male ratio?
              o What is the percentage of students who commute? What is the percentage of students who live on campus?
              o College Sports – What sports are the college/university known for?
              o Is it a Division 1 school? If not, what division is it?
        Financial Information
              o What is the cost of attendance?
                         Tuition, books and supplies, housing information (living on campus, living off campus, living with parents),
                            personal expenses, and transportation.
              o How many students receive financial aid or what is the percentage of students who receive financial aid?
              o What are popular university scholarships does the school offer?
        Academics
              o What are the most popular majors? What are most unique majors? Are there any special or unique programs at
                   the school (i.e. Some schools have a 3-2 program that allow a student to earn a bachelor’s degree, master’s
                   degree, and teaching credential within 5 years)
              o What is the student to faculty ratio?
              o What majors can students minor in? What major has the highest enrollment? What major has the lowest?
              o What majors are they known for? What is the most popular major?
        Contact information
              o What is the address of the school?
              o What are the phone numbers of the following: Housing Office, Admissions Office, Financial Office, Testing Office,
                   Book Store
        Unique facts about the school - List at least 5 unique things about you school (famous people who have attended the
         school, etc., major research that has been published)
        Pictures – Find pictures of the school (areal view if possible), famous landmarks of campus, campus buildings, etc. There
         should be a caption for each of the pictures.

         4 people - Create a poster that will catch the attention of the students. The posters will be setup as banners during the
college fair The poster should include the following: Name of the School, Quick Facts, the mascot of the school, etc.

College Fair – Select four people who will be “college recruiters” for the University. They will be expected to be able to reference
the admissions brochure and answer any questions regarding the universities. They should be able to answer the following:
What is the admissions rate for last year? What is the student population of the campus? What percentage of your students graduate
in four years? Who is the President or Chancellor of the Campus? How many libraries are there on campus? What is the crime rate?

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