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									       State Bills: K2/Spice/Salvia Ban

STATE        STATUS              NOTES
Arkansas     Temporary Ban       7/2/10: Banned for 120 days by Board of Health or until new rule is made
             by Board of       Arkansas has passed a rule banning synthetic cannabinoid products. See State health
             Health, signed by officials adopt emergency rule banning K2 and Rules Pertaining to Synthetic Marijuana
             Governor          Products. (last updated July 23 2010)

Alabama      HB 697:             4/22/2010 passed, enrolled, enaction date 7/1/10: Illegal to possess (1) HU-210,
             ILLEGAL             (2) JWH-018, (3) JWH-073, and (4) salvia divinorum or salvinorumA. A violation of
             Enaction date:      shall be subject to the same penalties as a violation of Sections 13A-12-213 and
             7/1/2010            13A-12-214, Code of Alabama 1975.
Georgia      HB1309:             5/24/10: Governor signed, effective date. Adds synthetic cannabinoids/synthetic
             ILLEGAL             marijuana/K2 to the Schedule I controlled substance list.
Hawaii       Temporary Ban       7/6/10:
             Department of
             Public Safety
Illinois     HB 4578:            7/26/10: Legislation Passed. Amends the Illinois Controlled Substances Act;
             Legislation         Includes in the list of Schedule I controlled substances 1-pentyl-3-(1-
             Passed,             naphthoyl)indole, commonly known as K2.
             Enaction Date:      In July 2010, Illinois passed a law banning synthetic cannabinoid products which takes effect
             1/1/2011            Jan 1, 2011. The law lists JWH-018 and JWH-073. See
                        (last updated Aug 17,

Indiana      Considering
Iowa         Temporary Ban       7/21/10 Board of Pharmacy created a temporary ban on K2, adding it to Schedule I
             by Board of         of Controlled Substance List. The action requires the state legislature to approve a
             Pharmacy            ban on K2 within 60 days of convening next session.
Kansas       HB 2411:            3/10/10: PASSED. Bans designer cannabinoids JWH-018, JWH-073, HU-210 along
             ILLEGAL             with stimulant BZP and TFMPP. Adds to controlled substance list.
Kentucky     HB 265:             4/13/10: Signed by Governor, effective date. Bans synthetic marijuana, making it a
             ILLEGAL             class A misdemeanor to manufacture or traffic.
Louisiana    HB 173:             6/15/10: Passed and enrolled, Sent to Governor for executive approval.
             Legislation         Creates the crime of the unlawful production, manufacturing, distribution, or
             Passed,             possession of prohibited plants and adds hallucinogenic substances to Schedule I.
             Enaction date:
Michigan     HB 6038 tied to     6/16/09: Judiciary Committee review
             HB6226:             House Bill 6038 would make any substance that mimics the effects of marijuana,
             Legislation         such as an herbal substance known as K2, a Schedule 1 drug. House Bill 6226
                                 would prohibit the use or possession of such synthetic cannabinoids and make a
              Proposed          violation a misdemeanor
Missouri      HB 1472:          5/25/10: sent to Governor, signed
              Legislation       This bill changes the laws regarding the designation of controlled substances.
              Passed            Missouri has outlawed spice products containing synthetic cannabinoids taking
              Enaction date:    effect on August 28, 2010. According to one news story, "possession of 35 grams
              8/26/2010         or less of K2 will be a Class A misdemeanor, and possession of more than 35 grams
                                will be a Class C felony. The new law carries penalties that will be identical to those
                                for possession of marijuana." See http://www.globe-
                                possessio/. (last updated Aug 24 2010)
Mississippi   Passed
              Legislation in
Nebraska      Considering       State is considering a ban on Spice-type products. See KETV Omaha (July 13, 2010).
                                (last updated July 16 2010)
New Jersey    Considering
New York      Bill A10439A:     4/21/10 amended and recommitted to health.
              Legislation       This bill will ban four chemical compounds that mimic the effects of illegal drugs
              Proposed          including marijuana and ecstasy. An act to amend the public health law, in relation
                                to adding four new compounds to the controlled substances schedule of
                                hallucinogenic substances
North         Title 61:         2/25/10: The North Dakota Board of Pharmacy issued an emergency order
Dakota        ILLEGAL           banning the substance. That emergency order was made permanent at an April
                                meeting. (title 61)

Ohio          Considering
Tennessee     SB2982, HB2968:   5/26/10: The governor signed bills (SB2982 and HB2968) As enacted, creates Class
              Legislation       A misdemeanor for production, manufacture, distribution, possession, or
              Passed            possession with intent to produce, manufacture, or distribute the synthetic
              Enaction date:    cannabinoids JWH-018, JWH-073, HU-210, and HU-211
Utah          Legislation       3/26/10: HB 38 Signed by Governor
              Proposed          This bill modifies provisions regarding controlled substances by creating a
                                committee to advise the Legislature on the scheduling of substances.

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