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					Google Earth Advanced KML Rubric
Items                         10+ Points                     8-9 Points                      7-6 Points                       5-3 Points                    2-1 Points
Content             A: The writer’s thesis is      B: Details about each           C: Sufficient information        D: Each placemark balloon     E: Limited information
                    clearly evident, progressing   chapter are provided and        about each chapter was           has some information          about important events
                    logically from one balloon     logically arranged. It’s easy   provided to follow the plot      about the book. Enough        that led to the outcome of
                    to the next. There is some     for the reader to see how       of the book, however, the        facts are provided to give    the book was provided.
                    discussion of the              the plot progresses.            student did not discuss a        the reader an idea of what    There are frequent
                    significance of historical     Connections are made            thesis and carry it out          is going on in the book as    inaccuracies in the facts
                    events on contemporary         between key events and          through each placemark.          the plot progresses, but      provided.
                    times.                         the thesis being discussed.                                      details on specific events
                                                                                                                    are lacking.
Writing Style       A: The writing is              B: Sentences are well-          C: Relatively free of spelling   D: Few spelling or            E: The writing has many
                    compelling, hooks the          phrased and varied in           and grammatical errors.          grammatical errors, but       spelling and grammatical
                    reader and sustains            length and structure. The       The writing style is clear       transitions are used          errors which make the
                    interest throughout the        tone is consistently            and concise. Word choices        inappropriately making it     information hard to read.
                    project.                       professional and                are accurate.                    hard to follow from one
                                                   appropriate for the project.                                     thought to the next.

Links to External   A: The student has found a     B: The student has found a      C: Student has linked to         D: An acceptable number       E. Minimal links (3 or less)
Sources             number of external and         number of primary and           resources that complement        of placemarks have            provided to outside
                    exceptional primary            secondary resources online      the content provided in the      working links to outside      sources of reference, such
                    resources, such as images,     that complement the             placemarks. However,             sources. The student          as national monuments,
                    maps, journals, and            information provided in         most of these are                appears to have spent         museums, or informational
                    artifacts displayed by         the placemarks. These           secondary resources, such        minimal effort reviewing      websites. Information on
                    museums in various online      resources are informative       as historical or                 these links, making sure      these sites is superficial
                    exhibits. The student has      and stimulate the reader to     contemporary news                that they added important     and does not add much to
                    given appropriate              learn more on the subject.      articles from Google News.       information to the project.   the content explained in
                    attribution for these                                                                                                         the layer.
                    resources in the placemark.
Titles              A: ----                        B: ----                         C: ----                          D: Placemarks are titled      E: Few if any placemarks
(5 points max.)                                                                                                     appropriately and             are titled. The student has
                                                                                                                    succinctly convey the main    not used appropriate “title
                                                                                                                    idea expressed in the text    case”.
                                                                                                                    of the placemark balloon.
Balloon Layout    A: Student used KML tags      B: Advanced <table> tags        C: Basic <table> tags were    D: A variety of HTML tags       E: Few HTML tags were
                  to layout objects on the      such as <cellpadding>,          used to layout elements on    were used to divide             used to divide elements on
                  page. If a table was used,    <cellspacing>, and/or           the page <table>, <tr>,       elements on the page, such      the page; mainly <br> and
                  its use is seamless and       <valign> were used to           <td>, however, more           as <p>, <hr>, <div> and lists   <p> tags.
                  professional looking.         place elements within a         advanced attributes, such     <ol>.
                                                table cell. Background          as and it is evident that a
                                                coloring of specific cells      table was used for layout.
                                                was used to create
                                                advanced mulit-color
Technical Style   A: Student has used a         B: KML code has been            C: KML code has been used     D: KML code has been used       E: KML code has been used
                  shared style to make all      used to change the list         to change balloon             to change polygon or icon       to change line, or label
                  items in the layer have a     pane style, such as bgColor,    background and text styles,   styles, such as color, fill,    styles, such as color and
                  common theme without          listIItemType, state of list    such as bgColor and           scale or heading.               width.
                  the redundancy of             and the number of snippet       textColor. XML code has
                  numerous inline style         lines. Style tags are used      been used to change font
                  elements. All style           appropriately and add           size, color and type.
                  elements add value to the     value to the layer.
                  layer and do not detract
                  from the information
                  presented. Extra credit can
                  be gained here for using
                  Style Maps to create
                  rollover behaviors
Images            A: Student has provided       B: Many of the placemarks       C: Images used do add to      D: Images used, but many        E: Few if any images used
                  personal images to add to     have images that help to        the project and are sized     do not help to convey the       to help the reader
                  their project and/or has      explain key topics. Each        appropriately; however,       major ideas of the project.     understand the book.
                  used various Photoshop        image is sized                  student has not given         Some images are of an
                  filters to improve the        appropriately and has           appropriate attribution for   inappropriate size for a
                  quality of the images.        appropriate attribution.        each image.                   placemark.
                                                Student has provided a
                                                web link in their attribution
                                                back to the online source.
Overlays          A: Advanced photoshop         B: Photoshop was used to      C: A basic photo or ground    D: Photos were used as         E: Book cover was used as
                  techniques were used to       create a graphically          overlay was used. A           icons for placemarks. They     a photo overlay for the first
                  make the overlay              pleasing screen overlay or    ground overlay was used to    were placed relative to        placemark.
                  graphically interesting. A    banner with text, multiple    outline an area, not much     ground to make images
                  combination of more than      images, and a background      detail was included in the    look like sign posts instead
                  one type of X/Y Units were    color.                        overlay.                      of icons.
                  used to place the overlay.
                  Extra credit can be gained
                  here If photos of an area
                  were combined into a
                  gigapixel photo that shows
                  a 3D view.
Icons             A: Student used advanced      B: The student used           C: The student used a         D: Student used a custom       E: Student used the
                  Photohop techniques to        images from the book,         custom icon from an           icon included in the           standard yellow push pin.
                  create their own icons        including the book title as   outside source, such as       primary database. The
                  from various images found     icons. Images have been       IconArchive, or iStockPhoto   icon was relevant to the
                  online.                       sized appropriately to be                                   topic of the book.
                                                used as icons.

Design Elements   A: Colors are used that       B: A common set of colors     C: Colors found in nature     D: A color pallet was used     E: No colors were used,
(Color, Order,    create a positive attitude    belonging to a color          were used. They are seen      to choose colors that are in   only the standard white
and Form)         and create a desire in the    scheme was used. An           in the text color,            the same family and            balloon. Text is legible.
                  reader to look at other       accent color was chosen       background cells of tables    complement each other,         Other objects on the pages
                  balloons. The designer has    and used to highlight         used for layouts and also     such as the one found at       are placed randomly in the
                  chosen colors with the        items. The layout of the      the same colors can be        WebMonkey. Other               balloon and make it
                  right emotional message.      balloon is clean and          seen in images added to       objects are logically placed   difficult for the reader to
                  The layout is simple and      incorporates white (or        the balloons. The designer    in the balloon, not much       quickly grasp key ideas
                  easy to navigate. The         light) spaces. Borders and    has follows the ”Z”           effort has been put into       being expressed.
                  layout looks professional.    other elements in the         principle of website          placing objects in an order
                  The design is elegant,        layout are proportional to    (balloon) real estate.        that is creative and helps
                  timeless and compelling.      each other.                                                 to high light key ideas.
Tours             A: A navigation bar has       B: Placemarks are             C: Photoshop was used to      D: The path tool was used      E: Placemark titles were
                  been created using            contained in a folder, each   create a series of            to connect placemarks.         numbered or dates were
                  photoshop. The user can       placemark has an “ID” and     numbered Icons, or ones       The path color and width       used to create a tour.
                  go to “Home” | “Previous”     KML “balloonFlyTo” code       with dates. Built-in          follow the design theme
                  | “Next” | “End” of tour.     has been used to allow the    animation tool was used to    for the project.
                  The buttons are graphically   user to go from one           create a tour. Student also
                  pleasing and follow the       balloon to the next.          used the podcasting tool to
                  design theme. They use                                      record an audio tour of key
                  KML “balloonFlyTo” code.                                    book events.
File              A: ----                       B: ----                     C: ----                     D: All files were included in   E: Poor file management
Management                                                                                              the project. Images and         has led to missing pictures,
(5 points max.)                                                                                         icons were contained in a       icons or other necessary
                                                                                                        separate image folder. The      files.
                                                                                                        final document and images
                                                                                                        were compressed and
                                                                                                        saved as a .KMZ file. Files
                                                                                                        names are appropriate and
                                                                                                        easy to understand by
                                                                                                        someone who was not
                                                                                                        involved in the project.
Effort,           A: The student went           B: The project lacks the    C: The project could have   D: The student showed           E: The student did not
Craftsmanship,    beyond what was required      finishing touches. With a   been improved with more     below average                   finish the project
Skill, and        and can take pride in their   little more effort the      effort. It appears the      craftsmanship, lack of pride    adequately. There is
Perseverance      finished work. The project    project could have been     student chose an easy       in his work, and a number       evidence of being lazy or
                  is exemplary and worth        outstanding.                project and did it          of inconsistencies are          lack of understanding of
                  publishing.                                               indifferently.              evident from one                what was expected.
                                                                                                        placemark to the next.

Total Points:                                                                                                                           120 points

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