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Community Activity Guide
                                                   Idaho Black History Museum
                                                   What: The Idaho Black History Museum was
              Museums                              founded in 1995 and currently is the only
                                                   African American history museum in the Pacific
                                                   Northwest. The museum's purpose is to build
Boise Art Museum
                                                   bridges between cultures to explore issues that
What: At the BAM girls will discover all
                                                   affect Americans of all cultures and ethnicities.
mediums of art and first hand view sculptures,
                                                   Who: Girl Scouts of all ages
paintings and drawings. BAM offers guided
                                                   Where: 508 Julia Davis Dr., Boise, Idaho
tours to larger groups and workshops. The
                                                   When: The first Saturday of every month. 1-3
Boise Art Museum champions excellence in the
visual arts through exhibitions, collections and
                                                   Cost: Free
educational experiences
                                                   Phone: (208) 433-0017
Who: Girl Scouts of all ages
Where: 670 Julia Davis Dr., Boise, Idaho
Cost: Check admission prices on the website.
                                                   Additional Information: Schedule tour groups
Certain 1st Thursdays offer free admission.
                                                   at the number above.
Phone: (208) 345-8330 ext. 36
Additional Information: Groups must be
arranged at least two weeks in advance by
contacting the above number.                       Basque Museum and Cultural Center
                                                   What: The Basque Museum and Cultural
                                                   Center was established in 1985 as a small
The Bown House
                                                   museum in the historic Cyrus Jacobs-Uberuaga
What: The Bown House is one of the oldest
                                                   House at 607 Grove Street. The Basque
stone houses in Idaho, and today it is a great
                                                   Museum & Cultural Center provides a look into
place to take a field trip. It is now a living
                                                   the heritage of the Basque communities of
museum where you can see how people lived in
                                                   Idaho and surrounding areas.
the late 1800s. As you enter the house, a guide
                                                   Who: Girl Scouts of all ages
takes you into the Parlor, where you try on
                                                   Where: 611 W. Grove St., Boise, Idaho
pioneer clothing, play with pioneer games and
                                                   When: Tuesday - Friday: 10:00am to 4:00pm
toys, listen to music, and even try your hand at
                                                   Saturday: 11:00am to 3:00pm
                                                   Sunday, Monday and Holidays: Closed
Who: Girl Scouts of all ages.
                                                   Cost: Adults - $4
Where: At the east end of Park Center
                                                   Seniors (65+) - $3
Boulevard on the Riverside School campus,
                                                   Children 6-12 - $2
Boise, Idaho
                                                   Children 5 and under - free
When: Free tours are available the first
                                                   Contact: Mia
Saturday of every month from 1-4 p.m.
                                                   Phone: (208) 343-2671
Cost: Free
Phone: (208) 854-5980
Additional Information: For before and after
                                                   Additional Information: Guided tours are
educational material about the Bown House go
                                                   available; more information is available on the
                                                   Cost: Group rates are available, $1 for children
Idaho Museum of Mining and Geology                 6-12 and $1 for students with ID.
What: Located next to the Old Penitentiary in      Contact: Kurt Zwolfer
Idaho’s Historical District, the Idaho Museum of   Phone: (208) 334-2120
Mining and Geology (IMMG) offers exhibits and      Website:
educational programs about Idaho’s fascinating
geologic history and rich mining heritage. Girl
Scouts can take steps to earn their geology        Old Idaho Penitentiary
patches and try-its.                               What: Begin your visit with a video
Who: Girl Scout’s, friends, families and           presentation recalling prison history, notorious
tagalongs. The smaller the group the better the    inmates, and daily prison life. Once inside the
experience, suggestion is 10 girls max.            Yard, imagine life in the foreboding sandstone
Where: 2455 Old Penitentiary Road                  cell houses and view the effects of the 1973
When: Call Lois to schedule your trip.             riot. Visit Solitary Confinement, known as
Cost: Visiting the museum is free. If you would    "Siberia," as well as Death Row and the Gallows.
like Lois to take your troop on a tour and help    Exhibits are located throughout the site. Wear
them complete the badge activities it is $3 per    comfortable shoes and dress for the day's
girl.                                              weather. Visit the women’s prison.
Contact: Lois McDonald                             Who: Girl Scouts of all ages
Phone: (208) 713-2061                              Where: 2445 Old Penitentiary Rd., Boise, Idaho
Email:                          When: Open daily 12-5 p.m.
Website:                       Cost: children 6-12 $3.00, adults $5.00.
Additional Information: Lois will walk you         Discounts for groups of 10 or more.
through all the steps in earning your Rocks Rock   Phone: (208) 344-2844
badges and Earth and Sky try-it. At the end of     Email:
the workshop she will issue you a certificate of   Website:
completion where you can purchase your badge       Additional Information: You can download
or try-it. Takes approximately 2-3 hours.          activity sheets for your tour through the

Idaho State Historical Museum                      Discovery Center of Idaho
What: Lesson plans are available for a number      What: DCI is an interactive science center
of topics like Lewis and Clark, mining, Women in   providing exhibits and educational programs
Idaho History, the Oregon Trail. Visiting the      that offer authentic, sensory experiences
museums and individually tailored programs are     making the sciences, math and technology
available. Check the website for current           tangible
exhibits.                                          Who: All Girl Scouts
Who: Girl Scouts of all ages                       Where: 131 Myrtle St., Boise, Idaho
Where: 610 Julia Davis Dr., Boise, Idaho           When: Winter
When: May through September                        Monday-Closed
Tuesday - Saturday 9am to 5pm                      Tuesday-Friday: 9 a.m. -5 p.m.
Sunday 1pm to 5pm                                  Saturday: 10 a.m.-5 p.m.
Closed Mondays                                     Sunday: noon-5 p.m.
October through April                              Summer
Tuesday - Friday 9am to 5pm                        Monday-Friday: 9 a.m. -5 p.m.
Saturday 11am - 5pm                                Saturday: 10 a.m.-5 p.m.
Closed Sunday & Monday                             Sunday: noon-5 p.m.
Cost: Prices depend on age, check website for
more details.
Phone: (208) 343-9895
                                                               Outdoor Education and
Boise Tour Train                                       Recreation
What: The Boise Tour Train is open passenger
cars pulled by a replica of an 1890 puff-belly
engine. The tour winds through Boise’s historic
                                                       Deer Flat National Wildlife Refuge
district. This tour is especially nice in the spring
                                                       What: Girls get a chance to visit a Wildlife
when all the flowers are in bloom.
                                                       Refuge, take a hike, make nature crafts and
Where: 602 Julia Davis Drive. Off Capital Blvd,
                                                       complete 3 activities of the Watching Wildlife
near the Boise Historical Museum
                                                       Try-It and one activity from Animal Try-It. Girl
When: June-Sept. daily; May & Oct. Sat.-Sun.,
                                                       Scout Juniors can earn their Wildlife Badge.
1pm, 2:30pm
                                                       Who: Girl Scout Brownies and Juniors
Cost: Adults, $9.00, Children 3-12, $6.00
                                                       Where: 13751 Upper Embankment Rd.,
Phone: (208) 342-4796
                                                       Nampa, Idaho
                                                       When: The first Saturday of every month. 1-3
                                                       Cost: Free
                                                       Contact: Katie
Boise Train Depot
                                                       Phone: (208) 467-9278
What: The Boise Depot is a beautiful historic
Spanish-style structure operated by the Boise
Parks & Recreation Department. Designed by
                                                        Additional Information: You need to register
New York architects, the building opened in
                                                       through the Deer Flat National Wildlife Refuge
1925 to elaborate fanfare in the capital city.
                                                       at least one week in advance.
Depot amenities include The Great Hall, a
soaring 3,542-square-foot multi-story atrium
                                                       Foothills Learning Center
that once served as the building's waiting room.
                                                       What: This is a public facility designed to
Who: Girl Scouts of all ages
                                                       support the ongoing educational efforts
Where: 2603 W Eastover Terrace
                                                       associated with the Boise Foothills. The
When: The Boise Depot Great Hall and the Bell
                                                       purpose of the education center is to provide a
Tower are open for the public drop-in on
                                                       place for interpretive and learning
Mondays 12:30-8 p.m. June through September
                                                       opportunities for the community to help raise
except legal holidays and Sundays 10 a.m. to 6
                                                       the awareness and appreciation of the desert
p.m. through September 30.
                                                       environment, the urban-wild land interface and
Cost: free
                                                       the challenges land management agencies face
                                                       in caring for these unique lands.
Follow link to Depot site
                                                       Who: All Girl Scouts
                                                       Where: Boise, Idaho
                                                       When: Private classes available or they have a
                                                       Second Saturday Series
                                                       Cost: Free
                                                       Phone: (208) 514-3755
Website:          Cost: $10:00 for 2 hour sessions. Reservations
nts/Parks/Foothills/FoothillsLearningCenter/ind      strongly recommended as space is limited to
ex.aspx                                              100 tubers
                                                     Who: Call Julie at 332-5137 for group rates.
                                                     Phone: (208) 332-5100
Bogus Basin Snow School                              Website:
What: Bogus Basin Snow School is an
environment-based education program that is          Idaho Bird Observatory
for students to be introduced to cross country       What: Receive educational programs for your
skiing, skate skiing and snowshoeing all in one      Girl Scout Group
day! These are low-cost lifetime sports that         Who: Girl Scouts of all levels
encourage fitness and empower girls to explore       Where: Lucky Peak, 45 minute drive from Boise
and enjoy the natural landscape. Professional        When:
instructors from the Frontier Point Nordic Lodge     Songbirds
will lead the event.                                 July 16-October 15 from sunrise to 5 hours past
Who: Girl Scout Brownie and above                    sunrise.
Where: Bogus Basin, Boise, Idaho                     Hawk watch and Hawk banding
When: Winter, when the mountain is open              August 25 and runs through the end of October
Cost: $10 per girl includes equipment rental,        from 10am to 6pm. September and the first
instructor fee, trail pass and lodge use.            week of October are best!
Phone: (208) 332-5190                                Owl banding
Website:           Late September through October 28, sunset to
Additional Information: Please come dressed          dawn
for cold and snowy conditions. Avoid cotton          Cost: Free
garments and wear hats, gloves, thick socks,         Contact: Greg Kaltenecker
snow pants, snow boots, weather proof jacket         Phone: (208) 426-4354
and sunglasses. Girls are responsible for            Email:
carrying a water bottle, high-energy food, and       Website:
sunscreen and lip balm with them.                    Additional Information: Items to bring;
                                                     Binoculars, Bird book, Water, Sunscreen, Hat,
Pepsi Gold Rush Tubing Hill                          Seasonal clothes (it can be cold and windy),
What: Enjoy an 800-foot downhill slide in your       Treats for seasonal staff, Camera, Snacks
tube (provided with admission), then ride your       * All activities take place weather depending
tube back uphill with the paddle tow doing all of
the work! Advance ticket reservations required
through Children must
be at least 3-feet tall to ride in their own tube,   A Treehouse: Horticulture Therapy Center
and cannot ride on tube with adults, although        What: A Treehouse provide educational
tubers can go together in a group, conditions        "jungle" tours, garden tours, and plant related
permitting. Group discounts are available with       activities for established programs. The new
reservations at 332-5120. Open times subject to      five acre site boasts expansive teaching
weather conditions. Call 332-5493 for updates.       environments, greenhouses, and even a few
Where: Bogus Basin Mountain Recreation Area          teepees! This is a perfect place for an outdoor
When: Winter, Hours: Fridays 12pm-8pm;               picnic.
Saturdays/Holidays 10am-8pm; Sundays 10am-           Who: Girl Scouts of all ages
6pm. 2-hour sessions start on the even hour.         Where: 722 Valli Hi Rd., Eagle, Idaho
                                                     When: Programs are offered year round
                                                     Cost: Free
Contact: Jeanne Squires                             When: Open Monday - Friday, 9:30 - 4:30 and
Phone: (208) 377-0181                               every 3rd Saturday of each month 10:00-2:00.
Email:                     Closed Holidays.
.                                                   Cost: Free
                                                    Contact: Cindy Busche
                                                    Phone: (208) 489-1284
Morrison Knudsen Nature Center                      Website:
What: The MK Nature Center offers education
programs year round for groups. Wildlife            Additional Information: Please call to schedule
educators instruct students about Idaho wildlife    your visit
and the importance of habitat with an
informative lesson and guided walk along the
Nature Center path.
Who: Girl Scouts of all ages
Where: 600 S. Walnut St., Boise, Idaho              Idaho Salmon and Steelhead Days
When: Tours and workshops are held year-            What: This event is hosted annually and
round.                                              celebrates the uniqueness of salmon and
Cost: $1 per child for guided tours, $1.50 for      steelhead. The event consists of three days
specialized tours and workshops. All adults and     dedicated to the students and one evening set
chaperones are free.                                aside for a salmon barbecue that is open to the
Phone: (208) 334-2225                               general public. Students participate in fun
Email:                      hands-on activities while learning about these
Website:                                            unique fish, their habitat and the past and         present relationship between humans and
mknc/school.cfm                                     salmon.
Additional Information: Schedule your tour          Who: Girl Scouts in 5th grade
and activities at least two weeks in advance.       Where: Idaho Fish and Game Headquarters
                                                    When: Early September
                                                    Cost: Free
                                                    Contact: Brenda Beckley
                                                    Phone: (208) 287-2901
Boise Watershed Environmental Education             Email:
Center                                              Website:
What: Boise WaterShed promotes water      
stewardship through high-tech, hands-on             sdays/
exhibits using humor to entertain, science to
amaze, and visuals that are sure to make a
splash! Located at the West Boise Wastewater
Treatment Facility, the LEED-certified building     Wildlife Express
also features a library, a theater, and amazing     What: Wildlife Express is a newspaper
artwork. Tours and hands-on lessons are             published by the Idaho Department of Fish and
offered free of charge. For descriptions of tours   Game for upper elementary and middle school
and lessons visit the web site listed below.        students. Each issue focuses on the natural
Who: All Girl Scouts                                history of an Idaho wildlife species and is
Where: 11818 West Joplin Road, Boise, Idaho         written in an educational and entertaining
83714                                               fashion
Who: Girl Scouts in elementary and middle            Where: About 20 miles south of Boise, Idaho.
school                                               From Interstate 84 take Exit 44 (Idaho Highway
When: Wildlife Express is published nine times       69) south eight miles. Turn south on Swan Falls
a year (September through May).                      Road and head south three miles to the
Cost: Subscriptions and an Educator’s Guide are      conservation area boundary
available for $30.00 per year and include a set      When: Activities are held year round
of 30 copies mailed to you each month.               Cost: Free
Subscriptions of five copies or less are available   Contact: Barb Forderhase
for $15.00. You can also download these free         Phone: (208) 384-3485
off their website.                                   Email:
Contact: Idaho Fish and Game                         Website:
Phone: (208) 287-2874                                Additional Information: Activities include
Website:                                             spring hikes, oral presentations, field trips,          environmental activity days and many more
etters/wild_express/                                 activities. Visit the website for more
Idaho Botanical Garden                               information.
What: The Garden is a living museum,
dedicated to the advancement and appreciation        Ridge to Rivers Train System
of gardening, horticulture and conservation,         What: Stretching from the Boise River to the
through plant collections and education              Boise Ridge, this trail system offers hikers and
programs within an aesthetic landscape.              mountain-bikers 75,000 acres of trails. Through
Activities include Bug Day, Winter Garden            the cooperative efforts the trail system was
aGlow and tours.                                     created to preserve Boise's foothills. The old
Where: 3255 North Penitentiary Road, Boise,          roads and trails allow for outdoor exploration
Idaho                                                practically from downtown Boise.
When: Activities are year round, visit the           Who: Girl Scouts of all ages
website for more details.                            Where: Boise, Idaho
Cost: Depends on activity.                           When: Trails are open during daylight hours
Phone: (208) 343-8649                                Cost: Free
Website:                Phone: (208) 384-3360
Additional Information: Pre-registration is          Email:
required for all classes                             Website:
                                                     Additional Information: Maps are available
                                                     from the Boise Parks and Recreation, U.S.
                                                     Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management
                                                     and Boise outdoor stores
Snake River Birds of Prey National
Conservation Area
What: The Snake River Birds of Prey National         World Center for Birds of Prey
Conservation Area (NCA), in southwest Idaho,         What: General tours are offered to Girl Scout
was established in 1993 to protect a unique          groups or you can choose more specific
environment that supports one of the world's         programs that deal with Birds of Prey habitats,
densest concentrations of nesting birds of prey.     habits, conservation, observation and ecology.
Falcons, eagles, hawks, and owls occur here in       For specific details visit their website.
unique profusion and variety.                        Who: Girl Scouts of all ages
Who: Girl Scouts of all ages                         Where: 5668 West Flying Hawk Lane, Boise,
When: Year round programs.                          When: 9am to 4pm daily
Cost: If you schedule two weeks in advance and      Cost: $2.00, camping is $5.00
you have a group larger than 15 people children     Phone: (208) 495-2745
(4-16) can get admission for $2 and adults $$       Website:
Phone: (208) 362-3716
Additional Information: The website is full of      Boise Astronomical Society
information about your visit, different rates,      What: Boise Astronomical Society is a non-
and what to bring when you go!                      profit educational and scientific organization
                                                    dedicated to bringing together people with an
Bruneau Dunes State Park & Observatory              interest in astronomy. The society serves as a
What: The tallest single-structured sand dune       source of astronomy information for its
in North America rises to 470 feet high above       members and the general public, and promotes
small lakes in the desert south of Mountain         viewing of celestial objects with special events.
Home. The state park includes desert, dune,         Events include monthly presentations by
prairie, lake and marsh habitat with                members or guest speakers at the Discovery
opportunities to observe nocturnal species.         Center of Idaho. Special star parties are held on
Activities include fishing, bird watching,          a monthly basis and during the summer at
camping, hiking, swimming and viewing the           Bogus Basin. There is a calendar link on the
stars at one of only two public observatories in    website with listings of dates. Many of the
Idaho. Feel free to climb but no vehicles are       events are open to the general public.
allowed on the dunes. A visitor center offers       Where: Monthly meetings are held at the
information on birds of prey, insects, fossils,     Discovery Center, 131 W. Myrtle St. Boise
wildlife and sand dunes and gift items for          When: 7:00pm second Friday of each month
When: Park open year round. Observatory             Cost: A membership is available but the general
open March through October on Friday and            public is invited to join functions
Saturday evenings                                   Contact: Education Liaison, Sue Sharp
Who: Girl Scouts of all ages                        (208) 672-8075
Where: 18 miles SW of Mountain Home                 email: education at
 When: Park is open year round. Observatory          Idaho Star PartyTM Coordinator, Art Burget
open March through October on Friday and            (208) 887-0817
Saturday evenings                                   email: isp at
Cost: $4.00 per car per day                         Main Website:
Phone: (208) 366-7919                               Additional Information: Check out the calendar
Website:           link for information on upcoming star parties.
                                                    Many activities are available without becoming
                                                    a member of the BAS.
Celebration Park
What: Celebration Park was established as
Idaho's only archaeological park. This area was
a wintering ground for Paiute Indians along the
Snake River. View Indian art created 12,000
years ago along with native plants and animals.
Take a self-guided tour or stop in at the visitor
center. Guided tours are available by
                                                                Food and Cooking
reservation. Campsites are also available.
Where: 5000 Victory Lane, just SW of Melba
Country Donuts                                       What: The Healthy Eaters™ field trip is
What: Watch the donut and muffin making              designed to reinforce the nutrition and healthy
process at this wonderful local bakery. Call         living curricula taught in schools. At your local
owners for arrangements.                             Albertsons, children will have a fun experience
Who: Mohamed and Azza (Owners)                       in a real life environment that will help prepare
Where: 1358 Overland Road, Boise, Idaho              them to make healthy choices each day of their
When: Afternoons are best                            lives
Cost: Free                                           Who: Girl Scout K-4th grade
Phone: (208) 327-9867                                Where: Boise, Idaho
                                                     When: Field trips are offered year round.
Young Chef’s Academy                                 Cost: Free
What: Girl Scouts of all ages can come take          Contact: N/A
part in cooking classes, field trips and             Phone: (800) 987-6409
workshop. These classes focus on building            Email: N/A
confidence in the kitchen.                           Website:
Who: Girl Scouts of all ages                         Additional Information: Times and dates vary,
Where: 3210 E. Chinden Blvd. Suite 128, Eagle        log on to find available dates.
When: Classes are held during weekends,
evenings and teacher in service days.
Cost: Varies on different classes                    Organic Evolution
Phone: (208) 939-2550                                What: Organic Evolution is the parent company
Email:              of NextGen Vending. Nextgen Vending is a
Website:                   different kind of vending company - we deliver
Additional Information: YCA can work with            organic snack and beverage products to
your group to provide badge and try-it               schools, hospitals, airports, fitness centers,
activities.                                          corporate facilities and other retail markets via
                                                     custom vending kiosks. Girls will get a tour of
Peaceful Belly Farms                                 the factory and warehouse. The tour will
What: Girl Scouts will get a chance to tour an       include information about organic ingredients
organic farm, pick apples, raspberries and           healthy choices.
tomatoes. They will also use an apple press to       Who: Girl Scouts of all ages.
get apple cider out of the fresh apples they pick.   Where: 107 E. 46th St., Garden City, Idaho
Who: Girl Scouts of all ages.                        When: Tours will be held year round and will
Where: Call for directions                           be held after 4 p.m.
When: Fall is the best time to tour the farm.        Contact: Amber Hand
Cost: $2 per Girl Scout, chaperones and parents      Phone: (208) 377-0815
are free.                                            Email:
Contact: Josie                                       Website:
Phone: (208) 345-8003                                Additional Information: You must call ahead
Email:                       and schedule a time for your troop to come.
Additional Information: Make appointments at
least two weeks in advance. Tours usually last
1 ½ hours.

Albertsons-Healthy Eaters
                                                  Who: Girls of all ages
                                                  Where: 21292 Simplot Blvd., Greenleaf, Idaho
                                                  When: Camps, workshops and classes are
                                                  offered year round
What: Girls will learn about animals and
                                                  Cost: Depends on activity and amount of
natural habitats. ZooBoise is a living science
                                                  people, check the website for more information
facility that is home to over 201 animals from
                                                  Phone: (208) 454-1322
83 various species. Zoo Boise is a community
treasure where visitors of all ages can learn
about our natural world and the importance of
                                                  Additional Information: Our summer operation
protecting and preserving it for generations to
                                                  is based out of Stolle Meadows near Warm
                                                  Lake, Idaho. We are a short two hour drive from
Who: All Girl Scouts, families, friends and
                                                  Boise up Hwy. 55, along the wild and scenic
                                                  North Fork of the Payette River.
Where: 355 Julia Davis Dr., Boise, Idaho
When: ZooBoise is open year round from 10
a.m.-5 p.m.
Cost: Prices depend on age, group size, and day   Arabians West
of entrance. Please check the website for the     What: Group tours of this lovely horse farm
most current admission prices                     are available by appointment only. Girls
Phone: (208) 834-4260 ext. 107                    will learn about the farm and the breeding
Website:                         and care of the horses. Tours take ½ to 1
                                                  hour to complete.
                                                  Where: 2045 E. Amity Rd., Meridian 83642
                                                  When: Call for an appointment for your
PETCO-Fur, Feathers and Fins                      group
What: Girls will get a chance to get involved
                                                  Cost: Free
with pets and responsibility. Girls will learn
                                                  Contact: Helen
about responsible animal behavior, animal
habitats and what pets need to stay happy and     Phone: (208) 888-0099
healthy.                                          Website:
Who: Girl Scouts grades K-8
Where: Boise, Idaho PETCO
When: Field trips are offered year round
Cost: Free
Phone: (800) 987-6409
Email: N/A
Additional Information: Times and dates vary,
check the availability by logging onto their
                                                              Fitness Opportunities
                                                  Boise Peak Fitness
                                                  What: Girls can learn to indoor rock climb and
                                                  get a belay lesson. Girl Scout groups can get
Juniper Mountain Outfitters                       special rates by scheduling in advance and
What: JMO offers trail riding, horse camps and    having a certain number of people. Visit the
pack riding trips for different age and skill     website for more information.
levels.                                           Who: Girl Scouts of all ages
Where: 308 S. 25th St., Boise, Idaho            What: We are committed to providing quality
When: Mon - Thurs 4:00PM - 10:00PM              Martial Arts instruction to each and every
Fri 12:00PM - 10:00PM                           student. We are a very different and unique Martial
SAT 11:00AM - 7:00PM                            Art School in our teaching methods.
SUN 12:00PM - 6:00PM                            We place a strong emphasis on making training fun.
                                                Who: Girl Scouts of all ages
Contact: Pete
                                                Cost: Varies
Phone: (208) 393-7325                           Contact: Pandi Hart
Email:           Phone: (208) 853-5311
Website:               Email:
Additional Information: You must follow         Website:
Safetywise guidelines when climbing.            Additional Information: Hart’s works with children
                                                of all abilities. Whether you are brand new to
                                                martial arts or are a seasoned professional they will
Girls on the Run-Idaho                          be a right fit.
What: Girls on the Run is a in an after
                                                St. Luke’s Women’s Fitness Celebration
school program for girls that uses the
                                                What: Once a year women of all ages and
power of physical activity, life lessons, and
                                                fitness levels gather for a 5K in downtown
positive mentoring to “prepare girls for a      Boise. Girl Scouts has a history of being the
lifetime of self-respect and healthy living”.   largest team in the race!
Through interactive activities including        Who: Girl Scouts of all ages, families and
walking and running, playing games, and         friends.
discussing important issues girls learn how     Where: Downtown Boise, the race starts at the
to celebrate being themselves                   Capitol.
Who: Girls in 3rd, 4th and 5th grade            When: Saturday, September 26th, 2008
Where: Girls on the Run locations can be        Cost: Costs vary for age and if you walk, run, or
found throughout the Treasure Valley in         stroll. Check the website for more information.
                                                Contact: Melissa Opland
Boise, Eagle, Meridian, Nampa, Caldwell,
                                                Phone: (208) 377-2011 ext. 125
and Middleton at the schools. Check the
website for more information.                   Website:
When: The girls will meet for an hour and       Additional Information: Registration is
fifteen minutes twice a week for 10 weeks,      available online. Before the race there is the
for a total of 20 lessons. The program is       annual Women’s Fitness Celebration Show.
offered twice a year, in the spring and fall.   This is a free event where fitness and health
Spring season runs from March through           related vendors come to display their products
The spring community 5k is the East Junior
High Hornet Run. Fall season runs from
September through November.
Cost: Varies on different classes
Phone: (208) 388-4687
                                                        Reading and
Website:                           Education Resources
Hart’s Martial Arts
                                                Log Cabin Literary Center
What: Its mission is to inspire and celebrate a      Phone: (208) 384-4450
love of reading, writing and discourse               Website:
throughout Idaho and the region. Drop in             Additional Information: You need to register
writing workshops, conversations, lectures,          through the Deer Flat National Wildlife Refuge
summer camps.                                        at least one week in advance.
Who: Older Girl Scouts
Where: 801 S. Capitol Blvd, Boise, Idaho
When: Events and programs are held year              Idaho Power
round                                                What: Idaho Power does presentations, tours
Cost: The drop in writing centers are free but       and has educational material concerning the
lectures and other workshops costs vary. Check       energy industry, electrical safety issues and how
the website                                          to use our energy resources wisely. They have
Phone: (208) 331-8000                                grade specific presentations and also offer
Email:                        scholarships for high school seniors.
Website:                       Who: All Girl Scouts
                                                     Where: (mailing address) P.O. Box 70, Boise,
MouthPower                                           Idaho
What: This is an interactive web tool where          When: Year-round
girls can learn about making healthy choices         Cost: Free
and fulfill requirements for several Brownie and     Contact: Russ Weedon
Junior Badges. After completing the online           Phone: (208) 388-5087
program, Girl Scouts can purchase a                  Email:
MouthPower patch.                                    Website:
Who: Girl Scout Brownies and Juniors                 Additional Information: There are a lot of
Cost: Free                                           opportunities at Idaho Power, visit the website
Contact: National Museum of Dentistry, an            for more details.
affiliate of the Smithsonian Institution.
Phone: (410) 706-9599                                Discovery Center of Idaho
Email:            What: DCI is an interactive science center
Website:                          providing exhibits and educational programs
Additional Information: Make sure to use             that offer authentic, sensory experiences
Safetywise when using the internet.                  making the sciences, math and technology
                                                     Who: All Girl Scouts
Boise Public Library                                 Where: 131 Myrtle St., Boise, Idaho
What: Boise Public Libraries offer programs for      When: Winter
youth of all ages. Girls can learn to navigate the   Monday-Closed
internet, practice reading to a therapy dog,         Tuesday-Friday: 9 a.m. -5 p.m.
story time in Spanish, talk about different books    Saturday: 10 a.m.-5 p.m.
and other organized activities.                      Sunday: noon-5 p.m.
Who: All Girl Scouts                                 Summer
Where: 715 S. Capitol Blvd., Boise, Idaho (Main      Monday-Friday: 9 a.m. -5 p.m.
Library Downtown) Check your area’s library for      Saturday: 10 a.m.-5 p.m.
other programs.                                      Sunday: noon-5 p.m.
When: Times and dates vary according to the
                                                     Cost: Prices depend on age, check website for
program and age group, check the website for
                                                     more details.
more information.
                                                     Phone: (208) 343-9895
Cost: Free

TC Bird Planetarium
What: The TC Bird Planetarium offers shows to
the public during the holiday season. What a                  Art & Culture
wonderful time of year to explore the magic of
the universe.                                      Artist for a Day
Where: Capital High School Planetarium             What: Artist for a day is a business that allows
8055 Goddard Rd., Boise                            you to paint your own unique piece of pottery.
Who: Tom Campbell, Director                        Everything that you need to create your
T.C. Bird Planetarium                              masterpiece is supplied. Customers are
p: 308/322-3875 or 322-3881                        allowed to bring their own beverages and
Phone: Capital High phone, 854-4502                snacks. A refrigerator is available to keep your
                                                   items in. Ready to paint items are available to
                                                   purchase starting at $6.50. Girl Scout groups do
Whittenberger Planetarium                          receive a discount on the painter fee. The
What: The planetarium serves as a community        ceramics are painted with glazes and then left
outreach tool in a number of ways with public,     to be fired in the kiln. The average time to
private, and home school fieldtrips making up      have a piece fired and ready for pick up is one
the bulk of the annual shows given in the          week.
planetarium. Scout and church groups regularly     Who: Girl Scouts of all ages.
schedule shows as well. In addition to these, a    Where: 7909 Overland Road. Behind Edward’s
monthly show is offered to the public during       Cinema.
the academic year and National Astronomy Day       When: Monday thru Thursday 12-9
activities are offered annually. Various college            Friday 12-11
classes and organizations use the planetarium               Saturday 11-11
as needed.                                         `        Sunday 11-7
Where: The College of Idaho                        Cost: $3.00 per painter (discounted price) plus
2112 Cleveland Blvd., Caldwell 83605               the cost of the item to be painted
Phone: 459-5211                                    Phone: (208) 375-2575
Website:                    Additional Information: Groups of six or more
                                                   should call and make reservations. Owners are
                                                   Jackie and Lou Watts.
Idaho's NewsChannel 7, KTVB
What: Take a tour of the Channel 7 studio and      City of Boise Dept. of Arts & History (Public
learn how the news is produced. Groups will sit    art walking tours)
in on part of a live news broadcast.               What: There are many outdoor public art and
Where: 5407 Fairview Ave., Boise 83707             history displays in our capital that a group can
When: Mon, Wed, Frid. - 11:15 thru 12:45           enjoy while walking around our lovely city.
Contact: Earl Silverstein                          Most of these are located in the downtown
Phone: 375-7277                                    area. Maps and further information are
Website:                              available by calling the Boise City Hall or by
Additional Information: Since this tour is         checking out the website.
available only during the afternoon on             Phone: Boise City Hall. (208) 433-5670
weekdays it would be a good choice during the
summer or school holiday.
Hispanic Cultural Center                             Cost: Depends on activity, call for more
What: The Hispanic Cultural Center’s mission is      information
to recognize, celebrate, and preserve Latino         Phone: (208) 429-9908 ext. 3
Arts, heritage, culture and values. They offer       Email:
monthly classes, programs and activities that        Website:
address these issues.                                Additional Information: The actual
Who: Girl Scouts of all ages                         Shakespeare Festival is held every year June-
Where: 315 Stampede Rd., Boise, Idaho                October, check the website for more
When: Year Round.                                    information
Cost: Depends on programs.
Phone: (208) 442-0823
Website:                    Fort Boise Community Center
                                                     What: The community center has drop in
TrICA                                                activities after school and year round. Play
What: TrICA provides meaningful experiences          basketball, volleyball and other fitness
in the arts taught by outstanding and loving         activities. The community center also has an
educators, inspiring the children of the Treasure    extensive art program that includes
Valley to understand and develop attitudes and       photography, clay, sculpture and much more.
values contributing to a stronger sense of           Who: Girl Scouts of all ages
community, humanity and good will.                   Where: 700 Robins Road, Boise, Idaho
Every child in the Treasure Valley will personally   When: Programs and activities held year round
benefit by participating in an educational           Cost: Children and teens are under $2.00, adults
opportunity through TrICA.                           $4.00
Who: Girls of all ages                               Contact: Mia
Where: 1406 Eastman St., Boise, Idaho                Phone: (208) 467-9278
When: Programs run year round                        Email:
Cost: Costs range anywhere from $10-$45 for          Website:
programs. Scholarships are infinite and no child     nts/Parks/Activities/FortBoiseCommunityCenter
is ever turned away for inability to pay.            /index.aspx
Phone: (208) 484-0142
Website:                            Prairie Dog Productions
Additional Information: Join their mailing list      What: This local production company brings
for upcoming classes and event.                      affordable, family oriented plays to the
                                                     community. They specialize in musical
Idaho Shakespeare Festival                           melodramas parodies.
What: The Idaho Shakespeare Festival provides        Where: 3820 Cassia, Boise
many yearlong programs, summer camps and             When: Every Friday & Saturday 7:15pm (Doors
apprenticeships for various ages. Their mission      open @6:45pm)
is to provide a cultural learning experience for     Two Matinees on Sunday 2:00pm
all ages through acting, theatre and education       Cost: $13 adults, $10 students & seniors, $7
including William Shakespeare plays.                 twelve and under
Who: Girl Scouts of all ages                         Phone: (208) 336-PETE
Where: 5657 Warm Springs Ave., Boise, Idaho          Email:
When: Year-round programming, actual
                                                     Sewing Classes
What: Let Caledonia Fabrics guide you through      Paddle Boats @ Julia Davis Park
your sewing badges and patches. Workshops          What: Join the ducks and geese for a
will be help for 1-2 hours depending on content.   paddle around the lake at Julia Davis Park.
Schedule your individual class today.              Boats are leg powered so be prepared for a
Where: Caledonia Fabrics, 605 Americana Blvd.
                                                   bit of exercise. This attraction is only open
Boise, Idaho
                                                   in the warm months but is worth the wait.
When: Classes will be set up on an individual
bases.                                             Where: 700 South Capital Blvd. Boise
Cost: $5 per girl, per class                       When: Information is available by phone
Contact: Diana or Zach                             during the warm months
Phone: (208) 338-0895                              Phone: 208-412-2278 for schedule
Additional Information: All classes will be
different based on girls’ age and what they
want to accomplish and learn. Schedule your        Rollerdrome
workshop today!                                    What: The Rollerdrome is the only place in the
                                                   valley that still offers indoor skating. It is a
                                                   safe, family-oriented location for fun,
                                                   recreation, socialization, and much, much
                                                   more! All this on a rare and unique original
                                                   maple wood floor. The facility can be reserved
                                                   for private parties and birthday parties.
                                                   Who: Girl Scouts of all ages
           Just for Fun                            Where: 19 10th Avenue South - Nampa, Idaho
                                                   83651 (across from the Main Fire station &
Pojos Family Fun Center                            Nampa Public Library)
What: Pogos, a great entertainment arcade          When: Friday sessions: 1pm-3:30 pm, 7pm-
features colorful bumper cars and an indoor        9:30pm, 9:30pm-midnight
carousel that carries children around on           Saturday sessions: 1pm-3:30pm, 3:30pm-6pm,
whimsical animals. This 22,000-square-foot         6pm-8:30pm, 8:30pm-11pm
indoor playground includes simulated games,        Sunday sessions: 1pm-3:30pm, 3:30pm-6pm,
prize center and entertainment for young           6pm-8:30pm
children. A café is available where families can   Cost: Regular Session Admission $7
munch on pizza, hot dogs and hamburgers at a       Extra Session $3
very affordable price.                             Skate Rental-$1.00, Inlines/Speed Rental $2.00
Who: Girl Scouts of all ages                       Phone: 208/466-9905
Where: 7736 W Fairview Ave, Boise                  Email:
When: Mon-Thurs 10am thru 11pm
Frid and Sat 10am thru 12am
Sunday 11am thru 10pm
Cost: No entrance fee. Tokens must be              Sensaria Natural Body Care
purchased for the games and rides. Friday,         What: Girls can learn about basic skin care,
Saturday, and Sunday receive unlimited rides       debunk skin care myths, try a facial and enjoy a
for $8.00                                          foot soak.
Phone: (208) 376-6981                              Who: Girl Scouts of all ages, this is a great idea
Website:                             for mom and me days.
                                                   Where: This program will travel to you.
                                                   When: You will need to contact Katie to set up
                                                   this event.
Cost: Free                                         ***Careers try it-we help do it all and have fun
Contact: Katie Schmit                              while earning try its!
Phone: (360) 471-9693 (cell)                       Juniors-
         (208) 402-5606 (home)                     ****Math Wiz badge-with over 6 activities to
Email:                            choose from –we help do it all while earning a
Website:                         badge- it also takes approx 2-21/2 hrs to
Additional Information: Katie is an                complete.
independent consultant who sells product. She
will not be selling during these programs, but     Where: Boise Towne Square Mall, 350 N.
will use the products she sells                    Milwaukee St., Boise, Idaho
                                                   Contact: Karen Diaz
                                                   Phone: (208) 321-8200
Boise Water Sports, Inc.                           Additional Information: There is a service
 What: Boise Water Sports offers a range of        project discount request form that Karen can
underwater courses and dive parties. Get a         fax to you for any troop wanting to make bears
taste of the magical underwater world by           to donate. We need 2 weeks prior to scheduled
signing up for a Discover Scuba Splash Party.      party to do this.
You will receive a brief overview of a mini
course and follow it up with a 12' scuba dive in
their warm, indoor diving pool. This is a great
way to see if you will like scuba diving before
enrolling in a course. Girl Scout groups receive
the discounted price of $8.00 per person.
Where: 2404 S Orchard St Suite 600
Boise, Idaho
When: Splash parties can be conducted
Monday thru Friday 8:00 am to 8:00 pm and
Saturdays from 7:00 am to 6:00 pm.
Cost: 1 Person                  $25.00
       2 or more                 $15.00 each
       Groups (6+)               $10.00 each
       Non-profit groups        $8.00 each
Phone: (208) 342-1378
Fax: (208) 343-4982

Build a Bear
What: Come to Build a Bear and work on
completions of badges.
***Around The World try it -with up to 4
activities for completion you can choose from it
takes approx 2-21/2 hours to complete

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