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									1.5" keychain digital photo frame

Written by Administrator
Friday, 15 May 2009 22:55 -

1.5" keychain digital photo frame

1.5 inch digital photo keychain, black frame with white surface and backside, metal keychain.
Holds up to 74 pictures , view your favorite photos anytime, anywhere, 9 hours battery life. The
1.5" keychain digital picture firame
is a perfect pocket album.

The 1.5" keychain digital photo frame features a great compact size that fits perfectly on your
key ring. More specification as below :

   -   View your favorite photos anytime, anywhere
   -   Holds up to 74 pictures
   -   Scroll photos manually or run photo sideshow
   -   9 hours battery life
   -   Includes user-friendly photo viewer software to convert images from your coumputer.

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For this 1.5" keychain digital picture frame, features as below :

   - Item No. : DPK002
   - LCD display : 1.5 inch LCD screen

1.5" keychain digital photo frame

Written by Administrator
Friday, 15 May 2009 22:55 -

   -   Screen resolution : 128 x 128 pixels
   -   Internal memory : 8MB ( can hold up to 74 pictures depending on picture size)
   -   Image format support : JPG
   -   Sideshow Options : Manual sideshow and Auto sideshow
   -   Dimensions : 2.2"(L) x 1.6"(W) x 0.5"(H)

Package contects :

1.5" keychain digital photo frame / USB cable / USB-AC power adapter / User Guide / Resource
Disc with Photo Viewer software

Packing : 1 set / packing box

Take your memories wherever you go with the DPK002 1.5" digital photo keychain frame. A
compact and easy way to store your photo files, this photo keychain is convenient and portable.

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