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									                                                   Press Bulletin N° 4

                             SIB FORUM 2007: THE MARKETS MEET
                     From 18th to 20th October 2007 at Rimini Fiera the first edition

                     From Eyegonomical thought to Collaborative Conferencing.
               The Italian debut of Jacob Christensen. Speakers include Claus Lohse,
                 Carol Zelkin, Francesca Storaro, Gaetano Fasano, Marco Mocellin

                          All the details of the seminars addressing Installation,
                          System Integration and Show Business professionals

                  Highly qualified presence of companies in the select expo section

                           Wide participation in the event: on-line ticket service

Rimini, 24th September 2007 – It will very soon be time for the appointment with the first edition of SIB FORUM, from
18th to 20th October at Rimini Fiera, and the event is assuming increasingly well-defined form as far as content is
concerned for providing professionals from the show business, installation and system integration sectors an effective
overview of the future.

SIB FORUM is organized by Rimini Fiera and Connessioni, leading Italian magazine on the Home & Building
Automation market. The event has the sponsorship of the sector’s most important organizations: The well known ISE
(Integrated System Europe), INFOCOMM, CEDIA (Custom Electronic Design and Installation Association) and NSCA
(National System Contractors Association) have recently been joined by CNA Installazioni e Impianti and

As well as the appreciation of the trade’s representative bodies regarding the innovative formula chosen for the event,
there is also that of the numerous professionals who taking part in the first edition of SIB FORUM.
An annual event under the banner of innovation, which complements and give in-depth coverage from a technical point
of view of the business and training format of SIB - International Exhibition of Show, Installation and Broadcast
Technology, whose 21st edition is being staged from 5th to 8th April 2008, also at Rimini Fiera.


The SIB FORUM days will offer professionals the possibility of a full immersion event on the most topical issues for the
Installation, System Integration and Show Business sectors. Seminars will last between 2 and 4 hours and feature
alternating in-depth theoretical and practical coverage on behalf of authoritative speakers, debates with the public and
presentations of the most significant case histories. SIB FORUM involves a wide cross-section of specialities: Architects,
Lighting Designers, Design Studios, System Integrators, Installers, Engineers, Audio Consultants, Sound Engineers,
Audio, Video and Lighting rental firms, Show Business Technicians and workers and Electricians,
The following is a detailed day by day list of the program of events:


CEI EN 60849
A European standard (which Italy has not yet applied) worries about saving the lives of people working in certain public
venues. Two speakers will discuss in depth a standard with incredible social impact: engineer Luca Galli (Manager,
Audio Division, and BOSCH SECURITY SYSTEMS) and engineer. Lucio Visintini (CEO of GRUPPO CONCRETE srl).
Architectural Lighting
In Tuscany, the evening illumination of a 14th century palace enables to admire the original building, designed in the
1300s, by making the portico (added two centuries later) “disappear”. The seminar will analyze the technical aspects of
the lighting fixtures to explain the artistic applications. Speaker: architect. Francesca Storaro (lecturer and member of
the steering committee of the Accademia della Luce and member of the AILD and the AIDI).

Digital Audio
Audio is one of the technical areas that have undergone the greatest evolution in recent years. From Audio Networking
to the design and installation of networks for entertainment: formats, applications and differences between installation
and live applications. Speaker: Marco Mocellin (audio/video consultant for events and expert/contributor with SOUND &
LITE magazine).

LEC and OLED, the new frontiers of illumination
Incandescent lamps have seen their day and everybody thinks LED will be the future of illumination. But what if that isn’t
the case? Here are the proposals that arrive from research institutes. Speaker: engineer Francesco Mastrandrea
(Manager - technical area, CONTINUA LIGHT).


Digital Signage
The future of billboards: no more paper posters, but screens connected to Internet by means of which new methods are
found to grab the attention of passers-by, considered potential users. Speaker: engineer Claus Lohse (CEO AV-
MEDIAMAP CONSULTING AG of Munich, Chairman and marketing manager, ACTSYS and INFOCOMM internationally
certified trainer).

Automation in energy saving
The objective of coming years will be regularization according to the parameters of the Kyoto protocol. Technical
evolution applied to the management of loads, temperature and illumination enables considerable energy saving:
automation as a means for achieving important objectives. Speaker: engineer Gaetano Fasano (Manager - Domotronics

System Integrators
A new professional figure interacting with architects and design studios with increasing frequency: Analysis of the
cultural profile, technical know-how and methods of interfacing with the market, which requires new approaches in
design and technological terms. Speaker: engineer Franco del Conte (Coordinator, Quality & Safety Group of the Italian
Association of Security Professionals - AIPROS – and Coordinator of the National Commission of Work Safety of the
Federazione Autonoma Lavoratori del Credito e del Risparmio Italiani – FALCRI).

Marketing technical entertainment services
There’s seems to be an excessive supply of services and staff compared to the demand but, above all there, seems to
be a lack of ability to promote the profession. Each trade member must be able to correctly visualize his role and ensure
it is suitably positioned on the market. Speaker: Daniele Tebaldi (D&B ITALIA).

Videoconferencing is an extremely topical issue, above all in the sector of private companies, as it enables considerable
savings in staff travel. From the ABC to HW and SW applications: Heading for the ideal system for every type of client.
Speaker: Carol Zelkin (Executive Director IMCCA - The Interactive Multimedia & Collaborative Communications

What is an event?
The event sector is an excellent opportunity for entertainment rental firms, services and trade members, on the condition
that they know and understand its dynamics. From professionalism to complicated work processes, from planning to
staging. Speaker: Laura Cantarelli (Administrator, MISMAS) and Marco D´Andrea (Technical Manager, MISMAS).

Eyegonomical thought and the realization of a projection system
How does the human eye work and why it is important to know this to design an AV system, how to correctly set a video
projector, what to expect from a video projector, what instruments to use to measure contrast and uniformity, how to
design an AV system and how to asses on paper the results that could be achieved. For the first time, engineer Jacob
Christensen (Head of Product Management, DNP) presents the Italian market his famous Best Practice White Paper,
recently adopted by the ICIA (International Communications Industries Association) and by the new BICSI Best
Practice.. Christensen is one of the trainers certified at international level by INFOCOMM.

Introduction to Collaborative Conferencing.
Who’s new to Collaborative Conferencing (audio, web and video technology)? This seminar will view the technical
scenario in this context, running through the phases of its evolution with a particular focus on its future: crossing over
from ´simple´ conferencing to collaborative conferencing, from ISDN platforms to IP, the differences between HD and
Telepresence, how to integrate a collaboration project in an AV system. Speaker: Carol Zelkin (Executive Director
IMCCA - The Interactive Multimedia & Collaborative Communications Alliance)

Transporting video signals on networks
The seminar focuses attention on video, a key player in multimedia systems addressing the residential market, but
above all in commercial applications. Structuring signal transport systems is a very important subject, as the quality of
the results obtained is directly proportionate to those of the project and design. Speaker: engineer Claus Lohse (CEO
AV-MEDIAMAP CONSULTING AG of Munich, Chairman and marketing manager, ACTSYS and INFOCOMM
internationally certified trainer).

An average-sized live concert requires considerable design and planning work and interconnecting the equipment can
be problematic when long distances have to be covered or there are obstacles for cable runs. The market has thus
begun to offer wireless solutions to a wide variety of applications. Opportunities and problems for wireless signal
transmission for live shows. Speaker: Andrea Taglia (Head of audio for ANDREA BOCELLI).

Structured Cabling
The opportunities offered by a new concept in civil and industrial systems. Having to face users’ growing needs in terms
of multimedia content, access to Internet and automation, the cabling of a building is becoming a fundamental element:
multimedia installations for audio/video diffusion with centralized storage; installation of IP video-surveillance and video
recording; SOHO (Small Office- Home Office). Speaker: Alessandro Prati (CEO Studio Engineering CSP).

Organization is also being completed of a seminar by CNA Istallazioni e impianti (The evolution of technologies and
profession and changes to Italian law 46/90) and a meeting organized by CONFARTIGIANATO Rimini (Energy
saving and renewable sources: photovoltaic systems).

On the SIB FORUM Web site ( – SIB Forum - seminari) the abstracts of the meetings,
speakers’ curricula vitae and real-time updates of the seminar timetable are available (only in Italian).


The series of companies forming the select expo section of SIB FORUM is being finalized – this will be an exclusive
showcase, thanks to which the event will ensure professionals the possibility of meeting some of the top brands in the
sectors given in-depth coverage during the study days, to see the new products and test them in advance. Companies at
SIB FORUM will be: B-Tech, Continua Light, Grisby Music, Projection Design and other important firms are about to
officially announce their participation. The complete updated list of sponsor firms can be seen on the Web site (SIB Forum – Area Sponsor).


Access to SIB FORUM will be through the South Foyer at Rimini Fiera
Entrance tickets – costing € 120 – are valid for the entire duration of the Forum and include access to the expo area
and participation in all the seminars in the program.
The event’s Web site ( has a special service for booking and paying on line, by means of
which special packages can be purchased, including admission to SIB Forum, hotel accommodation and transport to
and from Rimini Expo Centre.

For further info: +39 0541 744206/300 -;

Organizers: Rimini Fiera SpA with the sponsorship of ISE, INFOCOMM, CEDIA, NSCA, CNA Installazioni e Impianti,
CONFARTIGIANATO Rimini and the collaboration of AGS e ASSODIGITALE; Frequency: annual; admittance: trade members
only; hours: Thursday 10.00 am - 7.00 pm, Friday 9.00 am - 6.00 pm, Saturday 9.00 am - 4.00 pm; info: +39 0541 744206/300;
Web site:


Rimini Fiera SpA Communication and Media Relations Service:
+39 0541 744510
manager: Elisabetta Vitali; press office coordinator Marco Forcellini;
press staff: Nicoletta Evangelisti and Alessandro Caprio;
media consultant: Gabriele Pizzi.

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