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“Ken Ballen not only gets beneath the skin of terrorists, but all the way into their hearts, revealing
unimaginable emotional and personal secrets. Ten years after 9/11, he's shed surprising light on the
never-ending question about militant jihadis - what are they thinking? Anyone who wants to know
ought to read this unusual book.”
—Jane Mayer, staff writer, The New Yorker Magazine, and bestselling author of The Dark Side: The Inside Story of
How the War on Terror Turned into a War on American Ideals

                  The First Inside Account of Why Radical Islamists Join Jihad!

                One of Publishers Weekly’s Top Ten Politics Books for Fall 2011

                                                    TERRORISTS IN LOVE
                                                   The Real Lives of Islamic Radicals

                                                                  By Ken Ballen

                                                         Foreword by Peter L. Bergen

                                           “Provocative…The author’s dynamic with terrorists is
                                           fascinating…and he culls fascinating observations from what
                                           motivates terrorists…and how they can be overcome. An
                                           unprecedented and unusual look at Islamic radicalism.”
                                                                                       —Publishers Weekly

“Ken Ballen has managed the impossible for an American. He has worked his way into the intimate
thoughts and frustrations and family conflicts that drove six young Muslims toward the jihadist movement,
and he presents his findings in a series of compelling narratives.”
—David K. Shipler, Pulitzer Prize-winning author of Arab and Jew and The Rights of the People: How Our Search
for Safety Invades Our Liberties

In order to beat the enemy, you have to know the enemy. Several months before the world learned
that Osama bin Laden had been killed at his compound in Abbottabad, leading terrorism expert Ken
Ballen turned in the manuscript for his new book, TERRORISTS IN LOVE: The Real Lives of Islamic
Radicals (Free Press; October 4, 2011). In it, he described how a “career terrorist for Islam,” told him
not only where bin Laden could be in Pakistan, but confirmed that the Pakistani Army and its intelligence
agency—the ISI—fund, arm, and protect both Al Qaeda and the Taliban leadership and their insurgents
to fight against the United States. TERRORISTS IN LOVE is the first inside account of the real world of
radical militants and the reasons why they join jihad. Drawing on unprecedented access, Ballen vividly
explores the lives of six terrorists to offer an astonishing new portrait of our enemies as we have never
seen them. According to CNN National Security Analyst Peter Bergen, who wrote the foreword to the
book, “Ballen accomplishes the extraordinary feat of delving deep into the inner lives of jihadis in a way
that has never been attempted… TERRORISTS IN LOVE offers in-depth understanding as never before.
And, through understanding, an unexpected hope.”

A former federal prosecutor, Congressional investigator, and head of the not-for-profit organization
Terror Free Tomorrow, Ballen spent five years interviewing more than one hundred extremists
throughout the Muslim world, many whom he’d met at Saudi Arabia’s “Ministry of Interior Care Center”
(a “rehab” center for jihadi terrorists). In TERRORISTS IN LOVE, he shares the lives of six of them,
including: Ahmad Al Shayea, an Al-Qaeda suicide bomber who survives his attack only to become
fiercely pro-American; Zeddy, who trains terrorists while being paid by America’s ally, the Pakistani
Army; and Malik, Taliban leader Mullah Omar’s personal Seer. Ballen probes these men’s deepest
secrets, revealing the motivations behind their deadly missions and delivering a startling new
exploration of what drives them to violence and why there is yet an unexpected hope for peace.

TERRORISTS IN LOVE takes us where no book has dared to go—deep into the secret heart of Islamic
fundamentalism. In the words of Ammar Abdulhamid, a former Islamic radical and a leading pro-
democracy activist in the Arab world, “It’s simply astonishing how much Ken Ballen, an outsider,
penetrated the closed world of Islamic radicals…. America, meet the terrorists, really for the first time.”

About the Author

Ken Ballen is president and founder of Terror Free Tomorrow, a non-partisan, not-for-
profit organization that investigates the causes of extremism. He has spent more than two
decades on the frontlines of law enforcement, international relations, intelligence
oversight, and congressional investigations. A regular contributor to CNN, his articles have
been published in the Washington Post, Financial Times, Los Angeles Times, Foreign Policy,
Wall Street Journal, and Christian Science Monitor, among others. He lives near
Washington, DC. For more information, visit

To see video of Ken Ballen and Peter Bergen discussing TERRORISTS IN LOVE, visit:

                    **All royalties from this book will go to Terror Free Tomorrow**

        TERRORISTS IN LOVE: The Real Lives of Islamic Radicals • By Ken Ballen • Foreword by
       Peter L. Bergen • Free Press • October 4, 2011 • $25.00 • 315 pages • 978-1-4516-0921-9
                                  eBook: 978-1-4516-0922-6 • $11.99

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