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					                                                 FCS STAFF MINUTES
                                                  January 13, 2010
District 7 FCS
FCS Administrative Notes- Jill Harris went over the January FCS Administrative Report.

      All School Conference Highlights- All felt like All School Conference was successful. The 40th anniversary of
       EFNEP was celebrated and continues to be a vital program. Thanks to all who were involved in the planning of
       the All-School Conference. Congratulations to Melissa Goodman for being the first recipient of the Patricia
       Brantley Todd Award of Excellence in Human Environmental Science for Extension for her efforts to meet
       community needs during the ice storm of 2009.
      Common Reading Experience- There have been several logged in each time to the Centra discussions of
       Changing Rhythms of American Family Life. The next session is January 22nd and will be led by Karen Ramage or
       Brooke Jenkins. Notify Brian Fitzpatrick if you have trouble connecting or if you have yet to receive credit for
       previous participation.
      Kentucky Proud Recipe Cards- Packets of 450 each of three recipe cards were handed out to each county at the
       All-School Conference. These were the result of a partnership project between KDA, Nutrition and Food Science
       faculty, and FCS Extension. The plans are to repeat the project each semester.
      Development of FCS Initiative Teams- Each district has been asked to assign a contact person for each of the
       seven statewide FCS initiative teams that are under development. Jill took volunteers and will e-mail a complete
       list of assignments to each agent in the next day or two.
      FCS State Advisory Council- Membership is being finalized for this group. A representative from each district
       has accepted a position on this council with the exception of Districts 6 and 7. Names from District 7 were
       submitted in the fall, but the state has not yet made the contact with the nominees.
      Military Family Extension- Opportunities to serve military families have been requested throughout the state.
       Two family camps will be held this summer, one at Lake Cumberland in June and in Versailles in July.
      Prescription Drug Abuse Workshop- Reservations for this workshop have reached full capacity.

Pennyrile Area FCS

      KEHA Membership Report- Marsha Parker needs a copy of this in addition to the one sent to the Area Vice
       President. Please add the number of clubs and number of members at the bottom of the report because that
       information is no longer asked for on the form.
      Cultural Arts Display, February 24th, UKREC- Exhibits will be accepted from 9:00-10:00. An educational activity,
       “Fun with Fondant” will be taught by Nancy Kelley and Cecelia Hostilo from 10:00 until 12:00 while judging is
       taking place. The exhibits will open for viewing from 12:00 to 1:00. The cost of the fondant activity is $2.00 per
       person. Laura Wilson has sent an e-mail with county assignments. Please forward any questions to Laura
       Wilson. Courtney Head will be in charge of next year’s display.
      Spring Seminar, April 22nd, UKREC- The spring seminar is entitled “Cooking for all Seasons.” Jill Harris, Cecelia
       Hostilo, Nancy Kelley, and Annie Kingston are planning the event. The seminar will take place at the Christian
       County Extension Office and cost $15.00 per person. Greg Renfro with UK has been confirmed as a presenter,
       along with Hannah Pewitt, author of “The Lighter Side of Southern Cooking.” Cecelia Hostilo will be presenting a
       session and possibly Betty Adams, Hopkinsville High School FCS teacher will be presenting the fourth session.
       County responsibilities will be forwarded by e-mail very soon and a flyer will be ready for promotion of the
       event by February 15th.
   KEHA State Meeting, May 10-13, Lexington- Marsha reminded agents of the dates and that room reservations
    should be made very quickly. Nancy Hunt stated that Crittenden County would be selling cookbooks at the
    meeting and asked if any other counties would like to share the cost of a sales table to sell items.
   Sew Simple Day- June 29th- This event is taught by the area Master Clothing Volunteers and will be held at the
    UKREC. There will be take home projects. You must bring your own sewing machine and have basic sewing
    knowledge to participate. Laura Holt will send more information.
   KEHA POW Reports- Marsha sent an e-mail regarding these reports. They are due to the appropriate area
    chairmen by February 1st. There are 8 separate reports that cover the time period of July 1, 2008 through June
    30, 2009. The next set of reports will be due on September 15, 2010, and will cover July 1, 2009 through June
    30, 2010.
   KEHA Contests- Entries for the state contests described in the KEHA Handbook are due March 1st and should be
    mailed to the appropriate contact person. Nancy Hunt reminded agents to add the name and county of entries,
    especially the Creative Writing, because there might not be any recognition without it. Volunteer hours are to
    be sent in at 500 hour increments. Nancy also reminded agents that winners may or may not be notified so
    don’t be surprised with what happens in that regard. She also gave new agents a few hints on the contests.
   “It’s About You” Survey- Marsha encouraged agents to fill out the survey concerning this program. She said
    that there is concern that this program may be done away with and it is a good resource.
   Other- Laura Wilson reported that she used a facsimile of her signature on her e-mails. She stated that her
    “personal” legal staff asked her to remove it because it was too easy to steal and be used illegally. She asked
    that if any other agents used a signature facsimile that they reconsider because of this reason.
   Next Meetings- staff February 10th, Marshall County; March 10th, UKREC to set dates for next year’s
    Homemaker lesson trainings.

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