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					                              SOUTHWELL RUNNING CLUB
    Minutes of Annual General Meeting held on October 20th 2008 at the Full Moon,
                                 Morton 7:30 p.m.

Members Present
John Cummins      Bruce Danby               Katy Simpson            Penny Durance
George Pass       Peter Cowley              Bev Owen                Barbara Garrett
Jen Sutton        Hayley Witham             Fiona Haynes            Janet Evans
Mark Edmondson-J. Jon Calthrop              David Moore             Jaki Lowe
Helen Jones       Kay Cummins               Vance Owen              Bev Owen
Julie Gleeson     Chris Cregg               Paul Cregg              Ian Haigh
Peter Hunt        David Spencer              Mark Robinson          Paul Orton
Lynden Stocks     Dick Durance              Mick Turley              Ann Turley
Stephen Rice

1. Apologies for Absence
Kim Thornhill         Mark Sutherland                     Andrew Gorman
Brian Drescher        Gabby LeGeyt                        Paul Whyte
Francis McKinnon       Mary Cochran                       Dennis Gleeson
Liz Andrew             Brendan Parkinson                  Barry Clark

2. Minutes of last meeting
Accepted as an accurate record.

3. Matters Arising from minutes of last AGM
JC reviewed SRC’s Constitution and asked for a show of hands to support the latest version.
All were in favour.

4. Chairman’s Report
During my fourth and final year as chairman of the club, it has seen exciting to see the club
go from strength to strength and continue to gain recognition as a well-run friendly sporting
organisation. Fun, friendliness and keep on running is the golden chain that by which
Southwell Running Club is bound together and during the past year the chain has got tighter
as we continue to be a happy, upbeat, friendly club with membership continuing to grow and
numbers now standing at a record 128, covering a wide range of ages and abilities, all
seeking different goals from their running, and we hope we have given from the three regular
weekly sessions, something for everyone. The individual leaders of the Tuesday night group
have provided innovated and varied training throughout all weathers and the newly
introduced Thursday runs have been an outstanding success. Longer runs on Saturday in
the two different groups have provided us with a lively start to our weekends, with many
extending the one hour run to provide a solid base for their half and full marathon training.

The year has flown past and when reflecting you tend to forget how much has happened in
such a short space of time, but I will endeavour to recall the past year at the club and bring
back a few memories. As is the case in most sports, many of both our internal and external
events follow a format from previous years but they still seem to be popular and provide a
formula for healthy competition, self achievement and, most importantly, fun for us all

External Events

The Nott’s Summer Road League Races provide the opportunity for us to compete as teams
in various categories and enjoy that special team spirit buzz.

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                               SOUTHWELL RUNNING CLUB
Looking back to a pleasant evening in mid-April, we hosted, for the ninth time, the first of the
league races and, as well as fielding teams in all sections Bev, and her 30+ marshals,
provided a smooth, well organised race that always receives glowing reports from other
runners and officials. Very well done to all those who ran for the club throughout the series,
with a special mention to our veteran men’s team, who won the bronze medal overall, in a
particularly tough and hard-fought category and to Paul Grogan and Francis McKinnon, who
both achieved highest ever placings for the club. Cross country is still not one of our
favoured disciplines, with numbers competing generally remaining static from previous years
but quality replaced quantity and our ever-reliable men’s veteran team this time winning the
silver medal, a big thanks to Martin and Chris for their continued organizational work both
during summer and winter. Throughout the year, members participated in their favourite
races at differing venues and distances, all striving to achieve their particular personal
targets. The Robin Hood Half Marathon, a few weeks ago, was completed by 40 of our
runners and we again enjoyed the hospitality of the main sponsors Experian, thanks again to
Paul Orton for all his efforts in providing this much valued facility. I would also like to
acknowledge other non-running sporting achievements during the year, by some of our
members. I think we have all admired Jacki, Fiona and Marys swim in Windermere, Helen
and Barbara’s long distance cycle ride, Dick’s and Jo’s amazing walk to the South Pole, Ian
Shaw’s mountain running and Jenny Evans’ international orienteering exploits well done to
you all

Internal Events

Our Grand Prix series, complete with its revised formula, has proved very popular this year
with over 40 members having completed each of the first two legs, the series gives us all the
opportunity to be successful whatever their ability and we all look forward to the final 10 mile
leg at Norwell in November, thanks to Richard and Ian for their dedicated work on this event.
The River Relays during the summer continue to attract large numbers, with 72 runners this
year, made up of members, friends and families and from the beauty of the river in the
summer, we moved to the mud and hills of Epperstone in winter, for our cross-country,
where again everyone is in with a chance under the handicap system. We had the second
running of the Bramley Challenge in September with our friends from Holme Pierrepont
Running Club and Notfast providing the opposition at Caythorpe, with ourselves running out
as eventual winners on the night.

If any of you have any new ideas for events, or perhaps have views on improving the
existing ones, please let yourself be heard at our open discussion at the end of the meeting.

Annual 10k

The race is now entering its 10th year and its popularity continues to grow with approximately
800 entries accepted each year. We will have raised approaching £50,000 for various
charities following this year’s race, a truly remarkable achievement that would not have been
possible without the help, enthusiasm and hard work of all of you.

This year we have the accountants Tenons as our new sponsor and without grass route
events like ours continuing to flourish the foundations would not be there for the progression
of future talented athletes and likewise neither would a challenge be provided for more
modest competitors

2008 will 100% certainly be my last year as the race director and I look forward to watching
eagerly in the future as a new team moves the race forward to a new level, we have so

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                               SOUTHWELL RUNNING CLUB
much flair and talent in the club, I am sure the race will continue to prosper and grow in
status in the years ahead.

Social Scene

Southwell Running Club have always tried to offer a balance between our core activity of
running and other social events which enable us to meet without our running shoes and
extend our friendships, and get to know people on a more personal level .
Many of the aforementioned events have concluded with the runners gathering for post-race
banter over a sandwich and pint, and this year we have also enjoyed a quiz night, our
summer Ceilidh, the traditional Christmas Dinner and presentation evening at Hoveringham
and Boxing Day Run at Bruces.

Next year, during the last week in May, we return to the west coast of Ireland for a festival of
running, drinking and music. This will be our fourth visit and its popularity continues to grow,
it would be great to see you all come along.


A year can be measured in days, months, success or failure, or at an amateur sporting club,
by the amount of fun and fullfilment you have had doing something just for the love of it.
Some of us have got slower some faster some of us have got P.B.’s, others not, but
Southwell Running Club overall has now become a prestigious well-run large sporting
organisation that offers the opportunity to the local community and beyond, to participate
and benefit from healthy exercise and comradeship, the very soul of the club is its members
and their enthusiasm – here at Southwell, we have it in great abundance.

Without the hard work of all the committee members, the club would not operate in such a
smooth running efficient way, they all work very keenly throughout the year. I extend to
them on behalf of myself and all the membership our warm thanks and appreciation.

Finally, after four years as your chairman, I couldn’t walk away without a few words and a
few reflections.

It has been a great honour and privilege to have presided in the chair, I have loved every
minute of it and have learned so much from all of you and feel a very fortunate man.

I have chaired and shared committee meetings with so many awe-inspiring people over the
years and I thank them all so much for their wisdom, kindness and hard work.

I would also like to acknowledge the unequivocal support Kay has always given me over the
years she has always been there to underpin and encourage me in my, sometimes, crazy
fervour for running as well as helping the club in some of the less glamorous jobs and
putting up with my often strange antics.

We now move forward to an exciting future in the very safe hands of a new chairperson and
new committee, who I am certain, will continue to see Southwell Running Club maintain,
grow and improve its proud position as a club that is fired with enthusiasm and ideals and a
club for everyone.

Thank you
John Cummins
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                                SOUTHWELL RUNNING CLUB

5. Treasurers Report

Southwell Running Club year ending 31 August 2008

Income                                       10K     Ball    SRC            Overall
  Breast Cancer Campaign-Auction             0.00 2286.99    0.01           2287.00
  Interest                                   0.00    0.00    3.21              3.21
  Kit Income                                 0.00    0.00  229.35            229.35
  Membership                                 0.00    0.00 1736.00           1736.00
  Millennium Entries                      8101.00    0.00    0.00           8101.00
  Millennium Income                        760.49    0.00    0.00            760.49
  Xmas Dinner                                0.00    0.00 2175.00           2175.00
 TOTAL                                    8861.49 2286.99 4143.57          15292.05

 Administration                              0.00  104.22  186.76            290.98
 Charity                                     0.00 2070.79    0.00           2070.79
 Contribution 2007                           0.00    0.00    0.00              0.00
 Kit Expenses                                0.00    0.00  325.90            325.90
 Membership Fees                             0.00    0.00  100.00            100.00
 Millennium Expenses                      7469.85    0.00    0.00           7469.85
 Millennium Expenses 2008                   25.00    0.00    0.00             25.00
 Prizes                                      0.00    0.00  163.12            163.12
 Refreshments                                0.00    0.00 2261.50           2261.50
 Social Expenses                             0.00  111.98  268.35            380.33
 Summer Function                             0.00    0.00  738.45            738.45
 Summer League Exp 2008                      0.00    0.00   90.00             90.00
TOTAL                                     7494.85 2286.99 4134.08          13915.92

 OVERALL TOTAL                            1366.64       0.00       9.49      1376.13

Income to 31 August 2008                                                   15292.05
Expenditure to 31 August 2008                                              13915.92
Net Incoming Resources                                                      1376.13
Funds bfwd from 06/07                                                        575.56
Funds cfwd to 08/09                                                         1951.69

Represented by:
Bank account as at 31 August 2008                                            2108.17
Uncleared items                                                              -187.50
Petty Cash                                                                     31.02

I have examined the accounts of Southwell Running Club as set out in the Quicken
Register for the year ending 31 August 2008. Everything was found to be in order.

Brenda Peacock 15th October 2008

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                             SOUTHWELL RUNNING CLUB

Headline figures:-

1/ The uncleared items have now lapsed so our balance is effectively £2,139.19

2/ Within Income 10k entries/sponsorship totalled £8,101, Breast Cancer Campaign fund
raising activities totalled £2,287, and Membership Fees totalled £1,736

3/ Within Expenditure £7,000 was paid to Breast Cancer Campaign in March 2008, costs re
10k were some £2,500, and we stood a “loss” of £658 re the Summer Hog Roast

4/ Both income and expenditure sums include Xmas Party income/costs circa £2,000

George Pass


6. Election of Officers

The following offers have been unanimously elected:

Chairperson – Penny Durance                    Proposed Bev Owen
                                               Seconded George Pass

Vice-Chairperson – Dick Durance                Proposed Brian Descher
                                               Seconded Vance Owen

Treasurer – George Pass                        Proposed Lorraine Fozzard
                                               Seconded Liz Andrew

Secretary – Bruce Danby                        Proposed Barbara Garrett
                                               Seconded Peter Cowley

Membership Secretary – Barbara Garrett         Proposed Liz Andrew
                                               Seconded Peter Cowley

Newsletter Editor – Liz Andrew                 Proposed Penny Durance
                                               Seconded Richard Peacock

Committee Members

Peter Cowley, Bev Owen, John Cummins, Ian Haigh

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                              SOUTHWELL RUNNING CLUB
7. SUBS for 2008/2009

The committee proposed the membership fees should remain the same as last year i.e.)
£15 Senior (£3.00 of this is paid to English Athletics)
£12 Senior second claim (no fee payable to English Athletics)
£12 Over 60’s (£3.00 of this has to be paid to English Athletics)
£5.00 Junior or in full-time education (£3.00 to English Athletics)

This was passed unanimously.

8. Motions

Two motions were presented by Dick Durance:
     That the committee look thoroughly at the merits of joining ARC (Association of
       Running Clubs) instead of UKAA. (English Athletics)
It was decided that a sub-committee would evaluate the benefits of this action and report
back to the membership in time for voting at the 2009 AGM. Sub Committee will consist of
Dick Durance, Paul Orton and Lynden Stocks.

    That all club runs (Tues; Thurs; and Sat.) start with a ten minute run as a warm up at a
      pace appropriate for the slower runners.
This motion was unequivocally defeated. The consensus from the members present was it
was their own personal decision whether to have a pre-club warm up run prior to meeting.

9. Open Discussion

An open discussion followed on various items:

    V. Owen proposed the club run the summer league race on alternate years
      (commencing in 2010) only due to the large amount of work it entails. Discussion
      ensued on trying to have other local clubs take on the responsibility
    The committee will analyse the possible options and report back to the membership.
    B. Owen raised the question of updating the club kit to a better fabric and a more up to
      date style. The committee will again look at the issue and report back.

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