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PIONEER 6.5 - Pioneer Online by pengxiuhui


									 Inside         This Week
                              January 17, 2000

  • Enjoy college experience, editorial, p. 2.
  • Software makes math easy as pi, p. 5.
  • Martin Luther King Day celebrated, p. 7.
  • Where there’s smoke there’s fire? p. 9.

                                                                                                 Observing rules
                                                                                                 will prevent most
                                                                                                 parking headaches
                                                                                                     Being late for class is no excuse for ignoring law
                                                                                                                                 scientist to do the math. It
                                                                                                     By Michaela Marx            is often crowded in the
                                                                                                          Editor                 parking lot during the busy
                                                                                                                                 times of the day.
                                                                                                                                    Although the student-to-

                                                                                                   C     lasses have started
                                                                                                          which means thou-
                                                                                                 sands of students will drive
                                                                                                                                 parking-places ratio does
                                                                                                                                 not add up, tickets for dis-
                                                                                                                                 obeying rules will.
                                                                                                 to school every day to at-         If students fail to honor
                                                                                                 tend classes.                   the rules it might result in
                                                                                                    One of the first learning    an expensive ticket.
                                                                                                 experiences at OKCCC for           Keith Bourque, director
                                                                                                 new students will be that       of Campus Safety and Se-
                                                                                                 parking on college ground       curity, said that not only
                                                                                                 is not an easy task.            can the OKCCC Safety and
                                                                                                    Currently there are ap-      Security Department issue
                                                                                                 proximately 9000 students       tickets, but also the city of
                                                                                                 enrolled in OKCCC on-           Oklahoma City, which is
                                                                                                 campus classes and the
                                                                                                 college provides a capacity
                                                                                                 of 2335 parking spots.             See “Parking ,” page 12
                                                                                                    It does not take a rocket

                                                                                                 OKCCC president
                                                                                                 readies for next term
                                                                                                            Bob Todd rehired for next year
                                                                         Photo by Ryan Johnson
                                                                                                                     By Michaela Marx
Hurry up and wait:                Several OKCCC students wait patiently in line at the student
bookstore the week before classes begin. The bookstore, located on the first floor of the main
building, sells textbooks and other supplies such as paper, pens and pencils.

Online college begins programs R
                                                                                                         obert P. Todd will remain as
                                                                                                          president of OKCCC.
                                                                                                    On Dec. 21 the Board of Regents

I     t seems as if learning
      goes beyond the class-
room in this computer age.
                                   Chancellor Hans Brisch
                                 from the Oklahoma State
                                                                cation institutions already
                                                                offers distance education
                                                                programs and courses over
                                                                                                 took action to re-employ Todd as the
                                                                                                 president of OKCCC for the fiscal
                                                                                                 year 2000-2001.
   Going to classes is easier    Regents for Higher Educa-      OneNet.                             Todd, who has been a member
and more convenient for          tion said the online pro-        “The Online College of         of the college family since OKCCC’s
students with the estab-         gram is necessary.             Oklahoma will further ex-        beginnings in 1972, has been presi-
lishment of the Online Col-        “To meet Oklahoma’s          tend theses offerings by         dent since 1995.
                                                                                                                                       Dr. Robert Todd
lege of Oklahoma or OCO.         changing educational           coordinating courses and            He took over the position from
   OCO begins its pilot pro-     needs, Oklahoma colleges       resources statewide.”            former president Bob Gaines, who retired due to health
gram this spring.                and universities must pro-       OCO will give access to        problems. Todd began his career at the college as pro-
   It will build on existing     vide more convenient ac-
distance education re-           cess to quality programs
sources to provide students      and courses,” he said.             See “Online ,” page 12                          See “Todd,” page 12
with high quality education        “Each of our higher edu-
2 • PIONEER • January 17, 2000                                                                              Lab Director • Ronna Austin • 682-1611, ext. 7307

                                                    Editorial and Opinion
                                                              Thanks goes out to ‘guardian
  Electronic college                                          angel’ for help after accident
  alienates students                                          To the Editor:                    He even climbed back
                                                                                              into the truck to get my
                                                                                                                              I have something that I
                                                                                                                            would like to say to him.
                                                                My family and I would         bookbag and purse.              I thank you from the
      Ahh... a new millennium... a new semester... back
                                                              like to thank the young           As soon as he realized      bottom of my heart, my
  to school!
                                                              man who got me out of my        that I was all right, he      angel. You were truly
       The halls of OKCCC are filled with students try-
                                                              vehicle on Dec. 13.             disappeared into the          looking out for me. Without
  ing to get enrolled. The check out lines in the book-
                                                                Someone had hit me on         school.                       you helping me, I could
  store are long and it takes approximately 15 min-
                                                              my passenger side, making         I was pretty shaken up      have been seriously
  utes to purchase anything — even just a pencil and
                                                              my car roll onto its driver’s   and would not have gotten     injured.
  a bottle of orange juice.
                                                              side.                           out of the truck safely                —Michelle Perry
      This picture doesn’t look much different from any
                                                                The young man opened          without his help.                       OKCCC Student
  pre-Y2K semesters.
                                                              the back hatch and helped         I even called him my
      However, things have changed over the past
                                                              me out.                         guardian angel.
  years. The future holds some real technological
  possibilities for colleges.
      OKCCC has invested in a huge amount of this
                                                                                 READERS!                                           Vol. 28 No. 17
      The number of telecourses and online classes has             Use these pages to share your ideas,                       MichaelaMarx..................Editor
  increased over the last two years. Students do not                     thoughts, comments with
  even have to show up physically to take some                                                                                RyanJohnson....Photographer
  classes. Convenient isn’t it?
                                                                           the rest of the world.                             SusanWierimaa...Ad.Manager
      Last semester, one of my professors predicted                     Write us: 7777 S. May Ave.,                           RonnaAustin.........LabDirector
  that all college education may move into cyberspace                                                                         SueHinton.......FacultyAdviser
                                                                              OKC, OK 73159,
  in the not-too-distant future.
      The technology is fully developed and available.                      e-mail the editor at:                                The PIONEER is a publica-
                                                                                                                              tion of Oklahoma City Com-
  It’s just a matter of time before it’s put into use.                                           munity College through the
      There are several reasons to applaud this tech-                                                                         Division of Arts and Humani-
                                                                   or drop by 2M6 of the main building.                       ties. It is published weekly
      This kind of education would be cheaper because                   We want to hear from you!                             during the fall and spring se-
  the salaries paid to professors would be lower since                                                                        mesters and the eight-week
                                                                                                                              summer session.
  they would no longer have to show up at the college
                                                                                                                                 All opinions expressed are
  every day.                                                                                                                  those of the author and do not
      Students could stay home and never have to en-                                                                          necessarily represent those of
  ter a college to earn a degree.                                                                                             the publisher.
      Those same ideas are also what make this pros-                                                                             The PIONEER welcomes let-
  pect a scary one.                                                                                                           ters to the editor and encour-
      There would be no personal contact at all be-                                                                           ages the use of this publica-
                                                                                                                              tion as a community forum.
  tween professors and students, no socializing with
                                                                                                                              All letters must include the
  classmates and no more Cokes and candy bars from                                                                            author’s name, address,
  the vending machines.                                                                                                       phone number and signature.
      Distance Education Programs that are now of-                                                                            However, the PIONEER will
  fered are convenient for people who live outside the                                                                        withhold the name if the re-
  metro area, miles away from a college, or for those                                                                         quest is made in writing. The
  physically unable to attend class, but exclusively                                                                          PIONEER has the right to edit
                                                                                                                              all letters and submissions for
  broadcast education should not be the goal.
                                                                                                                              length, libel and obscenity.
      Part of the entire college experience involves ac-                                                                         Letters to the editor can be
  tually going to class and meeting people.                                                                                   delivered in person to the PIO-
      Just imagine the future without long lines at the                                                                       NEER office, mailed to: Pio-
  bookstore and people everywhere in the halls of                                                                             neer Editor, 7777 S. May,
  OKCCC at the beginning of the semester.                                                                                     Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
      Instead the students would enroll online, pay                                                                           73159 or faxed to 682-7568.
                                                                                                                                 Letters may also be e-mailed
  their tuition via online banking and then turn on
                                                                                                                              to A
  the television, ready for their first class session with-                                                                   phone number for verification
  out even having to talk to a single human being in                                                                          must be included.
  the process.                                                                                                                   The PIONEER can be ac-
      For the new millennium, I hope college remains                                                                          cessed on the Internet at:
  an experience that has to be physically and actively                                                              
  lived instead of transformed into some additional
  online service students consume because of its con-
                                         —Michaela Marx
Editor • Michaela Marx • 682-1611, ext. 7675                                                                            January 17, 2000 • PIONEER • 3

                                                   Comments and Reviews
‘Sleepy Hollow’ not the fairy tale folks remember
   I’m sure we all remem-          from a guy with                                                         about the three        and a beautiful lady named
ber the story of Ichibod           no head.                                                                murders — all of       Katrina, who is played by
Crane and Sleepy Hollow as           The story starts                                                      the victims were       Christina Ricci.
told by Disney.                    in New York with                                                        decapitated. He is       Needless to say, by the
  It was happy and playful         Ichibod in a                                                            then told that no      end of the movie, all is ex-
and full of fun, but that’s        courtroom stand-                                                        mortal being could     posed about the “headless
not what the “headless             ing before a                                                            be capable of com-     horseman” and his crimes.
horseman” is about.                judge.                                                                  mitting        such      If you want to know the
  He is a ruthless killer, not       He is petition-                                                       crimes.                ending, I would suggest you
a cartoon. What is a per-          ing the city to                                                           Being the scien-     haul yourself to the near-
son supposed to do to get          stop using tor -                                                        tist he is, Ichibod    est movie theater and buy
the real story?                    ture on people                                                          sets out to dis-       a ticket to “Sleepy Hollow.”
  Head straight for the            who commit petty                                                        prove their theo-        I give the movie 4 out of 5
nearest theater to see             crimes.                                                                 ries of supernatu-     decapitated heads due to
“Sleepy Hollow,” starring            The city, in an                                                       ral beings and find    one lame scene that threw
Johnny Depp as Ichibod             attempt to get rid                                                      the real killer.       the tempo of the movie for
Crane.                             of him, sends Ichibod to       sic sciences” in finding the               Ichibod receives     a loop.
  It contains all the blood        Sleepy Hollow to put to use    killer of three people.          help from a young boy he                  —Ryan Johnson
and gore you would expect          his “state of the art foren-     Upon arrival he is told        takes in as his apprentice                     Staf f Writer

Music moves into 21st century                                                                         ‘Male Gigolo’ worth
via Sony Playstation, MTV                                                                                every penny
   I know there are those out there who             The best part about the game is that you
listen to music in the car or at home, all        can sample music off your favorite CD
the while tapping your hands to the beat          which means you can recreate your favor-             Rob Schneider dishes up tasteless laughs
and thinking “I wish I could make music           ite song on your own Playstation.
like this.” Now you can.                            After you have created that top hit single,         “Deuce Bigelo - Male Gigolo.” The name of this
   MTV Music Generator for your                   you can hook your Playstation audio to             movie is almost as funny as the movie itself.
Playstation console is all you need.              your home computer and save the song                  Rob Schneider is a fish tank cleaner and self-
   This game is like your own personal mu-        onto a CD and have it to listen to anytime         trained aquarium expert. He has no luck with the
sic studio. It ca-                                                         you wish or even to       girls. In other words, he is a loser.
ters mostly to the                                                         sell.                        One day his path crosses with a dark-haired, hot-
techno and club                                                              In order to sell it     tempered and muscle-packed gigolo. He lives in an
music people but                                                           you must use the          apartment on the ocean and the fish tank, the cen-
any type of music                                                          MTV Music Gen-            terpiece of this apartment, alone costs more than
can be made.                                                               erator logo on your       $6000. He gets paid to show women “pleasure” and
   It    features                                                          CD, a small price to      his life is what Deuce’s will never be.
ready-made                                                                 pay for your own             However, a sick fish is a treat from destiny for
samples of differ-                                                         creation.                 Deuce when the gigolo asks him to baby sit his fish
ent types of music, each ranging from one           As an aspiring musician I would have to                                          and the house while
to ten seconds. Each sample varies in its         say that, short of professional equipment,                                          he is out of town.
content in the approximately 3000 pre-            this is the best music studio equipment a                                               The first night in
made samples.                                     person can buy and at an affordable price                                            Deuce’s       dream
   This allows you to make a great amount         to boot.                                                                            apartment turns into
of music and never have it be the same as           I give this game 5 out of 5 CDs and highly                                       a catastrophe and all
a song you have already created.                  recommend that if you have even the                                                  of a sudden he is in
   But that’s not all. You don’t have to use      slightest interest in music you buy your                                             desperate need of
the pre-made samples. You can make your           copy today. Prices run about $44.                                           cash to fix the broken
own, ending up with an entire song cre-                                      —Ryan Johnson                            $6000 fish tank as well as a few
ated solely by you.                                                               Staf f Writer      other things that broke.
                                                                                                        So he decides to try his luck as a gigolo and en-
                                                                                                     gages in a comic adventure trying to earn the cash.
       Have a story idea? Have a complaint?                                                          He is surrounded by hilarious characters, such as a
                                                                                                     mad police man, a huge lady customer and Deuce’s

          Want to share your opinion?                                                                He-Pimp.

       P      IONEER
                 e-mail the editor:
                                                                                                        The humor is just on the border between hilari-
                                                                                                     ous and tasteless. That’s what makes it so funny.
                                                                                                     Rob Schneider is great and the movie is a fun film to
                                                                                                     see with a bunch of friends.
                                                                                                             —Michaela Marx
4 • PIONEER • January 17, 2000                                                                                      Editor • Michaela Marx • 682-1611, ext. 7675

Faculty Association                                                OKCCC director of recreation
awards eight $250                                                    and community services
student scholarships                                               awarded for community work
   The OKCCC Faculty As-                                                                                                       with the activities.
sociation chose eight tal-                                          By Kathi Etherton                                             “I have been involved
                                      “These are out-
ented and involved OKCCC                                               Staf f Writer                                           with the Red Cross for
students as recipients for
                                   standing students.
                                                                                                                               about 27 years and I
their semi-annual $250           Each has wonderful                                                                            serve on a number of
scholarships.                               potential.”            Volunteering has paid                                       committees,” he said. “I
   The winners are: Tory               —Rachel Butler            of f for Chris Moler,                                         love the organization and
Aylesbury, math and phys-           Faculty Association          OKCCC’s Director of Rec-                                      I will continue to support
ics major; Cathy Bowman,        Scholarship Committee            reation and Community                                         it for as long as I can.”
graphic communications                                           Services.                                                        Moler has given pre-
major; Valerie Case, biology
                                                                   He recently received               Chris Moler              sentations at the Okla-
major; Tina Hale, elemen-                                        the award for the Ameri-                                      homa Recreation and
tary education major; Angie    member, Butler said.              can Red Cross Health             “He gives up a lot of his    Parks Society statewide
Lovett, physical therapy          The criteria on which the      and Safety Services De-       free time to help us out and    conference speaking on
assistant major; Joel          committee selects the re-         partment Volunteer of         if we ever need him he will     Aquatic Risk Manage-
Mann, engineering major;       cipients are academic per-        the Year.                     be right there ready to         ment and T rends in
Michaela Marx, journalism      formance and leadership,            Kristi Leonard, the vol-    help,” Leonard said.            Aquatic Programming.
major and Dorothy Tietz,       especially outside the class-     unteer coordinator for           Moler earned the award          He recently traveled to
physical therapy assistant     room.                             the Oklahoma Chapter          for his work with the Ameri-    Orlando, Fla. and spoke
major.                            Also the student’s poten-      Red Cross, said Moler         can Red Cross as volunteer      at the Athletic Business
   Rachel Butler, chair of     tial, as the nominating fac-      had some real competi-        chair of the annual South-      National Conference on
the scholarship committee,     ulty members evaluate it, is      tion.                         west Regional Aquatic           “How To Get the Most of
said the association is        an important criteria.              “There were quite a         School, the Southwest Re-       a Collegiate Aquatic Cen-
pleased with the choices.         One of the requirements        large number of nomi-         gional Lifeguard Games,         ter” and “Perfecting the
   “These are outstanding      was to enter an essay about       nees for this award from      serving as co-chair of the      Business Plan Process.”
students,” she said.           the student’s role at             volunteer staff members       Wacky Water WaHoo Water            He also volunteers as
   “As a group they do ex-     OKCCC as well as his fu-          as well as paid staf f        Safety Day, at White Water      Aquatic Track Chairman
cellent academic work, are     ture academic goals.              members,” she said.           Bay, and various other          for the National Confer-
leaders in campus organi-         The ideas from the essay         “He is very dedicated       health and safety commit-       ence and is on the na-
zations, class and else-       were also taken into ac-          and he works very hard        tees.                           tional publications Edi-
where, and write in both a     count when choosing the           for the Red Cross.               Moler said he stays busy     torial Advisory Board.
thoughtful and articulate      eight winners, she said.
manner. Each has wonder-          The Faculty Association
ful potential.”
   In order to be considered
                               funds the scholarships
                               through work at the Arts
by the scholarship commit-
tee the student has to be
nominated by a faculty
                               Festival, a craft and bake
                               sale held in the spring and
                               through donations.
                                                               Jack Cain scholarships
                                                                                               Cain Memorial Scholar -         Club, Masalamani said.
                                                                    By Michaela Marx           ship.                              The Engineering Club
                                                                         Editor                   Jack Cain Memorial           raised most of the money
                                                                                               Scholarships were awarded       for this year’s scholarships
                                                                                               to Joel Mann, Hanna Smith       with its successful book-
                                                                  Hard work pays off.          and Patrick Figaro. These       sale in December, Masila-
                                                                  That was proven lately       students each received a        mani said.
                                                                                when four      $250 check.                        Many faculty and staff
                                                                                OKCCC             Justin Hawkins was           members had donated nu-
                                                                                engineer -     awarded a $100 scholar-         merous books for that
                                                                                ing stu-       ship, said Professor of En-     cause.
                                                                                d e n t s      gineering Masil Masila-            Masalamani said he ap-
                                                                                each re-       mani.                           preciates the donations and
                                                                                ceived a          The Jack Cain Memorial       help.
                                                                                special re-    scholarship is available ex-       “Thanks for all who
                                                                    Masil       ward for       clusively to engineering        helped to raise the money,“
                                                                 Masalamani     their dedi-    majors, he said.                he said.
                                                                                cation and        Other requirements are          The scholarship fund
                                                               hard work in the form of a      a GPA of at least 3.0 and       was created in remem-
                                                               scholarship check.              the students should have        berance of Jack Cain, a
                                                                  The Engineering Club         completed at least 30 credit    former OKCCC math pro-
                                                               also sponsored, for the first   hours at OKCCC. Recipi-         fessor who was killed in a
               Please Don’t Drink and Drive                    time, a scholarship as a        ents also need to be in-        mountain climbing acci-
                                                               part of the overall Jack        volved in the Engineering       dent in May 1996.
Staff Photographer • Ryan Johnson • 682-1611, ext. 7676                                                         January 17, 2000 • PIONEER • 5

                                                                                                             Insulation fire
                                                                                                             put out quickly
                                                                                                                      By Kathi Etherton
                                                                                                                         Staf f Writer

                                                                                                               Smoke in the college over the holi-
                                                                                                             days called the attention of security
                                                                                                             and other faculty members on the
                                                                                                             morning of Dec. 21, 1999.
                                                                                                               According to Keith Bourque, coor-
                                                                                                             dinator of Campus Safety and Secu-
                                                                                                             rity, OKCCC physical plant workers
                                                                                                             were soldering a water line on a wa-
                                                                                                             ter fountain on the second floor of the
                                                                                                             main building and it caught the in-
                                                                                                             sulation on fire.
                                                                                                               Bourque said the fire didn’t spread
                                                                                                             from the second floor in the computer
                                                                                                             technology room, but the smell it cre-
                                        The Verdehr Trio                                                     ated did drift to the bathrooms
         Pianist Gary Kirkpatrick, Elsa Verdehr on clarinet and violinist Walter Verdehr                     around the corner and the offices in
                                                                                                             that area.

Verdehr T rio to make appearance                                                                               He said there was minimal damage
                                                                                                             because the fire was put out right
                                                                                                             away and didn’t continue to any other
                                                   teacher of violin at the University of Cen-               rooms.
              By Ryan Johnson                                                                    Verdehr       When asked why no alar ms
                                                   tral Oklahoma in Edmond.
                 Staf f Writer                       They have performed in 14 European            Trio      sounded, Bourque responded that
                                                   countries, the former Soviet Union, South      Lecture    there are no smoke or fire alarms in
                                                   and Central America, Asia, Australia, and       Time:     that area.
  The Verdehr Trio will be performing two          in the musical capitals of the United         5:30 p.m.     Harve Allen, director of public rela-
of their newest pieces for the first time at       States.                                                   tions, was close by and could smell
7 p.m. Jan. 25, in the OKCCC Theater.                The Trio is currently working on produc-     Place:     the smoke.
  The Verdehr Trio, made up of violinist           ing a CD with the recordings of new works     1C5 in AH     Allen said he felt there wasn’t a real
Walter Verdehr, his wife Elsa on clarinet,         created especially for them.                              danger because the flames were ex-
and pianist Gary Kirkpatrick, said they              The group is also working on the video,       Date:     tinguished before it could spread but,
have concentrated on defining the per-             “Making of a Medium,” which will consist       Jan. 24    he said, the smell lingered and caused
sonality of the violin-clarinet-piano trio for     of several half-hour programs.                            attention to be called to the area.
the past 20 years.                                   These programs will include interviews       Concert      Nick Ackles, coordinator of media
  During this time they have been success-         and discussions by composers and per-           Time:     services, said he also became con-
ful in commissioning more than 80 works            formers, and performances of each work.         7 p.m.    cerned when he smelled smoke from
from some of the world’s most prominent              The Verdehr Trio will also be giving a                  his second floor office.
composers.                                         lecture, “The State of New Music,” Jan. 24,     Place:      “It was all over in a matter of a
  They have rediscovered and transcribed           5:30 p.m. in room 1C5 of the Arts and          OKCCC      minute” Ackles said.
18th and 19th century pieces for inclu-            Humanities building.                           Theater      The physical plant workers were not
sion in concert programs.                            They will discuss the state of modern                   available for an interview.
  The Trio has also commissioned the               chamber music and the process of com-           Date:
work of a local composer Zhu Shuhua,               missioning works.                              Jan. 25

                       Chamber Singers Wanted!
        Auditions for Chamber singers will be held from
      Jan. 17 through 20 in 1C5 of the Arts and Humanities
         Building. Tuition fee waire available for eligible
       members. Come to 1C5 in AH to sign up for a time to
                  audition or call Ryan Herbert
                       at 682-1611, ext. 7249
6 • PIONEER • January 17, 2000                                                                               Staff Writer • John Huggins • 682-1611, ext. 7675

Math made easier for students                                                                  Former occupational
     Kathi Etherton
      Staf f Writer
                                   “The main benefit of the program is the stu-
                                        dent can work at his or her own pace.”
                                                                                               therapy students score
                                                               —Marsha Austin                                                515.75.
                                                        OKCCC Math Professor                    By Eduar do Vasquez            OTA professors Phyllis
   Math may be a little                                                                        Newswriting I Student         Baker and Tom Kraft said
easier now thanks to a                                                                                                       the success of the stu-
computer software pro-         pace,” she said. “They can     learner,” Austin said.                                         dents came from hard
gram that teaches, tutors      go over and over something       “The instructor still plays     All fourteen for mer         work, an interest in what
and assists students in dif-   they are having trouble        an important role. They         OKCCC Occupational             they are doing and their
ficult lessons.                with which they couldn’t do    work one-on-one with stu-       Therapy students who re-       experiences through the
   Academic Systems is the     in a traditional classroom,    dents, but now students         cently took the Certified      program.
interactive software pro-         The software presents       both the instructor and the     Occupational Therapy As-         Baker said great in-
gram that will be used in      problems for the student to    computer to call on for a       sistant test passed.           structors and good stu-
several OKCCC remedial         work on and then after-        particular program.”              The students are now li-     dents were the main rea-
math courses.                  wards, the student receives      The software is installed     censed to work as Occu-        son for the high average.
   Students are given indi-    immediate feedback on the      in 24 of the college comput-    pational Therapy Assis-          She said the students
vidualized lessons and can     best way to solve the prob-    ers.                            tants.                         have to meet several re-
work at their own pace and     lem. The student can go          This spring the Interme-        They all scored above        quirements before enroll-
advance to the next lesson     over that concept more to      diate Algebra course with       the national average as        ing in the OTA Program.
when they feel that they are   understand it better or        the Academic Systems for-       well.                            The students are not
ready.                         move on to the next lesson.    mat will be offered online        The average test score       only good with the
   Marsha Austin, OKCCC           Students can also take      for the first time.             was 524.86 out of 600          classes, she said, but are
professor of mathematics,      quizzes to test what they        “We also hope to offer stu-   possible points.               also special people, dedi-
said students will find the    have learned.                  dents the option of pur-          OKCCC         students       cated to help and to serve
program helpful.                  “This is for the visual     chasing CDs they can take       scored almost 10 points        their clients with their
   “The main benefit of the    learner, and it works best     home and work the lessons       above the average of           special needs.
program is the student can     if the student is self-moti-   through the Internet,” Aus-
work at his or her own         vated and an independent       tin said.

New century comes complete with new fashions                                                                                     LOSE WEIGHT
                                                                                                                                    •Feel Better•Look
                                                              son.                                                              Better•Be Healthier•Gain
                 By Kristin V incent                            “Long coats look good on the men rather than short               Confidence•Have More
                Newswriting I Student                         coats, giving them a more confident and striking look.”               Energy•Build Self-
                                                              Carter said, “ Short coats create a casual look, but seem                   Esteem•
                                                              to not be as versatile.”                                           For a complete brochure
  Spring is around the corner. Even more important —            Carter said there are many fashion options this sea-                 that tells you how
                                                                                                                                      to achieve your
we’ve entered the 21st century. It’s obviously time for a     son.
                                                                                                                                      weight-loss goal,
fashion update.                                                 “Fashion is one thing, style is another,” she said. “Style        send $1 and a SASE to:
  A Chicago department store, Kohls (our version of           is personal.                                                           Weight Loss
Dillards), has the scoop on what is in and what is out for      “Take what’s in fashion and modify it to suit your indi-
the upcoming season and millennium.                           vidual style and one that best fits your figure type. Being
  Kim Carter, Kohl’s manager of operations and person-        comfortable in your choice of clothing leads to confidence.
                                                                                                                                   P.O. Box 891641
nel, sees the upcoming fashion as a new beginning for         Confidence is the best reflection of you.”                           OKC, OK 73189
most people.                                                    One OKCCC student may have summed it up best in
  Carter said gray is the new black. Black is still one of    her comments.
the best choices, she said, but gray will be noticed as a       “Today [fashion] seems less trendy. Basic is the best           •OKCCC PIONEER•
nice versatile color, too.                                    way to go, then you can accessorize with something edgy               SAVE TIME!
  She said animal prints have made a comeback as well.        or trendy.                                                          FAX YOUR AD!
  “Animal prints on accessories are a nice choice for           “The big hair, big earrings, Brat-written-across-the-
                                                                                                                                   (405) 682-7568
women,” Carter said.                                          chest shirts, fluorescent colors and pants down to the
  She said wearing animal prints as an outfit is not the      rear are all something we need to forget.”
best thing to do.
  “Animal prints need to be
worn in moderation, like a
purse or nice pair of shoes.”
  Cashmere blends, twin
sets, and three-quarter
length shirts are the look of
the upcoming season for
women. A black leather
belted coat, or a flowing
black jacket are in style for
the women who want to look
  Corduroy is back in for the
men in the upcoming sea-                     •It Pays to advertise     in the PIONEER••It Pays to advertise in the PIONEER•
Staff Writer • Kathi Etherton • 682-1611, ext. 7676                                                                     January 17, 2000 • PIONEER • 7

      Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Martin Luther
                                  The life, the legacy
                                                                                                  boards of directors and              Timeline
      By Ryan Johnson                                                                             served on the board of
         Staf f Writer                                                                            trustees of several institu-         1954
                                                                                                  tions and agencies. He was           Brown vs.
                                                                                                  also a member of the                 Board of

           n Jan. 17, we                                                                          American Academy of Arts             Education
           celebrate Martin                                                                       and Sciences.                                       1956
          Luther King Day,                                                                          King received hundreds                     Rosa Parks
but who is this man?                                                                              of awards for his role in the
  King was born Jan. 15,                                                                          Civil Rights Movement.
1929, to Rev. Martin Luther                                                                       Among them were: Most
King Sr. and Alberta Will-                                                                        Outstanding Personality of
iams King. He was the sec-                                                                        the Year by Time, 1957; the
ond child and the first son                                                                       Springar n Medal from
to the King’s.                                                                                    NAACP, 1957; and the
  Because of his high score                                                                       Nobel Peace Prize, 1964.
on the college entrance ex-          formed the service. During    Church in Atlanta.               King’s life ended on April
ams in his junior year of            his marriage they had four      Upon completion of his       4, 1968. He was in Mem-
high school, he advanced to          children.                     studies at Boston Univer-      phis to lead sanitation           1960
Morehouse College at the               After graduating from       sity, he went to Dexter Av-    workers in a protest against      Sit-In Protests
age of 15.                           Morehouse College in 1955,    enue Baptist Church,           low wages and intolerable                            1961
  He completed his disser-           King was awarded many         Montgomery, Ala. He was        conditions when he was                      Freedom Rides
tation in 1955, at 26, and           honorary degrees from nu-     pastor there for five years.   shot by James Earl Ray.
was awarded a doctorate              merous colleges and uni-      He resigned in 1959 to be-       His funeral services were
the same year on June 5.             versities in the United       come co-pastor with his fa-    held on April 9, 1968, at
  Two years before, he had           States and various foreign    ther at Ebenezer Baptist       Ebenezer Church and the
                                                                                                                                   March on
married Coretta Scott on             countries.                    Church and President of        campus of Morehouse Col-
June 18, 1953. The cer-                In February of 1948, at     the Southern Christian         lege. The President of the
                                                                                                                                   “I Have A
emony took place at the              the age of 19, King entered   Leadership Conference.         United States proclaimed a
Scotts’ home in Marion,              the Christian ministry at       King was a member of         day of mourning and flags
Ala. The Rev. King Sr. per-          the Ebenezer Baptist          many national and local        were flown at half-staff.

 The man behind the vision                                                                                                                             1964
                                                                                                                                             Civil Rights Act
                        By Kathi Etherton                          “...So I say to you, my friends, that even though we
                           Staf f Writer                           must face the difficulties of today and tomorrow, I
                                                                   still have a dream. It is a dream deeply rooted in
                                                                   the American dream that one day this nation will                                    1965
                                                                                                                                              Nobel Peace

         frican-American civil rights were defined by Mar-         rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed -
           tin Luther King Jr. in many history-making mo-          we hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men                      Prize ceremony
            ments. King’s vision was presented in speeches         are created equal.                                                              March to
and is still observed today.                                                                                                                    Montgomery
  King was elected president of the Montgomery Improve-            I have a dream that one day on the red hills of                               courthouse
ment Association, the organization which was respon-               Georgia, sons of former slaves and sons of former
sible for the successful Montgomery Bus Boycott from               slave-owners will be able to sit down together at
1955 to 1956. The Bus Boycott, initiated by King, faced            the table of brotherhood...
the problem of segregation in transportation. Rosa Parks,
a black woman, was riding the bus when a white person              ...I have a dream my four little children will one day
demanded that she give her seat up for him, but Parks              live in a nation where they will not be judged by the
refused and was arrested. A white individual had the               color of their skin but by the content of their
right to sit down and force blacks to stand in the back.           character. I have a dream today!...”                                               1968
The African-Americans were denied the right to sit at the                                     — Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.                            King is
front of the bus.                                                                                                                                     murdered
  King led protests in Birmingham for desegregated de-               The following year on Dec. 10, 1964, King won the Nobel
partment store facilities and fair hiring in 1963. In April        Peace Prize and delivered yet another moving speech.
of that year he was arrested after demonstrating in defi-            King’s selfless devotion gave direction to 13 years of
ance of a court order. While in jail he wrote “Letter From         civil rights activities and his speeches inspired many. Be-
Birmingham Jail.” This letter was widely circulated and            cause of his participation in civil rights activities, he was
became very well known in the civil-rights movement.               arrested 30 times.                                               —Photos and Infor mation
  King had a dream of integration of blacks and whites               King’s philosophy was nonviolent direct action. His                    courtesy Inter net
and he announced his vision to the American people in              concept of “somebodiness” gave blacks as well as poor                        Seattle T imes
his famous “I Have a Dream” speech on Aug. 28, 1963,               people a sense of worth and dignity which was not seen          Louisiana State University
at the March on Washington at the Lincoln Memorial.                until then.
8 • PIONEER • January 17, 2000                                                                      Staff Photographer • Ryan Johnson • 682-1611, ext. 7676

    Volunteer work involves                                                                     Students set goal
 occupational therapy students                                                                  of helping others
                                                                                                                             It also provides them with
  By Eduar do Vasquez                “We are so thankful to the students for                  By Philip Rajakanu           the knowledge to adminis-
     Newswriting I               coming out here to help us get this program                 Newswriting 1 Student         ter emergency health care
       Student                                                       started.”                                             and react appropriately in
                                                             —Lisa Matthews                                                situations demanding fast
                                                                                              The desire to help others    decision-making.
                                        Oklahoma Foundation for the Disabled
   Two years ago, Tom                                                                       is one of the main reasons       Stafford said graduates
 Kraft, professor of the Oc-                                                                people are attracted to        must be able to work well
 cupational Therapy As-        and participated in it.         tion for the Disabled is a   OKCCC’s Emergency Medi-        under pressure and make
 sistant Program, started        The foundation has its        United Way Partner           cal Technician’s program.      critical decisions without
 a partnership with the        own Wilderness Challenge        Agency.                        Brent Stafford, EMT in-      hesitations.
 Oklahoma Foundation           Center that is located on         Formed some 30 years       structor, said he sees that      As part of the training,
 for the Disabled.             the shores of Lake Stroud.      ago, the OFD serves one      desire in his students.        students have to ride on
   Since then, numerous          The Wilder ness Chal-         thousand disabled citi-        “The excitement and the      EMSA ambulances and are
 Occupational Therapy          lenge Center provides a         zens each month.             interest in emergency medi-    exposed to real life emer-
 Assistant program stu-        peaceful atmosphere for           The disabled partici-      cine are the secondary rea-    gencies.
 dents have volunteered        groups up to 100 persons        pate in outdoors experi-     sons,” he said.                  They also are required to
 time to the foundation.       to enjoy and learn.             ences, arts and craft,         Stafford’s EMT career be-    go into emergency, labor
   The students help out         Lisa Matthews, Founda-        sports and all types of      gan in 1979. He has been       and operating rooms as
 in a variety of ways.         tion Program Director, said     networking with peers.       teaching OKCCC’s EMT           well as all other areas
   Some help in organizing     she appreciates the OKCCC         The foundation is cur-     program for 16 years.          within a hospital to get the
 activity rooms while oth-     students’ hard work and         rently in need of volun-       Within the EMT program       feel of actually being in the
 ers work directly with        dedication.                     teers. Interested persons    students become qualified      medical field.
 members of the founda-          “We are so thankful to the    should contact Kraft at      to provide pre-hospital          It is a two-year program
 tion.                         students for coming out         682-1611, ext. 7227, or      emergency health care.         in either a certification pro-
   Student volunteers          here to help us get this pro-   call the Foundation for        All coursework is de-        gram or a degree course.
 have also helped pre-         gram started.”                  the Disabled at 842-         signed to prepare students       Many graduates have
 pared a summer camp             The Oklahoma Founda-          6636.                        for careers as ambulance       gone further to become
                                                                                            and emergency vehicle per-     physicians, as many as 40
                                                                                            sonnel, industrial medical     in the last 16 years.
                                                                    •It Pays to             technicians or as emer -         For more information on
                                                                  advertise in the          gency medical personnel at     the EMT program, please
                                                                    PIONEER•                special events.                call 626-7573.

           contact the editor at: or 682-1611, ext. 7675
Staff Writer • Kathi Etherton • 682-1611, ext. 7676   January 17, 2000 • PIONEER • 9
10 • PIONEER • January 17, 2000                                                             Campus Club & Organization contact • Susan Craig • 682-1611, ext. 7675

 Twelve Angry Women and three men needed
     Auditions for Twelve Angry Women will be noon to 1:30
 p.m. in 1F5 AH on Thursday, Jan. 20. The show needs 12
 women and three men and the performance dates will be
 7 p.m. Feb. 16 through 19 in the lobby of the college library.
 If any questions call Darin Young at 682-1611 ext. 7588.

 Enrollment for spring semester continues
    On campus enrollment for the spring semester will be
 held from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday through Friday, 9 a.m.
 to 1 p.m. Saturdays, and 1 to 4 p.m. Sundays until Jan.
 23. Previously admitted students may enroll by phone at
 682-6222 or over the Internet at
 Traditional 16 week and the condensed eight-week                                                                                            Photo by Ryan Johnson
 semesters begin Monday, Jan. 17. Fast-Track classes               Surprise!       Professor Abra Glenn-Allen Figueroa was surprised when one of her classes
 begin Jan. 22 and the eight-week mid-spring semester              hosted a baby shower for her in December. Figueroa teaches English as a second language at
 begins March 20. On campus, internet and telecourses              OKCCC and is expecting a baby any day.
 are available.

 Auditions for Chamber Singers being held
    Auditions for Chamber Singers will be held from Jan.
 17 through 20 in room 1C5 in the Arts and Humanities
                                                                   College clubs offer
 building. Tuition fee waivers are available for eligible
 members. Need not be a music major to participate. Sign
 up for a time at 1C5 or call Ryan Herbert at 682-1611 ext.
                                                                   students variety of fare
                                                                                                  students with the opportu-        student’s social and educa-
                                                                       By Susan W ierimaa         nity to investigate teaching      tional opportunities.
 Drawing teacher needed
                                                                           Staf f Writer          as a career and learning             •Student        Physical
      An adjunct teacher is needed to instruct a Drawing I
                                                                                                  more about the art of teach-      Therapist Assistant Organi-
 class and an Advanced Sketching class beginning
                                                                                                  ing.                              zation (SPTAO) increases
 Saturday Jan. 22 at Western Oaks Middle School, 7200
                                                                      An array of clubs and           •Health Professions           SPTA student’s educa-
 NW 23rd. Each class meets for eight weeks from 10-10:55
                                                                   organizations have been        Club affords students the         tional, social and profes-
 a.m. and 11-11:55 a.m. on Saturdays. Adjuncts need to
                                                                   established at OKCCC to        opportunity to meet for pro-      sional opportunities.
 be 18 yrs. or older and show proof of experience and/or
                                                                   encourage students to be-      fessional growth and social           •Hispanic Organization
 portfolio of work. Call Jonie Welle, Community Education
                                                                   come involved in college ac-   interaction.                      to Promote Education
 Coordinator at 682-1611 ext. 7205.
                                                                   tivities.                          •Psychology/Sociology         (HOPE) plans activities on
                                                                      •Collegiate Secretaries     Club provides meetings of         campusand offers services
 Mensa offering scholarship
                                                                   International (CSI) provides   groups and individuals in-        to the Hispanic community.
    Mensa is offering their annual Scholarship Essay
                                                                   social and educational ac-     terested in understanding            •Parenting as Single
 Contest to any student enrolled in a degree program at an
                                                                   tivities for students in the   human behavior.                   Students with Class (PASS)
 accredited American college or university for the academic
                                                                   office administration pro-         •Science Club explores        provides a network of other
 year following the award. The awards are based on a 550
                                                                   gram.                          various aspects of the “pure      single parent students to
 word essay detailing the students academic and career
                                                                      •Drama Club promotes        sciences,” introducing stu-       help each member be suc-
 goals. Membership in Mensa is not required and advanced
                                                                   the College’s Theater Arts     dents to both formal and          cessful in their endeavors.
 degree students are welcomed. To request a scholarship
                                                                   Program, sharing ideas and     field research techniques.           Additional information
 application contact the college scholarship office.
                                                                   common interests.                  •Student Art Guild (SAG)      on these clubs and organi-
                                                                      •Engineering Club pro-      is composed of anyone with        zations, as well as their fac-
 Teen years made easier through confidence class
                                                                   vides students with oppor-     a love for art.                   ulty sponsors, is available
   Teen Modeling, a class designed to help teens, ages
                                                                   tunities to learn engineer-        •Student Nurses’ Asso-        in a brochure “OKCCC
 11 to 17, build self-esteem and confidence is being offered
                                                                   ing through a variety of ac-   ciation (SNA) is designed to      Clubs and Organizations,
 by the Office of Recreation and Community Services at
                                                                   tivities.                      contribute to the student’s       1999-2000,” distributed
 OKCCC. The class will meet from noon to 12:55 p.m.
                                                                      •Future Teachers’ Orga-     educational development.          through the Office of Stu-
 Saturday afternoons for eight weeks beginning March 25.
                                                                   nization/Student Okla-             •Student Occupational         dent Life or you may visit
 Cost is $40 for an eight-week session. Call 682-7560 or
                                                                   homa Education Associa-        Therapy         Association       their       website         at
 682-1611, ext. 7205 for more information.
                                                                   tion (FTO/SOEA) provides       (SOTA) increases OTA    
 Telephone helpline volunteers wanted
     CONTACT, a United Way agency, needs volunteers to
 help callers that need help or just want to talk. Volunteers
 will undergo training to learn how to listen, reflect feelings,
                                                                        Does your club have news
 and help callers solve their own problems. Free
 introductory classes for anyone wanting to participate are
                                                                         to share? Call 682-1611,
 scheduled from 6:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. Thursday Jan. 20.
 You can call CONTACT 848-2273.                                                  ext. 7675
Ad Manager • Susan Wieramaa • 682-1611, ext. 7674                                                                January 17, 2000 • PIONEER • 11

Pioneer Classified Advertising is        FOR SALE: ’88 Dodge Cara-          6328(home).
free to all currently enrolled        van, 4 cy., auto, AM/FM radio, AC/        FOR SALE: 19” color TV with
OKCCC students and employ-
ees for any personal classified       Heat. Tilt, cruise, good condition.   remote, never had a problem, $75;
ad. Ads must be submitted in writ-    $2500 OBO. Call 720-2345.             roll around power wash unit with
ing with IDs supplied or work area       FOR SALE: ’91 Olds Cutlass         polisher and water conditioner
and college extension included.       Sierra. 4-door white with 139K        bottles, 50ft. hose with wand, one
Deadline for advertising is 5 p.m.    hwy. miles. $1,100 OBO. Very          of a kind. Call Joel at 682-1611
Tuesday prior to the publication
date. Call 682-1611, ext. 7674 for    dependable. Call 577-7738.            x7352 or page Joel at 539-8334.
more information.                        FOR SALE: ’67 Mustang. V8-
                                      289, 3-spd manual, factory A/C.               SERVICES
                                      Runs great and Y2K-OK! Asking
    AUTOMOBILES                       $3,500 OBO. Call 681-4244.              Editing/Proofreading
    FOR SALE: ’96 Honda Civic             MISCELLANEOUS                            $6 per hour
EX, 2 dr. coupe, 5 speed, black w/
gray int., loaded, nice car, 46,000      SEEKING: Father with daugh-            • Experienced
miles. $11,950. Call 354-6703 or      ter to share nice 3/4bedroom              • Also Type
e-mail            home, walking distance to                       321-8834
    FOR SALE: ’85 Audi 4000,          OKCCC. Prefer non-smoker;
fuel injected, 5 speed, $750 OBO.     might consider parent with child.
Please call 794-1184.                 $275 per month, all bills paid +             POSITIONS
    FORSALE: ’96 Grand Am GT.         deposit. Call Michael at 682-9414.
Green/Tan interior, pw, pdl, AM/         SEEKING: Roommate. $210                  LearnasyouEarn:
FM, CD, tint, eagle alloys and V-6.   per month + half the bills. Located      Ideal hours for students at
Only 31,000 miles, excellent con-     2 1/2 miles north of OKCCC. Call          FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH
dition. $10,000 OBO. Call 713-        Ken at 627-2691.                           MASSAGE CENTER.
2267 or 691-8753.                        FREE TO A GOOD HOME:                  Southwest Oklahoma City.
    FOR SALE: ’84 Pontiac             Female wolf. Please call Tamara                 Ask for Linda
Parisienne, 4-door, V8, 5.0L,         at 634-6647 and leave a mes-                     682-9222.
automatic with overdrive. Cold        sage.
A/C and new tires. Runs great
and starts every time. $1,000
                                            HOUSEHOLD                        •Free to OKCCC students
OBO. Call Joe or Nancy, 681-              FOR SALE:      Wooden bunk         and employees with a 7-
4244.                                 bed with mattress, twin double         line maximum. See below
    FOR SALE: ’86 Honda Ac-           bottom with drawers under bot-         for an example of a 7-line
cord, Burgundy, AC, AM/FM             tom bunk, paid over $600 new,          ad.
Cass., new tires, 250K miles. Runs    $300 OBO; complete 10-gallon           •Rates are as follows for
great and starts every time. $1,500   fish tank with extras, $40. Call       all others: $8 for the first
OBO. Call 521-8402.                   Cheryl at 682-7510(work) or 672-       column inch and $1 each
                                                                             additional line thereafter.
                                                                             There are 7 lines per col-

                    S T O P!                                                 umn inch. See example
   IF YOU’RE LOOKING FOR                                                     F O R S A L E : 1998 Dodge
     A GREAT PERMANENT                                                       D-50 Ram pickup. Like
                                                                             new. Motor has 50,000
   LOOK NO FURTHER!!                                                         original miles. Will take
                              We offer:                                      all reasonable offers
                                                                             over $10,000. Call me at

   847-7355                                              793-0400
    (OKC)         We have immediate openings!             (Moore)

                 NOW OPEN – O.K. Car Wash
                           104th & South May
                            Spot Free Rinse
                   Eight Self-Service Extra Wide Bays
                          Very Latest Equipment
   • High-Pressure Hot Soap
   • Rinse
   • Pre-Soak
   • Tire & Motor Clean
   • Hot Wax
   • Non-Scratch Horsehair Foam Brushes
   • Two Money Changers
   • Carpet Shampoo Machine
   • Liquid Fragrance Machine
   • Eight Vacuums & Drying Area Canopy
   • Vending Machines with Armor All, Towels, & Wet Wipes
  Give us a try & you’ll make us       your car wash, we guarantee!
12 • PIONEER • January 17, 2000                                                                                Staff Writer • Becky Gerred • 682-1611, ext. 7675

Parking fines will be given to all violators
                                runs $5, as does double or      search for a parking spot.
        “Parking ,”             improper parking which             “Traditionally the busi-
     Cont. from page 1          are indicated with a blue       est time of the day is from
                                outline.                        just before 9 till 11 am, and
even more expensive.               Bourque also said stu-       from around 5 till 8 p.m.,”
   Tickets for parking in a     dents, staff and faculty        Bourque said.
fire lane costs $25 or $50 if   caught without proper              The Safety and Security
the Oklahoma City Police        parking sticker also have to    Department will be out
Department writes the           pay $5.                         around campus and write
ticket. Parking in handi-          Other traffic violations     tickets, but they also pro-
capped spots is $50 if is-      on campus that might cost       vide advice and help if
sued by Safety and Secu-        are speeding, going down a      needed.
rity or $100 by the city,       one-way-street the wrong           “We are out there the
Bourque said.                   direction, reckless and un-     first three days of class di-
   Parking in a Faculty and     safe driving and running a      recting traffic,” Bourque
Staff spot, or in a special-    stop sign, Bourque said. All    said. “We will show the stu-
permit-required parking         of these tickets are $25.       dents where to find empty
spot, which are reserved for       It is smart to make plans    parking spots and trying to
regents and the president       for arriving in time to         make it easier for them.”

Technology includes full online college                                                                                                   Photo by Ryan Johnson

        “Online ,”                                                                               New to the college? Need answers? Don’t know where
                                  “The Online College will be of great benefit to to go? Melanee Hamilton and Craig Robinson of OKCCC’s
     Cont. from page 1                       students, colleges, universities...” Prospective Student Services may have the answers you’re
programs such as elec-                                             —Hans Brisch looking for.
                                                  Chancellor of Higher Education    The two have set up a booth on the first floor of the main
tronic library databases,
                                                                                                building for the first week of class. Students who may be
allow students to be served
                                                                                                experiencing problems can stop by and get help.
by multiple providers, ex-      ments in electronically-de-
pand concurrent enroll-         livered courses in 1997-        information and share re-
ment opportunities for high
school students, serve col-
                                1998 alone and they expect
                                that number to grow.
                                                                sources on certain sub-
                                                                                                College president prepares
leges and universities with
programs they can easily
                                  “Changing student needs
                                and lifestyles now make it
                                                                  Oklahoma will serve as
                                                                the lead state for physics,
                                                                                                to serve another term
import and make available       necessary to take educa-        while California leads biol-
                                                                                                                                aquatic activities and was
to their students, and allow    tion to the community,          ogy, Georgia, business, and              “Todd,”                awarded Number One site
colleges and universities to    home or workplace of stu-       North Carolina, teacher
share resources, knowl-
                                                                                                     Cont. from page 1          [facility] in terms of quality
                                dents via technology.           education.
                                                                                                                                and assistance to the ath-
edge, course content, and         “The Online College of          Each state will also lead
                                                                                                gram manager in the sci-        letes.
expertise.                      Oklahoma can do this in an      efforts in its areas as well
                                                                                                ence and business area in           “That still fills me with a
  “The Online College will      accessible and economical       as involve faculty from all
                                                                                                1972.                           great deal of pride,” he said.
be of great benefit to stu-     way,” Burgess said.             four states in developing
                                                                                                   One thing Todd said he           Todd said he also appre-
dents, colleges, universities     Although the OCO will         and reviewing processes,
                                                                                                enjoys most about his po-       ciates the opportunity to be
and businesses,” Brisch         begin in the spring, it still   including standards for ad-
                                                                                                sition at OKCCC is to see       part of the growing college.
said.                           needs a commitment of fi-       mission and access.
                                                                                                how large the college’s im-         He said the relationships
  “It will help students and    nancial resources.                The states will then share
                                                                                                pact is on the community.       among OKCCC staff and
businesses because it pro-        The State Regents have        this information with fac-
                                                                                                   “This work gives me the      faculty are unique and have
vides one point of contact      requested $8.7 million in       ulty in other states.
                                                                                                opportunity to make things      been from the early days of
for information concerning      their state budget request.       “With the Online Learn-
                                                                                                better to help students suc-    the college.
distance education.”              The funding would be          ing Exchange, college fac-
                                                                                                ceed,” he said.                     Todd also mentioned the
  OKCCC as well as other        used to develop online          ulty will have an extensive
                                                                                                   The positive growth and      excellency of the Board of
Oklahoma colleges and           course registration for stu-    and easily-accessible re-
                                                                                                development of the college      Regents.
universities will be partici-   dents; purchase necessary       source for online and mul-
                                                                                                throughout the years prove          He said the men and
pating in this establish-       hardware, including Web         timedia materials,” Brisch
                                                                                                that the college’s mission      women serving on the
ment.                           and application servers;        said.
                                                                                                and Todd’s work have a          board truly represent the
  OKCCC does have online        and add new library cata-         “This saves time and
                                                                                                great deal of impact on the     people within the commu-
classes right now offered       log software and databases.     money because they do not
                                                                                                lives of the people in the      nity and the college greatly
through OKCCC.                    In addition to the OCO,       have to create all of the re-
                                                                                                community.                      benefits from their work.
  However, the OCO will         the State Regents also an-      sources themselves.
                                                                                                   One of his fondest               After almost 28 years at
expand on that and will         nounced plans to partici-         “Students also benefit as
                                                                                                memories of his time at         the college and being in his
make classes accessible to      pate in a national pilot of-    college faculty incorporate
                                                                                                OKCCC is the college’s in-      fifth year of presidency , he
more people and areas of        fering the Online Learning      multimedia into their in-
                                                                                                volvement in the 1989           is still having fun, Todd
interest.                       Exchange or OLE.                struction because the stu-
                                                                                                Olympic Festival.               said. He enjoys the work
  According to State Re-          The OLE will establish        dents are encouraged to
                                                                                                   OKCCC hosted all             and the people at OKCCC.
gents Chairman Bill W.          discipline-based communi-       access lecture information
Burgess Jr., Oklahoma col-      ties online where higher        and do class assignments
leges and universities had      education professionals         online, helping them fur-          •It Pays to advertise in the PIONEER•
more than 23,500 enroll-        and students can access         ther develop their computer

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