LONGFELLOW ELEMENTARY SCHOOL
                          Monthly Meeting Minutes
                         April 5, 2007 – 4:00, Library

Attending: Mishelle L. Jurado, Clara Sandoval, Armando Reyes, Liz Romero, Debbie
Leyba-Angel, Ana Perea, Carolyn Gonzalez, Nora Lozaya, Mary Carmen Sanchez,
Darren Douglas, Laura Burgos, Sylvia Celedon-Pattichis, Mandy Griego, Cruzita
Sanchez, Audrey Martinez, Moises Gonzalez, Maria Wolfe

1. Co-Chairs Reports
2. Committee Reports
        b. Advocacy
        c. Volunteers
3. Treasurer’s Report
4. Principal’s Report
5. Math Curriculum Presentation

Audry called the meeting to order at 4:08. She asked all to sign-in. Maria volunteered to
take minutes and email to participants.

Co-Chair Report:
April Schedule:
       4/11 Perea & Cordova performance
       4/9-13 Math testing for 3-5 grades
       4/17-20 Reading testing for 3-5 grades
       4/18 Arzate performance
       4/18 Staff Meeting
       4/23 IC Meeting
       4/25 Gonzales & Mendoza performance
       4/25 Chihuahua kids leave
       4/27 No School (inservice)
       4/30-5/4 Book Fair
       4/30-5/4 Spanish Writing Prompt
       5/2 New family orientation and open house
       5/7 Teacher appreciation week
Bandaid Drive:
       2,912 bandaids were delivered to Presbyterian hospital by Longfellow’s
       girlscouts. Sra. Mendoza’s class won the pizza party.
K-8 Academy:
       The IC voted to formally discontinue Longfellow Elementary School’s
       relationship with Washington Middle School as a K-8 Academy.
EA Day:
       April 4th was EA day and the Volunteers provided wonderful food to celebrate.
Monthly Focus Dual Language Program:
      April 12th, DLNM will host a meeting from 9:30-11:30 in the Enlace Room at
      AHS. Marty Esquibel, new APS School Board member will attend and address
      Dual Language in APS. Concern regarding the time was raised and Audry
      volunteered to let DLNM know that we wish for the meetings to take place at a
      time when working parents and teachers can attend. She will also ask Marty
      Esquibel if he can be available for a second meeting.
La Cosecha:
      La Coshecha this year will include community day on September 28th at UNM
      Continuing Ed. It will be geared to Advocacy and will include Vendors, etc. This
      change is based on feedback from the last Cosecha asking for more meaningful
      presentations to parents/community participants. Cosecha is scheduled for
      November 8,9,10

Clara updated the group on the grants received: $1,000 for a new camera for the drama
department and $1,000 to Sra. Burgos for her Dia del Los Muertos Curriculum

Treasurer’s Report:
Mandy met with the Staff regarding fundraising and their needs. Teachers who do not
have $150 in their accounts will be brought up to $150 with funds available (only 3
teachers need this). Staff are reminded that they can always put in proposals for needs
and PTO will fund what they can.

$6,313.81 is available in Teacher accounts.
$2,057.12 is available to PTO for commitments through the end of the year – Cinco de
Mayo and Teacher Appreciation Week

Cinco de Mayo:
Cinco de Mayo celebration and Play Day will be combined May 18th – possibly “Dia de
Actividades de Culturas”

Teacher Wish Lists:
Sra. Burgos asked that a process be developed to track wish lists teachers produce to
allow them to be built and checked-off as we go – year to year.

Math Curriculum:
Investigations is the name of the new math curriculum adoption by Longfellow to use
throughout all grades. This curriculum uses more in-depth exploration and lots of word-
problems. It better prepares children for the math of real life and the math they find on
the standardized tests. Teachers will receive 4 full days of in-service training to
encourage full implementation of the new curriculum. There will be extensive focus on
teacher training. This is standards based and will be the math curriculum for the next 10
years. There will also be parent inservice offered to assist parents in helping their
children with their math homework. Both WMS and JMS will be using Investigations
curriculum as well. LFES is exploring how to obtain funding to offer math recovery
courses and extra help with math for children having a hard time.

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