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PHD CREDIT PLANNING & EVALUATION FORM **1st and 2nd year students should not register for BIOL 897, 898, 997, or 999. These courses DO NOT count toward the 54 credits required completed by the end of the second year. ** **If a student enters with a Master’s Degree, 24 credits are transferred to their PhD program. They only have to fulfill 30 of the 54-credit requirement. ** 1st Year: BIOL 825 (826) Journal Club BIMS 710 Ethics BIOL 991 Rotation Research BIOL 992 Rotation Research Credits 1 1 4 4
Students who transfer to the PhD program from the MS after one year, or who enter the PhD program after completing an MS in THIS department, will not be required to complete the rotations.

1st & 2nd Year: Graduate Level Lecture or Lab Courses - 20 Credits Does not include 1st Year Requirements, Topical Research, Non-Topical Research, or Colloquia

Students who enter the PhD program after completing a Masters may petition the GC for 8 additional “virtual credits” reducing this requirement to 12 credits. This allowance does not reduce the total GSAS credit requirement.

2nd Year: By the end of their 2nd year, or within the first 4 semesters, students must have 54 (minimum) total credits including 1st Year Requirements, Graduate Level Lecture or Lab Courses (20 Credits), and Topical research, but not including Non-topical research. By the end of their 4th semester, students must have passed their 2nd Year Qualifying Exam. Additional Requirements: 4 Colloquia [(BIOL 801-810) 8 Credits]
Students may petition the GC to accept up to 4 credits in other advanced graduate seminars or seminar-like courses. Students may audit the colloquia after fulfilling credit requirements. Students who enter with a Master’s degree may petition the GC to waive one of the colloquia/seminars.

One Semester of Full Time Teacher Assistantship Satisfactory Completion of Written Dissertation and Oral Public Defense

GSAS Credit Requirement: Students must have 72 total credits to be eligible for graduation. This includes all courses taken for credit, including Non-Topical Research. Timing Notes: During the 1st and 2nd year of study, PhD students should register for 13 to 15 credits per semester in order to reach the required 54 credits prior to the third year. Beginning in the 3rd year of PhD study, a student should only need to register for 12 credits of BIOL 999 Non-Topical Research for Doctoral dissertation, taken under the supervision of a dissertation director, per semester. The student may audit Colloquia to fulfill the requirement.
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