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									The Twelfth Annual

Advertising Form

The	Designers by the Bay and Fine Jewelry Showcase,	presented	annually	by	the	Women’s Jewelry Association, Northern California Chapter,	is	the	region’s	premier	fine	jewelry	event.	 Celebrating	its	12th	year	in	production,	the	Designers by the Bay	will	be	held	once	again	at	 Shreve & Co in	San	Francisco,	California.	During	the	course	of	the	evening,	participants	will	 be	able	to	view	exquisite	fine	jewelry	as	well	as	have	the	opportunity	to	build	lasting	 relationships	with	some	of	the	finest	jewelry	companies	in	North	America.
Advertise	your	company	or	message	in	the	Designers	by	the	Bay	Directory




Dimensions	 	 8		x		5	 5		x		4	 8		x		5	 	 	 	 	 	 	




Cost $150 $100 $75

Full	Page	Ad		 	 /2	Page	Ad	 	 / Page	Ad	 	
1 4 	

2½	x	4	(business	card)		

Back	Cover	 	
   

											(please	call)

Printing	of	the	advertisements	will	be	in	black	and	white	only.	 Artwork	may	be	submitted	electronically	or	“camera-ready”. Yes, I am interested in placing an advertisement in the Designers by the Bay Directory

Please	Check	One	Box Full Page Half Page Quarter Page $150 $100 $75

Special	Instructions: ______________________________________________ ______________________________________________ ______________________________________________ ______________________________________________ ________________________________

Name:	 ________________________________	Company:	

Phone:________________________________	 Email:		 ________________________________ Please Make Checks Payable to: WJA and Mail to: WJA,	PO	Box	1280,	Millbrae,	CA	94030 Now	Accepting	Paypal	-	please	use	email	address Or	fax	this	form	to	650-692-2679 Please	charge	my	(circle	one)			VISA			MC		#___________________________ EX	date	__________________ Name	as	it	appears	on	the	Card	___________________________________________	 Zip	Code	_________________ Authorized	Signature	____________________________________________________	CCV	#	___________________

For more information or assistance with advertising in the Directory, contact Khatchig Jingirian at 650-692-7880 or

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